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Running a Marathon PackRunning a Marathon

Here are the answers to CodyCross Running a Marathon Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Mighty, with toned muscles.

Enter the __, Bruce Lee martial arts movie of 1973.

Where Aslan and Mr. Tumnus live.

__ O'Connor; Nothing Compares 2 U singer.

Hit this button to delay an alarm.

Domino's makes them.

First name of musical supremo Lloyd Webber.

Shocked, astounded.

Chatty, rumor-led conversation, tittle-tattle.

Running at steady speed to avoid distance burnout.

Apple's calling device.

Utensil for removing a vegetable's outer layer.

Horseback seat.

Finnish invention of steam baths and birch twigs.

A forklift lifts this wooden box.

White poplar trees.

Puzzle 2

Refrain from voting.

Complete exhaustion from overdoing exercise.

Closed route of wires for electrical devices.

Of an ice floe.

Immature soybean pods served steamed or boiled.

Get ready for something, make a plan.

GMC __, The A-Team's black/red ride.

Snuggles, hugs.

__ velvet; crinkled fabric.

University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

__ wax, melt and stamp to close letters, envelopes.

July 18 worldwide; Song by Simple Minds: __ Day.

Latin name for the planet Venus; devil.

I've got a bad __ about this.

Puzzle 3

Kenny __, South Park's wearer of an orange parka.

Harsh feedback comments on a piece of work.

Farrah Fawcett popularized this hair style.

Battlestar __; Glen A. Larson's sci-fi franchise.

Timer to measure how long a sprint takes.

Button accordion instruments.

Lobster dance in Alice in Wonderland.

Small, steamed sweet or savory Chinese parcels.

Cream with a skin softening effect.

Ravage, destroy.

Expression of acknowledgement to a comment.

__ modulation, AM; radio transmission frequency.

Clean in order to remove bacteria.

Skin cream to protect from UV rays.

Large equine, suitable for dragging farm vehicles.

Puzzle 4

Abrasive steel cleaning material.

Mathematical symbol larger than any real number.

Training plan with timings.

Walter __, US news anchor from the 1960s.

Prime __; zero degrees longitude line at Greenwich.

Units of energy in food that can be counted.

Writer of a learned or journalistic piece.

Small cutlery item used as measurement in recipes.

Goods returned to their original condition.

Wedding celebrations.

Code __; cracking an encrypted puzzle.

2014 sci-fi drama, based on Lois Lowry book.

Famous English potter who introduced Queen's Ware.

Puzzle 5

Solomon's mother, according to the Bible.

Meaning to do something.

Put it on the head when running.

Triangular chocolate picked up in airports.

Defeat an opponent in every single game.

Gordon __ song: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Tarzan's title, Earl of __.

Jim __; won an Oscar for his role in Iris in 2001.

Nourishment from eating good food.

Plant family to which pineapples belong.

Deficit, less than expected.

Puzzle 6

Strong metal alloy used in bridges and cookware.

__ Barber, jazz musician, composed Mythologies.

Runs with quick light steps.

2017 hit for Rita Ora about escapism.

Feeling of tiredness, lack of energy.

Greek Dodecanese island, near Bodrum.

Advice or support from someone more experienced.

Beginning, setting off in a race.

Fair and even salaries for males and females.

1979 Bob Fosse choreographed musical, All __.

To do with books.

__ in the White City, book by Erik Larson.

Puzzle 7

Negotiated the price.

__ Llewelyn; long-serving James Bond series actor.

Totalitarian state in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Brisk, dynamic ballet jumps.

Reflexive pronoun for a woman.

Lead vocalist for The Who: Roger __.

Expression of warning in fencing.

Eggs, fish, meat and cheese are all this nutrient.

Most profound.

Ensembles; sets of clothes worn together.

A __ carpet comes from Iran.

Spiny anteater found in Australia.

Rupert __, media mogul who married Jerry Hall.

Runners get a foil one to keep warm after a race.

Puzzle 8

Accompany, chaperone.

Margaret __, author of the sequel The Testaments.

Happy __; Cowboy expression wishing goodwill.

Keep or remember a thought or fact.

__ dance, urban style of informal dance.

John __, founder of anti-virus software brand.

Cut-off pants or trousers for exercising in.

Jack __ starred in Some Like It Hot.

Leg exercises that mimic sitting movement.

Little __; female sibling Elvis song title.

Penny __, place of bagatelle and gaming machines.

Cured Italian sausage.

French city, scene of a catastrophic raid in 1942.

A curriculum vitae, with skills and background.

Puzzle 9

The force of a runner's foot against the floor.

Another word for zero.

When they go up, there is inflation.

Fair __; acceptable, can't complain.

Group of kittens; e-reader.

Vitality or power.

Secret spies.

Carte __, a menu of the day, a bill of fare.

__ You Porgy, duet from Porgy and Bess.

River that flows through Baghdad.

__ mule, cocktail of vodka and ginger beer.

Puzzle 10

Romeo's friend who dies a bloody death.

Seafloor dweller, e.g. flounder, plaice.

__ star; prestigious award for top restaurants.

Swollen skin bubbles on the feet from rubbing.

