CodyCross Safety First Pack answers

Safety First PackSafety First

Here are the answers to CodyCross Safety First Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Prehistoric wall drawings.

The U in SUV, or Sports __ Vehicle.

Place where one sleeps at night.

Circuit __; switch to stop a current overloading.

US state with the second longest coastline.

Struck with a fist.

The small stuff, particulars.

Country where lebkuchen originated.

Ali Baba and the Forty __; Arabian folk tale.

Nightwatchmen's security rounds.

Frank __, sang I've Got a Crush on You.

__ twice and cut once.

Puzzle 2

Vacations onboard luxury liners.

For lazy gateau-makers, it comes in a box.

Put on a show; sing or act in front of an audience.

Large layer of cloth to provide extra warmth.

Gets blacker or gloomier, like someone's mood.

Black-and-white stripes used in pricing goods.

Got away.

Italian novelist Eco's first name.

One who lives in a country with rights, privileges.

The T in SWAT, or Special Weapons and __.

Shapewear garments that hold in the torso.

Baby __; device for hearing when a baby wakes up.

Cardboard holders for documents.

Puzzle 3

Ninth month of the year.

Dangerous, harmful.

Describes the position of Australia.

He's __; pantomime chant to on-stage actors.

Someone who travels on a boat, bus or plane.

Bread made with starter that has a tart taste.

Letter that isn't a vowel.

Software that protects a PC from infected files.

RIBA Royal __; premier architecture prize.

Owns up, makes a clean breast of something.

Puzzle 4

Early-morning wake-up sounds.

Home Aloner, Macaulay __.

Distress signals sent into the sky by ships.

Sauces from melted sugar.

In humans, this gender has two X chromosomes.

Spooks, long-dead essence of humans.

Buffy's job against vampires.

CCTV stands for __ circuit television.

Archaic description of rotund yet dignified man.

Add length.

Scents, odors.

Puzzle 5

Make a situation more serious.

Safety restraint worn across the body in a vehicle.

Toxic, damaging precipitation.

Most recently picked or prepared.

Carrier pigeons carry them on their legs.

Hesitating; cutting out of a vehicle engine.

Value of one currency vs. another: __ rate.

Asked for someone's hand in marriage.

Safe __; not in danger, out of harm's way.

__ aid, monies set aside for poorer nations.

Puzzle 6

Childproof lid on hazardous substances.

Upgrades a property.

Shouting in fright.

Hoofed mammals, including gazelles, elands.

One who travels with the Doctor on Doctor Who.

The Good __; Bible parable about helping others.

__ dummy; large doll used to check vehicle safety.

Pieces of money that aren't silver.

Butter substitute made with refined vegetable oil.

Makes and sells a magazine.

Puzzle 7

__ mentality; narrow-minded, entitled attitude.

Recommendation from a former employer.

The capital city of Scotland.

Title used for US president's wife.

Swim under the waves with a breathing device.

The main character in the Plants vs Zombies game.

Venues that exhibit works of art.

Vision fatigue condition caused by overuse.

Meat-eating mammal.

Caught up in, twisted.

To travel around the world.

__ fan; device that removes fumes and stale air.

Pea that has edible round pods.

A __ Orange, film with violent Droogs.

Not clear or well explained.

Years before turning 18.

Ordinal number comes after 89th.

Screen __; safety cover attached to a phone.

Puzzle 8

One-piece outfit worn in the pool.

Commemoration of a death, held in remembrance.

Smaller mound at the base of mountains.

Conjurer who performs tricks.

Carbon __ detector; alarm to alert of toxic gas.

File __ Protocol, FTP, a way of moving large files.

Paint that is designed to prevent falls and skids.

Presses from two sides like a toothpaste tube.

Treating other people well; it costs nothing.

Syrian capital city, visited by Saul.

Black Venetian boats.

Melissa __, starred in Can You Ever Forgive Me?.

Queen and David Bowie collaboration: Under __.

Puzzle 9

Costs incurred because of work, e.g. travel __.

Fantasy person used to instill fear in naughty kids.

Sheath for covering the blade of a knife or sword.

First line of seating in a cinema or arena.


Water gushes out of this, on top of a whale.

Foam footwear for the beach.

Chinese condiment made from fermented beans.

Money-saving measures; slashes to budgets.

Protection worn to prevent inhaling dirt particles.

Puzzle 10

Hanging loosely, like low fruit.

Animated television shows.

Three-sided shape used as a road safety warning.

Hitting a ball hard (like a garden pest).

International Criminal Police Organization.

Grab bar positioned alongside a flight of stairs.

Conveyor belt for suitcases at an airport.

People visiting places that aren't their homes.

Feel free to shoot/go ahead.

Exercise ring that tones the midriff.

Determines the length or height of something.

Muskmelon with light-green flesh.

Puzzle 11

Glen Campbell song title: Rhinestone __.

Male ducks.

Hard hat that protects against head injuries.

__ rewind; Blockbuster slogan for returning videos.

Greek messenger of the sea and a moon of Neptune.

Something likely to cause harm, pain or damage.

