CodyCross Rough and Smooth Pack answers

Rough and Smooth PackRough and Smooth

Here are the answers to CodyCross Rough and Smooth Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Australia's great wilderness.

The grass is always __ on the other side.

Girls and women.

Fruits with a soft downy skin; anagram of he paces.

Type of well into which coins are tossed.

The tall, pointed tower of a church.

Strong pull of a river; flow of electricity.

Bounce a basketball around players on a court.

Double double, toil and this word.

A hot bath will relax these.

The rough-textured horns of a deer or elk.

Internet application for searching for web pages.

Puzzle 2

Territory surrounded entirely by water.

Handheld sports item for hitting tennis balls.

Bumpy and rough-textured; irregular.

Sportswear brand with three stripes logo.

Blood-filtering organ on the left side of the body.

Craig, actor who became James Bond in 2006.

Musical shows, e.g. La Traviata, Madama Butterfly.

Dripped like a roof with a hole in it.

Dental apparatus used to straighten teeth.

TV viewers, stars try to deduce The __ Singer.

Short-sleeved top in the shape of a letter.

Round moving parts that enable vehicles to travel.

A wrinkle or fold; anagram of sea car.

Chewing and swallowing snacks.

Puzzle 3

One single bone in the spine.

It puts the "mac" in a mac n' cheese.

What the art critic did to the play.

Newspaper texts.

Five-armed sea creature with a bumpy skin.

Gifts which should be brought to birthday parties.

Areas of New York, such as Queens, the Bronx.

A long glass vessel for mixing chemicals.

Powerful cutter with a ripcord for tree chopping.

Sandpaper-like board for shaping the fingernails.

Skiing event; direction opposite to up a mountain.

Puzzle 4

Makes something less dark, illuminates.

Ancient creatures found in Jurassic Park.

One branded block from Danish toy company.

Pay monthly for a magazine to be delivered.

The rough, bumpy seed pods of conifer trees.

Acts of theft.

Numbers with three zeroes.

Long-tongued lixard with rough, bumpy skin.

Buildings in which the sick are treated by doctors.

White House post once held by Michelle Obama.

Puzzle 5

Not keen on being in photographs or videos.

Smooth-skinned animal living in water and on land.

Three-sided shapes.

Sport in which the Stanley Cup is awarded.

Back to Black singer Amy, who died in 2011.

Book that someone writes about someone famous.

An especially fine, glossy-textured pottery.

Harsh weather event with swirls of icy flakes.

An exact copy.

Liquid for freshening breath or cleansing gums.

Puzzle 6

To inhale and exhale air.

Flat boards for storing books or crockery.

Sketched shape without much detail inside.

Type of clock that displays electronic numbers.

Batman villain named for an Antarctic bird.

Nation where Olympics runner Usain Bolt was born.

Tough, glossy fabric made from animal skin.

Anatomical name for the belly.

When red, this fish is a misleading clue.

Starter, main, dessert are all these.

Dog that is trained to follow the scent of a human.

Coarse-grained marble-like rock; anagam of tearing.

Brand name synonymous with tissues.

Puzzle 7

Orange is the __, prison-based Netflix drama.

The soft, light plumes that cover a bird.

You'd see these in a Madame Tussauds museum.

Making or coming up with something.

Places in the home where people go to sleep.

Long, running race often done for charity.

Describes stones used to walk across streams.

Large mammal with rough skin and a long trunk.

Steak cooked fully in the middle.

__ design, the decorating and layout of rooms.

Woman's cosmetic for around the mouth.

Puzzle 8

Bangs on a door.

Use these to shave off bristly hairs.

Russia's capital and home to the Red Square.

Evil spirits, fiends.

Satsuma and mandarin are types of this fruit.

Planet in the solar system known for its rings.

Instrument of Jennifer Batten and Slash.

Horse sounds.

It's covered in receptors called taste buds.

Painful mark on the skin caused by a bump.

Alarm, grandfather or cuckoo, for example.

Puzzle 9

Type of icing rolled out and smoothed over cakes.

Shape of the huge glass structure at the Louvre.

To attack and injure someone.

Stars and these, nickname for the US flag.

Someone who grades tests and sets homework.

North American name for the brown bear.

Tape that tears easily and is used by decorators.

Michael, US sprinter with many world records.

These close when you wink, blink or sleep.

The skirt that hides a bed's legs.

These are inflated at put up at parties.

Puzzle 10

Warm underwear for the entire legs.

A smooth-skinned peach; anagram of trace nine.

__ chase, a pointless and fruitless pursuit.

It tells you when you need to refill your gas tank.

Career in advertising or promoting.

Raised mound in the road to slow down cars.

Thick, fluffy blanket.

Instantly moves to another palce like in Star Trek.

Shellfish that cling to rocks, ships and whales.

People who take control of vehicles by force.

