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Here are the answers to CodyCross Red Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Walked on by celebrities at film premieres.

Animal or bird distress signal response to danger.

The video game character played by Alicia Vikander.

Nirvana song title; __ Apprentice.

Internet challenge involving frozen cubes, water.

Beach rescuer who carries a red flotation buoy.

The sensation caused by acid reflux.

Droughts and economic opportunity can trigger it.

Novel read aloud on tape.

Type of peaches, not clingstone.

Professional who studies matter and energy.

Puzzle 2

Snoopy and Gromit's dog breed.

A resentment you hold on to.

Famous Irish poet: William __ Yeats.

Large wild cat also known as a puma.

A spread made with chickpeas.

Hazard or risk associated with red.

Person ringing another on the phone.

Flight that departs at night and arrives next day.

Constructed waterways.

Religious afterlife location for good people.

The "Queen of Tejano Music".

Glass lab equipment with round bottoms.

Puzzle 3

Puny type, with no strength.

This Day ends badly for Denzel Washington.

Household pest that damages oak or pine furniture.

Stackable potato snack first sold in a red tube.

Rocky mass in space, too small to be a planet.

Author of The Martian, a book turned popular movie.

Pete __, junior advertising partner in Mad Men.

South African flowers with big smiley faces.

Lord of __, balance pose with hand gripping foot.

Opera from which Nessun dorma comes.

Posted instruction for traffic to halt.

Puzzle 4

Cheery sound made by blowing air over teeth.

2015 Oscar winner about Boston Globe investigation.

Sensitivities to ingredients or particles.

Early name for Constantinople.

One-humped desert ruminant, aka the Arabian camel.

English soccer team nicknamed The Reds.

Abrasive material for rubbing down wood.

An underwater ecosystem made of calcium carbonate.

Mars rover that landed on the Red Planet in 2012.

Thinly rolled baked or fried dough, e.g. pita.

A submarine captain uses one to see the surface.

Christmas lyric, __ roasting on an open fire.

A woman who performs magic, like a witch.

Brit classification of small, hatchback-style cars.

Puzzle 5

Animals that have no skin pigmentation.

Faye Dunaway movie about a fictional TV station.

Depict on screen.

Flew a plane.

Presentations of ideas to a business.

Onward movement of flowing water in a river.

Russian military force of workers and peasants.

Turned milk to butter.

The primary organ for digestion.

Safety contraption for a child to sit in a vehicle.

Spot to buy artworks.

British Territory Island where shorts are worn.

What once was a comic is now this type of novel.

Zombies are doing this, they are the __ dead.

Thug, hooligan, bully.

Energy drink brand with an F1 racing team.

Puzzle 6

The state of not being awake.

Cable-__, bridge supported by wire ropes.

Hue created when red is mixed with yellow.

Name of sharp pointy teeth used for tearing.

British 1960s model born Lesley Hornby.


Red __ day; special or important occasion.

Reindeer are known to do this on the rooftop.

Masonry blocks used to build walls.

Author Seth, who wrote A Suitable Boy.

Walnut-looking nuts from Mexico and Southern US.

The place where the Norse gods like Thor live.

Puzzle 7

The stimulant in tea and coffee.

__ When Wet, 1986 album for Bon Jovi.

Shakespearean type of trader of Venice.

__ Car, automobile not using gasoline.

Red money packet given as a gift in China.

CNN International show hosted by this Christiane.

Cover your mouth if you're sneezing or this.

Tree-dwelling, seed-eating rodent with red fur.

Barbara __, actress in film noir Double Indemnity.

Golf tournament between Europe and the US.

Physicist known for Theory of Relativity.

Puzzle 8

Spanish dry-cured ham from black pigs.

Scramble over rocks or other obstructions.

Google-owned video-sharing service.

She wore ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz.

Handheld in the Game Boy family released in 2001.

One who delivers supernatural messages.

Italian sports car often painted in "race red".

Waxy art sticks.

Mexican American guitarist, band is his surname.

Make larger and easier to see or read.

Insect resin formerly used as a wood finish.

Puzzle 9

A surgeon will perform one.

A device used for catching mice.

McQueen; bright red racing car in Pixar's Cars.

Increase in prices and fall in money's value.

Jamaican world record breaking sprinter.

Start to grow, for plants.

Process for watching TV via the Internet.

The capital of Sweden.

First canine or molar in a baby's mouth.

Red emblem on Canadian flag.

Puzzle 10

Fishy zodiac sign.

Author Louis, who wrote Holes and Wayside School.

Emotion felt when a metaphorical weight lifts.

Tart fruit, similar to pears, used to make jelly.

Facial features that redden when you blush.

This Brie is Captain Marvel.

__ Castle, Japanese citadel has winged white roofs.

Dogs do this in water and so do kayakers.

Jamaican music made popular by Bob Marley.

Relating to cows or cattle.

Horizontal support beams.

Chuck __; pilot who broke sound barrier in 1947.

Large cavity in a mountain or rock face.

Chest pain felt by reduced blood flow to the heart.

