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Here are the answers to CodyCross Sciences Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

In computing, a character or persona.

The amount of liquid a container can hold.

US state, the biggest and coldest.

Performing in a play or film.

School nurse and head nurse in a hospital.


Pitched in cricket.

French pancakes.

Bunsen __; a hot blue flame used in science labs.

Noise of a mouse.

Remove your belongings from a suitcase.

Lies in a bathtub.

Green Dr. Seuss character who stole Christmas.

Charlie Brown's black and white dog.

A curved piece of metal for storing clothes on.

Traitorous brother of King Harold killed in 1066.

Puzzle 2

Arachnids that spin webs.

People whose job it is to ride racehorses.

In music this means lively and quick.

The top prize in bingo or a lottery.

Goods for transporting.

Sleeping volcano that is not erupting, not extinct.

People who watch television.

To make something appear larger.

Securing with a hammer.

The branch of science that studies living things.

Deep in thought, rhymes with "defensive".

Amy Adams's character in Enchanted.

Puzzle 3

Showing no signs of being alive.

Large city in Turkey, not Ankara.

Marine mollusc and a ship from a Jules Verne book.

Similar to canoeing, but seated.

Cloth-covered elastic band for hair.

Round Table knight, had an affair with Guinevere.

__ elements include oxygen, sodium and iron.

Transfer music files from the Internet.

The same color, or paired well, not contrasting.

Pureed fruit drink blended with milk or yogurt.

German "theory of relativity" physicist, Albert __.

Puzzle 4

Still, smelly water where mosquitoes lay eggs.

Woman with dark brown hair.

Prick up __; listen very carefully.

Ran really fast.

A __ museum has weapons and uniforms on display.

Wheeled planks with handlebars for riding on.

Keyboard key for maintaining upper case.

A substance with a pH value higher than 7.

__ and the hare, race in which the reptile wins.

A chemical change when two substances meet.

Female restaurant server.

Pumpkins hollowed out and illuminated.

Sever connections with another Twitter user.

Correctly, something that is done the right way.

Train that runs from London to Paris and Lille.

Scarlet and Herb __, enemies of the Minions.

Responded; she __ the phone.

In hospital, thin tube inserted into the body.

Puzzle 5

Outdoor barn where Mary gave birth to Jesus.

__ crab, crustacean that lives in empty shells.

To fill a spot.

Strips of cloth on a bag for holding onto it.

Unit for measuring work or energy, written as J.

Makes a noise through mouth/nose while sleeping.

A saying that compares things using "like" or "as".

Weighing __, bathroom device.

A portable computer.

Millennium __, space ship commanded by Han Solo.

Little stone chippings found on roads.

A description of how an experiment was carried out.

Dull, boring and gloomy.

Bieber or Timberlake.

Puzzle 6

Farmyard vehicle.

Paper sachets containing leaves for a hot drink.

Getting a goal in sport.

Marks, such as @, #, &, %, $ and £.

Knitted strips worn around the neck in winter.

Tiny air sacs in the lungs.

Performing a song.

Branches on top of a red deer's head.

Type of rock from lava.


Round fruits with a stone in the middle.

Aladdin's princess.

A source of power that can be rechargeable.

Lining up before an event.

Puzzle 7

A drink made from blended fruit or vegetables.

Strong timber from a broad-leaved tree.

Two or more male siblings.

__ a tent means putting it up.

Thin glass cylinder used in science experiments.

December 6 holiday celebrates Christmas saint.

Getting onto a horse.

Iorek __, the northern bear from Northern Lights.

Magical horses with one sole horn.

The bone structure found inside humans and animals.

Puzzle 8

Pain in the stomach.

Avocado is the basis of this Mexican dip.

A really scary or bad dream.

Energy sources that do not expire, e.g. wind power.

__ Roasting on an Open Fire – Festive song.

Science subject that studies stars and planets.

Childhood story, with princes and princesses.

The entire circular journeys that minerals make.

Used to ride waves.

Nintendo racing game with Luigi and co.

The boy who __; pretended one too many times.

Female dancer in a tutu.

Bird that is the symbol of the US.

Puzzle 9

Found on the end of some pencils.

Paul Potts: First winner of "Britain's Got __".

A substance with a pH value lower than 7.

Pulling something behind a vehicle.

Big white robot in Big Hero 6.

Antonyom of winners.

A baby's hat which is tied under the chin.

A particle with a positive electric charge.

__ of the Dog! Canine owner's warning sign.

Something that happens every 12 months.

Huckleberry Finn's friend Tom.

When someone gets older and stops working, they __.

Person who makes clothes.

Currency the French used to spend, before euros.

__ Cube – twist and line up the colored squares.

Another word for a fat, in cooking or cars.

Puzzle 10

__ kick, a sharp leg movement in martial arts.

Plants with petals.

LXX in Roman numerals.

Protective clothing worn by a scientist.

Without weapons.

Racks where goods are on display in shops.

Deer meat is called this.

Spread or wiped; covered in paint.

Part of the middle ear that receives sound waves.

One of two bunches of hair.

She's Crazy in Love.

Puzzle 11

Popping a balloon.