Boxer's training equipment for hitting.

Tight-fitting, stretchy leg coverings for exercise.

Ancient Chinese practice for arranging rooms.

In a non-bragging way.

Catholic bead sets for prayer.

Combined term for Britain's top two universities.

Puzzle 11

This helps piano students keep the pace.

Full of life, dynamic, not tired.

Shape of the head of an Allen key.

They supply the lines for forgetful actors.

Herbivore dinosaur with distinctive thumb spikes.

America's Next Top Model presenter and producer.

Fast, downhill Olympic transport.

Demanding task or daring competition.

Short woody plants wanted by the Knights of Ni.

Puzzle 12

Beetle with bioluminescence that produces light.

Passport to __, Ealing Comedy film.

Tells off, scolds, rebukes.

Pals, buddies.

Journeys, trips.

Christina __, heiress daughter of magnate Aristotle.

Food that is lightly fried, then stewed.

Bell __, originally sailors' trousers with flares.

Tightness in a muscle.

Doing non-impact exercise on a bike.

Clear chemical with pungent smell used in cleaning.

Finger __, toy figures to put on the hands.

Army helicopter also sounds like a US coastal wind.

Song by the Beatles: Mean Mr. __.

Puzzle 13

__ Cyanide, Christie's book, aka Remembered Death.

Vulpine nickname for military leader Erwin Rommel.

Rhodesian __, large hound with a singular mark.

Fletcher __, role played by Brando and Mel Gibson.

Tightness, frugality, stinginess.

Virtue, integrity.

Supportive undergarment for female runners.

Gym machine for runners.

Piquant condiment addition to a meal of roast lamb.

Citizen who takes the law into their own hands.

World's __ Man, annual contest of muscle power.

To be experimented on is to be this type of rodent.

Puzzle 14

You've __; Tom Hanks movie with rival bookstores.

__ moccasins, slip ons for operating a vehicle.

Worn on the upper limb to hold a phone if running.

Freezing cold water in a tub, for relieving aches.

Hugged for a while.

Death __, signed document to confirm an execution.

Baked Italian dish of layered pasta, sauce, cheese.

End result.

Elongate the body to make it limber.

Singer familiar with "Growing Pains": __ Cara.

Puzzle 15

Comes to an end.

Nautical vessel that radiates a bright beam.

Short, set times during a run for running faster.

Card game where players hope to score 21 points.

Eddie Murphy's co-star in 48 Hours.

Globe __, the hearts on a Four Seasons pizza.

Adolescent, not a grown-up.

Israeli spoon-bending illusionist.

Play a violin by plucking the strings.

Budding; possibility for future greatness.

Puzzle 16

Garden water trough for sparrows, robins, etc.

Compassionate, forgiving, kind, sympathetic.

__ Castle, Danish fortress, the Elsinore of Hamlet.

The length that is run during a race.

__ promises; vows that are easily broken.

The Flying __; Gresley's 1923 steam locomotive.

Technology to put on the body and measure fitness.

Prune garden flowers that are past their best.

More than one kid.

Emma Swan on Once Upon a Time, Jennifer __.

Puzzle 17

American __, Christian Bale black comedy.

A pull or injury to a muscle.

First appearances; premieres.

Palm tree fibers woven to make baskets.

Adele __; full name of British soul singer.

British brand of rye-based crispbreads.

__ craters; depressions left by meteor strikes.

__ butter, protein-packed spread.

Duplicity, dissimulation.

Land of __; sugar-filled setting in The Nutcracker.

Puzzle 18

Happy __; ABBA hit for end of December festivities.

French word for hat.

This is where cooking happens.

Mission to tidy litter or waste.

Do exercise, keep fit.

Disc thrown on the beach for fun.

Taking time out for the body to recover; relaxing.

Fred __, dancer, original surname was Austerlitz.

Give evidence in a court of law.

Jean __, pirate/smuggler fought in the War of 1812.

Author of "Lolita": Vladimir __.


Herb comes in flat-leaf and curly-leaf types.

Puzzle 19

Impacted by something.

Barks out orders.

Damages to the body, pulled muscles or sprains.

Device that disperses aroma from essential oils.

Space rock that can form a belt.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore are this animal.

Camelot is a fictional one of these.

__ traffic, vehicles driving towards you.

Singer Julio or Enrique.

Delay, tardiness.

Cocktail made with rum and fruit juice.

The Dong With the __ Nose: Edward Lear story.

Strengthening legs by climbing stairs on a machine.

Puzzle 20

Lana __, US pop singer of Summertime Sadness.

Absorbent sheets for drying sweat at the gym.

Machine for extracting fruit drinks.

Beach cover-up wrap worn around the waist.

Hit the first ball in a tennis game.

Lindsay Lohan set The __ Trap.

Novel by Julian Barnes: Flaubert's __.

Another name for an attorney who goes to court.

__ for disaster; something destined to go badly.

What an elderly person might use to get around.

Photographer's device.

Australian slang for a BBQ.

Mixture, concoction.

Stable, no fluctuations, like a good runner's pace.

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