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Here are the answers to CodyCross Sailing Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Home Thoughts, from __, Robert Browning poem.

Protective inflatable hung over the side of a boat.

The objects of coulrophobia fear.

Dennis __, US America's Cup skipper.

Country with a fish delicacy called surstromming.

__ poker, plant with flaming flowers on spikes.

Exerts, maintains, e.g. power.

The R in NASCAR.

South or North, two states in America.

Opera by Béla Bartók: Bluebeard's __.

Puzzle 2

Franklin urges "wrong none" with this virtue.

Original winner of the most famous sailing trophy.

This Smurf becomes afraid easily.


__ Vegas; 1964 musical film starring Elvis Presley.

Northernmost South African province.

Making money.

Programme of organised yachting races.

Vitamin A1.

Unbroken horses.

Puzzle 3

Teri __, US Bond girl Paris Carver.

Lost in a daydream.

Mystery solving Muppet, Sherlock __.

__ mouches, pleasure boats on the River Seine.

Pistol fire.

Checking up for suitability for a job or post.

Spicy North African paste often with rose flavour.

Changed the title of a work.

Ahead of the time expected.

Southern trees bear __ fruit.

Undomesticated donkey.

The oldest city of the ancient Assyrian empire.

Sailing, rowing, and __ are water sports.

Blew one's own trumpet.

__ Carey, U.S.A., bringing traitor to justice.

Sint __, Dutch half of half-French Caribbean isle.

What you pay for your insurance policy.

The slender stalk supporting a plant's leaves.

184 pounds satellite launched in 1957: __ I.

Puzzle 4

Once forced individuals into naval service.

Soft drinks.

Joyce's book of short stories, published in 1914.

About to happen.

China's "Flower City".

Driving a stolen car for fun.

Country associated with gamelan music.

__ Own Bottle, BYOB; take drinks with you.

Energy escaping the body.

The Wolf of Wall Street and Moneyball actor.

To get ahead in a sailing vessel.

Stared intently at.

Favoured offshore banking locations.

City where Cartman, Kenny, and Butters live.

Fireside container for wood.

Puzzle 5

Large sailing ship used by the Spanish Armada.

Capital of Swaziland.

Artist of The Ambassadors, famous for its skull.

Harmed in return for harm caused.

2018 Sailing World Championships host country.

Africa disease-resistant coffee variety.

Draw out.

__ Twins, circus brothers Chang and Eng Bunker.

One of Julie Andrews' favorite things, raindrops __.

Fare __; people who avoid paying to travel.

Puzzle 6

Widely known lamellophone.

Working on a sailing ship.

Not a dreamer.

40s slang for doing a dance.

This 700 islands archipelago rhymes with mamas.

Cooking meat slowly in liquid.

Reversal of __, Close and Irons 90 thriller.

Waterproof fabric for sailors.

Peoples of Italy, their women were taken and raped.

Sentence at the top of a news article.

F in FBI.

Puzzle 7

Eric __, race-winning French sailor with Pen Duick.

Big Mac ingredient, two __ patties.

Itemized display.

Double __; unusually flexible or bendy.

Rolling a number, other than twelve in pairs.

Dead or alive, you're coming with me!.

Samuel Morse's original profession.

Broadway theatre, previously known as Stuyvesant.

Every 30 days or so.

Boy goats.

Fast 19th century sailing ship.

Puzzle 8

Revolving lifting device used to raise an anchor.

Actor born Reginald Carey, better known as Rex __.

Taking large swallows of drink; gulping.

Naval escort ship.

Latin American "thousand leaves" dessert.

Pitcher hits the batter.

Communion given to someone who is dying.

Hawaiian place where the Keck telescope is sited.

Affecting political change.

Reversed, transposed.

President of Finland, elected in 2012: Sauli __.

Puzzle 9

CHiPs star Erik __.

Doctor __, film based on banned Russian novel.

__, Rhode Is, centre of the yachting fraternity.

Instruction to bring sailing vessel to a stop.

Writer of the opera Die Fledermaus, Johann __ II.

Textile sellers.

The __ of the Glen, Landseer's giant stag.

Ten thousand meters squared.

Breakfast fish soup, national dish of Myanmar.

These are outstanding.

South-west French department named after a river.

Puzzle 10

Important seaport and largest city in Ecuador.

Greek word for "good night".

String bags of edible doubloons.

Where Jack and Jill went.

Travelling heavy metal music festival.

Lack of expression or interest.

The __; family sitcom set in 1980s Jenkintown.

Rodent-catching device.

Flowering plant genus that includes poinsettias.

Paper sheet sealed in plastic.

Thor __ sailed the Pacific on his raft Kon-Tiki.

A score of 40 in darts; 20 in the outer ring.

Small script.

