CodyCross Saint Patrick's Day Pack answers

Saint Patrick's Day PackSaint Patrick's Day

Here are the answers to CodyCross Saint Patrick's Day Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Continent the prime meridian & equator go through.

Crop that failed, leading to famine in Ireland.

Non-magical person in Harry Potter's world.

Someone paid illegally for a service.

Family name of Ross and Monica from Friends.

Make a hole in something with a sharp point.

Accused of wrongdoing.

__ lime, citrus used in Thai cuisine.

Languages, people or traditions of ancient Ireland.

Astronaut Buzz.

Next astrological sign after Gemini.

"Another day another __".

Bits of turf that fly after a golf shot.

Song about Eric Clapton's son: "Tears in __".

Protect from attack.

Spiky like a rose stem.

Puzzle 2

Warms something up again.

Place of refuge for the homeless.

Catching a wave.

It is irrelevant.

Pre-wedding nerves.

Ireland's longest waterway.

Traditional folk stories or mythological tales.

Hand-thrown bomb with a pin.

Entertainment: sing to a backing track in a bar.

Made temporarily or permanently unable to see.

Anita __, she set up The Body Shop.

Meetings to contact the departed.

Puerto Rico's capital.

Italian polymath who was tried by the Inquisition.

A group of five musical performers.

Novel by Jules Verne: "20,000 __ Under the Sea".

Bestows knowledge.

Foldable support ledge between car seats.

Puzzle 3

Senders of junk emails.

Traditional Irish ballad, with calling pipes.


Added to rivers for St Patrick's Day celebrations.

Long boats for romantic rides in Venice.

Old treasures valued on TV Roadshow.

__ Sam, cartoon cowboy with big hat and mustache.

Friendship love, named after a Greek philosopher.

Gemstone cut with royal title.

Entrusts a secret to someone.

Turkish city that was once Constantinople.

Puzzle 4

Austrian crystals company with swan logo.

Footwear worn by male Irish dancers.

Enchanted stick waved by a conjurer.

Completed higher education studies.

Alfred __, film director who popped up as an actor.

Salty fish on pizza.

People from Cairo are __ by nationality.

Teeth-cleaning specialist.

The round windows on ships.

I Want to __, get away, sang Queen.

Orating about religion.

Penelope Cruz 2018 TV role __ Versace.

Puzzle 5

Groups of birds that travel together.

Current, up to date, contemporary.

In the direction of the sky, not the ground.

Fights in the street.

Religious oration or address, on the mount perhaps.

To accumulate.

They are found in the sand and collected.

__ Girl; Ed Sheeran sang about this Irish county.

Extremely large Asian fruit with unpleasant smell.

On the web.

Puzzle 6

Fast-paced ancient Gaelic sport played by men.

Of a skirt, containing small folds.

Mozart Symphony no. 41 is named after this planet.

It clears clogged toilets.

Reception areas in hotels.

Classical dancing productions, e.g. Swan Lake.

Lawn flowers with white petals and a yellow center.

Have a tendency to do something.

John Lennon's artist wife.

Dampened sound.

Nature spirits in Irish mythology.

Detach using a tool that spins round.

Support for a row of bound publications.

Soured milk.

Africa was once part of this massive continent.

Word for dogs, wolves, coyotes, jackals....

Kept watch over a person or place.

Puzzle 7

__ the Blarney Stone bestows the gift of the gab.

Country where Guinness beer originated.

Ship that sank in 1912.

Helps or aids.

Bathroom enclosures people stand in to wash.

Lists of allowable expenditure.

Three-part film or book series.

Gulp down.


Essential fiber that releases a parachute.

Skin-tight one piece for dancers, no leg coverage.

Makes angry.

An argument, a contretemps, a squabble.

Puzzle 8

A __ lens on a camera magnifies distant objects.

Mechanical mile-counters.

General term for the animals on a farm.

Orchestral pieces at the start of a play or opera.

Taking items out of boxes after moving home.

Suffering from, distressed by.

Walking with no set route.

A signature, collected by enthusiasts in books.

Irish county associated with crystal manufacture.


Hitting a ball with a racket before it bounces.

Date in March on which St Patrick's Day falls.

Puzzle 9

Colorful helium-filled party props.

Giant's __; basalt columns off Antrim's coast.

Curved entrances.

__ Before You Go-Go; hit for Wham! in 1984.

Salivating, dripping spit.

Auditory ailment suffered by bellringer Quasimodo.

Adds sugar to improve taste.

Quick-paced folk irish dance to fiddle music.

Underground prison cells.

Stick of explosive made from nitroglycerin.

Ecstatic, joyous.

Unintended double entendre utterance: __ slip.

Digital recordings of a show that are downloadable.

Uses chemicals to make something whiter.

Puzzle 10

Meryl __, most nominated Oscar actress of all time.

Year of __; canine Chinese zodiac sign.

Mischievous pranks played by leprechauns.

Fatal, lethal.

The Sahara is one of them.

Color of second place metal.

Puffy white things in the sky.

Collections of songs.

Hansel's sister in the fairy tale.

Closer to the midline of the torso than lateral.

Not touched, not in service.

He started Reformation.

Already seen, from the French.

Chickpea paste used as a dip or spread.

Public brawl.

Reflected sounds heard over and over again.

Russian capital and 1980 Olympics host city.

