CodyCross Recycling Pack answers

Recycling PackRecycling

Here are the answers to CodyCross Recycling Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

There's no business like this (short form).

Was in charge of a group of employees.

Abruptly, sharply, concisely.

More cashewy or almondish.

Beats in battle.

From the earth, not made by humans.

Cree chief refused to sign Treaty Six in 1876.

Film __ Millionaire focuses on Indian teen Jamal.

Thin papers used for blowing noses.

Reuse materials to create a better quality item.

Someone who enjoys arguing.

Eragon was his first novel: Christopher __.

Wreck-It Ralph Sergeant in Hero's Duty game.

Another word for dogs.

Puzzle 2

Madonna's celestial kismet, 80's hit.

Feeding the next line to an actor.

Group of people in a larger society.

The study of clouds.

Friends wrote this Aziraphale and Crowley book.

Bat-and-ball national sport of Finland.

Oil used to create gasoline and other fuels.

Catching sight of.

Hotel person who books restaurants and attractions.

Writing on metal.

Puzzle 3

Online community section that starts with /r/.

Making drawings into cartoon movies.

Nocturnal primate that moves at a low speed.

An individual who doesn't fit in.

Decomposition; nervous collapse.

Sweet fiber used to make recyclable products.

Became Hong Kong Chief Executive in 2017.

Hay-stuffed figure who frightens away birds.

Blues guitarist, also known as Ellas McDaniel.

Dangerously loud.

Croatian city known as the Pearl of the Adriatic.

Not making any sense, having no rationale.

Marcel __, France's last official executioner.

Puzzle 4

They show guests to their seats at a wedding.

Cesare __, employed da Vinci as architect/engineer.

Small stones used at bottom of some aquariums.

Long, decisive step forward.

The twelve-year-old boy in the 2017 film Coco.

Power created through activating resources.

Discrimination based on someone's years.

Papyrus sheets.

__ bread; loaf cut into thin squares.

Sharp claws of a bird of prey.

Not subject to tax.

US music genre associated with Southern churches.

Puzzle 5

__ to Heaven; much-covered Led Zeppelin hit.

Half salty, half fresh water.

Worldwide observance is on April 22.

Pumped up a ball.

Spanish for sparkling.

Wealthy, well-off.


Unlimited or unrestricted scope.

__ cloud, phenomena emblematic of nuclear war.

Abbey __; building society renamed Santander.

Pasta sauce and salsa often come in this container.

Go Set a __, Harper Lee's book.

Colder than.

Nucky __, TV character played by Steve Buscemi.

Got to the line.

Puzzle 6


Edible plant in salads, anagram of paler sun.

Thrive, bloom.

Combusted, detonated.

__ Chase, a US Big Four bank.

__ millionaire; one who has not inherited.

Director of the film The 400 Blows: Francois __.

Common name for worm-like invertebrates.

Dr. Seuss book about the Truffula Trees.

Singer of Where the Wild Roses Grow, with Kylie.

Grabbed, by the neck.

Answer to a problem.

Developed, e.g. a skill or a habit.


Moroccan souvenir to be eaten or used on skin.

Puzzle 7

Founder of the Ottoman Empire.


Tutti-__, ice cream with chopped fruits.

Overnight flight.

Motto: __, Reuse, Recycle.

Non-biodegradable drink utensils.

Unhealthy, poorly, pale, weak.

Woodpecker friend to Dinky, The Fox and the Hound.

Shaped like a flattened sphere.

The __ and the Carpenter, poem.

Comfy body suit.

Someone who loads/unloads cargo ships.

Indigenous person.

Consort of Queen Elizabeth II.

Select from options.

City where Spencer Perceval was assassinated.

Puzzle 8

Tidal wave.

Squish to save room.

__ seeds, from large, round orange gourd.

Jarring, abrasive.

Cut off the skin of the head as a trophy.

Turn juice or grain into alcohol.

Drake __; body of water near Antarctica.

Making an intermittent electronic noise.

Jeu __; real tennis, the sport of kings.


Scottish checked cloths.

__ Slim, Home on the Range cattle rustler.

__ season; mating period for deer.

1988 drama, starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise.

Shorter ones will save a lot of water.

__ Island, Roarke and Tattoo welcoming "Ze plane!".

Puzzle 9

Obeyed the law.

Artist who uses walls and the ground as canvases.

Large metal rectangular container used for refuse.

Zuckerberg's social media site.

Cost of admission to a museum.

Hole from where waste water can drain.

Strange, not-familiar.

Turn a __, to look away, ignore a wrongdoing.

With the tools for the job.

Needle-shaped, e.g. crystals.

1994 Warren G song featuring Nate Dogg.

Hard granular cheese from northern Italy.

Hurled abusive words at.

Birds who march on documentary about the Antarctic.

Venue for US Derby horse race.

Puzzle 10

Adhesive made from the air bladders of fish.

The edges of a town.

Attack on someone's reputation.

Scottish home of golf.

Jean __ 1900's french restaurateur in New Orleans.

Processing information or food.

Groups of performers.

Raw __ are those used to make the final product.

Man __; socialite, dandy, hedonist.

Actress with a damehood, once Emma Peel.

This city in Ohio rocks, according to the song.

Friend of Lyra and possessor of the Subtle Knife.

Mounting a charge against an enemy.

Side-effect or consequence of the original.

Puzzle 11

Another word for the solidus keyboard character.

Author of the play Dr. Faustus: Christopher __.

Foods grown without pesticides are called this.

Smooching, caressing with lips.