Oasis site of WWII battle in Libya.

Puzzle 11

Dutch navigator who discovered Van Diemen's Land.

Auguste __, one of the many collaborators of Dumas.

Russell __, Kiwi skipper with 5 America's Cup wins.

H in WHO.

A wooly waterfowl retriever.

Impose an arbitrary fine; penalise.

The Miracle __, Helen Keller bio movie.

English Romantic painter: J. M. W. __.

French meat and vegetable stew.

You can sleep (or preach) under one.

Puzzle 12

Plane's lane.

Measure of water, a depth of six feet.

Ancient two-banked warship with two decks of oars.

Crust for frico eggs.

Pierre __, French modernist composer and conductor.

High and __.

Real-life convict was the Birdman of Alcatraz.

Brussels sprouts, rhyming slang for the Boy __.

Largest of the Channel Islands.

First successful Soviet mission to Venus.

Puzzle 13

Alistair MacLean's first novel: HMS __.

One with the most money.

Legal representation.

Any zebra hybrid animal.

__ Rock, island marker off Ireland for yacht races.

Giorgio __, added rock soundtrack to Metropolis.

Publicly states or declares.

Breakfast grass.

Canadian province where Jasper National Park is.

Ship's captain.

Puzzle 14

Harmless flying insect that looks like a wasp.

British sailor of a round-the-world trip in 1967-8.

Newton's discovery is constantly changing.

Motivate confidently.

On the up and up.

This moment.

Freelance news correspondent.

Revolving cylinder toy that animates images.

Seuss 1st: And To Think That I Saw it on __ Street.

British actor who played Henry VIII: Charles __.

Organ that uses steam-whistles as pipes.

Describes situation of sailing a ship with no wind.

Hidden, concealed; e.g. a __ telephone number.

Silky vest worn over a bra.

Lake __, aka Sea of Galilee.

Long thick pillows.

Puzzle 15

Tramp waiting for Godot, he looks up to Vladimir.

Nautical sea-songs.

A blessing in __ might be good.

Glistens, catches the light.

Combining genes.

Stream showing Tweets from followed accounts.

Worship of donkeys.

White wall color.

Peter __; poet companion of Allen Ginsberg.

Buckle up for safety.

Ship that brought Caribbean immigrants to the UK.

Well-attenuated American beer.

Puzzle 16

To sail too close to the wind, when sails flap.

Group meal.

Jell-O thickener.

Topical detour.

Guard bird.

__ Night, Shakespeare play with Viola and Olivia.

When __; never.

To turn a boat over while on water.

Actor __ Del Toro who played Che.

__ Revolution; rock festival hosted by Linkin Park.

In the middle.

Puzzle 17

Two-masted sailing vessel and a drinking glass.

Implores, asks in earnest.

An introduction to Beethoven.

Aquatic goblin of Manx folklore.

Where lignite comes from.

Support and mount for a ship's compass.

Pitcher plants; Venus __.

German dramatist of Wilhelm Tell and Maria Stuart.

Final battle of Russo-Japanese War: Battle of __.

Australian trail mix in a word.

Liabilities and assets.

Author of the play A Wife for a Month: John __.

Puzzle 18

Place of birth in Hampshire of Jane Austen.

Dame Ellen __, round-the-world yachtswoman.

Volvo __, world's premier offshore yacht contest.

Malaysian elevated walkway.

Sleeveless aprons.

Without drawing attention to oneself.

Montreal's chilly festival of electronic music.

Spaghetti add on.

Horse's gait three-beat.

Scarlet warnings.

Alter ego of comic book character Green Lantern.

Violet stock used in perfumery and potpourri.

Last President of the USSR: Mikhail __.

Your nails were done.

British 50s blonde bombshell.

India's third most populous city, in Karnataka.

Puzzle 19

Location where beehives are kept.

Marie __, family planning campaigner and pioneer.

The __ Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

The capital of Mali, on the Niger River.

Heart of Darkness author, Joseph __.

Towards the back of a boat.

Start city of an Antipodean Boxing Day yacht race.

Largest man-made lake in Bangladesh: __ Lake.

Eating __; appetite change in pregnancy.

Peter __, Dutch purchaser of Manhattan in 1626.

Fagioli e minestri in a ristorante: __ and beans.

Traditional Oktoberfest attire for German women.

Puzzle 20

Morning meat.

Burned with very hot liquid.

The __, nickname of the America's Cup.

Knot used by sailors, it does not slip.

West African nation once known as the Grain Coast.

Country that's home to Xanten Archaeological Park.

The CIA headquarters lie there.

Describes region of an atom where electrons live.

Marilyn __, famous artwork by Andy Warhol.

Sink on purpose.

There were traditionally 1001 __ Nights.

People who didn't turn up as planned.

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