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Quiet Things PackQuiet Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Quiet Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Sheets with writing on them.

A pack of __; hunting dogs.

Not private, out in the open.

Assistance given to those in need.

White __, friendly investor in company takeovers.

Sport with sticks, can be played on ice or a field.

Church walkways.

Silent __, voiceless actors on screen.

Someone who works on a ranch and rides horses.

Rooms in judicial buildings, for hearings.

Long yellow fruit with a peel.

Eat My __, Bart Simpson's oft-used retort.

Cleaned, neatened.

Still __ run deep, a warning about hidden emotions.

Rubber used to remove marks or writing.

Puzzle 2

Form letters manually with a pen.

Thumb a lift in a stranger's vehicle.

Room with beds in a school.

Dairy products drunk in burger joints.

Hearth where logs are burned.

Delicate flying insect from a chrysalis.

Filling and pouring containers with liquid.

Private, personal, e.g. __ information.

Ear __, protectors worn by builders, engineers.

Group of text with at least one sentence.

Puzzle 3

Machinery that breaks rocks into smaller pieces.

Blow up, go bang.


More sugary than.

Hush __, footwear advertised by Basset Hounds.

Relating to a hospital or doctor.

Smoke __, communication linked to Native Americans.

On which to count numbers 1-10.

Fitted pipework to a bathroom.

Direction of a roll done in gymnastics.

Little pouch filled with tiny balls used in games.

A large mass of moving ice, found in the mountains.

Heavy hand tools for banging nails into walls.

As __ as Punch.

Puzzle 4

"Birds of a feather flock __".

Where the water meets the sand, along the coast.

Laughs quietly to oneself.

Two words said to express appreciation.

Short outings for pleasure; not overnight.

Wild West women who worked cattle.

Being on time.

Square of oat-based biscuit/cakes.

It muffles the noise of a gun.

Soft part of a bed, to lie on.

Puzzle 5

Victors, trophy winners.

A person's mother and father; ancestry.

Reveries and fantasies during sunshine hours.

In the __, God created the heavens.

Complete several jobs at the same time.

Family members.

__ tank, darkened watery place for relaxation.

Piece of plastic you pay with (not credit).

__ comment; thoughtless words.

Entrance that opens into a house.

Puzzle 6

Not Twist and Shout but __ and Shout per

__ disco, all-night dancing with headphones on.

Say "achoo!".

The opposite of male.

To spear yourself, on a post or stake.

Feast or __ can be the case for freelance workers.

Sheltered from the sun.

Blows like a volcano.

Halfway along something is the __.


__ fries, skinny potatoes.

Give, for example __ money to charity.

Sea vessels powered by sails.

A card up one's __, is to have a hidden advantage.

Puzzle 7

Betrothed or pledged to be married.

__ abode, legally, not having a place to live.

Divers use this to breathe just below the surface.

Bouncing up and down on one leg.

Lost, put in the wrong place.

Long pastries with cream filling/chocolate on top.

Sibelius and Kimi Raikkonen are this nationality.

Sounds of __, Simon & Garfunkel album of 1966.

Series of books, e.g. encyclopedias come in these.

Place where many flights land and take off.

24 hours away from work.

Marcel __, celebrated French mime artist.

Puzzle 8

The person who has the most strength and power.

Baseball pitch that dips in an unexpected arc.

First and most important meal of the day.

Shambling, walking unsteadily.

Prayers said before a meal.

Musical lyrics: "I am sixteen, going on __".

Enforced separation from people.

Assurance, promise, certainty.

Going faster than a trot on a horse.

Overcover for the four-poster.

Abandoned place after a gold rush, say.

Expressions of gratitude e.g. for gifts.

Rings of plastic twirled around the body.

Desk worker in a money-lending institution.

Thick coiled twine that hangs from a tree.

Palette used to draw attention to the eyes.

Puzzle 9

Large orange squashes, carved at Halloween.

Something that you recognize easily is __ to you.

Putting your brain to work on a problem.

Able to happen, able to be done.

Adam and Eve were kicked out of here.

__ weather; not in the best health.

Quiet spherical flyers, until they go bang!.

Tool for cleaning horses' feet.

Long tube for watering garden plants.

Brothers and sisters.

Glass __ that entered Kai's eye and changed him.

My Heart __, by Celine Dion.

Puzzle 10

Sweet Belgian treats with criss-cross pattern.

__ Tower of Pisa; iconic slanted building.

Like jogging, but slower.

Bird with big pouch, gives its name to Alcatraz Is.

Coolly relaxed.

Cold seasons.

Exhaling audibly, often with displeasure.

Flowers worn in a spray.

A tool that plumbers use to unblock toilets.

