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Here are the answers to CodyCross S Nouns Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Leviathan, huge roller __ at Canada's Wonderland.

Eye cosmetic for "lashing out".

Weezer had a hit song about this warm top.

Long golf hole.

Glass home for crawling insects.

Like a skateboard but with a stem and handlebars.

Good for your body, like proper diet and exercise.

Canada's Prime Minister in 2016, Justin __.

__ Sky; 2002 sci-fi thriller starring Tom Cruise.

In Norse mythology, Thor is the god of this.

They can't be choosers!.

Puzzle 2

This company's resort has a Cinderella tea party.

English physicist associated with falling apple.

Shock, fear.

Ringed planet.

Riddle, conundrum.

Tool used to loosen, tighten bolts.

Run fast.

Canadian singer Dion, known for her Titanic voice.

Green or red vine fruits found on a Waldorf salad.

Second largest country in the world by area.

Blood-sucking insect that lives where you sleep.

Puzzle 3

Object on top of a box or springs on a bed.

Superstition says this shouldn't cross your path.

Creepy stop-motion film about a girl in a house.

Wild rush of frightened animals.

Measure to keep public at home during pandemic.

Type of water snake; soft leather shoe.

Royal Canadian __, Canadian comedy series.

Migraine is an extreme form of this.

Hued drink made with leaves and hot water.

Luggage item retrieved from a carousel.

Puzzle 4

Dark suit with thin pale lines.

Activist known for her role in the bus boycott.

Month of the year whose name meant seventh.

Arboreal living space.

California location related with the film industry.

Expert in scientific study of life forms.

Set of steps for going up or down a floor.

Manufacturing plants for industrial production.

Medical reactions that cause sneezing, itching.

Vehicle with a car's wheelbase and SUV's storage.

Puzzle 5

Oil pressed from beans, used in cosmetics or food.

In the UK, it's football; in the US, it's this.

Hairstyle with shaved sides, tall middle.

Scatters white dust before kneading dough.

Income earned above original costs.

"Powers" that fought the Axis in WWII.

Athlete who scores a strike or spare.

Singer Michael, one half of pop group Wham!.

Danger or public speaking can cause this tension.

Type of liquid-based printer.

Puzzle 6

This type of rap reflects street gang lifestyle.

Country in which Hamlet is set.

Larry's the name of this social media iconic bird.

Place where football or concerts are played.

__ are the meek, according to the Bible.

Describes animals that are nourished on grains.

Soft green fruit with a hard, bumpy skin.

A movie or play with lots of singing and dancing.

Quick pause during a Formula One race.

The Italian city of Pisa has this type of tower.

Literary madman Don who attacked windmills.

There are 60 of these in a minute.

Puzzle 7

Popular brand of Irish stout.

The summer version of this happens around June 21.

Embroidered canvas used as a wall hanging.

In a circle, it's the radius multiplied by two.

When guests add to a song, they are said to be __.

Rubbery material used in baking spatulas.

Oscar-winning Spanish actor Cruz.

Emery board is one type of this.

Wet event that saves gardeners watering plants.

How you might see when you agree with someone.

Puzzle 8

The panel in a car that shows speed and distance.

Ghosts might hang out here after dark.

Popular seed snack from a bloom.

Ivy League university town in New Jersey.

Writing's __, James Bond theme hit for Sam Smith.

Pulse, cardiac rhythm.

Advertising gimmick that can start fires.

Train lines, in other words.

Thin socks that go up to the knee or mid-thigh.

She wrote one of history's most famous diaries.

Puzzle 9

Hardship, difficult situation.

Volumes recording money in and out of accounts.

When no one can win, like in chess.

Women's shoes, often worn dancing.

He produced The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Large group of classical musicians.

Typing tools attached to computers.

H2O (water) and N2 (nitrogen) are examples.

Trendy plant that doesn't need a lot of water.

Male protagonist in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Puzzle 10

Fatal chemical like arsenic, cyanide.

Artificial waterways used by barges.

British withdrawal from the European Union.

Design ideas for arranging furniture in a room.

Another word for the evening meal; last meal.

Flat metal ring used between a nut and bolt.

Sharp nails on a bird.

The most visited country in the world in 2019.

Slimy garden creatures that carry their home.

