CodyCross School Dance Pack answers

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Here are the answers to CodyCross School Dance Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The P in TVP, or textured vegetable __.

Simon __; dubbed the "liberator of Latin America".

Measure out of 100.

Getting liquid from a cow.

Kathryn __, first woman to win Best Director Oscar.

Dying hair or eyebrows.

Talk very quietly so as not to be overheard.

Electropop band, covered Lay All Your Love on Me.

Demands with menace.

Fingernail part also called the eponychium.

Small infatuations.

Play by George Bernard Shaw: Major __.

Virtual reality facewear.

Far from the city, miles from __.

Puzzle 2

To fix or move something in order to make it work.

Activity to do on a rainy day: arts and __.

Country that is largest exporter of raspberries.

Arkham __ is a place for the criminally insane.

Per Ava Max's song, she's Sweet but __.

Forms such as squares, triangles.

__ the leader, action game for copycats.

Dairy spread used in baking.

Scottish language.

Charlie Sheen's first name, at birth.

Food to nibble on while watching others dance.

Marty danced with his mother in Back to the __.

Venetian __; window covers with horizontal slats.

Tropical and foreign; unfamiliar.

Actress Daryl __.

Stuffing worn at the back of a skirt in the 1870s.

Puzzle 3

Small piece of something broken, as in pottery.

Painful pulsing headache with light sensitivity.

Slitted hood for skittish racehorses.

An outdoor grill.

Women in the bridal party carry these.

Getting ready.

Devote a song to a person.

Marco Polo and Hernan Cortes are examples of one.

__ Rock, Graham Greene story of Pinkie Brown.

Chucking, of rice or confetti at weddings.

Norwegian explorer Roald __.

Ocean in which Iceland is located.

Puzzle 4

Mr Boombastic.

Large lake in New Zealand's Otago region.

Metal used in Olympic 2nd place medals.

Enrico __, Italian chef of Piazza Duomo restaurant.

The P in a PBJ sandwich.

Spray irritant to the eyes.

A dash used between words.

Slow __, electric pot for making stew slowly.

Exclusive group of friends.

A 14-line rhyming poem, like those of Petrarch.

Robert __; Oscar-nominated director of M*A*S*H.

Digit, figure.

Alexander __; German tennis pro, brother of Mischa.

Sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

The theme song of a group or nation.

Puzzle 5

Animals who have wandered from their home.

__ soda; heavy-duty chemical for unblocking drains.

Nervous feeling that dominates daily life for some.

Infantile angels that often represent love.

Cooked a sauce or liquid to make it thicker.

__ harp, wooden sounding-board, played by the wind.

List of employees who get salary.

George __: Boxer and grill master.

Mutant leader in X Men, not a pacifist.

To mimic, matching a friend's dance moves.

Fun pastime of singing over a backing track.

Turn this over to make a fresh start.

Puzzle 6

Mr __, Dickens character from David Copperfield.

Adorn a room with pretty items.

Small oily fish.

Genealogy website and company, based in Utah.

Shouted by performers; 'it's __!'.

Mexican music group hired for events.

Star Trek villains with high foreheads.

Rodent that buries acorns, often forgetting where.

Classical music Disney animation.

Card game where players smack the deck.

Cristiano Ronaldo's country.

He gets to attend a Dynamite prom with Deb.

Puzzle 7

Responsible grown-up at a school dance or trip.

In full possession of one's __, acting sensibly.

Edward __, master of Thornfield Hall in Jane Eyre.

Spend the night at a friend's house.

City home to the Van Gogh Museum.

Name of NASA's third space shuttle to be built.

US rapper, with canine and leonine personas.

This type of animal is a meat eater.


Phoebe's iconic song in Friends.

Famous Calvin Klein perfume introduced in 1980s.

Puzzle 8

Mother __, decorative gem also known as nacre.

Words spoken to gods by mortals.

Romy and Michelle dance at their High School __.

Naps, short sleeps.

If something is easy, it's not rocket __.

Oklahoma city where Brad Pitt was born.

Wallis __, pivotal to Edward VIII's abdication.

Value or class of something.

The upper wooden ridge at the side of a ship.

Sailor Man's preferred green veggie.

A win over a competitor.

__ therapy, or relationship therapy.

Iron used for ringlets.

Neil Diamond hit about immigration, Coming to __.

Puzzle 9

To be in a bad mood; rainy weather.

Gregory __; co-inventor of contraceptive pill.

Early stage of a baby in the womb.

The capital of England.

Sudden rises in activity or power.

Yitzhak Rabin, assassinated Prime Minister of __.

Music genre including rap.

Taiwanese Life of Pi and The Ice Storm director.

A vehicle for water sports.

Secrets spread around.

Literature that's not prose.

Kind of exercise you should get 5 times a week.

Tools for ensuring straight lines during construction.

Beverages, such as Champagne or tea.

Necklace pendant that opens for photos.

Word that goes with fries, knots and bulldog.

Puzzle 10

Elphaba and Glinda are an odd pair in this play.

Joshua __, first to sail alone around the world.

Shiny and smooth, elaborate.

A bird that is as bright as it is repetitive.

Gladiator director, __ Scott.

Awards, trophies.

Gary __ played Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump.

Biblical Second Commandment mentions __ images.

Rick who is never gonna give you up.

A designated one refrains from alcohol.

__ plates; china from which food is eaten.

McDonald's iconic burger.

Declared itself independent from Serbia in 2008.

