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Here are the answers to CodyCross School Life Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The flat surface of a TV that projects images.

Tired Dwarf friend of Snow White.

Another word for your voice box.

St Francis of __, the patron saint of animals.

Middle East country with blue star on flag.

The aim is to get good __: A, B, C.

A French word for a wig or partial wig.

__ Depp, actor who plays Captain Jack Sparrow.

To buy products in bulk from another country.

Nintendo hand-held games console, not heavy.

Puzzle 2

Weatherproof clothing worn by divers.

Structure of curved bones around your chest.

__ Greeks, an old civilization called Hellenes.

Chocolate and hazelnut spread.

The female protagonist in The Hunger Games.

Head to this desk to show your ticket and passport.

Someone whose job it is to raise and sell dogs.

What little Miss Muffet sat on.

Creamy yellow topping for puddings.

__ dressings are clean and used in first aid.

The key underneath Shift on a laptop.

Use these map books in geography.

Puzzle 3

Long, green salad veggie you can slice or dice/dip.

Men's arms, birds' wings, dolphins' __.

An ancient weapon that threw bolts.

The line that runs through the center of a circle.

Joey __, gaming vlogger from the US.

To ride a surfboard that has a sail.

Not being able to get to sleep or stay asleep.

Biology, chemistry, physics are __.

Sport done in water, wearing a cap.

Coordinate separating north from south on globe.

Sugar found in fruit.

Puzzle 4

The spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism.

Portuguese footballer Ronaldo's first name.

Knock knock.

Aladdin retrieves this charmed item from the cave.

Thin, long pasta; the best ones are Italian.

Beethoven piano sonata No. 14.

Scientific study of substances, like H2O.

Film series about orca and human relationships.

Performance to make water fall from the sky.

What you do in art classes, with a pencil.

The US president's wife.

Puzzle 5

How I Met Your __, sitcom.

A Series of Unfortunate __, book and tv series.

Sweet fruit that are grown in vineyards.

Keep your school stuff in this metal box.

Educational institution under college level.

People who have been invited to a party are __.

A small ball of colored glass.

Russia's capital city.

The Spanish __, a fleet of ships in 16th century.

Sea creature that you could wash with.

__ Home, with step-father Will Ferrell.

How much water a jug can hold.

__ bands are handy for keeping things together.

__ Matata, "No Worries" Lion King song.

The joints between your arms and your hands.

To ride a horse as fast as it will go.

Gloopy dairy product you eat with a spoon.

Head of a convent.

Puzzle 6

Korean company, Apple's smartphone rival.

Popular US breakfast with maple syrup.

__ 6, Disney film where Baymax is a main character.

Exercise that uses the heart and lungs.

Puss __, kitty footwear.

Active way of getting to school on two wheels.

Jimmy __: Boy Genius; movie and TV show.

The emu is the second __ bird, after the ostrich.

Skin at the base of the fingernail.

Orange vegetables loved by rabbits.

Person who goes on a long trip to a holy place.

Cardboard sheet separating sections in a binder.

When Europe and Asia are considered to be united.

Puzzle 7

Water activity with double-sided paddle.

Soothing lotion for sunburn.

You can't judge a book by __.

It gets a bit soggy in the second Ice Age film.

To enter someone else's land without permission.

To delay or put something off.

Bag you carry on both shoulders.

East African country, capital Addis Ababa.

Early spring flower with white bell-shaped blooms.

Arachnid with poisonous sting in its tail.

Round tube that is spun round the waist.

Large religion in India/Nepal, texts called Veda.

A paper pad that can be spiral.

Prof. Filius __, head of Ravenclaw House.

Hot security for your computer.

One of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Thin Mexican flatbread that's disc-shaped.

Someone who orders lenses and dispenses eyeglasses.

Carnival ride with horses going up and down.

Spice sprinkled on toast and in sweet buns.

Puzzle 8

Type of pen that has a spherical end.

An agreement during warfare to stop fighting.

Savory, fried vegetable appetizer; makes you cry.

One __, Harry, Liam and Niall's former band.

__ Hood, granddaughter hero of Grimm's fairy tale.

Use luminous pens to __ words.

Academic rank.

Earth's biggest animal.

French, Spanish, Greek and German are __.

Meat patty, often served in a bun.

Animated girls, Bubble, Blossom and Buttercup.


Graceful insect with long transparent wings.

Tennis tournament held in London every summer.

Leader of 100 men in the Roman army.

Puzzle 9

Liquid container, not a glass.

To get the latest version of an app.

Watch again; anagram of "player".

George __, author who wrote 1984 and Animal Farm.

Ariana __, she sang "Love Me Harder".

Popcorn can be sweet or __.

He listens to confessions.

Maths diagram with axes.

City where Big Ben is located.

Nickname for the game of darts and the equipment.

Puzzle 10

Fruit of a palm tree with white flesh inside.

Zodiac symbol denoted by a stinging arachnid.

Skunks are __ known for their potent odor.

Small stones.

Term for cloud level, also the top of a room.

Mythological creature, half man, half horse.

Use this to pin pages together.

__ pursuits, adventures held in the open-air.

__ Mendler, singer of "Atlantis".

The culture that came after the Bronze Age.

