CodyCross Romantic Comedy Tropes Pack answers

Romantic Comedy Tropes PackRomantic Comedy Tropes

Here are the answers to CodyCross Romantic Comedy Tropes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Reminder to stand up straight is about this.

Erratic, out of control; "straw" and "circuit".

Adobe software for reading PDFs.

Style of layered dress popular in the 1920s.

Aussie camphor-smelling plant and its oil.

Foodie fruit jam, appears with desserts.

Space transport, like between a ship and planet.

This Rachel starred in 2013's About Time.

Against the law.

Come back together in a new format.

Pop singer with a Lemonade album.

My Best Friend's __, 1997 Julia Roberts comedy.

Vision correctors worn on the face.

Kids get time to hide in a game of __ Can.

Reasons given for avoiding doing something.

Puzzle 2

Small chewy sweet shaped like an ursine.

He fell for Gwyneth Paltrow in 2001's Shallow Hal.

Most malodorous.

Seven squared.

Large, elaborate place of worship.

In this 2008 pro tennis final, Nadal beat Federer.

Form of government where most citizens can vote.

Happily __, classic end to a romantic tale.

Gomez wants a __ but she keeps "hitting dead ends".

Journeys across lands.

Puzzle 3

Term for skins of vegetables once removed.

Older form of explosive, also slang for excellent.

While You Were __, 1995 Sandra Bullock comedy.

Learn by heart, like lines from a movie perhaps.

Passing out, losing consciousness.

Across the ocean.

Word used for stealing calves, for example.

Woven fabrics.

Kitchen floor covering made from solid linseed oil.

1995 romcom loosely based on Jane Austen's Emma.

Salaried, having a job.

This mammal is the first animal in the dictionary.

Term used to describe the Middle Ages in Europe.

Classical form of dance, e.g. foxtrot, waltz.

A boxer supposedly has one if easily knocked out.

Puzzle 4

Moved back and forth gently.

Unexpected results in sports games.

1984 comedy starring Daryl Hannah as a mermaid.

Common word for vacuum named after a brand.

Tel Aviv is in this country.

Video app with viral dances, took over from Vine.

High up spaces in some houses used for storage.

Marital happiness, otherwise known as this bliss.

__ game or room, designed to puzzle those trapped.

Hard seeds from cereal crops.

Adam's relationship to Cain and Abel in the Bible.

Stinging plant used as herbal tea.

Steve, star of 2011's Crazy, Stupid, Love.

The __, Charles Darwin's exploration ship.

Top part of a suit.

Steps to follow in a science experiment.

Puzzle 5

Places where birds rest at night.

Star-crossed __, romance characters doomed to fail.

Mr. Norris, Mr. Schumer, and Mr. Yeager.

__ of wisdom, sayings that impart knowledge.

Take in some news, or food, and process it.

Ned Stark warned that this is coming.

Crime of being wed to two spouses simultaneously.

Scale on which 0 degrees is absolute zero.

King of the turtles to Seuss.

How to Be __, 2016 romcom starring Rebel Wilson.

Language spoken in Egypt, Oman and Kuwait.

The Rocky __ Show musical by Richard O'Brien.

Alan, pioneer of computer science.

Tropical cocktail of rum, orange curaçao, and lime.

American __, famous 1930 painting by Grant Wood.

Anatomical name for the thighbones.

A sweater; a sleeved wool top for cold weather.

Puzzle 6

Forcible placing of a basketball in a hoop.

Isn't It __, 2019 comedy starring Rebel Wilson.

Moving in a circle, dancing with hips circling.

1985-1992 show in which he could invent anything.

Final item at the end of a list.

Dog breed that can be black, yellow, chocolate.

Yankee Doodle stuck __ in his cap.

Black volcanic glass used to make sharp objects.

Thicker skin around fingernails, toenails.

Fancy fungi called "the diamonds of the kitchen".

Can be worn, e.g. technology.

Service that brings things to your door.

They have significantly less than the "haves".

Robin Wright played The __ Bride in 1987.

Small sticks for lighting a fire.

Puzzle 7

One of 24 avians in Sing A Song of Sixpence rhyme.

To set up for personal preferences.