Dunkin' __, coffee and patisserie chain.

Reduced to liquid state by heat, like lava.

Wrought-iron tower that dominates Paris skyline.

Spelunking; exploring dark holes.

The Greek god of wealth.

Objects in the mirror are __ than they appear.

Puzzle 11

Break down, rot and become part of the land.

Garden pipe for H2O.

Elmore Leonard tale of debt collector Chili Palmer.

High __, chief female trump in a tarot deck.

Lincoln __, polar explorer in planes.

Basketball and volleyball's room.

Percussion instrument of wooden keys and mallets.

Texan city, known as Cowtown.

Small platform used for aerial tricks in water.

Group responsible for planning an event.

Puzzle 12

Cutlery, glasses, serving dishes, plates, etc.

80s movie about a town that banned dancing.

SW German city, a hub for the car industry.

The logical basis for doing something.

Throw me away and I will return to you immediately.

Painting __, art with step-by-step instructions.

Unmarried woman, word used by Bridget Jones.

Lumpy extremity swelling caused by cold and damp.

Makeup for the lids.

Explosive light display at a festival.

These include push-ups, squats.

Puzzle 13

Los __, summer venue of the 1984 Olympics.

Antsy, unsure about what's going to happen.

Moving slowly like a tree limb to a song.

Nose hole.

Unisex handbag, hipper than briefcases.

__ water deer, small golden mammal with tusks.

Doing origami.

Elvis __, and his daughter Lisa Marie.

Fearsome nurse in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Artistic pieces inked onto skin.

Heffalumps and __; creatures in Pooh's nightmare.

Brand that produced Twinkies.

Puzzle 14

Presidential part of the White House.

Group who sang Counting Stars: One __.

All of a person's bones.

Charity fundraising event with yellow rubber birds.

Severe storm with lots of snow and wind.

Grouping of songs.

Plant where coconuts grow.

Drafting of an intricate storyboard.

Gathering place of toilets and secrets.

The main ingredient in Nutella.

Four year period between the Summer Games.

PG film rating means __ guidance suggested.

Puzzle 15

Ink container for a printer, can be refillable.

In the loop, linked to the outside world.

Tricky situation to navigate.

Number that's above the denominator.

One might flutter in a belly of nerves.

A frosty, winter event.

Children's toys that spin in the wind.

Sardinian cheese with live insect larvae in it.

Products for personal care and beauty.

Eighties Jamie Lee Curtis dance-themed slasher.

Greco-Roman Olympic sport.

The plant climbed by Jack.

Puzzle 16

Part of the mind alongside id and ego.

Educators, instructors.

Frozen juice on a stick.

Alex Garland novel about a backpacker in Thailand.

Alpine hat, often with a feather on its side.

Depeche Mode had a hit with this kind of Jesus.

__ Rock, UK-based bank fell foul of the 2008 crash.

A guarantee that the maker will fix your gadget.

Metal __; device for tracking down buried treasure.

Unconscious for a long time.

Ariel and her sisters were these.

Put two and two __; get your act __.

Water movements of oceans or rivers.

Heating of the face when spotting a crush.

Puzzle 17

The science of celestial objects.

Overcrowded, full of junk.

Confessions of the Fox author Jordy __.

"A Fine Romance" is in this Astaire-Rogers film.

Real-life court cases resolved on TV by Sheindlin.

Dare to duel, or dance-off.

Highly endangered scaly anteaters.

Instrumental ensemble typical of classical music.

Sandals named after their sound.

Vessel with ladle for fruity drinks.

Taking in food and drink.

Puzzle 18

Large fish-eating hawks that hunt in the daytime.

Dance choreography to a song.

Flowering plants that bloom once.

The dad of The Invisible Man.

Opinion-seeking questionnaires.

Nursery rhyme: Three, four, knock at __.

Shiny discs applied to evening dresses.

French origin word for quickly fried (food).

__ Prinze Jr starred as Zack in She's All That.

Scooper for broom residue.

Cute baby cats, might be seen in online videos.

1965 Song about Sally driving in this car.

Puzzle 19

Stefan __, ex-tennis pro and Federer's coach.

Illuminations blinking to a beat.

Golden Quidditch ball in Harry Potter films.

Power, can come from renewable sources.

Batman and Brokeback Mountain actor, Heath __.

Out of the __ pan, into the fire.

Bird eaten at celebration meals.

Agreement between countries, often violated in war.

Jane who wrote Pride and Prejudice.

New Kids On The Block begged __ Don't Go Girl.

Piercing cry of excitement.

__ Garden in the West End of London.

The Beast was lucky Belle the __ found his castle.

Criminal in the WIld West, like Billy the Kid.

Books and humans both have these.

Wide, round skirts with canes from Victorian times.

Waxy stick that's lit with a match.

Christian holiday celebrating rebirth.

Puzzle 20

The space where formal dances take place.

Sound emitting devices for homes and cars.

Small groups of people, or peanuts.

Biggest city in Quebec.

Dalai Lama says his version of this is kindness.

NZ actor who starred as Dr Grant in Jurassic Park.

Name for the US Senate and House together.

A Mediterranean herb with fragrant needles.

Sung without any musical accompaniment.

Fortified palace complex in Granada, Spain.

Sea mammal closely related to dolphins.

Ventilation block built into a wall.

Where you catch your flight; coming to an end.

Unrefined black stuff often in plastics.

__ of privacy, unwelcome entry.

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