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Here are the answers to CodyCross Radio Station Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Use this to style locks, but it's not a comb.

People who take notes.

Not a renter.

Listening to a live broadcast through a computer.

Will Hunting actor in Good Will Hunting.

Channel joining the Red and Mediterranean seas.

Chatty, garrulous.

Conjecture, deduction, reasoning.

Rotating disc on a record player.

Table-and-cue game with numbered balls.

__ in the Night, Sinatra going dooby-dooby-doo.

Writing that's so messy it can't be read.

Puzzle 2

__ theft, crime where personal details are at risk.

Not connected with cables, such as Wi-Fi.

Gave out homework to students.

Inhabitant, resident.

Legal age, adulthood; winning margin of votes.

Behind-the-scenes radio show supervisor.

Advancing towards you, approaching from the front.

Two-wheeled passenger carts propelled by a person.

High-pitched electronic sound from a speaker.

Rita __, actress married Orson Welles and Aly Khan.

Puzzle 3

Magnetic tape recording format.

Smaller population among a majority.

Holier __; sanctimonious, smug.

LW; radio frequencies up to 300 kHz.

Booked a seat in advance, e.g. a seat on a train.

Cheaper than Champagne Italian bubbly.

French word meaning why.

Encompasses, adds in.

Mythological figure raised by the Lady of the Lake.

Zodiac element, e.g. Capricorn, Aries, Gemini.

Medical technique of straightening broken bones.

Puzzle 4

Human souls, or elements that form the mind.

Kitchen utensil made for spreading and mixing.

Unit that measures sound level.

Blamed someone for a wrongdoing.

Olive stuffer.

__ mouse, small rodent of the fields.

Describes a healthy complexion.

Hyatt __, premium leisure and business hotel brand.

Facilities from which radio shows are broadcast.

Hooked on a __.

Type of novel written by Agatha Christie.

Magical concoctions mixed in cauldrons by witches.

Puzzle 5

Blindingly bright.

Woodwind instrument with a single-reed mouthpiece.

Speedy __; bouncing back quickly from illness.

Contemplates, thinks deeply about something.

__ rose, another name for garlic.

Competition hopefuls, vying for prizes.

Microscopic organisms eaten by marine life.

Deception, fraud, scam.

Past events having great and lasting importance.

Device that converts radio waves into sounds.

Training with repeated sets of physical exercises.

Slaughtering animals to be sold as meat.

Unrest between two factions from the same country.

Puzzle 6

Foods blended to a fine consistency.

__ Griffin, Family Guy's precocious babe.

Supported with money.

Electrical currents that pass through the body.

Angela __, German Chancellor and quantum chemist.

Swerved, avoided.

Treble __; highest possible score on a dartboard.

The latest information on a news story.

Mini __, marque named after a car designer.

Dubai's nickname is down to its opulence, City __.

Open this in a browser to view something online.

Individual songs on a music album.

Head of monastery or convent's appointed duration.


Violent, bloodthirsty.

Puzzle 7

Impressive and big, like a building.

Relating to the people as a community.

__ news; major story that is happening right now.

Used to send letters and cards in.

"Coming to you live over the __", old radio hook.

Illegal or against regulations.

Minus the yolk, out of the shell.

Incorrectly estimate.

Consistent, reasoned argument.

Instrument without any electronic input.

Slump of recession in the economy.

Puzzle 8

Not in the right way.

Rock that projects from the soil surface.

They steer ships under the water.

__ disc; format for music singles and albums.

Ten-legged crustacean.

Admit to having done something wrong.

Fixed a piece of work, went over it again.

__ lobe; foremost part of the brain.

Holy Land city, destination of the Good Samaritan.

Unplanned silence during a radio broadcast.

Beef, cheese, bacon, tomato, and mayo sandwich.

Levi __, jeans brand with a little red pocket tab.

Puzzle 9

__ Bezos, received $38 billion divorce settlement.

Scientist who researches rocks and minerals.

Event broadcast on radio and TV at the same time.

Constituent part of a machine.

Queries asked of someone.

Between a rock and a __, or an uneviable position.

Jewish rebels who took control of Judea.

Smelly prank beloved of schoolboys.

__ landscape; Earth's surface shaped by ice.

Tractor with ground clearer.

People who tune in to radio shows.

Puzzle 10

Charles __; father of evolutionary theory.

English rock band founded in 1968: Deep __.

Tweak, make a small change.

Female foxes or sexy ladies.

Describes the type of earrings gypsies wear.

Sound that is broadcast from at least two speakers.

A book that follows up on a previous story.

__ Monkey, Ben & Jerry's ice cream with banana.

What competition entrants hope to win.

__ wink, to give someone some insider detail.

__ L Jackson; Hollywood actor and film producer.

People native to Athens, Crete or Kos, for example.

Folder full of loose leaves.

Warming treatment to help hair grow.

Puzzle 11

Someone remanded in custody or held in prison.

