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Here are the answers to CodyCross Reality TV Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Elon Musk's project to put a person on Mars.

Yield an argument, concede a fight.

For He's a Jolly Good __; song of appreciation.

On hidden __ shows, people are unaware of filming.

Metamorphic rock used for fancy countertops.

Field __, country pastimes including hunting.

Pimp __; vehicle makeover MTV reality show.

Also known as cows.

Person who takes part in a board game.

Bonne __, good luck in French.

__ on the Mount, Christ's teachings.

__ Cricket, talking insect from Pinocchio.

Knees and elbows are examples of these.

Word added for emphasis; anagram of denied.

Pink root vegetable, eaten raw in salad.

__ Rico, birthplace of rapper Daddy Yankee.

Madden-__ oscillation; tropical weather pattern.

Another word for stockings, used in WWII.

Contribute to charity.

Plays a slender double-reeded woodwind instrument.

Puzzle 2

Atlas __; Ayn Rand's magnum opus.

Hand signals, e.g. waving, beckoning.

Losing finalist; second-placed talent show entrant.

Large chair for two people, or a small sofa.

Hours when a machine or computer is inactive.

Slang term for a coffee, with a guy's name.

The capital of Hawaii.

Rusted iron or copper.

Increases in size, makes bigger.

Statue in memoriam.

Kelly, who won the first series of American Idol.

Puzzle 3

Piano prodigy who won America's Got Talent in 2019.

Comedian who performs in front of a live audience.

Entry in smartphone with friend's number.

Twenty of these make a US dollar.

__ Truckers, chilly driving reality TV show.

Heritage, ancestral background.

Can't Get You Out of My Head singer: Kylie __.

Leg __, essential dance-class dress of the 80s.

Capsicum fruits.

A small apartment is the size of a __.

German word for "German".

People with no skin pigmentation.

Oldest of four major golf championships: __ Open.

Tough skin usually pushed back around fingernails.

Terse, using very few words.

Rob, steal or loot.

Edible molluscs with black shells.

Puzzle 4

Vision-correcting components of spectacles.

There are 16 of these in a pound.

The __ Millionaire; ultra rich giving away wealth.

Numbered tile with spots, for a game.

Simple text communication device.

Polar __, frigid cold snap.

Shiny fabric designed to look like satin.

One who melts metal onto metal.

True crime TV anthology about Gypsy Rose.

Tim __, director of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Love __; contestants live as couples in a TV villa.

__ Coast, north Italian coastline on Salerno Gulf.

Walk at a gentle, leisurely pace.

Aston __, British car maker.

Orange, black and white cat.

__ Black; Amy Winehouse's 2006 bestselling album.

Most advanced in years of siblings.

Puzzle 5

Using a knife to slice up a cake.

Sheer delight.

__ Jacobs of Love, Community, and Ibiza.

V-shaped symbol and the name of an oil company.

__ With the Stars; celebs with ballroom skills.

One who supports their country.

Long, white lawn flowers with a yellow middle.

Official currency of Afghanistan.

Swimming styles, e.g. butterfly, front crawl.

Health professional who helps deliver babies.

Singer Zara, who won Swedish talent show Talang.

Puzzle 6

Petrol-based substance used to surface roads.

Hell's __; Gordon Ramsay's restaurant reality show.

Diver's breathing tube used with a facemask.

Conceited person, concerned only with themselves.

The least of a set of numbers.

Running __; exhausted, nothing left in the tank.

Brush this over pastries to make them brown.

Metal catches to lock belts in place.

__ Runway; fashion design reality show.

Month named after the two-faced god.

Emerged from inside an egg.

Slippery __; 1986 studio album by Bon Jovi.

The __, events surrounding Christ's Crucifixion.

Related to nerves in the back of the eye.

Puzzle 7

Small orange fruit, originally from Tangiers.

Only dog breed mentioned in the Bible.

Food __, device with blades to whizz up food.

Rules governing good manners and polite conduct.

Tone deaf, unmelodic, dissonant.

Name for NASA mathematicians in Hidden Figures.

MTV show with strangers sharing a mansion.

Historically, a man who had a short-barreled gun.

Nominated, male statement-maker.

Enjoyably tasty.

The __; reality TV show about Ozzy's family.

Building with a roof supported by columns.

Puzzle 8

Shut down a laptop or games console.

US presidential vehicle, a reinforced Cadillac.

Putting ingredients on scales.

Outdoor reality show that tests wilderness skills.

Calm the mind, take time to reflect.

Vehicle used to play 18 holes.

__ general; leading lawyer in a government.

Became swollen with water; e.g. an __ river.

Book that doesn't have a soft cover.

Dad Jon's surname, from Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Puzzle 9

Screen part of a PC.

Green herb often used as garnish on a plate.

Made in __, Elton John album based in the UK.

Go downhill after improved health.

Real Housewives reality star Bettheny.

Blades or oars for rowing a boat.

Duck __; A&E reality show with the Robertson clan.

Civilizational attributes of a certain group.

Most northern African nation on the Prime Meridian.

Joie __, French idiom for love of life, or energy.

More hurried.

To stop during a flight in a connecting place.

To direct or order another to do something.

Hanging toys for babies.

Puzzle 10

Green herbal plant part, used in pesto.

Add this shiny makeup to the tops of cheekbones.

Top of the bill, lead feature.

Bloodsucking, opportunistic.

Diving move where the body bends at the waist.

Treasure found at the end of the rainbow.

Horse-riding path.

Disturbance, rumpus.

Nickname of Simón Bolívar, The __.

__ Park, overwrought tune by Richard Harris.

Negative comments or feedback.

__ Big Brother; VIP version of reality show.

Place where people are buried after death.

50s movie icon who died in a Porsche Spyder crash.