Rocks of dolomite or calcium carbonate.

He starred alongside Eva Mendes in 2005's Hitch.

Cats were first domesticated by the ancient __.

Cheesy Jaws-like disaster film series since 2013.

Done to apples to make cider.

Cleaned up errors in a photograph.

The P in OPEC.

1987 romcom starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

Thorough sanitation of a home.

Small rodent kept as a pet; anagram of I pin gauge.

A study found kids asked 300 of these every day.

Puzzle 8

Ancient elephant ancestor with wool coat.

Tube of ground meat.

Hit for Drake with viral dance video, __ Bling.

Romy and Michele had a High School one in 1997.

It's smoothed over walls when building a house.

Player who does not pass in basketball.

Capital of Indonesia.

A medical specialist for your mouth.

Planet and Roman god of the sea.

Accusations put against a defendant in court.

Strong allegiance, even against criticism.

Those executed in sham trials at Salem.

__ point; place with a fabulous view.

Word to describe the literary ape George.

Goods brought into the country.

Joseph, played Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love.

Puzzle 9

Special or formal day marked on a calendar.

Dagwood Bumstead loved eating this.

Seasonal rhinitis, usually in the late spring.

Toni, the title star in romcom Muriel's Wedding.

Peace agreements.

A wrong name or designation.

Lifeless tree material; redundant bureaucracy.

A diet of shrimp may cause this bird to be pink.

Sea linked to Rome by the Roman Empire's Salt Road.

Sport that featured in 1988 romcom Bull Durham.

Soccer's Cristiano Ronaldo's country of birth.

It's in the middle of a baked Alaska.

Puzzle 10

Mulder and Scully investigate alien cases in the US.

Early video game hero.

Wooden stick used with kebabs.

Broadcasted a signal, transmitted.

Bill, falls for Andie McDowell in Groundhog Day.

Polar __, icy area at north or south end of planet.

Muscles in your lower legs.

Some floors are this so they're warm to walk on.

Two Weeks' __, 2002 Hugh Grant romcom.

Mood of a person who flutters their eyelashes.

Male ants or bees.

Eyeliner look that extends past the eyelid.

One of the first four New Testament books.

Greek goddess, inspired their capital city's name.

On the __ of Species, book on evolution.

Spoke rhythmically in a song, performed hip-hop.

Puzzle 11

Five-sided shapes.

Beatles album that included Here Comes The Sun.

You ride on them when you contribute nothing.

Securing with a clip or button.

Speeding in a stolen car.

He stars opposite Charlize Theron in Long Shot.

A tree that doesn't shed its leaves in winter.

Something that applies everywhere, even space.

Borough that is home to Wall Street.

Orange-billed Warner Bros cartoon character.

__ Met Sally, classic 1989 romantic comedy.

These healthy "hearts" are technically nuts.

Puzzle 12

Crimson piazza in Moscow, Russia.

Something's __, 2003 Diane Keaton romcom.

Deliberately, not by accident.

When an astronaut climbs outside a vessel in space.

How an object is wrapped for shipping.

The mollymawk is a type of this giant seabird.

Electromagnetic oven.

He fell for Drew Barrymore in Music and Lyrics.

James Joyce work published in 1939, __ Wake.

1896 Olympics had this two-person contact sport.

What aliens might call a human.

Graceful dancer, possibly wearing a tutu.

Classic 1997 Number 1 for All Saints.

Puzzle 13

Individual fast-food side item.

Appearing to be benign and not dangerous.

Children's care in a hospital.

Scary-sounding invasive honeymaking insect.

He starred in 1996's comic romance Jerry Maguire.

Ash __ marks the beginning of Lent.

In Scotland, the opposite of a Highlander.

Non-locals, people not in the in-crowd.

__ Round; dizzy hit for Dead or Alive in 1985.

Oceanside recreation sphere.

Crime of taking someone away by force.

SW frequency in radio transmissions.

Renée, title star of the Bridget Jones movies.

Puzzle 14

Seam __, tool for removing sewing stitches.

Scientific study of plants.

Came close.

As You __, Shakespeare comedy with a female lead.

Once a common snack on plane flights.

