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Relaxing Outdoors PackRelaxing Outdoors

Here are the answers to CodyCross Relaxing Outdoors Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

To successfully reach a goal, by effort or skill.


Fun celebrations for birthdays.

Dr. __, the laughing doc in The Simpsons.

Bilbo and Frodo's surname.

Sun-shading umbrella.

Spicy Indian dishes that bring down your body heat.

Number of years in a century.

Hole in the ground for burning wood outdoors.

__ wheel; a device for measuring long distances.

Puzzle 2

An evil witch is known as a __ witch.

A scooped spade.

__ horse, a piece of equipment for male gymnasts.

To provide, or __ and demand in economics.

__ foods include kippers, cheese and bacon.

Padding under a back skirt worn by Victorian women.

The taste of coffee or arugula, opposite of sweet.

Strong, Asian plant that pandas like to eat.

Small flies that attack plants.

Cuts, scrapes and scratches are these.

Puzzle 3

Blow these and pop them.

Inquisitive, wanting to find things out.

Snowmen's noses.

Outside areas with a lawn and plants.

A handful.

Animals that bray; members of the horse family.

Portable light with carry handle, can be hung up.

Someone with hair on their chin.

Questionnaires asking for people's opinions.

Snow White's sister, she befriends a bear.

Puzzle 4

Four-sided shape with two pairs of equal sides.

Small shops, often selling clothes.

Police officer who solves crimes.

Colourful flying insect that began as caterpillar.

Start from, arise from.

A Christmas play based on a traditional fairy tale.

Conical hand-held device for shouting through.

Spreading other people's secrets.

Reports of a bird that has been spotted.

Carry an injured patient to an ambulance on this.

Islands with giant turtles in the Pacific Ocean.

Portable oven used to heat or defrost food quickly.

One-legged kids game, jump on numbered squares.

Puzzle 5

Indiana Jones and the Last __, 1989 adventure film.

Expelling air from your mouth onto something.

Personal __, a private coach hired to get you fit.

A short account of a book or film.

A blend of musical notes to make a beautiful sound.

Someone who comes to someone else's house.

When the weather is wet, it's __ cats and dogs.

Tropical areas with many plants and wildlife.

Flowed slowly out of a tap.

A series of connections makes a __.

Rich soil to help plants grow well.

Wax sticks for light.

Puzzle 6

The other player in a tennis match is your __.

The most terrifying.

Walked unsteadily, perhaps in high heels.

Relax, unwind.

Just a __ of sugar, sang Mary Poppins.

Drags feet while walking along slowly.

Great, magnificent.

Keeps the rain off or shades the sun.

Water feature in cities or yards.

Cadbury's small Easter treats with hard shells.

Celebration of the day you were born.

Someone from the country with capital Lima.

The pass you need to get on an airplane.

Describes animals that are tame and kept by humans.

Puzzle 7

Artificial material for making toys or packaging.

This cartoon superhero is no parasite.

Mini beasts with six legs.

Folklore creature that feeds on blood.

Babies in the US wear these, "nappies" in the UK.

She plays Sage, a student at Knight School.

Picnic __, lay on the lawn and sit on it.

__ play, device not requiring complicated set-up.

Attempts at figuring out an answer.

__ Less Conversation; JXL Elvis remix in 2002.

Outdoor lounger strung between trees.

Runs extremely fast.


The act of betraying your country.

Puzzle 8

Weighs the most.

Tube for watering the garden.

Making a sound like a horse or pony.

Garden plant with scented, light purple flowers.

Line them up and knock them down with a ball.

Scrubbing, tidying.

Colourful, large-brimmed Mexican hat.

Sylvester __, starred as Rocky and John Rambo.

Getting rid of unwanted text, photos or files.

__ Beauty pricked her finger on a spinning wheel.

Mighty volcano in Indonesia erupted in 1883.


You use them to help you walk with a broken leg.

Observing someone.

Puzzle 9

Dark yellow or brown condiment used on sausages.

To cast a spell on someone in a romantic way.

__ bear, grumpy and angry wild bear.

Wooden boundary around a home.

Railway __ are stop/go lights beside a track.

Flame-__; cooked over fire.

Silver __; charming and eloquent.

Small rubber carpet for stretching exercise.

Smart school bag worn across the shoulder.

A group of fruit trees.

__ Peter, __ Paul! (Two little dickie birds).

A style of clock that has numbers, not hands.

Had the most important role in a play.

