CodyCross Royal Wedding Pack answers

Royal Wedding PackRoyal Wedding

Here are the answers to CodyCross Royal Wedding Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Wore away.

Grace Kelly married a prince from this city-state.

Absolute and cruel ruler.

Plane shed.

Having smooth command of a foreign language.


Incredibly small or low in number.

Designed Charlene's gown when she wed in Monaco.

Cooks on a rack over flames.

Inactive farmland left plowed but not sown.

Brazilian striker who played with Messi at Barça.

Puzzle 2

Painting, sketch or portrait.

Laughable, absurd.

Road directions, visual banners, billboards.

Warm and friendly.

Referee's accessory.


Musical wobble or tremor.

Closest country to the Canary Islands.

Portmanteau term for iPod and broadcast.

Berkshire castle and royal wedding venue.

Corrosive, acrid.

Meghan Markle's father-in-law upon marriage.

White nuts that are shaped like kidneys.

Puzzle 3

Element added to steel to make stainless steel.

Feline who doesn't go out.

Ideas and musings of your mind.

Pain-reducing drug from opium.

Went back over your steps.

Longing for.

Greek coins before euros.

Title bestowed on the wife of a Maharaja.

Spouse of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

Danny Zuko's best friend in Grease.

Informative booklet.


Puzzle 4

Mary Poppins's sugar measurements.

Eating between breakfast and lunch.

Maiden name of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Numb, no emotions.

Shaggy's canine sidekick.

One of seven babies from the same birth.

A practice run before a performance.

Scottish university where William and Kate met.

Boisterous fun and high jinks.

Bravura musicians, outstanding performers.

English ship; brought Puritans to the New World.

Puzzle 5

Conquer, beat the opposition.

Actress__ Gabor; married Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt.

Lover of Pyramus in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Empire founded by Cyrus the Great.

The Horse with the __ Tail, Disney documentary.

Pissarro was known as the __ of impressionism.

Quick, like a crocodile.

Joined as a force.

Trojan Horse allusion "Beware of __ bearing gifts".

Point that is 50% between a and b.

Quiet, noiseless.

Someone who's into culinary delights.

Countries bordering on the Dead Sea: Israel and __.

Lady __ Windsor, Duchess of Cambridge's bridesmaid.

Received a salary.

Decided a court case.

Puzzle 6

Metal fusers.

Prince Harry's cousin, shares a 2018 wedding venue.

Triangular Egyptian tomb.

Breakfast food with oats, honey and nuts.

Toy made from old material.

Dangerous or damaging.

Rules requiring people to stay indoors at night.

What Italians call Venice.

Substance on the Periodic Table.

Underwater missile.

Airborne tribute to mark major royal celebrations.

Stand on one to publicly get your point across.

Computer criminals.

Puzzle 7

Table game played with flippers.

A mass held for the souls of the departed.

Small potato dumplings in Italian cookery.

Travel booking documents.

Frugal, watching the pennies.

Surname of Lady Di's wedding dress designers.

Columns to the side of text on a document page.

Hairdo worn by Marge Simpson.


Jane __; third of Henry VIII's six brides.

Area near stage at a rock concert for rowdy types.

Influential, wealthy individual, tycoon.

Streaming and video-on-demand giant.

A dressing.

Observes, spots.

Chicken, beef, fish.

Puzzle 8

Bushy-tailed, tree-dwelling rodents.

Traditional term for best man at a Royal wedding.

William IV married Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen here.

Branch of linguistics concerned with word meanings.


Condition experienced from too much screen time.

A firefighter's best friend.

It protects you from kicks.

Dangerous or poisonous.

Buttered up somebody, complimented them.

Gloriously, magnificently.

Italian drinks course before a meal.

St. Peter's Basilica is the world's largest.

A person's culture, background, origins.

Puzzle 9

Touching hand to cap like a soldier.

Process of languidly moving from place to place.

Relating to organisms and their environment.

Suess' fictional town found on a speck of dust.

Someone not present at a meeting.

Place where avians have a wash.

Beachside detective drama with David Caruso.

Carbon briquettes.

Abandoned, deserted.

Fabric pieces sewn on fabric for effect.

__ House, site of Prince Harry's wedding reception.

Lets air out.

Chained up.

What you drain pasta in.

"Burning the __ oil" means working late.

Technical issues.

A chance to grab some freebies.

__ mirror; reflects what's traveling behind you.

Commendations, shows of respect.

Extremely dangerous and infectious.

__ House, office of royal announcements.

Musical recordings to appear on a radio show.

Puzzle 10

Anatomical term for the middle finger: digitus __.

Museum where the Venus de Milo statue is displayed.

Honest and upstanding.

Grecian capital city.


__ Welby, archbishop present at royal wedding.

Song by the punk rock band the Clash: Rock the __.

Jump and dance.

Sweet dough grid for ice cream or potato grid.

Grab quickly.

To ask to use something belonging to someone else.

Prince Consort of Queen Victoria.

In poor health.

An archer's projectiles.

Bryce __ Howard, Jurassic World lead actress.

Microblogging site founded in 2007.

