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Here are the answers to CodyCross School Supplies Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Scientific name for the fats and oils food group.

Puppies, cubs, runts.

Very small, tiny, like the hands on a clock.

A firework or spaceship.

French word for house.

Device on a brass instrument that alters the pitch.

Dispenser's instructions on medicine quantities.

Italian sausage you eat cold, in slices.

__ and Clyde, 1930s US criminals on a spree.

Protective envelope for keeping papers safe.

__ band; also called an elastic band.

Soot-covered men who extract coal.

Male headdress consisting of long length of fabric.

Be against.

These are spent in Russia.

__ skating, sport with dance routines on ice.

The least wet.

Puzzle 2

Star Wars: The Force __, this movie isn't sleepy.

Writing your name on a contract or a check.

Modifiers of verbs, frequently ending in "-ly".

Sandy seaside areas perfect for building castles.

People who work in agriculture.

Made a noise like a hen.

Leaves descending from trees.

Playground rides that go up and down.

You're shown this when sent off in football.

Outline for making identical letters or patterns.

Fox __; Dr Seuss story about a fox with footwear.

Peter Pan's friend, one of the Lost Boys.

Label that is sewn into clothes.

Summer medical condition when hit by too many rays.

Rice dish from Italy.

The Virgin Mary, in the Christian religion.


Puzzle 3

Restaurant food intended to be eaten at home.

Leg protectors for football or hockey.

__ Ford, he played Han Solo.

Extremely hungry, ravenous.

Towards the opposite direction to east.

Awfully, dreadfully.

Man who has pocket picked in Oliver Twist.

Santa's sleigh is pulled by these animals.

Victorian lighting for miners underground.

Karaoke-style PlayStation game with microphones.

A larva that spins a fine, precious thread.

To drive faster and go past other vehicles.

Paper __; a brass pin for joining papers together.

Shakes and trembles.

Collection of tracks on a radio show.

Puzzle 4

The sponge is __ the spilt milk; soaking up.

Tool for making small openings in sheets of paper.

The state of living, rhymes with "persistence".

Glass dome ornament with falling glitter inside.

People who make decisions during sports games.

Times when the power and lights fail.

A tool for giving pencils points.

Gifts of money to a charity.

Singer with celebrity fragrances Purr and Meow.

Spaghetti __, minced meat and tomato sauce.

Famous military decoration from Germany.

Chores such as dusting and cleaning.

Puzzle 5

A vertical line on the left of a sheet of paper.

Eggs that are cooked in very hot water.

The whaling ship that features in Moby Dick.

Wooden structures for supporting artists' work.

Racket sport played indoors.

Leave a place, move out.

Sticky-backed yellow note.

Stealing things by copying them illegally.

Fluffy yellow Easter baby birds.

Shirt for a woman.

Puzzle 6

A protective jacket for science lessons.

Customers of a business.

Hits with clenched fists.

Iron-rich animal products, such as beef or lamb.


Pitch __ 3, music competition movie.

Snakes and __ board game.

Gadgets, technological things that help you.

Gouging holes in a pumpkin.

A person who is being treated in a hospital.

Decision by a jury.

Hates, loathes.

Happily, or a repeated word in "Row your boat".

Tape __; a flexible device for finding out length.

Puzzle 7

Arachnophobia is the fear of these creatures.

A device for dispensing hot adhesive.

Carried by ladies, contains essentials and more.

Something that is no good, pointless, impractical.

Device for joining papers together with metal.

Rapper who sang Hey Ma.

Turned, e.g. put a lid on a jar.

Small cakes often containing blueberries.

Big __, the totalitarian leader of Orwell's 1984.

City in Florida that is home to Walt Disney World.

A field where a horse can exercise.

Hasbro game where cream ends up on your nose.

Making money from work.

__ League, Batman/Wonder Woman/others team up.

Puzzle 8

A place of safety or peace.

Opening a door with a key.

A colorful, edible tiny teddy.

Mistrust of someone.

People you go up against in a sports game.

Tenth Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.

Large reptile common to Florida.

A book for artwork.

Biblical writing.

A party game where you copy actions if they say so.

XXI in Roman numerals.

A hard-backed rectangle for holding paper in place.

The opposite of widest.

Full of sadness.

Dorothy walked the Yellow __.

Puzzle 9

Came into sight or materialized.

The moment a spacecraft is launched.

Container for oils or watercolors.

Huge waves caused by earthquakes.

People who play sports.

Flying vehicle, e.g. a helicopter or a plane.

Loch Ness is in this country.

The meaning of this mathematical sign: <.

Sticky substance, for example tape or glue.

Inhaled and exhaled.

Katniss from The Hunger Games.

Older people who have left formal employment.

Puzzle 10

Legendary king associated with a round table.

Bending forwards at the end of a play.

Big cat also known as a puma or mountain lion.

__ Christmas, another name for Santa Claus.

Less warm.

A harbor where yachts are moored.

Spanish for "friends".

Lukas __, singer of 7 Years.

