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Here are the answers to CodyCross Sales Season Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Barbara, blonde actress, made a dame in 2016.

Came out of an egg.

Milk or juice boxes.

Perplexed and confounded, unable to figure it out.

Utensil for sweeping up household spills.

__ bra, worn by breastfeeding mothers.

No longer in existence; died out.

These are built over water so people can get across.

Purchase decision made immediately for an item.

Some consider shopping to be a cure, or retail __.

Animals that build dams and live in lodges.

First book of the New Testament of the Bible.

Landing piers for vessels.

Puzzle 2

Guarantee that an item is in a specific store.

Limits, keeps in check.

Coworker, workplace teammate.

Next to someone's burial place.

Emergency medical worker, often in an ambulance.

60-minute sand timer.

Delete button on a keyboard.

Featured item for sale.

It's a __ Life, classic Christmastime movie.

Schooling someone in a subject.

Century that came after the nineteenth.

For combing locks.

Puzzle 3

Got married to.

Thinly cut potato chips are these fries.

__ date; when your credit card becomes invalid.

Silver furry animals that are native to Australia.

Transparent front part of the eye.

Let down, break someone's confidence.

Artistes use this silent acting with gestures.

Julia Roberts' Beverly Hills spree film __ Woman.

The __ Games, dystopian trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

Froth; soapy bubbles.

Type of fuel often used by buses.

Icy region with the North Pole at its heart.

Slang for flowers.

Sickly, ill, unwell.

Preside over a country.

Far-ranging searches for some kind of treasure.

Puzzle 4

The 12 months just gone at January 1.

Bank account to accrue money for a spree.

One of three children born at the same time.

Advocaat drinks at Christmas.

Greet someone warmly.

A communal, bubbly bathtub often in the garden.

Guglielmo, Italian long-distance radio pioneer.

Polite reply to offered sales assistance, "Just __".

__ the Stars; circus hit for Zendaya and Zac Efron.

The larva stage of an amphibian, as a frog or toad.

Popular trends in clothing.

Puzzle 5

Facial structure, high ones determine beauty?.

How an animal that has four feet is called.

Can only be purchased at one particular store.

Preceding lawn.

Talked about.

Tried, had a go at a task.

Its bells persuaded Dick Whittington to turn again.

Such as Europe or Africa.

Private preview.

March Hare is chums with this crazed capped man.

Blurry like a bad photo.

Puzzle 6

__ as an eel, describes an unscrupulous person.

Round, meringue-like sandwich cakes from France.

Feeling of ultimate happiness.

Four months after July.

Gives official sanction.

__ race; sports activity with jumping and climbing.

Sovereign states, dominions.

Skill of sorcery.

Warm covers to snuggle underneath.

Ivory ticklers.

Puzzle 7

A long period, the full extent of an existence.

Adaptable, able to cope with change easily.

Cowboy movies.

Business incomes.

Swallowing a liquid.

Opposite of softness, scale for pencils.

Global network of computer networks.

Yellow, Fix You and The Scientist hitmakers.

Balancing on a narrow pole or branch.

A horse went faster than cantering.

Products highlighted as being special.

Water sign.

Hidden __ buried in a pile of leftovers.

Puzzle 8

Infected skin lump, like a boil or a cyst.

Corporate world's set of recurring non-work days.

Riding a bicycle.

Meeting people again; or island east of Madagascar.

BFF, or best friends __.

Currency value of items on sale.

Baby cats.


Circus ball thrower.

Unkempt, untidy, disheveled.

Wondrous event by a divinity.

Tall pointed towers on a house or castle.

Tables and chairs that collapse for storing.

Irish shrieking and wailing woman of folklore.

Puzzle 9

Left a job.

The exact opposite of something, the __.

Showing thanks or appreciation.

Mechanical lift used to move from floor to floor.

A fun evening spent away from your home.

Hot Wheels competitor, toy cars.

Big sales happen around these observed days.

Sponge cake filled with jam.

City in Nevada sung about by Elvis Presley.

Placement of the rope in cricket, or 4 runs.

Making a noise in the throat because of a cold.

Items sold during specific times of the year.

The Swiss Family __; 1812 story about a shipwreck.

Puzzle 10

Word game with dice with letters on.

Develop gradually, progress.

The ball worth 2 points in snooker.

Plums, peaches, bananas and apples are all __.

Special deals, discounts on items.

Winter wear to warm up cold hands.

More religious than.

Nationality of those from Stockholm.

It Only Takes a __, Take That song.

Another word for risky or dangerous.

Big lizard native to Mexico.

Flat surfaces for putting plates on and eating.

Gun, knife or club.

More industrious and occupied.

Hindu mystics and performers of magic.

Circular evergreen door decoration.

Surplus items that might be included with purchase.

The meaning of maestro, in English.

Puzzle 11

North and South continents collectively; the __.

Payment part of a shopping trip.

A day or period of religious celebration.

Aromatic tiny branches covered in yeast extract.

Makeup; toiletry used for beautifying appearance.