Pinkish-red crunchy salad vegetable.

Puzzle 11

Someone's children.

Scenic Greek island with whitewashed houses.

Alvin and the __.

The period of three months in a pregnancy.

Bird not yet quite able to fly.

British equivalent of the Blue Angels flight squad.

Transition metal with atomic number 25.

Additional rooms added on to an existing property.

Caught in the middle of committing a crime.

A contest consisting of three different sports.

__ Mountain, drama film set in the American West.

Puzzle 12

Shakira sings Whenever, __.

Expensive, fine wool from this type of goat.

Stick of French bread.

Snoopy's flying ace foe in Peanuts cartoon.

Where milk is made rich.

Revolutionary action to take over Bastille prison.

The very first appearance of the sun.

Self-assembly furniture sold in cardboard boxes.

Run a __; drive through a traffic signal.

Single-celled organisms that can cause disease.

Puzzle 13

Hormone produced by the pancreas.

Beseech, beg.

Cooking something in hot, bubbling water.

Tall conifer found in Californian coastal forests.

Currency units of Israel.

Fast and __, series of racing films.

Capable of causing damage or injury.

Red and black butterfly with military name.

Sequence of dance steps.

Crops such as barley, wheat and rye.

Title of symphony conductor.

Puzzle 14

Nike's logo.

Touchscreen computer with keyboard onscreen.

A small and narrow river.

Breaking Bad spinoff __ Call Saul.

Needing immediate attention.

Fetus in early phase of development.

Boston's Major League Baseball team.

Author of a book series about five kids: Enid __.

Salad fruit with plum and cherry varieties.

Metamorphic rock that sounds nice.

Puzzle 15

Olympic sport of slap passes, 2 teams of 7 players.

Deep red vegetable that grows underground.

Roger the alien lives with the Smiths in __ Dad!.

Verdi's last opera.

Enfant __, controversial "French child" expression.

Cares for a child when the guardian is out.

Hemisphere below the equator.

Electronic device that processes and stores data.

Fashion designed for masculine styles.

Film of a French convict from 1973, remade in 2017.

Appearing in a film or on a TV show.

Arc de __, site of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

First female British Prime Minister: Margaret __.

Brush hair the opposite of forward for volume.

Mammal with rust fur; not a black and white giant.

Playing pieces in a board game.

Glass cylinder for holding lab samples.

Plot device where the same day is repeated.

Angry fit; or historical term for a stroke.

Fish for frying or clumsy decision-making.

Furniture for storing novels and non-fiction works.

Puzzle 16

Relative visited by Little Red Riding Hood.

Small yellow creatures in Despicable Me.

Creative reuse, e.g. of old furniture.

Shown to soccer players who commit dirty fouls.

Carole King, Aretha Franklin song: __ Woman.

The bookmakers who don't make books!.

Public satire about a topic.

__ is caring, according to the rhyming saying.

A species with no living members is this.

Huge Burger King burger.

Business face-to-face.

Blood is carried by these in the body.

Puzzle 17

To suggest with a positive review.

Avocado dip from Mexico, great for a healthy snack.

Setting off on a voyage by boat.

Korean martial art with focus on rapid kicking.

It's difficult between a rock and this.

Common reddish rock building material.

A chess position where the king is threatened.

Acclaimed film about slum gangs of Rio de Janeiro.

Public space in central Moscow.

A 1992 Broadway musical.

Hostile invasion, raid.

One of the most used sans-serif typefaces.

Cilantro's longer name.

How Bridget Jones describes her unmarried self.

Common picture book opening line: Once __.

Ford, Chevy, or Tesla.

Doctor that works directly with patients.

Puzzle 18

Orange-red fuzzy fruit; rhymes with camelot.

Bright, purplish shade of red.

One vs one game of tennis.

Institution of higher learning.

Shish kebab sticks.

One of the 4 Cs of a diamond, meaning clearness.

Earache, stomachache or runny nose, for example.

Foolish ruler who has no clothes.

Art template for transferring designs to walls.

Surname of redhead Ron in Harry Potter series.

SpongeBob, Gumball, My Little Pony are this.

__ thinking; hopeful optimism.

Puzzle 19

Shape of the red symbol on Japan's national flag.

Tube slides at a water park.

Primate with a red bottom.

When someone receives money from their employer.

Don't You (__ About Me) by Simple Minds.

Devices that provide access to broadband Internet.

__ goal; shared purpose.


Harry Potter tries to catch a golden one.

__ Mary; cocktail with vodka and tomato juice.

Attractive piece of metal.

Car that came in any shade of black.

Puzzle 20

Comic-book hero who wears a red cape.

Many people prefer doing this online, not in store.

Bonaparte who lost the Battle of Waterloo.

Make-up applied to make one's mouth redder.

Window on the ceiling to let in the sunshine.

Pasta shaped like bows or butterfly wings.

Man whose singing voice is between bass and tenor.

Put together furniture, following instructions.

Spirit is the __ of the Cimarron.

Island nation in Asia for honeymooners.

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