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Here are the answers to CodyCross Roadtrip Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

A dime __, very common and easy to obtain.

Country where the Olympics originated.

Temporarily attached two pieces of material.

A folding table popular in the 1950s.

Travel cushion for in-car comfort.

Put something into something, e.g. a key in a lock.

Marvel's __ of SHIELD, a tv series.

__ and Louise; crime movie set on a road trip.

Country that is directly south of the U.S..

One who supports a business with money.

Pickled in liquid, like for herrings.

Howard __, discoverer of Tutankhamun's tomb.

Annie __; campaigner for equality in the workplace.

Large reptile, looks like a crocodile or alligator.

__ Ranger, slang for chic, well-to-do person.

Small device plugs into PCs to add feature like TV.

Puzzle 2

Buy meat here.

A spirited failure to organize is like "__ cats".

US state that contains Mobile and Montgomery.

Drive backwards.

Aleida March was the wife of revolutionary Che __.

Gradually revealing your pate.

Leaked one drop at a time.

Canadian ship canal links lakes Erie and Ontario.

Paul __, French post-Impressionist, born 1839.

Noisy sound made by a donkey.

Thinning the herd.

Book collection with several stories/authors.

Jim who plays Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.

Globe __; someone who travels the world.

Puzzle 3

Explosive liquid detonated by Cersei in GOT.

Movement advocating for equality of the sexes.

Portuguese Catherine of __ married Charles II.

Trustworthy and constant.

__ 2000, the first animated film released in IMAX.

Oysters and mussels are these.

A route that drivers must pay to use.

Abdominal __, aka sit-ups.

Typically Tropical's no 1 UK hit in 1975.

Shortening or cutting hair.

Reflective markers for the edges of roadways.

Storage for grape alcohol bottles.

Father of the bride's job: to __ his daughter.

Puzzle 4

The Princess Bride's princess.

Effigy placed in fields to protect the crops.

President of South Africa from 2009 to 2018.

Word/phrase used in place of a more offensive term.

Writer of the US Declaration of Independence.

__ of Youth, Vera Brittain on war and pacifism.

Safety device to prevent kids opening car doors.

Max Fleischer's flapper cartoon character.

Part of a road dedicated to those on two wheels.

Primary flavor of Tim Tam cookies.

Surf-like sport with rider towed behind a boat.

Even with car mirrors, impossible to see there.

Blonde __, sexy woman such as actress Jean Harlow.

Puzzle 5

Eva Longoria's third husband: Jose __.

Very keen, eager, WW2 US marines motto.

__ money kiosk is where you buy currency for your hols.

Packed up food eaten on a trip.

__ matata; Swahili 'No worries' saying.

Art __, the best, principal artistic person.

Chemist's small glass tubes for liquids.

Richard __, famous for his Ring Cycle of operas.

__ and Zahara are 2 of Angelina Jolie's kids.

Country where the Battle of Batoche took place.

Blades that keep your windscreen clear and clean.

Green __; archenemy of Spiderman.

Small flat particles of snow.

Shut then opened eyes quickly.

The least outgoing person.

Puzzle 6

Young woman in the 20s, dressed boldly.

Japanese gastropub, similar to a tapas bar.

__ Bacon, Father of Empiricism, tasty philosopher.

Rug for extra warmth when travelling.

A case that is tried in court for a second time.

William __, who played Captain Kirk.

Ming Dynasty explorer of India and Africa.

Every evening.

Forename of naval officer Hornblower.

Comfort support between rear car seats.

TV series collections, streamed or on DVD.

Puzzle 7

Atmospheric pressure lines on a weather map.

"History is written by the __" said George Orwell.

Slang for a very smart person.

Territory governed by a Mongol ruler.

One who sculpts hair.

The U.S. in Spanish: los __ Unidos.

The invigilator during a fight.

Monarch deposed during War of the Roses.

Combination or assortment of different things.

Of or relating to ducks.

Paid no attention to.

Slowing a vehicle down.

Flower of romance.

Composer who was nicknamed "the Red Priest".

Kitchen scraping implements.

Opening for light and air above a driver's head.

WAN: Wide-area __.

Poker player who is pretending.