Collection of things.

Puzzle 11

Mythical monster with a man's head and lion's body.

A good health toast, a thank you, a salutation.

Ran fast, sprinted away.

Violent and wild.


Mark Twain's mischievous boy character: Tom __.

Catherine __; beheaded bride no. 2 of Henry VIII.

Sobbed inconsolably.

Armored soldier found in a castle.

Edward VIII's history-changing bride's first name.

Dirty or shabby, relating to a 90s music genre.

Japan's southernmost main island, home to Nagasaki.

Have in large amounts.

A spider's trap.

Look around a shop.

Make a bomb safe.

Puzzle 12

To teach, inform.

Hits with a fist.

Frying pan for searing and browning.

Ten-sided geometric shape.

Lord __; photographer husband of Princess Margaret.

Unconventional, eccentric.

Company that provides food/drink at events.

They come with schnitzel in The Sound of Music.

Used for injections.

Italian form of address to a woman.

Machine powered by rotating blades.

Notes taken during a meeting.

Lindka __; designed Duchess of York's bridal gown.

Short pointed knives.

Early morning hairstyle.

Puzzle 13

Slang for captains or troop leaders.

Sarah __; wed the Duke of York in 1986.

Slyly or silently creeping undetected.

X Factor judge and cohost on The Talk: Sharon __.

Shakespearean ruler with three daughters.

Metal element Sb used in bullets and solder.


Person who's a perfectionist.

This month comes directly after Halloween.

Cultural groups different from those around them.

Becoming ready to eat, like a banana.

Albert II of Monaco's Olympic swimmer bride.

Those who sing on their own.

Wet-nurse She-goat, her horn became the Cornucopia.

Those who shout at comedians.

Pelt or hide of an antlered animal.

Puzzle 14


Internal data storage device in a computer.

Official photographer at Diana's wedding, Lord __.

To go to sleep for the winter.

Essential for opening wine bottles.

366-day periods.

Cuban dance with triple whammy name.

Very flimsy, inadequate.

To separate or break away.

Prince Harry's grandfather's title; the Duke of __.

Latin for "among other things".

Immense task undertaken by a strong greek god.

Accept without protest.

Puzzle 15

Metallic element, Na, found in common salt.

Discharged steadily.

Official schedule of upcoming court cases.

Sounds that bounce off walls.

Promise solemnly.

Made a deep cut.

Shortcrust, rough puff or filo.

First name of Prince William's mother-in-law.

__ iron, hot metal plates to griddle sweet dough.

Country where poinsettias originated.

__ Bates, owner of eponymous motel in Psycho.

__ Kelly; Canadian bride of Peter Phillips in 2008.

River that once divided Budapest into two cities.

It holds hives.

City where the rock band U2 originated.

Comedic imitation of a story.

Climate __; phenomenon of global temperature rise.

__ and Watson, sleuths from 221B Baker Street.

Puzzle 16

Sarah __ designed Kate Middleton's wedding dress.

Twin replicas, like Dolly the sheep.

Donkey friend of Winnie the Pooh.

Capital of the Czech Republic.

Appeal, attraction.

Clumsily use hands when handling something.

Queen's son who married Sarah Ferguson in 1986.

A swing and a miss on a perfect baseball pitch.

Draw aimlessly.

Ships of the desert.

Puzzle 17

Maiden name of Prince Harry's mother.

Stopping or slowing a vehicle.

Outcome of Henry VIII's first and fourth marriages.

Examine carefully.

To sink a ship deliberately.

Removes data.

Pieces of land completely surrounded by water.

Time is of the __.

Excessive bureaucracy.

Cut, but not drastically.

Needleworker changed into a spider by Athena.

Staff member who supervises shop workers.

Covering in liquid sugar.

Puzzle 18

Took away, removed a sum from an invoice.

Title given to a person who marries an earl.

Country whose capital is Islamabad.

Introduction, preface.

Equal to 1,024 bytes.

Bruce __; designed Rania Yassin's wedding dress.

Of someone who displays impressive style.

Completely used up.

Disguise removed.

Person who puts money into a business.

Very beautiful.

Chilling out and unwinding.

Puzzle 19

An exaggerated statement; don't take it literally.

City where the first WWII atomic bomb dropped.

A school headmaster.

16th-century royal, famous for many marriages.

Converted to code.

Commoners of Ancient Rome.

Stand on this to surf down mountains.

Sworn, signed, witnessed statement before a court.

461 Ocean __, 1974 album by Eric Clapton.

Windsor __; site of Charles and Camilla's wedding.

It killed the cat.

Asian mountain range that includes Mount Everest.

Orange jam.

Puzzle 20

__ Markle; father of Harry's bride Meghan.

Very small game birds.

Sent in the post.


Baseball team members available for selection.

South American country of eponymous capital.

Go hungry.

A deep valley with water running through it.

Mumble, hushed speaking.

Holy place.

Archbishop Robert __; married Charles and Diana.

Deceives, especially in a card game.

Sheep's meat.

Composer of Don Giovanni.

Sweaty, damp and sticky.

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