CodyCross Science Fair Projects Pack answers

Science Fair Projects PackScience Fair Projects

Here are the answers to CodyCross Science Fair Projects Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Medieval farmer.

Thin, hollow drinking tubes for model making.

__ Mouse, Disney's iconic rodent.

Not liquids or gases; hard materials.

Big wild animals that "laugh".

Scottish dish of animal blood and meat.

Film musical; anagram of agrees.

Modest and respectful, not a show-off.

"My __ lies over the ocean".

Grey, moody and dark, a looming cloudy sky.

__ shake, a popular hip-hop dance.

Puzzle 2

Colorful capsicums fruits eaten raw or cooked.

A sample or prototype, or a maths problem.

Bouncy coils or spirals made from metal.

The US state that contains Walt Disney World.

An age from over 39/under 50.

Correcting and changing articles for a newspaper.

Prank-loving boy who attends a school called PS 38.

Demands to have something.

A canine sport.

Drawings made by Neanderthal man.

An organ in the body where food is digested.

Inflatable rubber bag that can be filled with gas.

__ horse; children's toy for riding indoors.

Asked a price for something, requested a fee.

Footballer Cristiano __, CR7.

Wearing away, like a cliff's surface.

Puzzle 3

TGIF, __ it's Friday.

Someone who discovers new lands.

__ balls; lightweight white spheres.

Someone who has just got married.

Entering by force, planning to conquer.

Small dried grapes, not raisins.

Vision, how well you can see.

A style of movement using metal-soled shoes.

Artists who work with oil or watercolors.

Trips, voyages.

Not getting it.

Mr. & __, Brad and Angelina play assassins.

Permission to do something, seal of __.

Trumpet musical instrument at the 2010 World Cup.

A lady officially in charge of a town.

Puzzle 4

Structure built across rivers, roads or railways.

A stack of things wrapped together with string.

A shortened game of rugby with 6+1 players.

We three kings of __ are; carol about the wise men.

Russian capital with Kremlin at its heart.

What people need when they are thirsty.

Social network game builder, with virtual blocks.

Precious, shiny metal.

Not level.

Tom __ starred alongside Pitt in a vampire film.

Perfumier of No 5, No 19 and Cristalle.

Little Tommy __ sang for his supper.

Puzzle 5

Scandinavian country that faces the North Sea.

Coarse and funny, and an anagram of bridal.

Solar __; the sun and everything that orbits it.

Jewish bread rings.

When you use something and then give it back.

Orange big cats with black stripes.

A __ cold is a routine illness.

Frog __, royal transformed thanks to kindness.

__ away! Exclamation when biplanes take off.

__ ring, inflatable for helping kids float.

__ controls; operating consoles for robots.

Puzzle 6

Covered in small liquid-filled spots.

Official restriction of food as a wartime measure.

When something should be taken as read.

Australian place where the first convicts arrived.

A white dog with black spots.

Taking more money from the bank than you have.

Love The __; 2010 hit for Eminem and Rihanna.

Old __, the nickname of the USS Constitution ship.

People whose job is to draw up detailed plans.

Front sheet of a project.

Comics artist, Captain America creator with Simon.

Body part: little piggy that went wee wee wee.

Open a window to let air in.

Being held in prison.

Development from baby to child to adult.

An entertainer who works with stringed toys.

Puzzle 7

An implement for putting on greens.

The first showing of a movie.

With the most lumps and dips, for example a road.

Substances found in cheese, eggs, milk and meat.

A site where household waste is taken.

Playing cards for money.

Zodiac symbol denoted by a water-carrier.

Devices that turn lights on and off.

Upright, not horizontal.

Famous Australian poet, "Banjo" __ (1864-1941).

Between Wednesday and Friday.


Puzzle 8

Craft tool for firing adhesive into place.

Made of material that comes from a sheep.

Small newspaper.

A man whose wife has died.

Shouting very loud.

The Beatles broke up in this year, nineteen __.

Six-sided shape.

A large dog breed traditionally used as guard dogs.

Brown facial mark comes out in the sun.

Sale by bidding.

A person who is trouble is said to be __.

Rain, wind, sun or snow, for example.

A portable camping light.

John the __, cousin of Jesus Christ.

Puzzle 9

You can break a Kit Kat into two or four __.

The industry of people visiting places for holiday.

Spray can.

__ Davis, played Wicket in Star Wars.

Snow sledges, like Santa's.

An alert or alarm to caution someone.

Fake painting.

Can be mended.

Rural community of a handful of homes.

Bugs with six legs.

Flap quickly, with small movements.

Wrestling pair – tap your partner to swap over.

__ Hurtado, plays Freddy in School of Rock.

__ foam; bathroom lather used for making slime.

Formed fashion label with Domenico Dolce.

Puzzle 10

A group of musicians (French word).

A creature that eats plants and meat.

Slingshot; a launching device.

A table of __ tells you what is included in a book.

Quietens, makes someone be quiet.

Period for which something is legal or allowed.

Someone from the capital of England.

Long, light vehicle for sliding down ice or snow.

Homemade garden shelter for insects.

Wear in the head holes for an undisturbed sleep.

Passenger section of a train.

Enter without permission.

Puzzle 11

Personal physical attack.

Mass of glacial debris left after a glacier melts.

Goes back to original shape after being stretched.

Angel who told Mary she was going to have a baby.

Force that pulls objects towards the ground.

Throw away.