__ John, legendary Christian patriarch.

Snatched roughly.

Cancel an event.

Starbucks coffee company started in this US city.

Creamy Italian rice dish.

Aquatic creatures with hard shells.

Hair and nails are mostly made of this nutrient.

June __, 40s and 50s Hollywood actress.

Puzzle 12

Causing harm, damaging, detrimental.

Sets of crystal cups for drinking wine.

To beat soundly with a strip of leather.

Going down a cliff using a rope.

Knitted headgear of burglars exposes only the eyes.

Fairy cartoon that shows effects of logging.

Edible items thrown away without eating.

Song by The Specials about empty, ghoulish city.

Prince also known as Désiré in The Sleeping Beauty.

Gazelle that leaps, found in South Africa.

In the ideal way.

Main character in TV series 24.

Salt or pepper, added for taste.

Ancient Rome amphitheatre.

Puzzle 13

Nia __; My Big Fat Greek Wedding actress.

Uses the lungs.

Drops suddenly.

Ballet jump that lands on both feet.

Plain-weave French fabric.

Someone with a tendency to drink too much.

Earnest and industrious.

__ cards, greetings with cut-out circles, squares.

Location of the trash for pickup day.

Charles __, French-Armenian singer of the song She.

Real identity of The Thing in the Marvel Universe.

Believed to be true, such as guilt or innocence.

Puzzle 14

Peninsula in the extreme east of Russia.

Person who rebels against authority or rulers.

Where lumps of sweetness lie at the dining table.

Tutankhamun's distinctive golden facial cover.

An idle, indolent person.

Tattling, telling on someone.

Frame of mind, attitude.

Awake, conscious all night long, insomniac.


Tasman Sea inlet near Sydney, chartered by Cook.

Trapping an animal so that it cannot escape.

Box material.

Leading mystery-solving male in Scooby-Doo series.

Antonio __, chef, one of Two Greedy Italians.

__ in May, film with a plot to take over the US.

Having the quality of the darkest hue.

Alcoholics __, support group for staying sober.

__ L'Ouverture, "the Black Napoleon".

Protective mouth guard worn in sports.

Elvis's home and Paul Simon album.

Puzzle 15

Using fire fumes to infuse food with BBQ smell.

To have green __ is to have expertise in gardening.

Single-use grocery bag material.

Winter sports experts who glide on blades.

Hard Times writer Charles.

More imposing, more fancy.

__ dress, formal garb worn on special occasions.

New Zealand city on North Island; and its lake.

2018 Greatest soundtrack, best selling album.

Prohibiting, putting an end to.

Shovel device used for picking up swept dirt.

Puzzle 16

Eat hungrily.

Polar bear __; swim in icy sea water.

City of Lebanon, focus of a 1980s civil war.

Richard __; children's author and Busytown creator.

Flowers that sound like a medieval punishment.

Glass that is no longer intact.

Arranged and separated by material.

Hooded Inuit coat, or a nerdy trainspotter type.

__-making, creating paper donkeys e.g. for parties.

Beetle sacred to the ancient Egyptians.

Dancing gathering of Native Americans.

Vertical passageways with lifts in a coal mine.

Irene and Vernon __, Hollywood's ballroom dancers.

Cocoa __; yellow vegetable fat for the skin.

Chilling, scary.

Puzzle 17

Discharge of something, like a pollutant.

Went to the other side politically.

Set off from the dock.

Carriers deliver millions of these boxes and bags.

Ball that is deliberately kicked to the goalkeeper.

Diana Ross was a member of this singing group.

Symbol with three spiral parts.

Cormac __, US Pulitzer winner with The Road.

Robbie Coltrane voiced this Lord in Brave.

Sir Ian __ played Magneto, Gandalf, and Cogsworth.

Bivalve molluscs with fan-shaped shells.

Sofia is the capital.

Performed magic tricks.

Left in __; abandoned, let someone down.

Pranced, or stormed out in a hissy fit.

Disaster relief charity.

Puzzle 18

Nationality of poet Federico García Lorca.

Central French town associated with Joan of Arc.

State of not being well lit; lack of intelligence.

Put air in.

Venus de Milo, David, The Thinker are all these.

Thermometer substance found in tuna.

Comedy-drama hybrid.

Paper admission slips to an event.

Grilled bread or marshmallows.

Taissa __, of American Horror Story and The Mule.

Laughing dog sidekick to Dick Dastardly.

Vehicle sharing on designated swift lanes.

To have shut eyes briefly.

Yin __ are contrary forces in Chinese philosophy.

Related, particularly linguistically.

The shorn woolly coats of sheep.

Pronounce someone blameless.

Puzzle 19

Hard protection for chick before it hatches.

__ Albatross, human-powered Channel crosser in '79.

Manitoban city, gave its name to A A Milne's bear.

Genus of flowering vine of the buttercup family.

Barbara __, the femme fatale in Double Indemnity.

__ cake, celebration cake with candles to blow out.

Differ, oppose.

Ship harbor on a body of water surrounded by land.

Meals on the run, made quickly at a restaurant.

Austrian Chancellor, assassinated by Nazis in 1934.

Become used to doing something.

Flights that have landed; not departures.

Clapping at the end of a show.

Puzzle 20

Old Shop in Dickens.

Abnormality, difference.

Refrigerator, oven.

British Prime Minister who preceded Anthony Eden.

Holiday on December 25 with trees and lights.

Injuries from sheets of A4.

Capital of North Korea.

Answers, retorts.

Law, rule or code of conduct.

Natural sources that are naturally replaced.

Attract, like with iron filings.

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