Roofline channels directing rainwater from a house.

Clippings from a sheep.

Softened the blow.

Where unfilmed action or speech takes place.

South Park's wearer of a beanie.

Puzzle 11

Middle value in a set.

Ring on a stove.

__ County; California home of the Real Housewives.

When everyone knows someone's name.

Steps in a process.

Persona of the outrageous singer born John Lydon.

Competing groups in Survivor reality series.

Clock with a chirping bird alarm.

GM's military-style SUV.

Capes worn by wizards.

Dip in the golf course, could be filled with sand.

Tall buildings.

Small decorative items, a word with French origins.

Baby whales or rhinoceroses.

Ocean-going cruise ships.

Spanish equivalent to the English surname Smith.

Rabble-__, person who incites an angry mob.

Puzzle 12

Motion to dismiss an image in a dating app, say.

Number of Kids and Counting in original series.

Plane trips, flights.

Oviform, elliptical.

Artists' sticks used to create monochrome marks.

Walking at a gentle, leisurely pace.

Thick dairy drink, can be vanilla, strawberry....

Business that trades in company shares.

Huge big-footed creature spotted in North America.

Women's __, WI; community group for females.

Eclipses, makes a brighter impression than.

Small vessel with a motor, used in offshore racing.

Device that blows hot air for styling wet locks.

Unsuccessful; an absence of apples, pears, bananas.

Singer Carrie, who won American Idol in 2005.

Fabric with thin lines, used for suits.

Puzzle 13

Male geese.

Unit of food energy, approx 95 in an apple.

TV talent show for groups and individuals, The __.

Watered down, made less concentrated.

__ at the mouth is to be raging, with spittle.

Dish of boiled cornmeal.

Spanish female form of the name John.

Big __; reality show where strangers live together.

Distance from side to side, width, thickness.

Dorothy went off to see the wizard in the __ City.

12 months off before university.

Famous Norse explorer from Iceland: Leif __.

__ ball, fortune-telling sphere.

Keep going, continue.

Flown on a beach with hazardous water conditions.

Art __, French style of Lalique and Tiffany.

Puzzle 14

__ Idol; talent show that discovered Jordin Sparks.

Related to cooking or preparation of meals.

The __; Oscar-winning film directed by John Ford.

They prowl the streets, following people.

__ of the Corn, Stephen King short story and film.

Rough figure or estimate.

Music style with outrageous, flamboyant outfits.

Site where energy is generated by tall turbines.

Extreme __; dramatic property revamp show.

This South African city fires cannon daily at noon.

Material or substance likely to burst into flames.

Puzzle 15

Country with the world's second largest art museum.

Slightly windy.

Sign out of an online account.

__ dress, usually camouflaged wear for battle.

Bodysuit, single-piece nightwear garment.

Meat that is cooked and preserved in fat.

__ and Hum, U2 album of 1988 featured "Desire".

Anger, fit of pique, often precedes tantrum.

Small round tower that features on a castle.

Jersey Shore housemate who became a WWE wrestler.

Gray, powdery fungal disease of plants.

Stadiums, arenas, clubs, etc where events are held.

Difficult-to-stop spasm of the diaphragm.

George __; author of 1984 Big Brother novel.

A cost, a fee.

Raised sections of Earth's surface between faults.

Puzzle 16

Martial arts weapon of sticks linked with a chain.

Big Brother confessional space with famous chair.

Legal statements from both sides in a court case.

__ bushes, attract all sorts of garden insects.

Billing process that is online only.

American lager with red crown logo.

Camouflages, false appearances.

Loudspeaker, sound-enhancing device.

Choreography TV show, instructed by Abby Lee.

Having strong feelings, easily upset.

Pseudonym of Huck Finn author Samuel Clemens.

Punctuation mark connecting independent clauses.

With great speed; anagram of hot pastes.

Puzzle 17

Fata __; mirage just above the horizon.

Lea & __, makers of Worcestershire sauce.

Relaxed, chilled out.

Construct again after damage or destruction.

Kate & __, Ryan and Jackman time travel film.

Christian __; Project Runway winner-turned-mentor.

Soapy spheres that float.

__, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

Trucks in the US, __ in the UK.

Gran __; Spanish adaptation of Big Brother series.

This country's gymnast was 1st to score perfect 10.

Rituals of contacting passed people.

Food sellers, especially green ones.

Garden flower and vivid shade of pinkish-purple.

Puzzle 18

Post __, the PS added to a note as an afterthought.

Prices that represent great value for money.

City once known as Constantinople.

Not crooked, in a perfect line.

Liquid removal from a field.

Describes short, wild snow storms.

__ & Tiaras; child beauty pageant TV series.

The __ News, award-winning novel by E Annie Proulx.

Stock, Aitken, __, pop producers of the 1990s.

Poultry, several fowl.

Checking a piece of writing for errors.

So You Think You __; moves from hip hop to cha-cha.

Puzzle 19

The Fairy __; back-to-the-workplace reality show.

Wooden post carved by Native Americans.

Nickname of NBA player Kevin Durant.

Way of life where nothing is sent to landfill.

Currently holding office.

Money lender with extortionate interest rates.

Metallic element used in fertilizers.

Fly __; hidden-camera documentary.

German for "welcome".

Fresh taste of citrus peel.

Puzzle 20

Upton __, author of The Jungle, about meatpacking.

Well-known, but perhaps for the wrong reasons.

Beating an egg.

Large pieces of leather from dairy herd.

Search for gold and minerals.

Clearance in a vehicular tunnel or under a doorway.

Reality TV series with links to Mafia families.

__ Matilda, traditional Australian folk song.

Jennifer __; won an Oscar for A Beautiful Mind.

Used a duster to shine a surface.

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