CodyCross Sci-fi Universe Pack answers

Sci-fi Universe PackSci-fi Universe

Here are the answers to CodyCross Sci-fi Universe Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Ease, moderate, often of feelings.

Larry, Moe, and Curly make up the Three __.

Carrie-Anne Moss in The Matrix.

Capital and largest city of Wales.

Not tested.

The most unattractive; not pretty.

Cuisine known for its mole poblano.

Cows or horses eating grass in fields.

Buddies Sinatra, Martin, Davis Jr, Lawford, Bishop.

__ Baby, U2 album that featured The Fly.

Dismissed Prime Minister of Australia: Gough __.

Jesus' footwear.

Branched item for holding tea and coffee cups.

Book about an AI in a human body: Ancillary __.

Puzzle 2

Grape-shrivelling fungus that concentrates sugars.

Became less harsh, softened.

Mishitting and misdirecting a ball in golf.

Two Girls, One on __, book by Alan Connor.

Traditional Maori woven decorative panels.

Ripping off or tricking in the electronic world.

Name a child in church.

Nasal noise, like of a rampaging bull.

British Prime Minister in 1868 and 1874-80.

Back to the Future time machine.

Dirk Benedict, Katee Sackhoff played Lt. __.

Puzzle 3

Changing, adapting.

Dinks over the tennis net.

B-127 becomes this yellow VW Beetle character.

1989 movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme as a fighter.

Elevator space.

Elvis' daughter, born in 1968.

Mixed, alcoholic drinks.

Sassenach is Claire's nickname in this book.

Speedy, shark-like fish with its own sabre.

Puzzle 4

More dotted than.

Obnoxious boaster.

British-Dutch company of foods, cleaning products.

It does exactly what it says __, slogan of Ronseal.

Poppy conflict between Britain, France and China.

Ascending a hill or mountain.

Jeff __ bares his chest as Dr. Ian Malcolm.

__ photographer, photographs animals.

US artist had a Silver Bullet Band.

Upper legs and backside collectively.


Christmas cake from Abruzzo, Italy.

Nickname for the tie worn with a dress shirt.

Final performance before retiring.

Katniss __ resides in District 12 of Panem.

Puzzle 5

__ fair, buy other people's things from vehicles.

Major port on Argentina's Paraná River.

Spanish designer of painted fabric and tea gowns.

Pacific Rim, Mimic director, Guillermo __.

Dreadful, resembling Hades.

Malady, illness.

Marry on Thursday for __.

Has the taste of creamy dairy.

__ spot, painted disc 11m from a goaline in soccer.

Publishers and educators who own Edexcel.

Recep Tayyip __, became Turkey's president in 2014.

Spotted great cat.

Took part in a bar fight.

Unintentional water loss.

Gavrilo __, his act precipitated World War I.

Sang together as a duo.

Oscar Isaac dances with a robot in Ex __.

Astrology: angular relationships e.g. conjunction.

Amount of electrical power measured.

Puzzle 6

__ wrap, protective packaging that pops.

Fish species that means star in heraldry.

End of world novel by N. K. Jemisin, The Fifth __.

Frankenstein, or the __ Prometheus.

Aircraft manufacturer founded in Seattle.

Speaks out uncontrollably.

Despite the fact.

Hare and __, a cross-country paperchase.

Lindsay __, she played the Bionic Woman.

Mexican peoples who carved massive stone heads.

The chapel for the 5/19/18 royal wedding: St. __.

Puzzle 7

Gannets, shearwaters or petrels, for example.

H.G. Wells wrote about a __ universe.

A dog talks using Scrabble in this Koontz book.

Find treasure in summer fair sawdust.

Ellen __, Wordplay film crossword solver, setter.

Name for people native to Rio de Janeiro.

__ to Love, iconic Robert Palmer video with models.

__ Ansari, first female tourist in space.

Medicated topical ointment with Latin origins.

Turning engine part that opens valves.

François __, French director of Jules et Jim.