Making a video or voice call via this internet app.

To not be fond of something.

Large constricting snakes.

Someone who supervises people at sporting events.

Small drums you play with your hands.

Puzzle 12

__ family means your closest relatives.

Drama series based around Archie Comics.

Unikitty's younger brother Prince __.

Optical __; clever eye tricks.

Airline flight attendants.

Someone who smooths the walls ready for painting.

Thinks about, toys with an idea.

Measure of the quality of a digital photo.

Device holds the strings of a stringed instrument.

South American country beginning with V.

Small fruit grown in bushes; a pink-red colour.

Somersaults, but not forwards.

A group of males.

Hiccup's dragon in Cressida Cowell's novels.

Active at night and asleep during the day.

Changed money from one currency to another.

Puzzle 13

Mad wonderland inhabitant.

Person whose occupation is on North Sea rigs.

An Italian volcano and type of pizza.

News programmes are also __.

Twin-hulled boat.

Businesses, corporations.

Safety barrier on a ship or a staircase/escalator.

Refill something once it has become empty.

Only garb worn by Tarzan.

A link online that you can follow with your mouse.

Animal that eats meat.

Pieces of luggage.

Music lyric: "Tis the season __".

Thick, stiff paper for making models or boxes.

Elzie Crisler Segar said that Popeye is one.

Out of the __, into the fire.

Puzzle 14

Giant bird species of New Guinea and Australia.

The sister of your grandmother or grandfather.

Fantasy football side, including the best players.

Californian music and arts festival.

Finding out how long something is.

Maui teaches Moana to be a master __ on the water.

Broken, as in a minor bone break.

Where actors relax when they are not performing.

The Penguin's surname in the Batman tales.

Hexagonal wax cells built by bees.

Armour worn by knights, made of small metal loops.

Wrong, not true.

Science subject where you study the periodic table.

__ day, event to promote literature and reading.

Herb-flavoured spice that twinkles, maybe.

Use this shift to control a car's speed.

Between morning and evening.

To butt in, to talk over someone.

Female firefighters.

Puzzle 15

To have been a group member, rhymes with "wronged".

__ Bridge, 1066 battle at York and Chelsea's home.

An athlete who has competed in the Olympic Games.

Pipe __, bendy rods used in the crafty arts.

For each year.

Finding out how heavy something is.

A place to stick your notes and memos.


Eau de __, a less concentrated form of perfume.

Fan of Canadian singer Justin.

Biting, bloodsucking insect, can spread disease.

Eye condition with high pressure in the eyeball.

Guess or predict how many.

Venetian boats.

Brazil's capital city.

Puzzle 16

Phoenix Wright would say this in Ace Attorney.

Vehicle that travels underwater.

Voting system, __ the Post.

Systems of letters, e.g. Cyrillic, Roman.

An exciting trip with unexpected exploits.

Six times nine.

__ Woman, part of the Fantastic Four.

Lack of knowledge.

The __ Redemption, often voted the best film ever.

Top bit of trousers, sometimes elasticated.

People from Karmen Pedaru's country.

Makes a noise or sound louder.

Cloth safety device for people jumping from planes.

Bloodthirsty human __ was practised by the Aztecs.

Female sponsor who swears oath at a christening.

Eagles' song about bad things of the past.

A fun place with rides and roller coasters.

A jumping gazelle from southern Africa.

Puzzle 17

The Satanic __, controversial book by Mr Rushdie.

Drinking in the last-chance __.

Something that is not in open view.

Copper, gold, or tin, for example.

The Tree __, Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain star.

Runny skin cream.

Amount produced in a set period of time.

Cord or a thin rope.

Describes the taste when sand gets in sandwiches.

Government agency; also writing desk with drawers.

White-fleshed round root vegetable.

Relating to or resembling a cat.

Puzzle 18

A useful device for finding which way is north.

Curing, making an illness better.

Foghorn __, giant Looney Tune rooster.

Small round red, green, yellow pulses, used in dal.

Not your biological father but married to your mum.

A __ of computers; a group of linked PCs.

Plastic disc thrown through the air as sport.

HMS __, Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar.

Cair __, castle from where the Narnia royals rule.

Raiders of the __, the first Indiana Jones film.

Die __, craft used in scrapbooking.

Grunted or sniffed loudly.

Equal distribution of weight.

Make these stronger by exercising.

Culture __, rhyming phrase for one who loves arts.

A range or selection; a type of show.

__ robes, flowing dress worn by nomadic Arabians.

Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, for example.

Puzzle 19

Wear these around the neck to support a broken arm.

Extremely high temperature, like glowing coals.

__-maché; craft material made from pulped paper.

Talents; abilities.

When a bean or seed begins to grow it starts to __.

Transports that run on railway tracks.

A horse's feet.

Song by the Beatles: All My __.

Point __, the OV in POV.

Wires that carry electricity.

Officers who stop prisoners from escaping.

Slang word for vegetarian.

Puzzle 20

To moan or complain.

Space shuttles that are launched into orbit.

Individual pieces of hair or thread.

Noisy weather that comes with lightning.

Traditional religion related to natural spirits.

Democratic Repubic established by Ho Chi Minh.

Against the law.

Prawns by another name.

Gave medical help to someone.

Suzanne, The Hunger Games author.

__ lens solution; liquid used for making slime.

Metal bowl to burn wood in for warmth or to cook.

Grain-based breakfasts topped with milk.

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