Nick, pinch or steal.

Watching TV.

Take oxygen into the lungs.

Puzzle 8

Surreal series of novels by Terry Pratchett.

City where the Canucks play.

Book of streets and motorway maps.


Wipe clean wall frame for leaving notes, messages.

Village bard in Asterix comic strip.

A frenzied Norse warrior.

I-spy with my __; in-car entertainment.

Unit of graphic resolution, usual in cameras.

Jewish holy day also known as the Day of Atonement.


Sandy is a short version of this male name.

Boiling to prepare vegetables for freezing.

The G in CGI film effects.

Uncontrolled conflagration on prairie or swards.

Swagger Jagger diva.

Spanish city where Wellington was a victor in 1812.

State where the Republican Party was founded.

Puzzle 9

Circular African hut with thatched roof.

A salutation, a welcome.

Eastern Mediterranean salad and flat bread dish.


College degree abbreviated D.D.: Doctor of __.

Naval punishment of being dragged under a ship.

Brueghel __; father of Pieter the Younger.

Creator of the Garfield cartoon series.

I Drove __; Roy Orbison's lengthy road-trip song.

An alternative, quicker route.

Author of Like Water For Chocolate: Laura __.

State where Abraham Lincoln practiced law.

Title given to man 2 and man 4 in a bobsleigh.

First House of York ruler, king of England 1461-83.

Apes, monkeys, even humans are these.

Light snow showers.

1366-67 Crusade against Ottoman Empire.

Puzzle 10

Backseat __; know-it-all passenger.

Hitler's short-lived successor: Karl __.

Eunuch who improved ancient papermaking techniques.

"Sun" and "The Day After" painter: __ Munch.

It causes the human sleeping sickness.

__ eye liner, runny, not a pencil.

Floating at sea unanchored.

Tropical rum and créme de banana cocktail: __ Bird.

__ Sandberg; Facebook's chief operating officer.

Protective bar fitted to the rear of a vehicle.

Personification of the sky in Roman mythology.

In baseball stats, the E in ERA (__ Run Average).

Common term for "early modern Europeans": Cro-__.

Bottom __; fish that eats from the sea bed.

Annie __; Eurythmics songstress.

Aviators __ & Brown crossed the Atlantic non-stop.

Underground tombs.

He's into everything, he's a nosey __.

Bodies of 12 people who decide on legal evidence.

Anjelica __, actress and daughter of director John.

Puzzle 11

Overlooked while alive, landscape artist Alfred __.

Beliefs or moral ideals that a society lives by.

Street where all cars travel in the same direction.

Upright stone pillars with inscriptions.

Phil Silvers feline alter ego for Hanna & Barbera.



Fished - for fish, or information.

__ Pedy, Australian town for opal-mining.

Hardened skin on feet.

Asturian bean stew.

In-car computer for travelling directions.

Ass, mule.

Tennis-playing Williams' sister of Venus.

__ and daub, Middle Ages building materials.

Doogie __, MD; TV series with Neil Patrick Harris.

Puzzle 12

To make it across the basketball court you must __.

River upon which Kiev sits.

Light these waxy ornaments on dark nights.

Country where Nokia originated.

Trip, expedition.

Celebratory time off.

Kenya city whose U.S. Embassy was bombed in 1998.

Sharp turns in a road.

Ray __; had a 1961 hit with Hit the Road Jack.

Kirk __; Catherine Zeta Jones' famous dad-in-law.

National spice of Hungary.

Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani were __ icons.

"A poor __ always blames his tools".

Military base in remote area or country.

The Lady of __, Tennyson poem about Camelot.

Puzzle 13

Part of the road for the quickest-moving vehicles.

Burt, Ryan, Debbie.

Have power over, command and take over someone.

Medium soft Italian cheese, named after Val __.

Puccini opera with "Nessun Dorma".

Self-__; holiday where you provide the food.

Indonesian body of water with hundreds of islands.

Cough, choke.

Wading bird with distinctive scarlet legs.

Supplicants who work for a master/mistress.

Tiny atmospheric thing, it can be accelerated.

Be __; Beauty and the Beast soundtrack classic.

