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Here are the answers to CodyCross Safari Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Wooden homes for overnight safari tourists.

Mild chili pepper with a fruit name: __ pepper.

Daly's young adult novel Seventeenth __ was hot.

This ghost is nicknamed "Pinky" in Pac-Man.

Digital __, those born in age of digital tech.

Bye Bye __, musical about rock star being drafted.

The mountain is high, the __ is low.

__ peak, V-shaped hairline.

Number two writer.

Sinking a putt.

Largest national park in Zimbabwe.

Puzzle 2

Root vegetable comes in white and black varieties.

Man-made Chinese lake filled with forested islands.

Making contact through EM.

Old, politely.

Pawl, wheel, and bar.

Gave the eye to.

__ Gorge; Tanzanian site rich in archeology.


This Giffard invention isn't rigid.

Acinonyx jubatus; slender, speedy big cat specie.

A nonogram puzzle.

Puzzle 3

Cartilaginous fish or Corvette style.

Stolen kiss to a lass.

Also called mongongo; oil-producing savannah tree.

D-day landing site.

Jughead's wooer.

Monopoly card, Get Out of __.

Grief-filled moaning.

O Come All Ye __.

Philip Glass opera with an Egyptian setting.

Preserve or protect.

Wild cherries.

Also called an allure, battlement passageway.

Shrub-lined safari areas of South Africa.

A positive, thoughtful action.

Myanmar's persecuted minority ethnic group.

Puzzle 4

FTW, to gamers.

When one's globe is missing from the orbit.

Skin-covered horn-like stumps on a giraffe's head.

King Philip IV of Spain court painter: Diego __.

A loose poem.

Woke up too late.

Firefighting movie starring Kurt Russell.

Handheld game console, rival of the GameBoy.

Pocket billiards game.

Traditional orange flavored liqueur in a margarita.

A gut feeling.

Roosevelt promise, __ are here again.

Marjory __, Angela Thorne in To The Manor Born.

Singing cartoon rodents, The __.

Gold Digger rapper.

Oldest cow and leader of an elephant herd.

Puzzle 5

Hakuna __; Timon and Pumbaa's Swahili catchphrase.

Volvo engineer Nils __, invented the seatbelt.

Spring-__ Jack, Victorian-era, devilish character.

P in IPO.

Prominent warlord of China's Eastern Han Dynasty.

The color of a 50 euro note.

NY newspaper photographer of crime and lowlifes.

Hedy __, actress, inventor and patent-holder.

Manjil-__, major Iranian earthquake of 1990.

Catherine of __; French wife of Henry V.

Loita __; Maasai Mara region, home to the Big Five.

Author Karen Blixen's nationality.

Puzzle 6

The second yellow avenue, Monopoly's US version.

Panthera pardus of the Big Five.

AKA atomic pile.

Little Five equivalent of maned beast.

Bar someone from entering using a key.

Viewers thoughts.

Where Cinderella wanted to go.

One with loose lips.

Main character in Lolita.

This Smurf sniffs out trails.

Where Little Peter Rabbit had a fly.

Household water device professional.

Silverware, including knives.

Former Soviet republic whose capital is Chisinau.

Intricate hairstyle.

Puzzle 7

King Arthur's mother, she married Pendragon.

Mountain lions.

Shooting sport.

South African river with hippos and crocodiles.


Very pale ales.

A gamer's clever moves.

Where soldiers "go".

Branch of the Arctic Ocean north of Siberia.

1976 Oscar winner: __ over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Swahili for doctor; 1960s safari vet TV series.

Religion founded in the Punjab in the 15th century.

O in IMO, to texters.

Hitting a ball off the rail.

If you have beef with someone, you have an ax __.

Puzzle 8

Wassily __, Russian artist formed Der Blaue Reiter.

Greek gods who overthrew the Titans.

Densely populated seaport city in western Canada.

From the waterline to the main deck.

Don Quixote's horse and Steinbeck's camper.

Voiced Meg on Family Guy after season one.

You miss 100 percent of the shots you __.

This meat is a signature national dish of England.

One person, one vote.

Annual mass exodus of wildebeest; the Great __.

A blend of English and Spanish.

What one is fixed in when inflexible.

Military training school attended by Prince Harry.

National park whose name means Endless Plains.

God Rest Ye Merry __.

Brick Tamland's proclamation toward illumination.

Puzzle 9

National anthem of Israel.

Ball striker, in pool.

Wearing it back.

Meat cutters.

Kenyan hotel Princess Elizabeth stayed at in 1952.

Off on the wrong foot.

Being lazy.

Botswanan desert, home to San Bushmen.

Lumpy clouds that form under a thunderstorm.

City where the Buccaneers play in the NFL.

Puzzle 10

Nicholas __; inventor of self-propelled vehicle.

Advantages or benefits.

Pipe tool.

__ bones; written records of early Chinese history.

It's between the two of us.

Golfing term, being holes ahead of an opponent.

Another word for "retablo", religious painting.

Experienced safari guide.

Third-largest Mediterranean island, not the tree.

Japanese fashion meaning cute.

17th Century English polemist.

Of or relating to badgers.

Dugout canoe used in Botswana's Okavango Delta.

