CodyCross Relaxing Sounds Pack answers

Relaxing Sounds PackRelaxing Sounds

Here are the answers to CodyCross Relaxing Sounds Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Place of shelter and protection.


Members of a Mesoamerican empire (modern Mexico).

Rapper for Rita Ora in "Black Widow": Iggy __.

They are out there.

Zodiac symbol denoted by fishes.

Of shoelaces: not fastened, not knotted.

Administrative organization of a government.

All bark and __; having lots to say.


The powerful sound of a __ taking off into space.

The soft sound of doves.

Road __, bird who always outwits the coyote.

Puzzle 2

Fish out __, in unfamiliar surroundings.

Gentle __ on water from a breeze.

The swooshing of long __, swaying in the wind.

Van __, professor and vampire hunter from Dracula.

__ Steps, stone staircase in Rome.

The Fifth __, Willis and Jovovich futuristic film.

Wooden cupboard with drawers or shelves.

Machine for reading barcodes.

Abby Road was this band's last recorded album.

Achievement of something.

Relating to another region, country, etc.

Metallic radioactive element.

Pilot's control cabin.

Scandinavian seafaring pirates or a TV show.

How round things move.

Smooching Rodin sculpture.

Puzzle 3

Screwing or maybe even unscrewing.

The soft __ of birds.

John __, Star Wars composer.

Took paint or wallpaper off walls.

Italian volcano on the Gulf of Naples.

More in need of food.

Window shopping, just looking – online or in shops.

__ your fingers to make a snap.

Fungus controls Alice's height in Wonderland.

To leave a hotel at the end of your stay.

Puzzle 4

A person that provides help.

Monty Python and the __: Arthurian legend tales.

Publicly stating or declaring.

Going to or being present at an event.

Cream applied to protect against rays.

They make drawings come to life.

Escaped criminals evading capture.

It measures the hardness of gems.

Building with machinery for making power from H2O.

Regular drumming from the organ that pumps blood.


Animated series with genius baby, talking dog.

Opens on to the street and has a letterbox.

Puzzle 5

Something that can be purposeful.

Gemstones from the fossilized resins of pine trees.

World's largest insurance market: Lloyd's of __.

Jason __, Matt Damon plays this CIA operative.

Marks on clothes that don't come out.

When you shake because your feet are cold.

Something material that you can touch or see.

The Girl with the __ Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson.

Italian round dough with toppings, cut into slices.

Crossword __, what you are playing at this moment.

Ran very fast, like Usain... or a horse.

French term for main course in an US restaurant.

Animals that are described as ring-tailed.

Nationality of the composer Richard Wagner.

As far from complicated as you can imagine.

A gentle __ blowing outside.

Foot control, in a car.

Puzzle 6

Captain __: Civil War released 2016.

Discount vouchers you cut out.

Branch of medicine dealing with the urinary tract.

Close enough to be visible.

The pleasing sound of nothing at all.

Belgian city and port on the Scheldt estuary.

Purposely disconsidered.

Their album Paranoid debuted in 1970, Black __.

Sun rays through raindrops.

The rumble of a cat.

Denis __, French philosopher of the Encyclopédie.

Provides information on the winner of a horse race.

Had special advantages, treatment, privileges.

American president who was shot dead in public.

Pen and paper word game, for executioners.

Puzzle 7

Quito, the world's highest capital, is here.

Science of energy/forces, can be quantum.

Popcorn __ in a pan.

Without any air, vacuum or space.

Roy __, sang about pretty women before the movie.

Small-toothed tool for cutting metal.

Not audible.

Represent things as they are; not idealism.

Ghost __ is looking for the paranormal.

US TV media streaming service.

Jungle __ chirping, e.g. crickets, beetles.

Puzzle 8

Big hillside letters spell the name of Tinsel Town.

Hardboiled and covered in sausage and bread crumbs.

Animal that relies solely on plant matter for food.

Archipelago that served as Darwin's lab.

Symbol of the UK.

1977 radio transmission, proof of ET life?.

If you get twenty-one, you win.

Returning to the original state.

Rhythmic __ of a loved one as they take in air.

Brazilian music, a "new trend" by Joao Gilberto.

Puzzle 9

Emanation, circulation.

Have no confidence in; almost "distrust".

Surgeons' knives.

Rain __ on a tent, like an instrument with beaters.

The 3rd film of this animated series is from 2010.

Hotel accommodation with two single beds.

Job that doesn't require working full hours.

Developing, improving.

Period of hotter than average temperatures.

The A-Z of a language.

Chewy, rainbow fruit sweets with S on them.

Greek monster with head of bull, body of man.

Competition between two teams pulling a rope.

Puzzle 10

__ hound, large silky-haired dog with a black mask.

Tree faller.

The steady sound of __ chugging along tracks.

Greek god of voyagers, son of Zeus and Maia.

Common name for the Academy Awards.

Thin passage of water; anagram of "artist".

Go on holiday, visit different places.

Country with the biggest number of lakes.

Young woman.

Shakespearean play that starts "Who's there".

Karate belt color after yellow.

Johnnie __, well-known Scotch whiskey.