Heroine created by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor Smith.

Charitable gift.

"O Come All Ye __".

"Beggars can't be __".

Top boulder on a wall.

North American waterway, flows into Lake Winnipeg.

The very middle of a target or dartboard.

Puzzle 14

Android smartphone first released in 2010.

Extreme class of tornado, linked to global warming.


State of being oddly amusing.

Purely and simply.

Large toothy tropical fish.

Highly successful tennis player in the 1930s.

Where two roads intersect at right angles.

New, exciting experience.

He or she works with wood for a living.

Unhurried, e.g. a __ drive; with no urgency.

Puzzle 15

Not al fresco.

__ with the same brush.

__ Conti, founder of a theatre academy in London.

Glenn __, US bandleader of Moonlight Serenade.

Device fitted to a car so it can pull a trailer.

__ Morton, celebrity biographer.

Not a pill but a buttery confection: Scottish __.

Groups of sheep.

Plastic explosive associated with IRA bombings.

Indian men wear these cloths around legs.

Neolithic earthworks and stone or wooden circles.

Stan, who formed a comedic duo with Oliver Hardy.

Warmest time of year for a road trip.

French word for 13.

Battle of __; English victory in Scotland in 1296.

John Sell __, artist of the Norwich School.

"M" in MBA.

Puzzle 16

Driving direction options from A to B.

Black and white shorebird with upward-curving bill.

A less direct way to a place.

They take away water and sewage.

Apostle, brother of Simon Peter.

Footballer turned movie star, __ Jones.

Centerfold blues band leader.

Beige trousers.

Broths made from meat and fish as a sauce basis.

__ products are for good looks for the face.

Not for kids who don't like arugula: __ salad.

What the letter S stands for in the term ESL.

All over the place; in the vicinity of.

Numerical figure.

Computer term RSS: "really __ syndication".

Slang expression for a pub.

__ Hayes; private detective in Moonlighting.

Thoroughly searches for information.

Consent to a treaty.

Biggest golf club.

One of China's Three Kingdoms (220–280).

Used a car horn.

Puzzle 17

German word for the numeral 70.

Common name for monkeys with pronounced brows.

Like the Tower of Pisa, not straight.

Professor Pat __, inventor driver of Wacky Races.

Largest ocean on Earth.

Taking someone's credit is stealing their __.

Case for packing clothes and essentials for a trip.

Flat serving dish; archaic term for a vinyl record.

Carefulness, restraint.

Sparkle, shine, e.g. with metallic eyeshadow.

We're The __; 2013 film about family road trip.

Puzzle 18

Perfect place to take a break during a journey.

Capital of Australia.

Padded inserts stuffed down football socks.

Not elderly; full of the joys of spring.

Daisy flower used to treat migraines.

Sounding like a duck.

Says "hallelujah" and praises a god.

Hot and dry Portuguese wine-producing region.

__ park; designated conservation area.

Preliminary invoice issued, outlining intent.

Negative reaction to policy or social project.

Puzzle 19

Hump in the road to prevent driving too fast.

Driving Home For __; Chris Rea's festive road trip.

Bottomless box to protect garden plants from frost.

Latecomer, behind the rest of the crowd.

Actor who played Jeff Colby in Dynasty.

A famous gem-swapping casual game.

French edible crust of pastry that holds a filling.

Art that has a shape and isn't on a canvas.

Baker St __, street boy helps out Sherlock Holmes.

Calmness under pressure, literally "cold blood".

Emptied a place for safety.

__ Castle; Laeken palace of Albert II of Belgium.

Puzzle 20

They will escort you to the seat in a theatre.

Someone who steers a car.

Rock the __, 1982 hit by The Clash.

Paved outdoor areas for dining.

Unconcerned by whether something is right or wrong.

__ and Maude, intergenerational filmic love story.

British territory in the Atlantic, with the Turks.

Alexander __ Smith; detective agency novelist.

In-car sustenance.

Edmond __, the second Astronomer Royal 1720-42.

Crops up.

Country with big per capita corn consumption.

Out of __; off balance.

The P in TPTB, "the __ that be".

Ted __ who played Sam Malone in Cheers.

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