Super __, screwball Vermont state police.

Did a write-up of a product or business.

In-depth examination by an expert.

Move house and establish oneself in a new town.

Radio broadcast with interviews and discussions.

Deerstalker hats have them for extra-cold weather.

Angelic creatures with six wings.

Running down __; time-wasting in a sports match.

Set of songs lined up by a radio presenter.

Puzzle 12

I. M. Pei and Frank Lloyd Wright had this job.

Family-tree research.

Metal link used by rock climbers.

Top stories in a news bulletin.

Thinly sliced beef served raw.

Skiffle instrument used by laundry workers?.

__ door; rotating entrance of a building.

Spurts of water in outdoor stone sculptures.

Tech that broadcasts radio signals from space.

Officiousness or overbearingness.

Puzzle 13

Person with extrasensory perception.

Short tale in written form.

Droning bee-like noise.

Thin, metal aerial for receiving a radio signal.

Those who proofread text for a living.

Pickled main ingredient of sauerkraut.

Portable transistor radio popular in the 1980s.

Not naked, wearing something.

Drake said song __ Bling should make men dance.

German castle or chateau.

Puzzle 14

Metal weight dropped to the seabed to moor a boat.

On-air ad campaigns for upcoming radio shows.

Japanese battle cry in WWII.

Occurring at repeated revolutions.

Don't Let __ Go Down on Me, Elton John sang.

__ radio; illegal broadcasts over the airwaves.

Runt of the __, the smallest, last-born.

Rush at speed.

__ Cube, rainbow puzzle with six faces.

Bright tropical bird with large bill.

Identifying info when visiting websites; choc chip.

Novel by H. G. Wells: The Island of Doctor __.

Fasting period of 40 days before Easter.

Cast Away volleyball friend.

Puzzle 15

Funeral __, person who arranges the final goodbye.

Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness: __ Pumpkins.

They are held against their will.

Ground covering in a home, e.g. laminate, tiles.

Technology that helps to achieve perfect pitch.

Word puzzle created by Elizabeth Kingsley.

Secret phrase needed to access Wi-Fi.

J. M. Barrie's boy who never grew up.

Ground almond confection often shaped like fruit.

Turn a __; ignore, pretend not to see.

Vault over someone's back.

Director of comedy war film Good Morning, Vietnam.

Puzzle 16

A formal term for a well-to-do male.

Holy __, a Christian sacrament of the Last Supper.

Person who reads scripts to introduce radio shows.

Penguin type that appears to be wearing a helmet.

Routine office duties, like filing and accounting.

What penitent people eat.

Elongating actions that athletes do before a game.

Risky, unsafe.

Transmission band of a radio station.

Food seasoning at the table, salt, pepper, mustard.

Vegetable-oil fuel used for powering vehicles.

Puzzle 17

Animals reared for meat, milk, eggs or farm work.

Fall __; quickly decline from a position of power.

Buying goods by post, from a booklet.

__ studio, where musicians lay down tracks.

Water __, crunchy aquatic vegetable in stir-fries.

Transmission of a live or recorded radio show.

Opposite of fighting forces.

We __, Sister Sledge song about relatives.

Model star of America's Next Top Model.

Release a patient from hospital.

Puzzle 18

__ power, hippie mantra of the 60s.

Groups of eight musicians.

Commercial __; when adverts are played on air.

Swimming distances across pools.

To a great degree, deeply.

Put food in very cold storage to eat at later date.

Bull or horoscope sign for April-May births.

Spanish online taxi company.

Stool __, a police informer.

People who have a say in a ballot.

Apple's music store for digital downloads.

Surname of Hollywood siblings John and Joan.

A tall tree with soft wood, related to the aspen.

Starve, make hungry.

Bullet __, a listing made in e.g. PowerPoint.

Puzzle 19

To accept as true without proof.

Extravagant spending activities.

Loudness of a sound.

Describes unclear, blurry photographs.

Less fresh bread.

Haley Joel __, young actor in The Sixth Sense.

Parked a boat.

Cited a source word for word.

__ dryer, machine for drying laundry indoors.

Word/spelling used by some feminists for non-males.

People who promote bands and book gigs.

This Kylie often Instagrams her manicures.

Physical substance that takes up space.

Weekly countdown of bestselling songs.

President of Nicaragua from 2007: Daniel __.

Women's fur scarves worn as evening wear.

Big __, howitzer used by the German army in WWI.

Puzzle 20

Against __; hit for Phil Collins and Mariah Carey.

Long-term weather.

Tilting one's head to the side.

Broadcast time given to a song on the radio.

Went off track or off course.

Power, strength.

Assign military personnel somewhere.

__ tape; lightweight adhesive used by decorators.

Classical dance works shown on a stage.

Sounds amplifier.

Facial treatment with clay to clarify the skin.

Vegetables in a Gajar Ka Halwa recipe.

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