Jane, author of Pride and Prejudice.

__ in distress, stock character of a girl in peril.

Country where Saskatoon and Uranium City are found.

Smallest stringed instrument in a standard quartet.

Smooth, mirror-like.

A male creature that is half-human half-sea.

Spring flowers that once caused a Dutch mania.

__ Kreme, doughnut company.

Team __, controversial F1 unwritten rules.

This English capital's bridge is falling down.

Reason for committing a crime.

Quirky 2009 romcom, (500) Days of ___.

Puzzle 15

Bathroom devices for weighing yourself.

This famous San Francisco Gate is actually orange!.

Smiley faces sent via text message.

Judd, director of This is 40 and Knocked Up.

S'il vous plaît (Fr.).

Korean dish of fermented cabbage.

Legendary Greek hero who flew too close to the Sun.

The type of exercise that raises your heartrate.

Ideal and perfect state authored by Thomas More.

Wheel that's a rotating ride at funfairs.

Space __, David Bowie song about the bizarre.

Long gun that is muzzle-loaded.

Person hired by Uber or Grubhub.

The longest species of snake in the world.

Failure to __, 2006 Matthew McConaughey romance.

US President survived a 1981 assassination attempt.

For this or worse, paradoxical wedding vow.

Powerful demon nemesis of the Teen Titans.

Taraji P. Henson plays this Lyon in TV's Empire.

__ down; squat or crouch.

Puzzle 16

Katherine Heigl had 27 of them in a 2008 movie.

14th century "fiery" poetry, Dante's __.

Spiky, thorny, bristly.

Baltimore's baseball team.

Electric appliance that could make a smoothie.

Folklore character that sends people to sleep.

Game show that happened in a taxi.

White __, symbol sent to conscientious objectors.

Mark, Reese Witherspoon's beau in Just Like Heaven.

Glee got lots of mileage off this 1980s band.

Nationality of someone from Cancun or Chihuahua.

Female big cat whose male partner has a mane.

Puzzle 17

Small rocky body orbiting the sun.

Molly, female lead in 1984's Sixteen Candles.

Wrap or dress in warming layers.

Conor, UFC champ nicknamed The Notorious.

2003 Justin Timberlake hit with a Spanish name.

Romanesco style green veggie with spiraled buds.

Those who partake in heated discussions.

Prince __, a story's romantic male hero.

In the animated series, Dora was one.

Gathering in a pack, like sheep.

The enemies of super heroes, evil characters.

Sticky substance used to hold furniture together.

Common unit for computer storage.

Block at the top of an arch.

Puzzle 18

Type of desk that does not require a chair.


Grain with a repetitive name, used in salads.

The main title of a newspaper article.

Famous Indian temple in the city of Agra.

Mineral often added to water to protect teeth.

How to __ in 10 Days, 2003 Kate Hudson romcom.

Hours worked beyond the traditional amount.

Pillowcases and duvet covers.

To give up control or surrender something.

Resistance to infection or disease.

Word shortened to EVRY1 in textspeak.

Michelle, Al Pacino's match in Frankie and Johnny.

__ Islands, copra-producing Pacific atolls.

__ seats; best view in the house.

Number with a value less than zero.

Protective rubber overshoes.

Puzzle 19

__ Hill, London area that became a 1999 romcom.

Classic cocktail of gin and vermouth.

Bunch of flowers.

Break __; cost more than one can afford.

Part of a book; literary extract.

Spun a videotape back to the beginning.

A bathroom connecting to a bedroom.

It looks like a small kangaroo.

Nutrient absorbed by the body through a pill.

Nation that created the first diesel locomotive.

Where Tom Hanks was Sleepless in 1993.

Flat-bladed tools used by sculptors.

Crime against your king or country.

Puzzle 20

What someone might say if you're missing the point.

Shamed, dishonored.

Voting system, __ the Post.

Go beyond your budget.

This Itch is a classic 1955 Marilyn Monroe comedy.

Term for category of largest global land masses.

Distant stomach sounds.

Palette used to draw attention to the eyes.

Musical instrument where you pump the bellows.

She was the Monster-In-Law in the 2005 comedy.

White-headed North American bird of prey.

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