Found in your throat, sometimes removed when sore.

__ literature, the study of fictional books.

A word that means the opposite of something.

Thin, crisp wafer, salty or with seasonings.

Traveling on foot rather than by vehicle.

Puzzle 11

Musical performances.

An edible fungus.

Canine helper that takes care of flocks.

Stone structure built by the Romans to carry water.

Detective in an Arthur Conan Doyle book: __ Holmes.

Daughter of Eve who found Rilian in Narnia tales.

A value that when cubed gives the original number.

Tinker Bell and the Lost __, 2009 Disney film.

Packed lunch staple of sliced bread with filling.

Substance or preparation used to treat a disease.

Water __, grab a drink from this.

Gorilla movie monster.

Puzzle 12

Yellow/white plant grown from a bulb; daffodil.

Greco-Roman or professional acting sport.

Kitchen device that uses electromagnetic radiation.

A story or tale of events.

Going for a stroll when you are not awake.

Where lessons are held.

You can reach this and fulfill it if you try hard.

Plan of places to be visited.

Scientist who studies rocks and minerals.

Balance upside down with your feet in the air.

Building where monks live.

Princess __, young member of the British royalty.

The center of the Earth made of nickel and iron.

Hairy eight-legged creature with beady eyes.

Puzzle 13

Fruits that don't fall far from the tree.

Risk is a board game by __ Bros.

Algeria was colonized by this country.

You can order them rare, medium or well done.

Scottish groundskeeper in The Simpsons.

You do this on stage, or in drama classes.

Antonym of big.

A line that coils around on itself.

Ancient stronghold, where kings lived.

The bird deliverers of the baby elephant in Dumbo.

Another word for wood; shout this when trees fall.

A team sport with sticks and balls.

Garden creatures that live in shells.

Puzzle 14

Disney sci-fi film with green goo.

A boggy piece of land such as a marsh or swamp.

Soldiers that fight on horseback.

Your educator.

Double-decker bed popular with siblings.

The line of tiny hairs above your eye.

Eight-armed mollusc with suckers.

Doctor __, bizarre superhero played by Cumberbatch.

Small fruits that don't grow on trees.

A square of fabric worn around the head.

Use paint __ to paint a picture.

Puzzle 15

School book case worn on child's back.

Rabbit breed with a wooly mane.

You take away leftovers from a restaurant in this.

A holiday location with tents or caravans.

Robin __, comedic legend, Oscar for serious role.

Religious leader who delivers sermons.

Romeo and Juliet feuding families: __ and Capulet.

Conflict within a country, or Captain America film.

This monster is said to inhabit a Scottish lake.

Miming game; "two words, a movie".

Medical term for the break of a bone.

A line that is at right angles to the horizon.

Keeps your page.


Spiral fossilized shell from an extinct animal.

The art of making things out of tree materials.

Artistic type creates fashion or interiors perhaps.

Puzzle 16

Miniature home in the garden for fun and games.

Layperson's term for the nerve on your elbow.

Insertion of liquid into the body with a syringe.

__ eggs, the yolks and whites beaten together.

Aka Shaycarl, vlogger with his five kids.

Meet the __, 2007 Disney sci-fi film.

Use a word __ to write your essays.

Where to buy theater tickets.

A book of synonyms.

Verb conjugation for yesterday.

Puzzle 17

A low place between mountains.

Wooden horse built to trick the enemies.

You can't drink with these crispy cheese snacks.

Kong: Skull __, Gorilla movie.

Words that give thanks to God.

Racket and ball game.

Awarded to winners of events at the Olympics.

The shape of a protractor is a semi-__.

Chim Chim __, ditty from Mary Poppins.

Parts of a flower that the petals sit in.

Caffeinated beverage.

Owns a wheel on which crockery is made.

The colored parts of your eyes.

Puzzle 18

The scientific study of matter and energy.

Something that can be dissolved in liquid is __.

Scented flower and Aladdin's princess.

The secondary tune in a piece of music.

You'll make these at school.

Talkative birds with brightly colored feathers.

Another word for arch-enemy and a Star Trek film.

Sweet eggy French bread eaten at breakfast.

David __, England footballer married to Victoria.

To present.

It hangs down beside your face and can be pierced.

Someone who can keep several balls in the air.

Puzzle 19

An adult male horse is called a __.

Aka parentheses, used in maths and English.

Encouraging injections against diseases.

Jesus had twelve of these disciples.

Playing sports is part of __ education.

Major mountain range between Spain and France.

__ and cheese.

Instant messaging app with ghost logo.

The length between two places or points.

Book where Harriet Manners becomes a model.

Puzzle 20

Beautiful Egyptian, the wife of pharaoh Akhenaten.

A recorded message left on a phone.

Industrial building with a production line.

Justin Bieber's Spanish summer hit.

Mathematical term for when lines cross.

What you get at school overall.

Drew __, actress of Charlie's Angels.

Gorgeous, breath-taking.

Apply to the skin for protection, should have SPF.

Adventure course set up in woodland trees.

Use this on your features to become a tiger.

You'll be asked many of these in an exam.

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