CodyCross Recording an Album Pack answers

Recording an Album PackRecording an Album

Here are the answers to CodyCross Recording an Album Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Simon __; music mogul behind Syco Music.

High altitude wispy clouds.

Electric, bass or acoustic stringed instrument.

Cream applied for moisturization.

Tufted wader also called the Northern lapwing.

Accumulated money or resources.

David Hasselhoff played this doctor on Broadway.

Country whose Internet address abbreviation is CY.

More idle.

Set down, positioned.

__ Hawk; 1991 Bruce Willis action comedy.

Puzzle 2

Pertaining to a large sea.

Easily broken, delicate.

The Naked Civil __ saw John Hurt as Quentin Crisp.

Malta pastry filled with ricotta or peas.

Substitute for the main actor or player.

Measurement of sound intensity or loudness.

Stay overnight outside a venue to secure tickets.

Argon, helium or magnesium, for example.

Person responsible for a crime.

Online audio streaming service with green logo.

Billy __; 1995 comedy starring Adam Sandler.

Betty __, US feminist of The Feminine Mystique.

More dark, dreek, gloomy and unwelcoming.

Consumer unit for a home's electricity supply.

Puzzle 3

Music produced without electronics or electrics.

Stormy snow that stops people seeing anything.

Digital __; music file transferred online.

Politely thankful.

Recognize or pick out a suspect in a lineup.

Kenyan runner, completed marathon in under 2 hours.

Novel by Zola and Revolutionary calendar month.

British king who died in February 1952.

Someone on the run from justice.

Twisted, wrenched, e.g. a __ ankle.

Insurance payments.

Freedom __; the right to express one's opinions.

Rubbing up against, banging shoulder to shoulder.

Comfortable shoes to wear indoors.

Marilyn Monroe played Claudia Caswell in All __.

Portuguese sour cherry liqueur, a holiday memento.

Puzzle 4

Device to increase an instrument's volume.

Accessories to fasten shirt sleeves.

Having a haughty air.

South Indian temple style at Brihadishvara.

Old-fashioned term for weekly music charts.

Document destroyers.

Perspective on an event after it's happened.

Remains for too long.

Diplomatic office of a country in another country.

Snow or rock tumbling down a cliff face.

Finnish place, official home town of Santa Claus.

Puzzle 5

Piling up one on top of the other.

Fishing by dragging baited lines through water.

Reusing part of a song in another music recording.

Made a loud piercing cry.

Quickly flick through a book.

International __, a longitudinal denoting time.

Arctic herd animals with branched antlers.

Knitting technique that creates a diamond pattern.

Country with a September Dia del Amor y la Amistad.

Tool used for strumming a guitar.

Fangio won his 5th title with this Italian F1 team.

Puzzle 6

In tennis, hitting the ball before it bounces.

Thinking about something in a logical way.

__ heal thyself, advice to sort your own house out.

Historical custom passed down over generations.

Black-and-white seabird with a sharp beak.

Transparent dome with a wintery scene.

Flat-pack __; self-assembly tables, cabinets, etc.

Elizabeth __; consort of King Edward IV.

Spontaneous, without prior preparation.

Heavy jackets for winter weather.

Something inevitable or without doubt.

Transparent CD box.

Item of furniture Sultan the dog was turned into.

Puzzle 7

Infringement of copyright of a song or album.

Walking; not in a vehicle.

Room where a singer records music tracks.

Hand-held gardening implement used for digging.

Huge wasp-like creature.

Small, reddish-brown japanese bean.

Robert __, author of the Jason Bourne books.

__ Squirrel, 40s cartoon rodent with a black nose.

Germany's capital.

Traditional religion of Japan, with public shrines.

Folies Bergère dance.

One who pronounces s as th.

A note, often handwritten.

Dr Who's time-travelling police box.

Unlawful tennis serves.

Playing with a joystick.

__ pick; choose only the best.

Coating, outside layer.

Kit's sister in A League of Their Own.

Stop doing that.

Puzzle 8

__ Night Fever; BeeGees 1977 hit soundtrack album.

The thinnest chance.

Barricade, obstruction.

Many, numerous.

Japanese pickled fruits similar to apricots.

Mary __, Canadian actress of the silent movies.

Secretly married poets: Robert and Elizabeth __.

Act of giving oneself completely to a deity.

Screeching noise sometimes heard in sound systems.

Scents in bottles.

Puzzle 9

American slang for a rejection or dismissal.

Side view of someone's face or a short biography.

Miracle on 34th Street actress __ O'Hara.

Congo river flows through Lusambo.


Playing in an impromptu, improvised music session.

Record label with same name as government building.

Medical term for grinding of the teeth.

Small electronic appliances.

Fixing holes in woolen fabric, such as socks.

Trained underwater swimmers (male).

Puzzle 10

Fireballs, such as Halley's.

Another word for songs on an album.

One who follows Islam.

Shakespeare's weaver who ends up with asses' ears.

Upper part of an old-fashioned fridge.

Language in which Auf Wiedersehen means goodbye.

Mel Blanc, aka "the Man of a Thousand __".

Smoothed wood with rough paper.

Big cat, or vehicle with cat logo.

Drives out, forces out invaders.

Shrubs, weeds and flowers are all these.

Thick highly seasoned soup eaten outdoors.

__ Lewis, Band of Brothers star.

__ Records; music division of WB film studios.

The Green __, Vietnam War exploits with John Wayne.

