CodyCross Same Letter at Both Ends Pack answers

Same Letter at Both Ends PackSame Letter at Both Ends

Here are the answers to CodyCross Same Letter at Both Ends Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Big square knives used by butchers.

Where you trade valuables for money when desperate.

How different surfaces feel to the touch.

Spring __, annual super-spruce-up of a house.

Ameliorates, gets better at.

Spring bulb with many pastel bracts.

Unpaved driving surface that may kick up dust.

Legal inhabitants of a country.

Complete loss of lights.

What pirates are after.

Puzzle 2

Bed __, painful place for meditation.

In cooking, a flambé burns most of this off.

Land that is used for grazing animals.

__ Grace, hymn recorded by Joan Baez, Judy Collins.

Having the hue of the sun, or of butter.

Shapes of downward corkscrew coils.

Bar that makes beer on premises and serves food.

Mighty __ Power Rangers to the rescue!.

Extreme feelings of terror or anxiety.

Science and study of unidentified flying objects.

Puzzle 3

What a dentist puts into drilled-out teeth.

A card or letter's paper container.

Domestic repair person, doer of odd-jobs.

Delicate insect with transparent wings.

__ lie, or NGL.

Primary part of a country, not offshore islands.

A long loaf of French bread.

Beer made by monks, especially in Belgium.

Valuable, treasured; "my __" from LOTR.

Looks at thoroughly, like a doctor would a patient.

Puzzle 4

The remains of a chopped-down oak, cedar, or maple.

Metal piece used to hold together documents.

Dominant man in a group; top dog.

Unsolicited attempts at contact by phone.

Equine fishes with curly tails but no saddle.

Author of the Harry Potter books.

New arrival who settles in a country.

Feathery fool with an aviary cerebrum.

Tomb building, such as the Taj Mahal.

Period each day when TV viewing is at its peak.

Puzzle 5

With facial hair covering cheeks and neck.

Nudged someone with the crook of your arm.

Canadian province, home to the Niagara Falls.

Triangular strip of cloth tied around head.

Pizza__, restaurant chain with speedy pies.

The Good, the Bad and __, Western movie.

__ flu, worldwide pandemic of 1918-19.

More comical than another.

__ Party, political home of William Gladstone.

__-final, round of competition before semi-final.

Puzzle 6

Money given in exchange for goods or services.

1956 song of excess for Elvis Presley.

Leapt over something, maybe with a pole.

Penelope __, driver of the Compact Pussycat.

__ valleys; glacial troughs that resemble a letter.

Ruins a building with vandalism.

Teach, give children lessons.

Describes a scene with flames, devils, dry heat.

You __ to me?.

Gland of the body affected by Hashimoto's disease.

Puzzle 7

Able to read and write.

Collections of items on display in a museum.

Shining in the light, maybe the twilight's last?.

Dumped pasta into a colander.

Force that keeps an object moving.

Governing, serving, holding a position of power.

Where trekkers stay at the foot of Mount Everest.

What (eventually) comes from a tap marked H.

Liverpool __, 1990s composition by Paul McCartney.

__ of Job, a Biblical idiom about waiting calmly.

Puzzle 8

__ happen; don't stress when things go wrong.

US state, the site of Roswell.

Improving with additions; making an image clearer.

Biblical name for the devil himself.

Like a tightrope walk, but with looser tension.

Range of heavy, powerful guns used in warfare.

And the other way around, in Latin.

In Jack and the Beanstalk, what the goose lays.

Wander the sands looking for valuables.

Air __, artificial scents to dispel bad smells.

Puzzle 9

__ and groaned, complaining about something.

Multi-athlete races with batons.

Furry wild dogs that howl at the moon.

Country, republic, state.

__ Mary; non-alcoholic tomato juice cocktail.

Exams taken at the end of the semester.

Non-standard phonetic spelling for the letter H.

Gnomeo & __, kids movie based on Shakespeare.

Heat __, sickness from spending time in the sun.

Belted, often beige, double-breasted coat.

Puzzle 10

Nutrition for felines.

Heavy spherical track and field projectile.

Sudden big drop in a stock's value.

Of or containing iron.

Capacity of one of the breathing organs.

A poor worker from the Middle Ages.

Trip to work/school and back.

Hoist, raise, uplift.

Wall paint that is thick and won't form drops.

Scared __; extremely frightened.

Puzzle 11

Surround, like a ring of Wild West wagons.

Concerned, worried, troubled.

To go off at __ is to fail because of bad planning.