Extremely hot and turned to liquid, e.g. lava.

Measuring devices also used to draw straight lines.

Athletes wore crowns of this leaf in ancient times.

__ burner; a device with a flame in a science lab.

Puzzle 11

Get, achieve.

__ and Ken make a good toy couple.


Burned, flamed.

Coiled binding for notebooks.

Cupboard with a key for keeping valuables safe.

A tree, or Will Smith's daughter.

Traditionally seen in armor on a horse.

Green-skinned character in The Neverending Story.

The black circles inside people's eyes.

A container for keeping picnic food chilled.

When you finish a telephone call, you __.

Aladdin was granted three of these.

Puzzle 12

Frame for the foot attached to a horse's saddle.

A well-known brand of permanent markers.

Ruined, destroyed.

A __ whale is one that has become stranded on land.

Lycra gymnastics outfit.

__ Faso is the modern name for Upper Volta.

Authors, creators of stories.

__ Style, iconic Korean dance hit.

Turning over soil in garden flower beds.

Sticks of a vegetable that thinks it is a fruit.

Police __, a law enforcement worker.

Dog type, including Cocker and Springer.

Sausages in rolls, served as party food.

Illness where you lose your memory.

To release a substance from a cell or gland.

Puzzle 13

Account info you need to log onto a computer.

Self-adhesive labels for writing on.

Seen on screen at the conclusion of video play.

Sphere of ice for throwing at friends.

Capital city of South Australia and a queen's name.

Clean Bandit song, featuring Jess Glynne.

Cooling water until it is solid.

Legal procedure for parents taking on a child.

Doing well, in good health.

A structure that is home to tropical fish.

A planner or diary for recording important dates.

Large, gray land mammal, can be African or Asian.

To scatter powder or sugar.

Puzzle 14

A playground game involving hopping.

Played on a rink with sticks and puck.

Person who films TV shows.

Small piece of bent wire that holds papers together.

Top billing in films; actor that shines brightly.

Mealtime seat for an infant.

Marks made on skin by a cat's claws, maybe.

Ancient, prehistoric, primeval.

Spray applied under arms to stop sweat smells.

Person who gives up their time for free.

Ben and Jerry's choc ice cream with fish shapes.

Nationality of someone from Rio.

Small annoying little thing or person.

A pen with a very thin tip.

Little __ Hood, girl taken in by the Big Bad Wolf.

Puzzle 15

Attached to something, connected, linked.

A surface for paintings that stands on an easel.

Tom __, used the alias "Lord Voldemort".

Makes a noise like a lamb.

Pugilism as a sport.

Timepieces on the wall.

Postpones, makes later.

Three decades, __ years.

A folder for paperwork, sometimes with rings.

Country to the north of Kazakhstan.

Puzzle 16

Despicable Me supervillain Victor Perkins.

Dusty sticks for writing on blackboards.

Bowl-shaped bone structure at hip level.

__ media, web sites for sharing photos.

Opposite of clever.

This country's capital is Warsaw.

Shiny and white, like a precious stone.

Water __; a drinks container.

Amount of increase.

Magic __, fly away on this rug.

Puzzle 17

Engraving on a gravestone; poem for a dead person.

Marker pen available in lots of different colors.

At the top of the stamen, the male flower parts.

Visited by ghosts in Dickens novel, Ebenezer __.

Flammable metal, chemical symbol Li.

Reusable adhesive for sticking posters to walls.

Passed date of validity.

Wipe your feet on it before you enter a home.

Holidays on passenger ships.

A sale where the highest bidder wins.

Relating to African desert, largest hot desert.

Puzzle 18

Alpha to Omega: the Greek __.

Cristiano Ronaldo plays for this country.

Directs the musicians in an orchestra.

Writer of an assignment or dissertation.

Object for neatly organizing pens and stationery.

Big water birds with huge bottom beak for fish.

Making holes in the skin, e.g. for earrings.

Hats, caps, turbans, etc.

Someone who is clumsy has two __, not right ones!.

A substance formed by two or more elements.

White-topped waves that crash on the beach.

A party that is planned in secret.

Stationery item with gummed edges.

Raises to a higher standard seat on a plane.

Puzzle 19

Snow Queen's tears become this flower.

Won, triumphed.

Twins who are not identical are __.

Where blusher is applied.

Natural illumination at night.

"The __ catches the worm".

How fast the breeze is blowing.

Guardians of __; Marvel superhero film.

This is used to rub out pen marks.

Pasta with pork or bacon in creamy sauce.

Marker that cannot be rubbed out.

Golden __, blond dog like a Labrador.

Brilliant, fabulous.

Puzzle 20

Sudden and unexpected.

The __, Tolkien book about Bilbo Baggins.

People who are in charge at work.

A quick drawing.

Disney rodent with red shorts, __ Mouse.

Rumbling noises made by angry animals.

Not dead.

__ del Fuego, tip of S America, a "Land of Fire".

A pen for writing on a whiteboard.

__ paper; thin, scrunchy colored paper for craft.

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