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Rock and Roll PackRock and Roll

Here are the answers to CodyCross Rock and Roll Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Genghis Khan's third son and successor.

Foods such as lentils and beans.

Chevy Chase 80s reporter movie.

Diminish, withdraw.

Farmer's sheepdog in Shaun the Sheep.

Author of On the Origin of Species: Charles __.

Women being wed.

Sport played either on the field or ice.

Blackboard __, film featured Rock Around the Clock.


Musical game series for showing off vocal talents.

Italian city where you find Ducal Palace.

Country where the Battle of Batoche took place.

Music __, weekly listings of the top singles.

Puzzle 2

The shortest book in the Old Testament.

Bond villain, inspiration for Austin Powers baddie.

Childish fit of temper.

Eight-sided shape.

Large country in Europe, capital Kiev.

He invented the solid-body electric guitar.

Michel __, French soccer king and UEFA president.

Rid your system of alcohol.

Song by, and movie about, Ritchie Valens.

Florida __ horse, breed with a bang.

Former name of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Jade Emperor in Ancient Chinese mythology.

Puzzle 3

Ancient missile weapon also called bolt thrower.

Type of rabbit, trips over its own appendages.

Record label of both Oasis and Primal Scream.

English band with albums X&Y and Parachutes.

Marshlands at end of Spain's Guadalquivir River.

Film that Holly Hunter/Anna Paquin won Oscars for.

Normal, usual.

Blocking, like a drain.

Art of weaving or plaiting fibers into carriers.

Take away, in maths.

Puzzle 4

Israeli city and holy site.

Sooty felines believed to bring bad luck.

Pro-__ Soccer; PES sports video game franchise.

Stemmed vessel for drinking fermented grapes.

Mechanical staircase.

Sound-increasing apparatus for live music.

Machine with revolving platter for playing vinyl.

False __, stick-on hairs for eyes.

1969 road trip for Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda.

Dog breed originally used to hunt howlers.

Kick __; idiom meaning to die or pass away.

Polystyrene packaging material.

Puzzle 5

Three Billboards Outside __, Missouri.

Fruity symbol of the Velvet Underground.

Jewish woman who became Queen of Persia.

Alberto __; Italian racing driver, twice F1 champ.

Granny Smiths, Golden Delicious and Gala.

The __, band of Sumner, Copeland and Summers.

Fictional Rhode Island city, home to the Griffins.

Covers or sheets, one on top of the other.

Imagined while sleeping.

Birkin and Kelly bags, headscarf and tie designer.

Puzzle 6

Hearst men's magazine founded in 1933.

The __ Job, cult 60s film featured trio of Minis.

Middle Eastern snack similar to a doughnut.

The __ Girls; comedy series set in Stars Hollow.


Language in which the word for lion is "simba".

Enter __, Metallica hit of the 90s.

__ Hangs There, painting of a frock by Frida Kahlo.

Stopped working officially.

One who sells flowers.

Amelia __, female aviation pioneer.

Usually coin-operated machine that plays discs.

Go on a rampage, wreak havoc.

Laurence, knighted British stage and movie legend.

Menacing, hostile.

Winner of 8 singles tennis Grand Slams, Jimmy __.

Puzzle 7

An administrative division or region in Russia.

Wandering aimlessly.

Lenny __, US singer of Are You Gonna Go My Way.

17th century vessel in the Adventures of Tintin.

Largest naval battle in WWI.

Human with equine hindquarters.

Ate like a turkey.

French tin-glazed earthenware.

Aromatic plant, its seeds used in bread and cakes.

J K __; penned successful wizard book series.

Less big.

Pop-punk band fronted by Debbie Harry.

Puzzle 8

Lebanese bulghur and parsley salad.

__ bird, tall elegant avian, takes shorthand maybe.

Vehicle for the injured.

Extremely harsh laws.

A way to describe a vast, empty, dark place.

Analyzing; evaluating someone's performance.

London royal residence; became Whitehall Palace.

Climate type with cold winters and mild summers.

John __, The Who bassist nicknamed the Ox.

Grace Kelly's wedding dress designer.

Political leader seeking popularity by extremes.

American rock band fronted by Steven Tyler.

Entry point to a house.

Marilyn Monroe's birth surname.

The Scarlet __, Baroness Orczy Revolutionary tale.

Running very fast, in a race.

Puzzle 9

Tennis shot hit with dominant hand.

__ Dead, US rockers with lead singer Jerry Garcia.

Bratwurst and pepperoni are these.

Peaky __; TV series about 1920s crime gang.

Pounded, pulsed.

Berlin museum that houses the Ishtar Gate.

Star Wars actor Alec __.

Loan for a house.

Led __ had repeated hits with Stairway to Heaven.

She takes customers orders in a restaurant.

Texas is the __ state.

Puzzle 10

__ bird is a dangerous avian in Jabberwocky.

Seven __ Army single by The White Stripes.

Sad and dreary, gloomy.

Territories, kingdoms, domains.

Valerie Solanas attempted to kill this artist.

Open a bottle of wine.

Buck __, fictional future spaceman of comics.

Kurt __, Nirvana singer, synonymous with grunge.

Operation __; Israeli name for Suez Crisis.

Long harbor on New Zealand's South Island.

Professional sport linked to dementia pugilistica.

Puzzle 11

Nicolas __; developed food preserving techniques.