Using a machine to put ink on paper.

Italian motherly expression often sung.

Less weak than the other.

Two-dimensional shapes with many sides.

Ice cream treat from the golden arches.

Accommodation for horses.

Farmers with small freeholdings.

Cycle challenge that takes place on the streets.

Puzzle 12

Move back and forwards, anagram of 'licsoleta'.

__ stroke, most tiring of all swimming strokes.

Faux language, a mix of English and Spanish.

24-hour period before today.

__ National Cemetery, military site for the fallen.

Confident, not shy at expressing opinion.

Series of steps, often elegant, in a grand house.

Fruit found on a Hawaiian pizza.

Rear entrance for entertainment staff.

Destructive events by earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

Evergreen with red berries for Xmas.

"Young canine" adorations and crushes of youth.

You wouldn't say Europe Major but you might say.

Puzzle 13

Deities worshiped in ancient Athens.

Not positives.

Native ceremony to encourage wet weather.

Infallible, fail-safe, can't go wrong.

__ dad; father who has no previous children.

Sour but non-corrosive candies.

Italian term for many entertainment promoters.

Abrasive sheet used for making surfaces smoother.

Rapper who married Kim Kardashian.

Describes men wearing no tops.

Period of three months associated with pregnancy.

Import and export without restrictions.

Puzzle 14

Gassy stomach sound after over-indulgence.

Set times used to plan your day.

Similar in appearance to Yogi, Pooh, or Ted.

Little green men from the red planet.

Artistic types who use brushes and canvas.

Italian dish of braised veal on the bone.

Those with no fixed place to live.

Fabric strip soaks up sweat from the hairline.

Yeah, I'm gonna need you to come in on __.

More illuminated, less dim.

The Ugly __, a hopeful tale of transformation.

Puzzle 15

Alliterative alternative name for table tennis.

Stronger and steadier, more solid.

Circular movement of the hips as in a dance.

Hunky actor who was half of Brangelina.

Skilled Japanese swordsmen.

Marine mammals also known as sea cows.

Ballroom dance that was Matilda's preference.

Imagine, foresee, or have a pre-vision.

Variables in algebra that you're not sure of.

Action done to bless the meal before eating.

Puzzle 16

Gave light intermittently like a candle.

Fizzy, spicy mixer associated with Canada Dry.

Mr __; expert on absolutely everything.

Lack of knowledge, experience, or understanding.

A single percentage of something, one __.

__ factor; effect of the breeze on temperature.

Divination of stars' influence on human affairs.

Scenery movers at an auditorium.

The very end of a digit.

Paul __, half of Beatles songwriting duo.

Grooming item for the locks.

Swear, cuss, or speak against God.

Puzzle 17

Robin Hood was followed around by these chaps.

Stacked places for sleeping.

"The Green Fairy" aniseed liquor.

Liquid soap's obvious other name.

Recall something from the past.

Working on this all the live long day.

"Taste the rainbow" confectionery.

Greedy for money, or clutching at straws.

Body of water between the Emerald Isle and Britain.

Expert shooter who can hit difficult targets.

Puzzle 18

Large enamel basin for soaking and washing.

Goal __; attacking player in soccer or handball.

A lovely combination of notes, two part maybe?.

African country, anagram of regalia.

Temperature scale where boiling = 100 degrees.

Immediately available to buy, yes we have it!.

Violent rush of water; pirating download option.

An event serving food from an outside biz is __.

__ vista, Arnie's Terminator catchphrase.

Animal blood-suckers used in medicine.

Off with __!, said the Queen of Hearts to Alice.

Puzzle 19

Bureaucracy that needs to be "cut through".

__ arrest, another name for a heart attack.

Wave riders who hang ten.

Escape __; performers who can wriggle free.

Double-winged aircraft for loop-the-loops.

Happy Birthday Sweet __, a song by Neil Sedaka.

In Spanish this country is called Dinamarca.

Periodic covering of the moon or the sun.

Corn flakes are this kind of noisy when eaten.

Virtual currency with a fluctuating value.

Sprints like a horse.

Puzzle 20

Common lumber/board dimensions (in inches).

Water __, crunchy aquatic veg used in Chinese food.

Someone who is obsessed with tidiness.

Overgrown vegetation that takes Jack to the giant.

Marine creature named after a circus comedian.

Expressing courtroom opposition.

Charisma, or attraction for iron filings.

Showing signs of future success.

Squatting down in an attempt to hide.

Therapist who treats patients with minute doses.

Buy-one-get-one-free deal.

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