Puzzle 10

Guns, often found on a range.

Fastest pace of a horse.

Another word for images, shared on social media.

Precious gems used in rings, necklaces....

Bird __, holder for food for feathered friends.

Lightning that divides into two or more streaks.

Reddish metal that is used to make pipes.

An hypothesis, idea or premise.

Stone sculpture.

Fantastic __, film and book series by J K Rowling.

Puzzle 11

A track event where racers jump over obstacles.

"Your wish is my __", said the genie.


Hot red pepper from the seeds of chillies.

Mother's mother.

Budding flower on fruit trees.

Dark shapes that are cast onto the ground.

Long wooden seating.

Sweet treat at the end of the meal.

The nationality of someone born in the UK.

Puzzle 12

Moving unsteadily from side to side.

Chum Bucket owner and Mr. Krabs's rival.

A reduction in price.

Popular, loved by others.

Young plant, ready to pot and grow.

Nutrients in food, often taken in tablet form.

A strong and elegant German breed of dog.

Making a loud noise with your feet.

Evening dress worn to a formal event or dance.

Tierra __, tip of S. America called "Land of Fire".

Seat pads or pillows.

Fruit blended into a drink.

Tossing something to another person.

Sections of a book.

Puzzle 13

The study of unidentified flying objects.

Hedge __, for electric shearing of borders.

To help emotionally or physically.

Floating pond plant that frogs sit on.

Fictional tales in books.

Trick __ at Halloween.

__ Faso, West African country.

Between 13 and 19 years old.

Knitted wear for colder seasons.

Taking it easy, not rushing around.

Puzzle 14

A male who is the head of a family.

A person who creates things from wood.

Chute that takes rainwater down from the roof.

Large furry, stripy flying insect.

With greater volume; became louder.

Soil area for brightly coloured plants with petals.

Break into pieces, disintegrate.

Ball game played at Hogwarts.

Small country totally surrounded by Italy.

Ship travelled to the Americas with the Mayflower.

Male anglers.

Puzzle 15

Hook this up to your phone or PC to hear sounds.

European country, capital Zagreb.

Oprah __, US talk show queen and actor.

Tinkle on these white keys on a piano.

Rope or wooden steps to access things up high.

Eight-legged seafood.

Dan __; voiced Yogi Bear in 2010 animated film.

Decade between 1949 and 1960: the __.

Home for buzzing honey-makers.

Sisters of your parents.

A tiny life form only visible under a microscope.

Shouted with joy, e.g. for a football team.

Puzzle 16

Tuneful tweets from feathered friends.

When a volcano spews out lava.

Another word for an answer.

Metropolis is home to this caped hero.

Kipling poem about an heroic Indian water-bearer.

Running aggressively at, like a bull.

Outdoor food grill.

People who play large stringed instruments.

__ shoes are achieved with wax, brush, soft cloth.

Nutty chocolate bar in a brown wrapper.

In sport, person who is meant to stop a scorer.

Puzzle 17

Sweet Belgian snack with square pattern.

A building where manufacturing takes place.

Associations of sports teams with matches.

Region including Polynesia and Australasia.

Sun __, flat chair for sunbathing.

Devices for removing dirt or impurities from water.

Field for horses.

Inhale and exhale.

The V in VR; not real, exists only online.

Semitic language, probably that spoken by Jesus.

Garden waste pile for burning.

The bravest, most daring.

Puzzle 18

Travelled in search of new lands.

Costume worn in the water.

Making someone itchy, __ them under the arms.

Hit for Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

What a sea lion has instead of feet.

Turns down.

Nike's famous slogan.

To have a different opinion.

Relax in the heat outside.

Metal fencing.

Set __ controls to keep children safe online.

Puzzle 19

Gets rid of or puts an end to.

Triangular Swiss chocolate with almonds.

She had seven small friends.

The time following noon, not the morning.

Shiny US chrome caravan brand.

Home up high among branches.

Outdoor beach seating, often stripy.

Pleasing, satisfying.

Thrilling sport in water, then on bike and on foot.

List of items used in an experiment or project.

Puzzle 20

Come into view or sight.

A pouch on clothes for carrying small objects.

One of the main Minions – with one central eye.

Strong and stable.

Reflective glass.

Indigenous people of northern Canada and Greenland.

As a rule, a Christmas time drink.

Dry, often sandy area with very little rainfall.

Devices for making and receiving calls.

Playground equipment of steps and sloping surfaces.

__ skates, wheeled footwear.

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