Tough nut to crack.

Puzzle 11

Original language of Henrik Ibsen's plays.

Ball action.

Ethnic group living around the African Great Lakes.

Natalia __, wife of Trotsky, lived in Kahlo's home.

African antelopes with long straight horns.

Mimi __, waitress, lover to René in 'Allo 'Allo!.

European lake with the largest surface area.

Soaked a turkey.

Portuguese site of the Palácio da Pena.

Operation of British recapture of Penang in WWII.

Puzzle 12

Roman women's long dresses fastened at shoulders.

Tusked pachyderms with black and white species.

Painting by Salvador Dali: The Persistence of __.

Broken bricks.

Anti-hero of Kennedy Toole's Confederacy of Dunces.

Girlish laughter.

Incompetencies, confused situations.

How one is doing.

Buffalo __; small savannah bird.

__ Lyon, busy central Paris railway station.

Puzzle 13

Dried, cured meat from southern Africa.

Last legs.

Japanese puppet theater of Osaka.

Reason for yelling going, going, gone.

Roaming, wandering in search of grazing land.

This bull was once a war dog.

Did something really easily; sailed through it.

It makes Popeye strong.

Concerto solo.

Author of The Red and the Green: Iris __.

There is no life in this state.

Capital of Washington state in USA.

They serve the rich.

Early farming walled city, near the River Jordan.

Ratatouille is a film about a rat who loves __.

Klimt's style, Art __.

Traitor's crime.

Puzzle 14

Safari vehicle with pop-up roof.

The ABC' book Chicka Chicka __ is a blast.

People who save others from danger or harm.

Fish used in a common exclamation.

Main cat tribe in the musical Cats.

What Little Bo Peep lost.

A sophomore's past.

It might be good for teeth.

Left on a desert island.

Unwelcome safari tourists hunting souvenirs.

Puzzle 15

Decisive 1415 English victory: Battle of __.

Boots with air-cushioned soles worn by punks.

Motorized safari option where you are the guide.

Black and white style.

Plays first, second, third, or shortstop.

This invention makes up part of Egypt's past.

Course of wild mammals falls in this field.

Latin name for savannah baobab trees.

Original cinematic vampire.

James __; X-Men character also called Warpath.

His papa was a pistol, he's a __.

Puzzle 16

The Big Bang __; Sheldon Cooper's sitcom.

The 2-4-5-8 split, for right handers.

Many know, few understand.

Charles __; co-inventor of hypodermic needle.

Capital of Rwanda.

Square and solid; soup that has large pieces in it.

Bite your __.

Endangered great ape; gracile chimpanzee.

Country where singer/songwriter Paul Anka was born.

How hard it is.

Black, two-horned rhino in South Africa.

Stracciatella __, treat with chocolate shavings.

American Indian hut.

Puzzle 17

Director of "The House on 92 Street": Henry __.

Tarmacked route for pedal cycles.

Markings seen on the fur of a leopard.

Braided seed pearl necklace.

Swiss spring rite, the burning of a straw man.

Eiffel tower townie.

Lucy in the Sky with __, a Beatles song.

Helium, argon, neon among other examples.

Half-human, half-fairy creatures in Irish legends.

The in and out of money.

Pocket billiards; eight and one.

Finally secured a deal.

Animal family to which meerkats belong.

Puzzle 18

Cooked chicken leg.

One who uses wood.

Final campaign in Western Theater of US Civil War.

The Caped Crusader's ride.

Noticeable and unwelcome, getting in the way.

Weak-bladed nickname of King John.

Novelist Ernest __; wrote about African safaris.

Semitic religions are also this.

Weaponlike gum flavor.

Coffin spike.

English country house outdoor rock concert venue.

Thick-skinned mammal, e.g. elephant, hippo, rhino.

John Adams' vice.

Florida's top NBA team.

Barking up the __.

Boundary waterway between NE China and E Russia.

With the worst, most thundery weather.

Puzzle 19

Watership Down's strong and tough fighter rabbit.

Growing moon.

One ball color.

Creole sausage.

For he's a jolly good __.

Masses of water.

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias's Hot and __.

Third daughter of Queen Victoria.

Mr Ettedgui gave his forename to the fashion chain.

Attack helicopter sharing name with American tribe.

__ Your World; song from The Little Mermaid.

The inner edges of flags near the flagpoles.

Third-largest land mammals, in short.

__ guitar sound as popularized by Duane Eddy.

Robotic comic book alter ego of Victor Stone.

Tree of Life found on African savannah regions.

Rickety battered old car, term linked to the 1930s.

South American cowboy.

The Scent of Green __, novel.

Puzzle 20

City in ancient Crete.

Henry Rider __; penned King Solomon's Mines.

A very smooth bowler.

Candy Land location, __ Mountains.

A rooster's alarm.

Antelope on Namibia's national coat of arms.

A vital part of a human kidney.

Art period from 1600 to 1750.

Julie Andrews' favorite things, girls in white __.

Jared __, son-in-law and advisor to Trump.

Complaining meatily.

Second S in SIS.

Northernmost of Russia's Novaya Zemlya islands.

A 1980's cartoon superhero named after a parasite.

__ Alba, actress of Fantastic Four.

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