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Here are the answers to CodyCross Science Lesson Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

To twist a ligament of a joint, like an ankle.

Relating to words or speech.

Remind an actor of their line.

Current flows through these in one direction.

Necklace or pendant with space for a photograph.

Name of Henry VIII's only son.

Box that counts website visitors.

Scottish X-Men and Atonement actor James.

Pipe that collects rainwater at the edge of a roof.

Giant sea monster in Norse legend.

Steak cut from along the cow's chest bones.

Lighter-than-air gas that fills birthday balloons.

French-speaking province of Canada.

Puzzle 2

Radioactive byproduct of nuclear power production.

Opinion, way of thinking.

Italian turnover filled with cheese and meat.

The largest island in the world.

Die-cast toy cars with fiery logo.

From one evening to the next morning.

Check that an instrument is measuring accurately.

Emily, poet who said "Success is counted sweetest".

White is a leukocyte, red is an erythrocyte.

Bill Clinton's presidential middle name.

Puzzle 3

Pruned, managed an area of woodland.

Epic 1845 bird-based poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

Mixed up in something.

A 2019 film starring Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B.

Shock __, car part for a less bumpy ride.

Jacob's relation to Abraham in the Bible.

Antique term for poor people.

Powerful Russian business magnate.

A dessert made from whipped egg whites and sugar.

Working dough or clay.

Matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid.

The first name of actors Hamilton and Hoult.

Beach music singers of Under the Boardwalk.

Imposed a rule.

Cell found in sense organs, e.g. eyes or nose.

Coastal, relating to the seashore.

On the __, in a position of disadvantage.

Disease preventions from syringes.

Not impressed, not finding something funny.

Puzzle 4

Strategy for a football match.

Immersing clothes in water for a period.

Regulatory substance produced by glands.

These Patch Kids were popular dolls in the 1980s.

The world's financial situation.

This animal can be chinstrap, emperor or macaroni.

Novelists hope to get a lot of these.

Bill Gates' wife and charity co-founder.

Liquid movement through a semipermeable membrane.

__ one's muscles; showing off one's biceps.

Mexican state of the mariachis and tequila.

Hand-sewn decorations on wedding dresses.

Someone who does not believe in any god.

Puzzle 5

When there are 366 days on a calendar and not 365.

Hero of Roman mythology noted for his strength.

Adding cornstarch or flour to a gravy does this.

Small skin cavity from which hair grows.

Telecommunications company and cycling sponsor.

Warm fabric with a ridge pattern.

US singer of Ex's & Oh's and Good Girls.

Substances produced during a chemical reaction.

Break up and turn over soil.

Battle of 1815 that saw Wellington defeat Napoleon.

A famous group of teen actors in the 1980s.

Yellow smiley flower of spring, grown from a bulb.

Bright blue gem, the birthstone for September.

Governing, serving, holding a position of power.

Start of a military operation; clocks set to this.

Precipitation that is not alkaline or neutral.

Computer term with the abbreviation MB.

Carnival place that might have wacky mirrors.

Puzzle 6

The capital city of Catalonia.

Greek dramatist known for Antigone and Electra.

Study of the structure of rocks and minerals.

The group of people often seen with a celebrity.

Someone who writes plays.

Cannot be dissolved in a liquid.

Communication system with dots and dashes.

Full name of our "ab" muscles.

Outer double boundaries of a tennis court.

He played the Joker in Suicide Squad.

Christmas treats roasted on an open fire.

Puzzle 7

A small freshwater turtle.

Jeff, star of Jurassic Park and Independence Day.

__ Syne, song heard at midnight on New Year's Eve.

A treatment facility where patients go for care.

Minor streams or creeks.

Organ connecting an unborn baby to the uterus.

Supplied with tools.

It's an oat bar in the UK and a pancake in the US.

Performed with notes sharply separated.

End the tracking of another on social media.

A fixed telephone number for a home, not a mobile.

Internal, not international travel.

Sewing machine reverse move to secure stitches.

Substance that speeds up a chemical reaction.

Puzzle 8

Passenger services on ships.

To pass a test or be suitable for something.

The larval stage of a frog.

US city destroyed by fire in 1871.

US band fronted by Debbie Harry.

Prolong, protract.

Miniscule life form, e.g. disease-causing bacteria.

The flat muddy land at the mouth of a river.

__ of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones film.

Air sacs in a mammal's lungs.

Combination of wine with certain foods.

Computer available for use by any office worker.

Money lender in the Merchant of Venice.

Puzzle 9

Giant historical stadium in the middle of Rome.

Animals that eat both plants and other animals.

The vampire TV series about Sookie Stackhouse.

Machine that produces electrical energy.

What a confident roulette player says to dealer.

A stately building housing one or more tombs.

Name for foods like pierogi or Chinese jiaozi.

Creates tallness.

Physicist who created the photovoltaic cell.

Separated, no longer romantically involved.

Ben E. King song and Stephen King movie.

Puzzle 10

Slope of the line on a graph.

Someone superfluous or useless that drags you down.

Dogsled race held annually in Alaska.

The Child, cute alien on The Mandalorian.

Group of bonded atoms without electrical charge.

Sliding brass instrument.

Pioneering war-time nurse Nightingale.

Warming device in a home.

Business premises of a dentist or vet.

Canine used by shepherds to herd flocks.

Male relative and mentor of Peter Parker.

Southern, primarily French-speaking Belgian area.

Lewis Carroll's disappearing grinning cat.

Puzzle 11

Process that splits the nucleus of an atom.

Camila, singer behind 2017's Havana.

Collar, strap that helps control a horse.

An informal term for a photograph of a prisoner.

Doing tricks with a spinning toy on a long string.

