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Here are the answers to CodyCross Round Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Daft as __, or sweeping implement.

Ring-shaped bread buns.

All You Need __, sang The Beatles.

Another word for talents.

__ ball, used in sport played by Serena Williams.

Raised platforms where plays are performed.

Descend down a building on a rope.

Norwegian polar explorer and Nobel Prize laureate.

Edible flatfish, good with chips.

Conical __; glass containers used in a science lab.

Puzzle 2

Sea creatures with shells, and perhaps pearls.

Things you do up when fastening your coat.

Sphere for seeing, found in sockets on a face.

Love Me Tender, romantic ballad by Elvis __.

Gatherings that are held to celebrate birthdays.

Stalactites of frozen water.

Ribbon worn round the neck, displaying an ID pass.

Moving the tongue in idle chatter.

Iron bar prises something open (no birds involved).

Tight trouser worn for horse riding.

Professor Snape's first name.

Longer adverb for "but"; nonetheless.

A baddie or arch-enemy.

Puzzle 3

Opportunities to see films or artwork etc.

Running, being in charge of.

Hard, flavored sugar on the end of a stick.

Rural communities of just a few houses.

Photo app for disposable pictures.

Not identified.

Small creature who fell asleep a lot in Wonderland.

Puts a new boat in water.

Term for cloth shoes with rubber soles.

Round, red-and-white crunchy salad vegetables.

Puzzle 4

Loose-leaf lined sheets for writing on.

Small yellow balls like beans, used for hummus.

Greedy rat in the book Charlotte's Web.

Facial hair that extends below the ears.

Fried, battered, doughnut-shaped vegetable slice.

Farm girls working with cows and their produce.

Bone disease that causes joint stiffness.

The coldest or least warm.

Beams from the lunar body; to work on the side.

The type of plot of 1605 to blow up parliament.

An expensive top-floor flat.

Puzzle 5

Feeling a dull pain.

Describes the wooly coat of a sheep.

Things that come in batches of 12, like eggs.

Wetlands, such as where crocodiles hang out.

A band worn around the bottom of your leg.


Small rocks.

Carrie __, played Princess Leia.

Someone who desires more money or food.

__ Fantastic, one of the Fantastic Four.

Puzzle 6

A steep hill is also known as an __.

Making a loud, fierce sound, like a lion.

Sleeping outdoors, with or without a tent.


The planet nearest the sun, also a liquid metal.

A __ graph shows a collection of data.

__ Fogg, lead in Around the World in Eighty Days.

Male emergency worker who fights flames.

A bed for relaxing or sunbathing on a beach.

Toy disc thrown through the air to a friend.

Puzzle 7

Flower on a tree.

Broken-__, after losing someone.

__ Acre Wood is the setting for Winnie-the-Pooh.

Runway for models.


Squishy, movable seat full of small balls.

The wettest.

Irish drum used in folk music.

10 x 10.

Chicken restaurants with cartoon character name.

Short light sleep, maybe for kittens.

__ band/rubber band, for holding papers together.

Great __ Reef is an Australian coral colony.

Puzzle 8

Publicize a product.

Peelable fruit like an orange, but smaller.

A build-up of snow, blown by the wind.

Antonym of childhood.

Circular track for cycling.

Severus Snape belonged to this house.

Native American princess in Peter Pan.

Early European settlers of America.

Entertaining, pleasant.

Puzzle 9

A design you use and copy again and again.

Boxes with doors, for keeping food frozen.

Shimmered, shone brightly.

They grow under the ground and can be mashed.

Popular breed of dog with retrieving skills.

Describes a pitch; conditions are ok for a game.

Tommy __, clothing company, red/white/blue logo.

Circle in the sky, when werewolves appear.

The holes in your nose.

Puzzle 10

A paddle boat propelled by your legs.

Naturally elastic material used in some balls.

Turns red litmus paper blue.

Makes a noise like a chicken.

Legend of Zelda kingdom.

Smooches from the lips.

Chinua, Nigerian writer of Things Fall Apart.

Green or red-skinned fruits that grow in orchards.

Glass container with metal lid, for fruit spreads.

Attack and conquer another country.

The most impolite.

Puzzle 11

Itchy, flaky, sore skin condition.

Planet known for its rings.

To descend a rock face using a rope.

