CodyCross Reach New Heights Pack answers

Reach New Heights PackReach New Heights

Here are the answers to CodyCross Reach New Heights Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Ailment that means a sudden memory loss.

Games in Brazil 2016, for example.

Elevated bridge between two high-rise buildings.

Mythical beast reborn in flames.

This, usually thread and glue, keeps book together.

Avenue Mad Men was named after.

Process of using a hook to interlock yarn.

Gustav Klimt's passionate couple painting.

Hot pepper, stuffed in green olives.

Lofty observation structure in downtown Toronto.

Bill of sale for a customer.

Do you understand? From Italian originally.

Puzzle 2

The hole at the top of a volcano.

Christopher __, played Nick in The Deer Hunter.

Fake Instagram account held by one hiding things.

__ condor; South American mountain vulture.

It follows cause.

Akon hit about having nobody to call his own.

Belgian port city famous for lace-making.

Revoke, abolish, e.g. a law.

A monthly magazine has 12 of these a year.

Storage or living spaces built into roofs.

Come-__ look, a suggestive glance.

Badminton shuttlecock.

__ Lundy, French Resistance heroine.

1999 Judd Apatow series: __ and Geeks.

Long ribbon-like scarves to decorate event rooms.

Puzzle 3

An incorrect name.

Support structure used in building construction.

Court obligation people try to get out of.

Sound and movement combined and performed.

Text is this when double-click the mouse.

__ dove; gray garden bird with black neck markings.

Number less than zero.

Chilled coffee.

Shoe or boot with chunky sole.

The shorter version of a work of literature.

Formal word for a boxer.

Star Wars bounty hunter.

Puzzle 4

In space, no one can hear you do this, per Alien.

Power drivers for machines.

Living on a __, Bon Jovi anthem.

Aussie swimwear brand with a boomerang logo.

Animal called a burro in Spanish.

Food left behind; Hansel and Gretel's trail.

Immature insects.

Medieval wooden punishment frame.

First name of prolific Lakers player in the NBA.

__ Viaduct; high bridge over France's River Tarn.

Really wealthy or filthy rich.

The midpoint of a set of values.

Like Ruffles potato chips.

Space __; Seattle's futuristic high-rise landmark.

Got an allowance by doing chores or work.

Puzzle 5

One of the targets in a game of Battleship.

Tool that measures how high up something is.

The day of __, when the truth will come.

Safety shackle used by mountain climbers.

Green Day's __ of Broken Dreams.

Muscle on back of thigh susceptible to injury.

__ goose; bird with high-altitude migration route.

Mountain range in N Italy; with the peak Marmolada.

Beautiful Egyptian queen.

Mechanical moving stairs to move people faster.

Legal term for a thief or burglar.

Puzzle 6

Filled with, packed with.

__ dog; burrowing grassland rodent.

Where Juliet stood when being wooed by Romeo.

The line where the sky meets the earth.

Trades without money.

Houston who sang I'm Every Woman.

What cows do when it rains.

The Magic __ Tree; Blyton book with mystery lands.

Describes small heads of cauliflower and broccoli.

Protests, unrest between two sides.

Great Leap __, Mao Zedong's economic plan 1957-60.

Transport troops by plane.

Someone whose star sign is the two fishes.

Directors Sofia and Francis Ford.

Tour de France is known for this vehicle.

Puzzle 7

Residential facility with assisted living support.

What a churchgoer puts in the collection plate.

Spiked shoe fittings worn by ice climbers.

Type of flooring with a slight bounce.

Poem where the first letter of lines spells a word.

US university bands are known for doing this.

Ignoring or blanking someone.

Mario eats this to power up.

(, [, and {.

Love overcomes obstacles and __ all.

Most visible star with the lowest temperature.

Luge and skeleton are this type of winter sport.

The process of manufacturing in modern society.

Deadpool actor Ryan.

World's tallest tree, Greek for "high one".

Nightshade family plant, a spicy red pepper.

Puzzle 8

Fire or light for guidance.

Bonanno __: architect of Italy's leaning tower.

You know you love me. XOXO, __ Girl.

Person who can dance across the ice.

Moral tales featuring animals and mythical beasts.

Alaskan capital.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Frank Danny __.

Wine bottle, holds the equivalent of 2 normal ones.

High __; stranded, left helpless.

Gadgets for removing the insides of apples.

Steve Winwood's first #1 hit: __ Love.

Leg extenders worn by circus performers.

An angle larger than 90 degrees.

Puzzle 9

Alter something to better suit the owner.

Highest peak in the Americas, at 6,960.8 m.

A Dec. 25 birthday makes someone this zodiac sign.

Mexican container for meat, lettuce, cheese.

Win something fair __, no cheating.

Long-beaked shorebird with a run called a teeter.

Something dried and preserved for all eternity.

Presenter at a sporting event.

First sung by the Foundations, 'Build Me Up __'.

Cinderella's fairy helper.

Exclusive, luxury, top-floor apartment.

Puzzle 10

H. G. Wells wrote about a time __.

Final match of a league season, a decider.

Second court case on the same crime.

What the V in RV stands for.

"You may say I'm a __, but I'm not the only one".

Pair of organs that are a body's filtration system.

Red Bull's project to break the sound barrier.