Not often, hardly ever.

__ of the Light Brigade.

Puzzle 11

Sleeping car on a European train.

Fighting forces under Ho Chi Minh.

Leather bags used by pupils to carry books.

Faking, pretending.

Exposed, drawn out from a hidden position.

Practice to prepare for a performance.

Thin sheets of 22-carat material for gilding.

Electronic piano.

Pilots, those who fly planes.

Veuve __, Champagne brand with a yellow label.

Body decoration with a pendant.

Puzzle 12

Extort money from someone.

Devotees of an entity on social media.

Tracy __, writer of Girl With a Pearl Earring.

Prepare, devise, originate.

Hairless cat from St Petersburg, hence its name.

Transferring the final mix in music production.

Small fish used for Caesar dressing.

Video footage shot on a camcorder.

David Lynch's 1990 TV show, rebooted in 2017.

Legal protection of a piece of music.

Forcibly, destructively.

Means of getting from A to B; any vehicle.

Scottish doctor who discovered the cure for scurvy.

Puzzle 13

Abandoning, with no transport out.

Escape, liberate oneself from confinement.

Public __ or PR; publicity and promotion.

Vaguely, superficially, lacking detail.

Zizi __, celebrity French dancer of the 50s-60s.

Dressing of fermented anchovies in Chinese cuisine.

Medieval engine of war with a sling.

Breaking down to sell the parts.

Female equivalent of bowing.

Villains or crooks.

Aim, will, plan.

Security personnel hired to protect a celebrity.

Fee paid to writers whenever their music is played.

Sunset __ gives Norma Desmond her closeup.

Puzzle 14

Adds more text.

Crumples in clothing that needs ironing.

Live set played in front of an audience.

South African liqueur with marula fruit.

Meaty item that canines chew on.

Paced, walked.

__ lamp; night-time illumination.

Love story.

Eugen __, German inventor of PVC.

__ musician; someone hired just for a recording.

LA area synonymous with poverty; heavy metal band.

Indian board game played with cowrie shells.

Puzzle 15

2015 Sean Penn flick, The __.

Protective garments worn over regular clothes.

Person who ensures a book is ready to be typeset.

Japes; or small green flower buds added to a pizza.

Waifs and __, refers to abandoned people or dogs.

Guess, mentally add up a bill.

Move slowly or sluggishly.

Picturesque, panoramic.

Ancient Phoenician port city in what's now Lebanon.

Blend of two musical genres.

Ballet shoes for going on tiptoes.

Golf club for greens.

Square outer packaging of a vinyl record.

Puzzle 16

Ranking below a knight; men's magazine.

To have beaten a batter.

Thor Heyerdahl's balsa raft.

To hide something, secret from others.

__ heels, shoes that have layers simulating wood.

Humorous song often released for comedy effect.

Made in the UK.

__ rockfish are dark red and tan.

__ hit; song that gradually gains popularity.

They take to the streets in revolt and destruction.

Ryan __, plays Neil Armstrong in First Man.

Puzzle 17

Something a lawyer does when they disagree.

Hang about idly, on street corners.

New versions of previously released hits.

Snowmobile brand name.

__ line, low-cut dress gathered under the bust.

Pauses, recesses.

__ Mole, young diarist of Sue Townsend's book.

Nickname for a ventolin inhaler for asthma.

FBI Director played by DiCaprio in 2011.

Like Eden.

Barney __, friend to Homer Simpson.

The Island of Apples of Arthurian legend.

Distinct styles of music, e.g. rock, grunge, pop.

Papel __, Mexican skill with perforated papers.

Mixes seamlessly.

National identity flag flown on a ship.

Puzzle 18

Glass wine or water jugs.

Strictly, in the style of a schoolteacher.

Beloved of Hamlet, found drowned.

Speckled or spotted marks on fabric.

Workers who move equipment for touring musicians.

Whirling __; spinning Sufi performance dancer.

Pastry parcels of meat, veg, fruit from Cornwall.

__ Schools teach in a holistic manner.

Mixing deck for combining different audio sounds.

Nuts served to Greek wedding guests: Jordan __.

Divided into pieces.

Martial arts movie, House of Flying __.

Mounted cavalry originating in Central Europe.

Puzzle 19

Helps another.

Loaded with money.

Iconic structure of Brussels' World Fair of 1958.

__ and Repertoire, A&R; record company scouts.

The process of tying up loose ends.

Soft-shoe __, hoofers on the stage.

Noise of contented cats.

Subject of TV special "Truth and Lies": Tonya __.

Long valley of the Inn River in the Swiss Alps.

Waterproof lower leggings used by hikers.

Northern island of Russia's Novaya Zemlya group.

Peer-to-peer music-sharing site launched in 1999.

Puzzle 20

Sword of __; anecdote about the perils of power.

__ assistant; employee who offers admin support.

Lineup of songs played by a radio station.

Use thick material to stop heat escaping.

Uterine organ of pregnant mammals.

People native to Agadir or Casablanca, for example.

Seeking new talent to sign to a record label.

Informative, educational talks.

British perfumer who makes scented candles.

Allegorical drama by Henrik Ibsen.

Celtic ring of two hands clasping a heart.

Clay or bitumen overlapping roof tiles.

Delicious ice cream to the tune of O sole mio.

Voice __, it happens to boys in puberty.

He starred in "A Man for All Seasons": Paul __.

__ Junior High; 1980s Canadian school soap opera.

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