Bizarre, dreamy, fantastic and odd.

The Hanging Gardens were found in this city.

Jellied sweet with sugar coating.

Organelle that contains the DNA of a cell.

City-State inside Rome where the Pope lives.

Skill with a bow and arrow.

Spend more money than is warranted.

Boy Scrooge saved in "A Christmas Carol".

__ Truckers, reality TV show on frozen lakes.

Spanish conquistador Francisco, who raided Peru.

A wooden chair with a back made of spindles.

Puzzle 12


Device that creates power by turning a magnet.

Vikander, who was in Ex Machina and Tomb Raider.

Fermented bean curd, a popular vegetarian item.

Popular trends or fads.

Temperature scale that starts at absolute zero.

Privilege or legal entitlements.

A racket and ball sport; a botanical fruit.

US business magazine, publishes yearly 400 list.

On the move or a town in Alabama.

Metal, historically used in tableware.

Lauren, actress wife of Humphrey Bogart.

Examples include electric, acoustic and bass.

Places where belts are worn.

Puzzle 13

Cell organelle that makes proteins.

Ryan Reynolds played this anti-hero more than once.

Someone who's good at sports is this.

South-western France birthplace of Richard II.

To signal for another car to stop and help.

Facility with stallions used for horse breeding.

Phrase used to help you remember facts.

A celebrity with a young fan-base.

Prolonged period of hotter-than-usual temperatures.

Organism that causes disease.

Cartoon cat who's friends with Odie the dog.

Fragrant spice often paired with apples.

First name of 221B Baker Street detective.

Italian cycle manufacturer established in 1953.

Social class ranked directly under royalty.

Train tracks.

Puzzle 14

What teachers attempt to do at school.

Bones that protect the heart and lungs.

Hormone that lowers blood sugar levels.

Data files stored when browsing websites.

Large destructive wave from underwater earthquakes.

More loose fitting, roomier.

Wooden garden homes for rabbits and guinea pigs.

What Hoke Colburn was doing for Miss Daisy.

Smells floating (with persuasion) through the air.

Creature said not to be able to change its spots.

Its proper name is a cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Captain Kirk's first officer in Star Trek.

Paper becomes art in this Japanese tradition.

Alternative name for electric potential difference.

Chapel where Michelangelo painted the ceiling.

Puzzle 15

A mysterious person is often called this.

Proverbially, cleanliness is next to it.

Giving a new lease of life to old items.

Fairy in The Nutcracker ballet.

Compound that links with others to form proteins.

Popstar whose real name is Peter Gene Hernandez.

The Netflix series which stars Carole Baskin.

Fried chicken pieces exclusive to McDonald's.

Spanish instrument made from clacking shells.

Sherwood Forest's Prince of Thieves.

Another name for a tropical cyclone.

Chemical element with the symbol K.

Electric or gas, it cuts your grass.

The body's way of processing food.

Puzzle 16

Animals that spray stinky substances.

Reinterpreted version of an original film.

Vigilante serial killer whose name is show's title.

Thinner bone between the knee and ankle.

Traverse a place to guard it or maintain order.

Instruments that make music in church with pipes.

Kindle Fire, iPad or Chromebook, for example.

Main ingredient in latkes before using potatoes.

Conical seashell that clings to rocks.

Lt Kilgore loves the smell of this in the morning.

Gas burner in a school science lab.

The Italian city that is built on water.

Self-help book The 7 __ of Highly Effective People.

Egyptian afterlife god with the head of a jackal.

Steps to follow in conducting an experiment.

Prohibit a pilot from flying.

Puzzle 17

A person who rules with absolute power.

Sister city.

Crucially important, key element.

Launchers for missiles; used by Joe perhaps.

Harden from a liquid state.

Plays Wonder Woman in the 2017 film.

Theme song: "Life is like a hurricane here in __".

John, composer known for Star Wars and E.T. themes.

Amazonian fish who eat meat.

Paper proofs of purchase.

Cylindrical airship named after a German count.

Resistance when two objects rub together.

Nickname of King John of England.

Dietary regime that excludes all animal products.

Puzzle 18

Religious figure in contact with the divine.

Famously, word used by PM Cameron to take it easy.

The type of alcohol found in cocktails.

High-pitched crying and complaining.

Income that is generated from a business.

Conned for cash.

Manufacturer of Galaxy phones and tablets.

European country whose parliament is the Bundestag.

Popstar who sang the Bond theme Die Another Day.

Large, smooth rock.

Brian, director of Scarface and Carlito's Way.

Particle with neither positive nor negative charge.

Business where designers decide what we wear.

Describes an automated snack selling machine.

Another name for Hansen's disease.

Puzzle 19

__ Apostles, South African mountain chain.

Die, expire, breathe one's last.

Intelligent primate found in Africa and Arabia.

One must do this while the iron is hot.

Tuneful name for groups of angels.

Slicked back one's hair with sticky product.

First name of 38th governor of California.

Fats or oils.

Leavening agents used in baking bread.

Flat-bodied, stringed instrument with many strings.

Quick-__; alert, mentally keen.

Female face cards in a standard deck.

First name of villain Quinn voiced by Kaley Cuoco.

Layer beneath the Earth's crust.

French marquis and libertine, he wrote Justine.

Puzzle 20

Ghost and Sue Storm's power is to become this.

Connected home with shared walls, several floors.

Information about an LP, written on the sleeves.

A 2000 cheerleading movie starring Kirsten Dunst.

Material through which electricity passes easily.

King Arthur's legendary sword.

Final part of a book after the main text.

Remedies, cures.

Online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone.

Movement from high to low concentration.

Dutch 17th century prolific self-portrait painter.

A shot that is not on course to score a goal.

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