UK comedian who launched The Simpsons, Tracey __.

__, California group had a hit with Desperado.

Actors __, organization that taught method acting.

__ boots, cuffed thigh-highs worn by buccaneers.

Creepy crawly superhero alter ego of Hank Pym.

Larry __, Jr, drummer and founder of U2.

Leaping African antelope with lyre-shaped horns.

Like a thick, gloopy, sugary mixture.

Host city for the world's largest winter carnival.

__ clock, WW2 device with colored bands/triangles.

Greek island famed for its Wonder, the Colossus.

Left the car in a marked space.

Not big or small, in between.

Puzzle 12

Loves eating wood in houses.

Packed with people.

Little Cratchit; "God bless us, every one".

Cellulose __, a chemical used in photographic film.

NFL football team from Green Bay.

Flatbread from Yemen eaten with beans.

Kiss the __ Stone in Ireland.

__ Mode, electronic rockers Gahan, Gore, Fletcher.

French car maker who produced the 2CV.

Chilling something, e.g. food.

Type of trousers worn by punks.

Puzzle 13

Portuguese liqueur tasting of sour cherries.

Italian synonymous of a man who seduces many women.

Wild boxing punch (down on the farm).

Punk band fronted by Poly Styrene.

Tree with flower clusters; some give silkworm food.

Collective term for Latin and Ancient Greek.

Bohemian __, repeated Queen no.1 hit.

Members of the Church of England.

Boisterous gathering.

It shows the dates of the year.

Puzzle 14

Identity booklets for tourists.


__ Mac, transatlantic band famous for Rumours.

Waterway crossing Bohemia, ending at Cuxhaven.

Grueling athletic event with three stages.

Forever more, without end.

Inventor of the backstaff navigational device.

Italian version of hors d'oeuvres.

Discourse on the Method: by philosopher Rene __.

Psychedelic rock band of The Dark Side of the Moon.

Became king of Lesotho in 1990, and again in 1996.

Puzzle 15

Small Asian landlocked nation, south of China.

Inventor of Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars.

__ pedal, foot-operated item for electric guitars.

Throws someone out of home.

__ Plath, poet admired by Madonna.

Men and women, beings.

Mr Jinks catchphrase: "I hate these meeces to __".


Olive __ Petition affirmed loyalty to George III.

__ piety; Confucian values of family respect.

Puzzle 16

The __ Koala Show also featured Rawhide Clyde.

Sugar-rich food that attracts bees and butterflies.

__ 8800; 1974 groundbreaking microcomputer.

Sour, starchy fruit used in Jamaican cuisine.

Second-largest city in Slovakia, after Bratislava.

WWII battle in north-east India, March-July 1944.

Funeral car.

Lex __; Superman's evil genius archenemy.

Labradoodle is a cross between a labrador and a __.

Benazir __, assassinated Pakistani leader.

Stringed instrument that rhymes with "dither".

__ Lansbury from Murder She Wrote.

__ Castle; Japanese hilltop royal residence.

Having different color eyes: heterochromia __.

__ desk, console used to blend music for recording.

Antimaterialist US rock music genre of the '80/90s.

Unreliable with affections, changeable emotions.

__ Wilkes, Scarlett's love in Gone with the Wind.

Puzzle 17

Early __, someone who buys the latest tech advance.

__ Dolls, punk rockers of the early 1970s.

Actor brothers Ben and Casey.

__ Heads, influential group headed by David Byrne.

The S in ESB, a bitter beer.

Became king of Tonga in 2012.

Dunking in water.

Had skin on the head removed as a trophy in battle.

Roland __, French literary critic and philosopher.

Hinged mollusc that burrows into rock or wood.

Puzzle 18

Gaming table organizer.

Foot treatment involving painted nails.

__ Palace; ducal castle in Mecklenburg, Germany.

__ of Rock, gig from Donington, now international.

Medieval triggered hand weapon.

Tissue found at back of the throat.

Epoch of Quaternary period, marked end of ice age.

Rock artist known for Bat Out of Hell.

Superstition tells you not to open it indoors.

Road Runner's catchphrase.

Makes bigger, e.g. an image.

Puzzle 19

Nocturnal primate with giant eyes.

Largest state in India by area, primarily desert.

Rory __, Irish rocker and multi-instrumentalist.

Outer paper or plastic layer that food is sold in.

Hit Hendrix set fire to his guitar to at Monterey.

__ Johnson, American Bond girl Bibi Dahl.

Animals delivered to the gods as a thanksgiving.

Max __; creator of Betty Boop comic strip.

Proprietor of a house.

Gazette, weekly tabloid, daily journal.

Short-lived Arab-Israeli conflict of June 1967.

Puzzle 20

Carl __, the writer and singer of Blue Suede Shoes.

Arrive at a hotel at the beginning of your stay.


Cattle leather.

"Hey ho let's go" became the catchphrase of The __.

Ticket draw for cash.

Blue liqueur associated with a Caribbean island.

__ Peasant Movement; 1894 revolution in Korea.

Raising plants or animals.

Eats in small bites.

Military science of organizing forces in a battle.

Early Indus Valley city re-discovered by Masson.

The Pink __ Show, TV series based on a movie.

Exercises: pulling oneself up with arms on a bar.

Describes sandals with many thin crossovers.

Breaks, causes harm.

Honduran currency of 100 centavos.

Criticize strongly, hand out a verbal pasting.

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