Paint or wallpaper a room.

Fluffy dessert of eggs and sugar.

__ Modi; became prime minister of India in 2014.

Individual changing rooms.

Puzzle 8

A hoop around a star, also a Larry Niven novel.

Portuguese style of the Jerónimos Monastery.

A wardrobe slip put her on thin ice: Gabriella __.

__ fan; removes stale air and moisture.

Aka pill bug, house crustacean with a shell.

Caligula's horse, the one he made consul, they say.

Carefully transferring wine.

Firearm where a spark ignites a gunpowder charge.

Using up resources; ingesting.

Made great pies thanks to Sweeney Todd.

General name for strawberries, raspberries, etc..

Easternmost town in the UK.

King Solomon's mother.

Turned dark or besmirched someone's reputation.

Alternative name for a harmonium.

Moscow gardens, often used in Cold War spy fiction.

Greek term for the masses, the ordinary people.

Clarins Beauty __, for soft radiant facial glow.

Unable to think clearly.

__ Systems is responsible for the rise of Skynet.

Puzzle 9

Atlantis, Universe, SG-1 series.

Record-breaking busy Tokyo transport hub.

Amanda __; plays Sophie in Mamma Mia!.

Another name for the disease nagana: __ sickness.

Paid domestic who visits on a regular basis.

Was reliant on.

Falling over one's feet.

Land of Youth; the otherworld in Celtic mythology.

Iggy Azalea's real first name.

Thin narrow cracks in rock surfaces.

Monks after a nuclear war: A __ for Leibowitz.

Short, humorous opera.

Cassis cocktail named after a French mayor.

Fence behind baseball home plate.

German Surrealist created The Elephant Celebes.

Slaughter of many.

Co-founder of Mercedes-Benz with Gottlieb Daimler.

Garment capable of withstanding cleaning.

Prevention is better __.

Making chicken sounds.

Puzzle 10

Places to make an indoor fire.

Cafe worker with a crush on Rachel in Friends.

Palace in Rome built for a grand family.

Wooden targets in cricket.

Octavia Butler's time travel tale of slavery.

"__ can't be choosers".

__ Alone, 1989 hit for Michael Jackson.

Movie set in 1995 about Carol Danvers, __ Marvel.

A horse that suddenly runs away without a rider.

Moorish style in Spain, especially in Teruel.

Willem __, Dutch navigator discovered Spitsbergen.

Easter word referring to the suffering of Christ.

Tiny round seeds to spice curries or hot dog sauce.

Puzzle 11

Holding on very tightly.

Impacts with another vehicle.

Bomb debris.

Spanish racing driver, __ Alonso.

Theocratic military alliance of alien races, Halo.

Ship that Ripley is on in Alien.

British queen who was a prolific journal writer.

Orbicular __ can inflate when threatened.

Disappointing; disillusioning.

Let's Stay __, Rev Al's hit features in many films.

The colour of the boat in The Owl and the Pussycat.

Tarmacked or paved path for cars outside a home.

1880s faction of the US Republican Party.

Stared angrily.

Having no breakfast, dinner or tea.

Puzzle 12

__ of Unity, Gujarat, world's tallest in 2018.

World famous brand of Scotch Whisky: __ Regal.

Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel, The __ of Korra.

__ Nasr, Mesopotamian archaeological culture.

Prizes are given at an __ ceremony.

__ acid, natural substance found in stings of ants.

Machines that convert energy to mechanical energy.

Pearl __, the Broadway lead in Hello, Dolly!.

Arts and __, the vernacular style of Edwin Lutyens.

The town that worships Jayne Cobb, Hero of __.

Puzzle 13

Nautical-style sweater.

Argentinian name for the Falklands: Islas __.

Savoury jams to eat with e.g. cheese or curry.

Steven __ and the alien Crystal Gems.

Moving in a circle, dancing with hips circling.

Got very good at, acquired a new skill.

__ Ejiofor, actor of 12 Years a Slave.

Tiles and dots game, once played in pubs.