Breathing in air (opposite is exhaling).

Cheese, ham and chicken are sandwich __.

Support for the tootsies under a desk.

Lenses put directly into the eyes.

Word in maths denoted by an eight on its side.

Mating and producing of young animals.

Wild west lawmen.

A particle with a negative electric charge.

Free __ means you don't pay shipping costs.


Prickly animal you might find in your garden.

Shakespeare's wife was born Anne __.

Country house home of Cruella de Vil.

To undo buttons or a coat.

Circus acts who use balls and clubs.

__ Ann Hart, Pink Power Ranger.

Puzzle 12

A cow's teats, which give out milk.

An egg cooked in very hot water is hard __.

Space body that orbits the sun, e.g. Mars or Venus.

If something doesn't sink in water, it __.

Rode a bike.

Make home/put down roots, rhymes with "kettle".

Native American peoples with radical hair.

Handy and helpful.

Long searches or journeys to find something.

To harvest or forage, e.g. __ berries.

Classic cartoon sailor man.

People whose job is to make cakes and bread.

Yom __, Jewish Day of Atonement.

Puzzle 13

Large destructive ocean wave.

Scared by something, maybe a ghost.

Return something to its previous condition.

Raising the temperature of something.

__ Perez, or El Macho in Despicable Me.

Breathing tube for swimming under water.

Label that tells you who a present is from.

Science subject that studies energy and matter.

A creamy rice dish that comes from Italy.

Flu and other illnesses are caused by them.

__ Myrtle, ghost who haunts Hogwarts' toilets.

__ of the Lost Ark, the first Indiana Jones film.

Puzzle 14

Diving down like a bird of prey.

Something that speeds up a chemical reaction.

Thin pieces of card with patterns cut out.

Assessed the length of something, using a tape.

Colorful rhyming term for loyal.

Answering a job advert.

Cars, vans, busses and trucks are __.

What you should say when you are given a gift.

Peter Pan's group of friends in Neverland.

Eggs that are beaten and then fried in butter.

These symbols help organize Instagram photos.

Puzzle 15

A musical TV talent show with buzzers.

Nibbling mammals, including mice and rats.

Eye guard for swimming.

Teach or explain something to someone.

Paper that shows you graduated.

Look into the __ ball to tell the future.

A closed loop which electricity flows around.

Indentations on the surface of the Moon.

A device for measuring electric current.

The capital city of China.

Moving your head up and down to say "yes".

Puzzle 16

The __, prehistoric cave family animation.

Salt and __, grind it onto food.

Three-striped tennis shoes, trainers, sneakers.

Anne of Green __, book by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Pump that keeps fish tank water clean and clear.

You might do this absentmindedly during lessons.

Not the written word, the __ word (speech).

__ chloride is the chemical formula for salt.

Pass the __ game involves unwrapping a gift.

Solar __ turn sunlight into electricity.

A big hammer used to bang in tent pegs.

Giant underwater mammals.

Yellowish fluid in blood.

Puzzle 17

The usual weather in a particular area.

Making something colder.

A small raisin with no seeds.

__ pink, to be delighted.

The world's biggest bird, buries its head in sand.

A lab tool that is used for measuring liquids.

Using transparent paper to draw over a picture.

Struggling for air.

A 'feeler' on an insect's head.

__ Chef, culinary character from The Muppets.

A particle with zero charge.

Half price, or 50 __ off.

Puzzle 18

Large cage or enclosure for birds.

Watched TV.

The edges of a slice of bread.

Not the past or present; it hasn't happened yet.

Lung disease.

An open grassland, often with grazing sheep.

Moon seeming to shrink between full and new phases.

Deep purple rainbow color.

Tap-dancing penguin in Happy Feet.

Substances such as iron, gold, copper and tin.

Barriers, often wooden, around a garden.

Hear what someone says and take it in.

The word "facetious" has all five of them in order.

Stripy horses.

Gas that is lighter than air, and used in balloons.

Used to add extra memory to a phone or tablet.

Puzzle 19

Machines for making hard copies.

The sung words of an opera.

__ Team, FIFA team-building feature.

Another word for covering a present in paper.

He carved Pinocchio.

The chemical used to clean swimming pool water.

List of subjects to study, a summary of topics.

Hunk of hair hanging at the back.

Oily fish with stripy upper skin.

The gas that combines with oxygen to make water.

Going in the opposite direction to backwards.

Card in Monopoly that puts you behind bars.

Residue of sugar refining.

Rectangular surfaces for artists to paint on.

Little dots on the skin.

Sits above your bike tire to keep you clean.

Flotation devices for children who can't swim.

Batman's nickname, the Caped __.

Doctors who clean your teeth.

Puzzle 20

Minecraft mode, break blocks only with right tool.

A shallow round pot for studying bacteria growth.

The cat __ the tree with its claws.

TV show genre that re-enacts real events.

Sew patterns on cloth with colored threads.

Budding, like a plant.

The family name of Napoleon.

Important, something that you can't do without.

Flavored dairy drink from fast-food outlets.

Capital of Sweden.

World's most famous tennis tournament.

A metal that allows electricity to pass through it.

A word for a poet whose identity is not known.

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