Prof. Shelly's surname in Jumanji sequel.

__ Water; 2017 hit for Eminem and Beyoncé.

Houses made from bricks of snow.

The opposite of villains.


A hand tool for gripping and turning nuts.

Field of grassland.

It is bad luck to walk under this device.

Puzzle 12

Agrees to an offer.

Air-filled rubber ball seen at kids' parties.

__ ball, shiny sphere used in game like pool.

Cushioned inserts for shoes.

Bunch of flowers.

Alphabetical lists found at the backs of books.

What __; 2017 song by Pink.

Nelson, former South African president.

Cake like a brownie, but lighter in color.

Closed eyes then opened them, quickly.

Sepulveda High School principal (Joy Kigin).

Puzzle 13

Topping up the battery power of a device.

__ mode is your phone setting in flight.

Weighed up the pros and cons of two or more items.

Something done badly, slapdash, sloppy.

Cutting tools.

Holy book for Christians (two words).

A scoop of this frozen milk goes nicely on a cone.

Rings of squid, battered and fried.

The __ table lists all 118 chemical elements.

Wrote a symphony.

Puzzle 14

Be naughty or act badly.

Mouse Finbar the zoologist in Jumanji's sequel.

Keepsakes handed down through generations.

Circular target for throwing toy missiles at.

__ "Kat" Hillard, no.2 Pink Power Ranger.

Book of maps used by drivers.


Schoolgirl character created by Megan McDonald.

Man who shouted out announcements in the past.

Yellow/red round fruit with a stone, yellow flesh.

Chortling, giggling, sniggering.

Museum halls where art/objects are displayed.

Puzzle 15

Water between Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Cover stories given to prove innocence.

__Gaming, aka Evan Fong.

The surname of the sisters in Pride and Prejudice.

Circular things that turn on bikes or cars.

Round patty made of beef (not ham!) or vegetables.

One of the first four books of the New Testament.

Jewelry or lucky charm for protection.

2017 Cuban hit for Camila Cabello.

Kitchen utensil for shredding cheese.

The opposite of attracts.

Japanese skill of growing dwarf trees.

Puzzle 16

Part of a straight line, in maths.

Large wooden container, can hold water.

Gold, silver, bronze discs given to winners.

Boiled sugar/butter sweet that's very hard/chewy.

Eoin __ wrote Artemis Fowl.

Adam __, lead singer of Maroon 5.

Sounds made by people who are speaking.


Sweet biscuit, often with chocolate chips.

River crossing.

Prehistoric Scottish towers.

Peculiarity, strangeness, eccentricity.

__ Road; game with a chicken crossing a busy road.

Puzzle 17

Short beard growth or short stalks in a field.

Exhausted or extremely tired.

Little boy from A Christmas Carol.

A string __ is a viola, cello and two violins.

Puffed up and larger than it should be.

Touch __ let you use fingers rather than a mouse.

The mother dog in 101 Dalmatians.

Smallish orange fruit with furry skin and a stone.

A horse __, which is faster than it canters.

Use this to tell the direction N, E, S or W.

Puzzle 18

People from Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Liberia....

Smoke __, device that senses smoke from a fire.

Illustrations or sketches.

Issues, difficulties.

Make something easier, less complex.

Helped or aided.

Crouching and shaking out of fear.


Plays the title character in I Am Frankie.

Whole-grain breakfast cereal in ring shapes.

The Silver Surfer's planet-eating enemy.

Puzzle 19

Panels with information or directions for drivers.

Small ball of ice that rains down from the sky.

Annoys, makes someone cross.

Mutually beneficial state between plants & animals.

More than hundreds and less than millions.

Member of warlike tribe from outside Roman Empire.

UK city with university colleges Clare and Girton.

Decorated covering that is pasted on corridors.

Soft creamy French cows' cheese from Normandy.

Narrow line in fabric and a description of suits.

Puzzle 20

The sound a mouse makes.

Usually found with hustle.

Jak's pal Daxter is an ottsel: half otter, half __.

The capital city of Eritrea.

Small plate that sits under a tea cup.

Venomous British snakes with zig-zag patterns.

Vinegary veggie, often served in hamburgers.

Light aircraft that floats through the air.

Author Enid, who created The Famous Five.

Globe-shaped shiny Christmas tree decoration.

To get out of a fix.

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