No rhyme nor this, absolutely illogical.

__ and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

Puzzle 11

Designation for critically threatened animals.

Shriek piercingly.

__ Chucky; horrifying doll meets his match.

Large paper pictures stuck onto walls.

Four squared.

African xylophone with large wooden keys.

A toasted bread cube served on top of soup.

Phoebe-Waller Bridge's Emmy-winning show.

People like Rory McElroy.

French three-word phrase for fashionable.

Puzzle 12

Solange is this to Beyoncé.

This ocean is to Canada's north.

Strong metal cords made of linked hoops.

Aqua Teen __ Force.

A friend in need is a friend __.

Any figure skating jump that has three rotations.

Ice cream topped with syrup, whipped cream.

Tree-dwelling marsupials native to Australia.

Alice Sebold novel The __ Bones.

Nuptial shower before tying the knot.

It is the New Black according to the prison drama.

Puzzle 13

Cartoon family who own Snowball II, The __.

Anne, played the princess in The Princess Diaries.

Popular video game for up to 100 players.

House entrance that is not in the front.

A character in a story who relates the plot.

Joint at the top of a person's arm.

Clothes for males.

Quirky frozen accommodation for polar getaways.

Type of pastry treat, often filled with apple.

Thinning, e.g. a hairline.

Puzzle 14

If this stings you, some recommend peeing on it.

Male circus performer who has a lot of muscles.

"Act of God" is common in this type of contract.

Little indigo fruit full of antioxidants.

Author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Police restraints for a criminal's wrists.

Gymnastic and athletic, like a trapeze artist.

Lady Gaga sings about having no expression.

"I came, I saw, I __" -- Julius Caesar.

Marie Curie or Rachel Carson, for example.

Puzzle 15

The floating arrow on a computer screen.

Stars, gas and dust held together by gravity.

__ skates, sporting footwear with wheels.

This four-sided shape lends itself to a dance name.

Messenger of the gods in Greek mythology.

Country that Germany attacked on September 1, 1939.

Fluffy couscous-like grain from South America.

Iron __, The Number of the Beast band.

Fancy black suit for a red carpet or prom.

Aquatic predators in The Reef, The Meg and Jaws.

Puzzle 16

American lager with red crown logo.

Kick up __, to celebrate.

Ancient Roman fighter, e.g. in the Colosseum.

Science involving how molecules interact.

This type of fairy danced in The Nutcracker.

Type of tree that doesn't lose its leaves.

Did a show.

Clean to eliminate germs and bacteria.

A literary murder-mystery.

North America's famous mythical yeti.

Puzzle 17

Kidney-shaped seeds that most people call nuts.

Mechanical device created to help people.

Pantry items that may include flour, oil or coffee.

Turns head over tail.

What the early bird gets, according to a saying.

Julia Roberts played the __ Bride in 1999.

Powdered color for adding vibrancy to paints.

Insects that sound like a British band.

Natural sources of gushing water.

Rod used for catching salmon or trout, etc..

Puzzle 18

Cutting tool for paper, fabric.

Spanish dough patty with stuffing and crimped edge.

__ Beckham, designer and former Spice Girl.

Towards the opposite direction to east.

Place to buy souvenirs, often near the exit.

Formal tryout for a group of actors or musicians.

Brave __, 1932 book by Aldous Huxley.

Nut-loving animal with a bushy tail.

Alvin and his friends are this animal.

Salad sauce; act of wearing clothes.

Puzzle 19

Male chicken with a red comb on its head.

Donald Glover's TV show about a rapper.

When tickets aren't available for a concert.

Give me this, or give me death.

Soft, wet, waterlogged areas of ground.

Scar Tissue band Red Hot Chili __.

First book of the Bible.

Breathing tube for swimming in clear water.

Cut of meat from an animal's breast.

George, actor and the face of Nespresso.

Someone who is present at a crime or accident.

Puzzle 20

A detailed often psychological examination.

Lightens or cleans with chemicals.

Popular Pixar series featuring talking playthings.

Did a write-up of a product or business.

Unwanted plot details that ruin movies.

Cooker that's not powered by gas.

Prolonged periods without rainfall.

Popular Father's Day footwear gift.

__ of Venice, a Shakespeare play.

A flat-bodied fish or a verb meaning to struggle.

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