Writer of human evolution tale Darwin's Radio.

Ruler of Haiti from 1957 to 1971.

Natural fuel produced from fine sedimentary rock.

Term for a Russian granny.

Tourist accommodation carved in frozen places.

February stone.

German composer of Carmina Burana.

British Royal residence in Edinburgh: __ Palace.

International team event in men's tennis.

Software that is readily available with no charge.

Puzzle 14

Wooden ceiling support in the mines.

LB __, set out the Great Society in 1965.

2006 post-apocalyptic novel that won the Pulitzer.

John the __, Christian saint who was beheaded.

Movie about a linguist saviour when aliens land.

Pierre __, designer for the international jet-set.

Weapon; anagram of misread.

Disputed border area in India.

Food the British call a banger.

Upholds the law.

Multiple heads of a sports team.

__ sticks, decorative hiking aids.

Verbal nouns that function as a substantive.


Puzzle 15

Not quite bearded, barely there hairline.

Bacony egg custard baked in a pie crust: Quiche __.

Joni's lyrics from Big Yellow Taxi "They paved __".

The S in BACS or Bankers Automated Clearing __.

State of being without an enclosure with bars.

The Left Hand of __ about ambisexual Gethenians.

Bushy habitat alongside a road, lane or field.

The 501st Legion wears costumes from this movie.

More immature, less adult.

Military footwear, associated with Nazi Germany.

To get away with something with no repercussions.

Chats even more than.

Improved, changed for a better model or class.

Puzzle 16

Colin __, Schwarzenegger role in Total Recall redo.

Tennis system that tracks the ball.

Garden produce carts.

__ disc, painful back condition.

Road where Lennon was brought up (and album title).

First president of the Republic of Indonesia.

Geometric term for a straight lined plane figure.

Kevin Bacon, Reba McEntire, and giant worms.

Biblical sea.

Remark by Hamlet to Ophelia: "Get thee to a __".

In autumn, the days start to get __.

Fruit salad from Guadalajara.

Defamation, slander, slur.

Birds of stormy character?.

Puzzle 17

Alf's home planet.

Division of Ireland, e.g. Galway, Cork.

Alan J __; director of All The President's Men.

The P in PTO, found at the bottom of a page.

Spanish, spiced, raw vegetable sauces.

Small European songbird, also a type of clock.

Kerry King's thrash metal band.

Blooms and blossoms.

German post-war writer of Austerlitz.

Triangular roof ends.

Catch wrestler.

Written language of the ancient Mycenaeans: __ B.

Black __, anthology show about future and tech.

Puzzle 18

Tart, date-like fruit used in Worcestershire sauce.

Pillowcases and duvet covers.

Looking quickly.

Become agitated; Chic and Sister Sledge album.

Palestinian uprising of the Gaza Strip/West Bank.

Daniel Keyes classic, Flowers for __.

1st tennis player to win the Grand Slam in one year.

A lipid vesicle.

An Internet-based show about board games.

To move without travelling the space in between.

Coming of age, adulthood.

Asian mountain range.

Puzzle 19

Romantic enticer.

This dystopic movie's title is a DNA sequence.

Chopped; made food ready for serving.

Robbed of $100 million in jewels in 2008: Harry __.

Leaves of a plant or tree.

Marge's maiden name in The Simpsons.

The A in TLA: three-letter __.

Leon __, Marxist/Leninist former Soviet leader.

A robot having the form or likeness of a human.

Black and white nocturnal mammals.

Traditional Japanese puppet theater.

Puzzle 20

Festivities, merriment, partying.

Provided with power lines.

Coral islands with lagoons.

__, New York's East River island prison.

Will Smith character in Men in Black.

European building style linked to Napoleon.

Tan/light brown casual pants made of cotton.

Cheerful and lively sounding, like a bird.

Holistic detective, Dirk __.

Dried flower buds spices, stick into oranges.

Bronze, silver, zinc.

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