Antonym of cheap.

Puzzle 11

The children of your uncles or aunts.

They're associated with the Jolly Roger flag.

Corrosion that gives iron a rough, brittle texture.

Writing system consisting of raised dots.

Name given to a female lion.

Spectacles designed to fix eyesight.

This can be rough when it's windy or stormy.

First name of artist van Gogh.

People who fish.

Bus service that runs between airports and hotels.

Cut the right wire and stopped the explosion.

Puzzle 12

Place for dancing and drinking in the evening.

Small absorbent cloth for drying the digits.

Green berry-like fruit with a bristly skin.

Policy to protect against fire, theft, illness etc.

Public uprising or revolt.

Use this to open the wine.

Soothing salve to smooth out your wrinkles.

Toy Story's Buzz.

Caterpillar transforms into this beautiful insect.

A score that brings the scores level.

Puzzle 13

Owner or keeper of a dog.

Season when leaves fall from trees.

These smooth-skinned fruits are sold in bunches.

Connections between bones, e.g. shoulders, ankles.

City in which you can visit Buckingham Palace.

Make a surface smooth and shiny by rubbing.

Adam and Eve met the serpent in the Garden __.

Little Red Riding Hood carried food in this.

Christian holiday associated with painted eggs.

Ancient hexes or spells.

To the __ goes the spoils.

Large black and orange striped cats of Asia.

Like the Kalahari in Africa or the Gobi in Asia.

Character who asks "To be, or not to be".

Puzzle 14

Plant eater.

Kitchen appliance for rapidly heating food.

Legendary hero who led the Merry Men.

Water-dwelling reptile with tough, bumpy skin.

A paper handout with questions to answer.

The nighttime display seen on New Year's Eve.

Cartoon movie or TV show.

Blue or pink food to chew not swallow.

Joints that connect the arm to the torso.

Rough calcium-rich rock; anagram of meets lion.

Puzzle 15

Another word for choice.

Primate, simian.

Worn by boxers on their hands.

My __ Pony, classic brand of collectible horses.

This word makes an ass of you and me.

The tough, smooth outer casings of eggs.

They carry electrical impulses around the body.

Person who reads, corrects book manuscripts.

Undead brain-eating monster.

A fireside to relax and keep warm around.

The edge of a country or state.

Flat-topped furniture item, usually with four legs.

Roman Caesar written about by Shakespeare.

__ Friday, body-swap film with Lindsay Lohan.

Puzzle 16

African mammals that wallow in waterholes.

Suit maker.

Aromatic spice obtained from a rough-skinned root.

Writing that rhymes some of the times.

Lined up, like ducks or nursery rhyme pretty maids.

Power up this folding computer to get work done.

Fruit that is most ready to eat.

This metal kills werewolves via a bullet.

Nationality of cinema legend Catherine Deneuve.

A fee for using a service.

Jumping into deep water.

__ hunter, person who hunts fugitives for a living.

Smooth, flat glass panel in the wall of a building.

Puzzle 17

Someone from the country associated with pharaohs.

Be careful! Smooth surfaces can be this underfoot.

Sent away from home as punishment.

Forensic crime solving show in a Florida city.

Climbed up.

It has a rough-textured side for striking a light.

Making a noise like a duck.

YouTube trend of taking products out of packaging.

Round hard candy on a stick.

Off _, out of control.

Puzzle 18

Quiet and calm.

Lawless cowboy region of the US in late 19th C.

Fruity sweets encased in smooth bright shells.

Making holes to extract petroleum resources.

The people attending a show or concert.

A builder's mix of rock, sand, cement and water.

Practice mindfulness, silently or chanting.

Fast-running game hero Sonic is this animal.

Petroleum jelly trademark, for e.g. lip balm.

Female star of 2018's A Star is Born.

What KO stands for in boxing.

Royal head of a hive.

Puzzle 19

Put money in the bank.

Someone who does not believe in any god.

Household chore of pressing and smoothing clothes.

Abraham, US President assassinated in 1865.

Long-sleeved garment worn on the top half.

Boggy areas where walkers' boots might stick.

If someone's afraid, kids say they're this bird.

Doing this to paper can leave a rough edge.

Cold storage for ice cream, frozen pizzas.

Cyndi Lauper sang that Girls Just Wanna do this.

Sun exposure turning skin darker or red.

Puzzle 20

Like paper rolled in a ball; anagram of lump cred.

Month in which Valentine's Day is celebrated.

Sport featuring butterfly, breaststroke, crawl.

Main heroine in the Harry Potter series of books.

Satisfies thirst.

Mario games company, maker of the Switch handset.

A hand sign that means great or ok.

The ocean that separates Brazil from Africa.

Long dress that Cinderella wore to meet the prince.

The length (in meters, miles, etc.) of a journey.

Cats' long, sensitive, bristly facial hairs.

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