Lacking space, packed in.

First name of Duff or Swank.

Surname of sportswear designers Adi and Rudi.

Tokyo's record-breaking broadcasting tower.

Household long-term storage space for food.

__ Reserve, US central bank.

Large feline with rosettes on its fur.

Place for the display or sale of works of art.

Years a platinum wedding anniversary celebrates.

__ fits all; suitable for any circumstances.

Puzzle 11

Sleeping furniture with two levels.

Carpenters do this twice but cut once.

Its capital is Vienna.

The only novel by Sylvia Plath, The __.

Singing over recorded pop songs as entertainment.

Slabs on which statues or columns are placed.

Thief, bandit.

To a great extent.

Longtime, recurring illness.

Swedish music streaming service with green logo.

Triathlon race; Tony Stark's superhero name.

Puzzle 12

You don't want to be caught with your hand in one.

Athletics high jump with a long rod.

This is fat, juices from cooking meat.

Solo commentary delivered by one actor on stage.

Frédéric __ designed the Statue of Liberty.

Where monks or nuns might live.

Welcome, salutations.

Summery sand-loving dudes who Get Around.

Kleenex, not tissues; Levi's, not jeans.

Transparent sea creature with stinging tentacles.

Puzzle 13

On 21, Adele went looking for __ Like You.

Massages with creams for the forehead, cheeks, etc.

Outdoor conflagration made from waste wood.

Car exhaust quietener.

Church tower topped by a spire.

Pieces of paper or devices used in secret voting.

Short-stemmed wide-bottom glass for brandy.

A Man for All __; 1966 Best Picture Oscar winner.

Chilly US and USSR conflict.

Design style of the Empire State Building.

If you are lily-__ you are a cowardly person.

Puzzle 14

Shock __; car component for smoother journeys.

Filing system of information on a computer.

Animal __ in my Soup, Shirley Temple song.

Shoe with a heel with the same name as a dagger.

Large bug with painful bites named after a mammal.

Respect, status, esteem, standing.

Hunter S. Thompson book: Fear and __ in Las Vegas.

Two or more atoms that are bonded together.

Falling out of a race, like flies.

Unexpected event, like a secret birthday party.

Service with no charge but fee for extras.

Rising columns of air in the Earth's atmosphere.

Puzzle 15

Funambulist's high wire.

Affliction of the joints, usually in older adults.

Heard it through the __.

US bird that's a national symbol.

Inflicting a penalty for a crime or transgression.

Plexiglass panel behind a basketball hoop.

Seattle coffee chain with a mermaid logo.

Rebel Wilson stars as a con artist in this film.

The practice of eyeglasses prescription.

Elongated car used to transport celebrities.

Puzzle 16

__ actor; someone who dreams of the big screen.

Pamphlet with church service song words.

Way past beginner stage, beyond intermediate.

Person who fixes trains and tracks.

Sonic was a video game one of these.

Movement that swivels and swings the hips.

Author of The Outsiders.

Series featuring Picard and Kirk.

Two lines that never meet.

Aerial transport to the top of a mountain.

Fins on a fast car to hold it into the ground.

Film-set daredevil who is male.

To play a song to woo your beloved.

Type of bean also known as a chickpea.

A horse that is more than 365 days old.

Great __ Range; mountains that split Australia.

In politics, it swings from one extreme to another.

Give up __; stop working, break down.

Directed a patient to a medical specialist.

Puzzle 17

Feminine title akin to master.

Country with the highest capital city in Africa.

__ one's teeth; preparing for tough times.

Porcine cartoon heroine voiced by Harley Bird.

Strongest alloy of silver.

__ sickness; dizziness at high elevations.

__ court; mob tribunal, sham legal proceedings.

Irritating dangling leftover skin on a finger.

Whipped, sweet and crisp egg whites.

Crustacean that attaches to boats and animals.

Folk dance where shoes strike floor to make noise.

Puzzle 18

Range in which Mount Elbrus is located.

David __, X-Files author of Miss Subways.

It won't make your insurance company smile.

Small glass container of kitchen ingredients.

On the downlow, secretly.

Denzel Washington movie: __ the Titans.

Iron glove worn by a knight.

Knit, buttoned sweater for added warmth.

Shout it from the __; make a public announcement.

Out of control or hysterical.

US military has headquarters here.

Puzzle 19

Funny Girl star Barbra __.

Elevation to a higher-ranking job position.

Middle Eastern salad of bulgur, tomatoes, etc.

Useful natural local products.

With 70 people, it's 99.9% likely two share these.

Swim naked.

Celebration for when one feels sorry for themself.

Title for the team crowned top of the league.

Sam __; director of 1969 Western The Wild Bunch.

Pain or loss of movement in a joint.

Puzzle 20

Eyelash thickener.

Deny a place, shut someone out.

Local military force.

It joined the EU in 1973 with the UK and Ireland.

Wind _; tall energy generator.

Poem by Coleridge: The Rime of the __ Mariner.

Italian cycle brand with a black clubs motif.

Any large animals that are hunted for sport.

Type of seed traditionally used to make rye bread.

__ Familia; Gaudí's unfinished Barcelona cathedral.

What the mind does when puzzling over something.

Amy __ played Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation.

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