Straightening up the outer border of a lawn.

Fruit most commonly used to make wine.

Panic __, episode where body overexaggerates fear.

Playing card suit that goes together with flowers.

TV show The Man in the High __.

Entrant in a foot race.

Facial part said to be rosy like apples.

Large mine from which gravel or stone is extracted.

Puzzle 12

Complete count of a country's population.

Trip __; something that people might fall over.

Help-yourself meal style.

With a perfect command of a foreign language.

Beetlejuice and Big Fish director Tim.

Hairless cat, though not from Egypt.

Comfortable waiting area in an airport or hotel.

When two become one, in science.

Bowie's Oh! You Pretty __.

Bad deeds, misdoings.

Works of fiction.

Life __; foam-filled vest worn during water sports.

Painter who uses the style of Picasso.

Puzzle 13

One who starts or establishes a company.

Safety restraint worn by abseilers.

Flower __; devices for preserving blooms.

Tattlers, those who indulge in idle chat.

__ wedding, marriage to a pregnant bride.

Nonsense, like a sausage from Italy.

Italian luxury fashion house: Dolce and __.

Ease a burden, relieve a load.

Person receiving medical care, often in hospital.

Hefty flat-faced snorty canine breed.

Metal tops of stove cooking vessels.

__ pile, rejected or thrown away playing cards.

TV streaming service, with Stranger Things.

Curving inwards, like a lens.

Security officer outside a nightclub.

Land planted with apple or pear trees, for example.

Puzzle 14

Criminal, perpetrator.

Dried scaly flecks seen on the shoulders.

Feelings such as happiness, anger.

Computer security system that blocks hackers.

Tool for tightening hexagonal sockets.

Beethoven wrote a Pastoral one.

Umpired a sports match.

Thumb protectors for sewing.

Relating to a compass point between west and east.

Remain for longer than you planned or wished.

__ 2, film sequel about an angry teenage mutant.

Flows of river water moving in a certain direction.

Civil __; scientist who designs bridges.

Big numbers, with six figures.

Traffic symbol that instructs vehicles to stop.

Icing on the top of a cake, not necessarily cold.

Puzzle 15

Direction-finding device carried by an explorer.

Lengths of time, portions of school day.

Disease or state of being sick.

Baked gooey chocolate square.

Bald-headed bird of prey that feasts on carrion.

Non-slip surface to prevent tripping in the tub.

1997 comedy with Robin Williams, green rubber.

Competition that often ends in a prize.

In the middle.

Missy Elliott's forename.

Puzzle 16

Offensive word for those of limited intelligence.

Perfect __ is denoted by a figure of 20/20.

Running order of a meeting.

Metalwork that holds a door to a doorframe.

Girl meets an extraterrestrial in Lilo & __.

__ recognition; unlocking a phone with a look.

Shells with no bullet.

Forging or counterfeiting.

Having a wistful or faraway countenance.

Narrow paddle boats used by Inuit hunters.

Salt and __ prawns, condiments in Chinese food.

Light bites to give you energy in an emergency.

Lead female of the film Cold Mountain, Nicole __.

Puzzle 17

Arrivals process at beginning of a hotel stay.

Phone company that makes the Galaxy handset.

Steel ends of a construction worker's boots.

Capable of hurting a person.

Cutting and gathering timber.

Signpost seen on private property.

Dressing to wrap around a wound.

Regional language differences in speech.

Blade attached to a rifle.

Animal that crossed the road.

A River Runs __ It, Brad Pitt loves fly fishing.

Measure of how physically healthy someone is.

Scribed with a pen.

Blended, as in butter and sugar for cake-making.

Katy Perry song named after a bird.

Illegally made or copied, e.g. music or film.

Puzzle 18

Edible fish with a long, spear-like beak.

Natural night-time illumination.

Triangular chocolate with nougat.

Presentation featuring several photos.

Traditional story of knights and princesses.

Safety screen around a source of heat in a home.

Returning cash after purchase.

FW on an email subject line stands for __.

Fun and games, boisterousness.

Located in deliberately planned places.

In-car cross-body safety restraints.

Puzzle 19

Patterned with squares.

The largest of a set of numbers.

Went and got something, like a dog.

Plastic barrels placed in the hair to create waves.

The Fab Four; they lived in a Yellow Submarine?.

__ Nights, volume of 1001 stories, like Ali Baba.

Requests for product returns for safety reasons.

Advisors, supporters, buddies.

Mesh material for catching fish.

Rest __; gravestone epitaph.

Astrological sign for October-November births.

Taxes, fees on goods coming into a country.

Elephant-headed Hindu god.

__ seat; safety cushion for children in cars.

Puzzle 20

Round baked product with glazed topping.

Collectable trading card game Magic the __.

Chilling suspense novels.

In __; underway, at the height of activity.

Yellow flowering weed whose seeds blow in the wind.

__ stop; bring a vehicle safely to a standstill.

Precious goods, items of monetary worth.

James Blunt song: You're __.

Ring-shaped lifesaving flotation device.

First half of a golf stroke.

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