The one that is smallest in height.

These business hours go past the regular ones.

A painting of a person's face.

Accumulations, sediments.

Running the __, corporal punishment.

Online ID needed to access an account.

Fitness check that uses high-pitched sounds.

Puzzle 12

Mars slogan: ... helps you work, rest __.

Attaching laundry to a line.

Lowest amount needed to qualify.

Hot bubbling of water.

Twenty-five cent piece in America.

Pills, supplements.

Final question or challenge to find the winner.

The dreams in Taylor Swift's music of 2015.

"I've got __ and gizmos aplenty".

Female boxer becomes __ Dollar Baby.

Bibb, Iceberg and Butter are types of this.

Similar to a rodent.

Puzzle 13

Humble, not boastful.

Magical potion, perhaps with medicinal benefits.

Playing cards which are also called twos.

Sequence or season of television shows.

Winner, champion.

Urgent request for funds or support.

November's weekday with the best shopping deals.

Former President Obama's first name.

Not small or large.

Frida Kahlo, for example.

__ Dumpty, nursery rhyme egg that fell off a wall.

Another name for a discount voucher.

Dense groups of flying bees.

Type of darkened lens seen in sunglasses.

Tools for shaving.

Word that photographers ask their subjects to say.

Puzzle 14

Inactive mode for a PC that uses zero power.

What faith can move.

They built pyramids in Africa.

Scores and songs written for the cinema.

Country, home to Jakarta.

A prehistoric reptile that could fly.

Range of products or sizes.

Bugs that appear to glow in the dark.

Female sponsor of a child at its Christian baptism.

Have an eye for detail, a great watcher.

Index of needed items.

Essential elements of a healthy diet.

Describes blade fighters, like Athos and Aramis.

State of meat left for many hours out of a freezer.

Puzzle 15


Sweetly scented.

__ Saving Time, when the clocks go back or forward.

Writer of literary or journalistic papers.

Quality of being big, brave and adventurous.

Incorporated in.

Steer, plot a course.

A light going on and off, on and off.

Return for a different size.

Emitted toxic gases or dirty air.

Viewing the products a store has to offer.

Warm food, such as dinner and lunch.

Breathing in air, opposite of exhaling.

Smoke stacks on rooftops.

Nat, mid-century crooner of Mona Lisa.

Headache disorder that can be recurrent.

Puzzle 16

Cupid-style plastic dolls, first made in the 1910s.

Airline employees who fly planes.

Ran off to wed.

Japanese motorbike and Swift car maker.

Regions where feet connect to legs, with 3 joints.

Someone who nitpicks.

Trench in a cultivated field.

Touched down, came back down to Earth.

Mildred, The Worst Witch main character.

Handheld item holder to fill while in a store.

Decide between this or that, make a __.

Talks loudly.

Non-alcoholic drinks, e.g. tonic, added to spirits.

City where the O2 Arena is located.

Expires in water.

Macaulay, starred in Black or White music video.

Cindy Lou Who makes this meany smile.

Be against.

Puzzle 17

Women's two-piece bathing suit.

An aircraft that doesn't need an engine.

It doesn't __ means it's not important.

Buy at home and receive at the store.

Reverberated sound.

Notification sounds for emails or text messages.

Denoted by a Jr after someone's name.

The __ Game, musical set in a nightwear factory.

Place of worship in any religion.

Cried out in pain.

Old-fashioned pens, made from feathers.

The island at the end of the boot of Italy.

Ron, director and Richie in Happy Days.

Mended a sock hole.

Tool for grinding meat into small pieces.

Rock-bottom price level.

Liam, who played Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars.

Puzzle 18

Money given to an author in anticipation of a book.

Real; not fake.

River mouth.

__ well, throw pennies in to have dreams come true.

Did not answer; pretended not to listen.

Ate a small treat.

Song turned into a hit by Aretha Franklin.

They are in the atom's nucleus.

Her makeup line was RiRi Hearts Mac.

Coastal bird with a penchant for chips.

Angry display of emotions, often done by toddlers.

Board game devoted to shopping, Mall __.

When a sweater is wearing out, the wool is __.

Charlie the little tramp.

Wear over the eyes to see underwater.

__ boards; rigid panels for exhibiting a project.

Puzzle 19

An animal that eats only plants.

They wear pink on Wednesdays and shop.

Celebrations of turning a year older.

Round, red, tart fruit eaten at Christmas.

Fuel up on snacks in this shopping mall section.

Lunar glow.

Writer of The Twits and Matilda.

Set number of minutes to complete a task.

Emotion, notion, feeling.

Tools that are used for drawing circles.

Puzzle 20

Melted tallow.

System of laws concerned with punishment of crime.

Liquid styling product in an aerosol can.

Someone who takes a pet canine out for exercise.

__ illuminations, Lancashire's Las Vegas.

Plastic person showing off the wares.

No set maximum amount, bottomless.

The study of myths and traditional stories.

Asked for specifically.

Seed that chocolate is made with.

Line of credit for a specific establishment.

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