First major holiday after Lent.

Puzzle 11

Peninsula running through Spain and Portugal.


Body cavity for reproductive and digestive organs.

Cleopatra's Needle.

Tear drop nut, used in desserts, ice cream.

To act out a play, entertain people.

Nonsense talk, sounds like the way a duck walks.

Floated with a current.

A cash register goes __ when it's opened.

Ghost's preferred Bond film.

Take someone or something by force.

Loudspeakers for low frequencies (no dogs!).

Roman God of the sea, brother to Jupiter.

Puzzle 12

Messy and untidy, not very neat.

Safely inside listening to __ booming in a storm.

Central, rounded part of a cell.

Sprinkle this crunchy oat cereal on yogurt.

Getting a goal or achieving a point.

Uma __, actress of Kill Bill.

Edible marine crustacean with a long abdomen.

Vacuum __, generally used on carpets and upholstery.

Default font used in MS Word since 2007.

Leaves, plants, flowers, branches in paintings.

Completely tear down or apart, defeat someone.

Puzzle 13

__ maker, machine for making ice cold fruit shakes.

The Croods stars Nicolas Cage and Ryan __.

Good enough.

Maximum water level due to the moon.

Wandering from the path.

Glass container for preserving foods.

Filling a turkey with chestnuts and breadcrumbs.

The inverse of multiplication.

Don't let the grass grow under __.

Bride __, the happy couple.

Think about something/chew the cud like a cow.

Bat-and-ball team game played by girls.

Entwistle, Flea, McCartney and Deacon are all __.

Cutting hair just a little bit.

No longer living.

Puzzle 14

Very hot; rhymes with "torching".

The __ of footsteps in the snow.

Past tense of withstand.

Music in the chapel style, without instrumentation.

Drawing quick, rough pictures.

English king split from the church in Rome.

A musician __ a guitar.

Waver between opinions.

The contrary of something; in another way.

Rows of sewing on the seams of clothes.

Egg yolks, pancetta, grated cheese pasta sauce.

African island holiday hotspot.

Puzzle 15

Nova __, maritime province of Canada.

This famous basketball player stars in Space Jam.

The glowing remains of a fire.

Secretly watching something.

__ pork, hand-ripped pig meat.

Having a really strong, unpleasant odour.

Country where Day of the Dead festival originated.

Sibling of Hansel who rescues him from the witch.

Vesta, to the Greeks.

The quiet sound of kittens __ for milk.

Tubular wind __ sing when the wind blows.

The act of animals coming together to breed.

What one is off when they're crazy.

To release air from your lungs.

Huge ornate chair upon which royals sit.

Cucumber item used as a personal scrubbing brush.

The sum total of your clothing, your costume.

Puzzle 16

A person that follows orders.

Packs of these howling animals are a menace.

An Olympic high __ platform is 10 metres tall.

Devices for telling the time.

Assassinated, murdered.

German encryption machine of WWII.

Even less pretty.

__ on the block; just arrived in the area.

The rustle of __ that have fallen to the ground.

The gentle __ of rain on a rooftop.

1970s musical set in 1950s Rydell High School.

Relating to the sea, e.g. seals are __ animals.

Puzzle 17

Cut-out used for reproducing an image.

It opens and closes on a camera.

Sandra __, won an Oscar for Blind Side.

Country where eggnog originated.

Biological term for body fat: __ tissue.


__ novel, a comic book story.

A person that took power by force.

Attached sheets of paper together.

Pasting multiple items over one surface for art.

NYC area, short for Triangle Below Canal Street.

Dunk completely in liquid.

Feeling guilt.

Puzzle 18

Means of starting a car or a fire.

Figure of speech, eg apple of my eye, raining men.

The inside of a building.

What you don't judge a book by.

Mikhail Gorbachev's policy of openness.

Request given for a cooked-through steak.

Temperature when water mist condenses into water.

First of three sports in a triathlon competition.

Where two things join, or a certain point in time.

Footwear for keeping tootsies toasty at night.

Container that plays a tune.

Puzzle 19

Building planner.


Discipline which explores celestial bodies.

Mantle hangers; coal holders.

Stabilizing, distributing weight equally.

Biggest bed and duvet size (for royals).

Played a role.

Knocking in nails with the right tool.

Higher goods prices vs decreasing purchasing power.

Sewing something.

Mud __ as you walk on it.

A large church, often with grand architecture.

Suspect that things are a bit fishy.

Iron Man's real name.

Country where Paul Keating was Prime Minister.

Forcing air through your lips to make a sound.

Out of control flames in forested countryside.

Describes a stepped waterfall, a torrent of water.

Puzzle 20

Hot; raunchy or suggestive, e.g. a __ novel.

Israel's two official languages: Hebrew and __.

Make less, cut a price.

Fixed, repaired.

Relating to the stars.

__ Binks is exiled from his tribe in Star Wars.

Champagne glasses.

Not visible, behind closed doors.

Connected organisms benefit from each other.

In Germanic languages, the East See.

Conducts a car or other motor vehicle.

General name for a hound bred for hunting.

Jamaican dancehall music.

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