Outdoor venue where you can buy fruits & veggies.

Puzzle 11

Fiercely burning.

Escapes or avoids.

__ saint; a national protector.

Find ice cream in the supermarket __ food aisle.

Ill, not healthy.

Preceding, not after.

City home to Bondi beach.

Ed Sheeran song about his youth: "__ on the Hill".

Writer of a book.

Slang for head, or a stir-fry pasta.

Advertising tune.

Female rulers of independent states.

Puzzle 12

Censors, obscures, edits.

US city with famous St Patrick's Day celebrations.

Climbing plant part; slim wispy piece of hair.

Traditional style of Irish dance and singing.

Weapon for destroying ships.


Stylized angels in art, look like chubby toddlers.

One __ and One Dalmatians was released in 1961.

Rhythm section member.

Tallest mammal.

Puzzle 13

Debatable, questionable.

A native of France's capital.

Promising to do something, e.g. donate money.

Describes a pastry shell of a portable dish.

Boxed set __, watching hours of TV back to back.

Relating to monks.

Add insult __; make a bad situation worse.

Brought by charms, e.g. four-leaf clovers.

Berry bugs, skin-biting mites.

Reply, answer, retort.

Harbor and ferry port in the south of IReland.

Creator of the "Bridget Jones" character: Helen __.

Puzzle 14

Hanging around with no purpose.

Convinced, talked someone into something.

Trembling in cold weather.

Forgiving sins.

Wagnerian opera about a Holy Grail knight.

Moscow site of St Basil's Cathedral and Kremlin.

Squeezebox often heard in Irish music scene.

Medieval social system with lords and vassals.

Offensive curse term.

Dark indigo fruit often found in fluffy muffins.

Closing statement of a book.

Major football and hurling stadium in Dublin.

With his Muskehounds, he was always ready.

The most expensive property on a Monopoly board.

Puzzle 15

Climbed up a wall.

Cylindrical space vehicle.

Removes dirt.

TV medium Derek, former host of Most Haunted.

__ Keyes, Irish novelist who wrote Watermelon.

Without remuneration.

Director who won an Oscar for Brokeback Mountain.

Roadside inns.

Reptiles driven out of Ireland by St Patrick.

"Thank you" in Italian.


Moulin Rouge actress Nicole __.

Wood and graphite to write with.

Pablo __, Spanish cellist and conductor.

Australian seafood dish: shrimp on the __.

Bell on the House of Parliament in London.

Fierce and violent.

Distance from floor to ceiling.


Puzzle 16

Irish word meaning 'Welcome'.


To open a door with a key.

Color of Barney the Dinosaur.

Timothy __ had a short spell as Bond.

These Mediterranean fruits are used for making oil.

Astaire and Rogers musical, named after headgear.

Rose of __; international Irish beauty pageant.

Became smaller in size.

Slight difference in shade or meaning.

Largest city in Australia (as of 2016).

Danny and Sandy fell in love in this 1978 musical.

Cosa __; 'Our Thing' in mafia-speak.

Puzzle 17

Completely disregards.

Shiny golden fastenings on a leprechaun's shoes.

Theory of the universe's beginning.

Couples' relationship status before marriage.

Prominent suffragist: Susan B. __.

Bringing in a fish by winding in the line.

Designates a duty or task.

Feeling guilty or embarrassed about something.

The young stage of a frog, toad or salamander.

Damaging, destructive.

At its end is a pot of gold hidden by leprechauns.

Gene Kelly was __ in the rain.

Abstract stain that is used in the Rorschach test.

Tibetans of the Himalaya engaged in mountaineering.

One cannot make a crab walk like this.

Sweet, yellow, milky sauce made with eggs.

Puzzle 18

Break the terms of an agreement.

Three-leaved emblem of Ireland.

Descriptions underneath an illustration; subtitles.

Shiny celestial mark of merit or achievement.

Going red with embarrassment.

__ Connelly, actress of A Beautiful Mind.

Bright, celebratory sacks of air.

Reading society.

"Selling like __" (a popular breakfast food).

Planned city that is capital of India.

"Goodness __, great balls of fire" Jerry Lee Lewis.

Tall Aussie creature with long reach when boxing.

The inhabitants of 1313 Mockingbird Lane, The __.

Puzzle 19

Made an effort to make business connections.

Cuts off part of the body in a surgical operation.

Losing attitude.

Jane Austen work, Pride and __.

Green sleeveless jacket worn by a leprechaun.

Largest creature on Earth.

A challenge, difficulty, hardship.

Ancient musical emblem of Ireland.

Care, cultivation and breeding of animals or crops.

A famous person, like a movie star or rock legend.

Wookiee from Star Wars.

Puzzle 20

Cleopatra star Elizabeth __.

A handsome house has this from the curb.

Harry __, wizard extraordinaire.

On land, not at sea.

__ party, community St Patrick's Day celebrations.

A close-knit, unfriendly group of people.

__ cross, sacred symbol of Christianity in Ireland.


Out of tune.

Planting seeds in a field.

__ Tree Lane, home to the Bankses in Mary Poppins.

Becomes ready to eat, especially fruit.

Occurring in a repeating pattern or sequence.

Action of revolving around an axis; vintage phone.

Short romances; frisbee tosses.

Michael __, basketball icon, 1st to make billions.

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