Naps, dozes.

Difficult to deal with, embarrassing.

Puzzle 11

Shop selling magazines, daily papers, etc.

A computer's permanent storage disk.

Circus performer who swallows flames.

Silent type, not an extrovert.

Disposable, one-time, not durable.

Place where the bodies are buried.

Poker, blackjack and rummy, for example.

Quiet places full of borrowed books.

Lacing items onto a string.

Where a feline curls up at night.

Puzzle 12

Puts on public show.

Disease of trees spread by beetles.

__ Joe, one of Joe Sugg's YouTube aliases.

Watery relaxing with candles.

Adhesive labels with pictures on them.

12-inch sandwich sold in Subway.

Tightly hanging curls worn by Victorian heroines.

Someone who has passed a university course.

Not risky or damaging.

The peaceful moment of the dawn.

Winning against someone comprehensively.

Central heating warming device.

Female dairy worker in olden times.

Rate of money paid on a loan.

Puzzle 13

Iraqi dictator, __ Hussein.

The protective front and back of a book.

Made higher; brought up a child.

Square or rectangular sections, e.g. of a fence.

A type of distilled alcoholic drink such as vodka.

Polly put this on, Sukey took it off.

Road in a town.

An expansive, grassy area with natural habitats.

Stay in place, do not leave.

Mime __, entertainer who wordlessly communicates.

__-dazzle means opulent, eye-catching and showy.

Sports stadia.

Oranges and __, nursery rhyme about London's bells.

Fluffy, water-bearing items in the sky.

Puzzle 14

Lost without a second thought.

Baker who prepares gateaux and Victoria sponges.

Dropping rubbish in the street.

Having a desire to burn things.

Leaning backwards in a comfortable position.

Walking silently à point, in childish speak.

Device for puncturing paper.

Quietened building containing tombs.

Seafood patties, with potato and vegetables.

They are long in camels to protect from sandstorms.

Puzzle 15

Singing along gently with the lips closed.

Using a recipe to prepare food.

Chickens, ducks, turkeys etc.

Clips a hole in card.

Fire-lighting sticks.

Actuality, this is it, not a fake outlook.

Graceful aircraft with no engines.

Sleeveless undergarment worn by marathon runners.

Triumph, success.

End-of-term school performance summary.

__-snapper, impudent and outspoken young person.

Puzzle 16

Something that you aren't surprised about is __.

Monsters that stop machines from working.

Soft shoes worn about the house.

Incorporates, includes certain things.

Aged lock on the head.

Using a spoon to mix sugar into a drink.

Non-royal who married a king or queen.

Find for the first time, e.g. a new land.

Building with sails that grinds grains.

Hardships and worries; emphasizes.

Puzzle 17

Minor planetoid or __ Belt.

Alvin, Simon, or Theodore.

Baloney, gibberish.

It's responsible when lights go out unexpectedly.

__ instruments include violas and cellos.

Generosity, compassion.

Tear __, bread that can be pulled apart by friends.

Vegetable known as aubergine in the UK.

Underground room, cellar.

Places for quiet, rest and contemplation.

Non-religious believers, pagans.

Land with barns, stables and milking parlors.

Puzzle 18

Official population count, every ten years.

An event that you can remember is a __.

__ dial, it's turned on a radio to diminish sounds.

Waved to cool.

The carry-loop on a bag.

Knitted garment, also called a sweater or pullover.

__ Oliver, writer of Before I Fall.

Shaving tools with blades.

Another word for blossoms or flowers.

Enforced close-down of a town at night.

__ Hubby, Ben & Jerry's ice cream with pretzels.

Here We Come Again singer: Dolly __.

Lead canine.

Warm bed coverings, rated in togs.

Lazy animals.

Puzzle 19

__ tones describes quiet whispery speech.

Beast, living creature.

Letters to the __, newspaper feature for readers.

To rely/count on someone, to __ on them.

Stories that play through the mind while asleep.

Those in charge of a company.

Portable computer.

Assail, hurt someone physically.

Safety headwear.

Bread edges cut off to create proper sandwiches.

Fastening on a shoe.

Fixed to boots for ice skating.

Major waterways, e.g. the Amazon and Nile.

__ Margery Daw, childhood rhyme.

Puzzle 20


First-person __; weapon-combat video games.

__ tongs, heated devices to create ringlets.

Relating to the ear or hearing.

Soft calming noise made by a contented cat.

Lattes and espressos.

Another word for a story in a newspaper.

Black __; Mannequin Challenge song.

In cricket, when it's your turn to hit the ball.

Liquid for washing your hair.

Stands of conifer trees.

Vans you can sleep in.

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