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Here are the answers to CodyCross Scouting Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Roasted marshmallow and chocolate treats.

Group scarf in the scouts.

Beings from Norse folklore; internet provocateurs.

Second best medal.

Soviet Union's strongman leader from 1920s to 1953.

Substance tapped from trees on plantations.

Ralph __ organized first Gang Show in 1932.

Kids show "partners in crime": Andy and __.

Wrangle over the price of goods.

Canadian singer Justin __.

Chess piece that moves diagonally; a cleric.

Puzzle 2

Attack players who run along the sidelines.

Adverb meaning "by which" or "how".

Ben 10's preferred restaurant, Mr __.

Cotton-like, puffy cloud type.

Scouting trips employ this form of outdoor living.

Feeling like wanting a drink.

Pair of small wooden shakers used as an instrument.

Scouting __, Baden-Powell's popular book.

Minty boiled sweets with stripes.

Soft-topped pen with colored ink.

Hand movement to mix up playing cards.

Feeling __, serene and calm, taking a breather.

Garden ornament showing time by solar shadow.

Carbon __; greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Puzzles that are verses or rhymes.

A big cat with spots that don't change.

Puzzle 3

Brownies' original name; unopened summer blooms.

Twelfth month, featuring Christmas and New Year's.

Someone who makes movies or dramas.

Popular American snack, Dunkin, Krispy Kreme.

Sudden explosion of emotion.

And Jill came __ after.

Essential skill in following animal footprints.

Dog breed also called a German Shepherd.

Broke somebody's trust or was disloyal.

Little __, colorful aliens from Mars maybe.

Game: pull out straws without dropping marbles.

Puzzle 4

Getting, coming into possession of something.

Walrus and the __ appear Through the Looking Glass.

Exciting experience, often in the great outdoors.

Container for cornflakes.

It has six sides and comes down in a blizzard.

Less formal word for "antonyms".

Machinery that needs to be wound up.

Townsville's heroes, The __ Girls.

A senior manager of a company is the chief __.

Large, crocodilian reptile.

Knife-like device to be used for various purposes.

Puzzle 5

How much things cost; written on tags.

Sleepy book character Rip Van __.

Capital of Cuba.

__ bears, expensive German teddies.

Place where betting games are held.

Another word for cream or moisturizer.

Measures how heavy something is.

Egg and milk mixture for making pancakes.

Noises made by pigs.

Color of scouting badge, emblems, flags.

Wolfish leaders of cub scout packs.

Puzzle 6

Bring back together.

Suspend your clothes from these.

A large woody plant that produces acorns.

Jack-o'-__, or a carved pumpkin.

Persons; ethnic groups, native or indigenous __.

Meetings and discussions held by scouts and guides.

A player who is shown a red card is __.

Name of the Wilderness Explorer in the movie Up.

Musical performance by a singer or group.

Grows on a palm tree.

Not solids or gasses; another word for fluids.

Putting stories onto paper.

Puzzle 7

Music or video files that you save to your phone.

Small red fruit used for sauce, juice or dried.

Scout or guide who gives up their time for free.

Where you can find Poké Balls in Pokémon Go.

Name of the first prime number after 29.

A series of five books; not a trilogy but a __.

System inside the body for processing food.

Youth organization linked to flying activities.

A fountain pen's ink tube.

Ending, terminating.

Lost or going in the wrong direction.

Personification of icy cold weather.

Puzzle 8

A group of people gathered together.


Trees and family trees have them.

When a lot of things are happening.

Makeup for the mouth.

The night-time hours, before bed.

Colored scarves worn by the scouting fraternity.

Short-necked underwater reptile, like a plesiosaur.

Army-style cooking containers used as plates.

Bread shops.

Three-wheeled vehicle similar to a bike.

Master __; rat mentor of the Ninja Turtles.

A way of saying congratulations.

Battery end with a +.

Puzzle 9

Engaged man.

To learn the words of a poem and say them out loud.

Polynesian island where the Bounty mutineers lived.

Seasoning in hot cross buns.

__ de lis, symbols used on the scouting emblem.

Active, energetic.

Strength to create power, for e.g. wind or solar.

Mark __, played Luke Skywalker.

Lizzy __, plays Dawn in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.

To have put money into your account.

__ leader, a senior scout leading by example.

__ bee, furry black/yellow insect.

Followers of an old religion who worship the earth.


A group of teams that compete for rank and title.

Cops say it often: "You have a right to remain __".

Puzzle 10

When you are not awake you are __.

Richard __ created the Busytown books.

Device that secures a scout's neckerchief.

South American country, capital Georgetown.

Kylie Jenner's first-born child.

The child who gets first prize in a party game.

Scaly reptiles without arms or legs.

Refuse to acknowledge someone or something.

The least dangerous.

Prepared dinner.

There are four __ flags in soccer.

Cattle herder on horseback.

Military-sounding organizations of scouts.

A biological catalyst that speeds up reactions.

Rubbed out/obliterated.

Puzzle 11

Triangular flag such as seen in the scouts.

Bottom __, a creature living at the lowest level.

Birds tapping the ground with their beak are __.

Black-eared yellow Pokémon character.

Symbol of the girl guides.

North African country, capital Rabat.

Chooses between options.

Last name of former NBA player known as "Magic".

__ Pursuit, general knowledge board game.

Trademark for a vacuum flask that keeps food warm.

Large cow-like creature's milk used for mozzarella.

Fibrous tissue that gives your body strength.

Puzzle 12

Hand-held lights, part of a scouting camping trip.

Sleeveless tunics worn by young guiders.

Tiny rodent, mistakenly thought to jump off cliffs.

Aiding others, being __.

The most religious.

Taking part in a race.

Using a spade to make a hole.

Quiet and safe from being spied on.

Seven decades.

Attacked a land with the aim of taking control.

Festive vehicles.

__ Armani, Italian fashion brand.

Small round iced sponge in a paper case.

Company that provides on-demand film streaming.

William __ wrote Lord of the Flies.

The study of rocks on the Earth's surface.

Puzzle 13

A schedule of events.

Not simple.

Another word for makeup.

Sophia Miller is a character in this Nick series.

Traditional scouting message to Do Your Best.

Business service of promoting/publicizing products.

Hacktivist sidekick of Hulk and Captain America.

David Walliams book about a girl with a pet rodent.

Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles are these girls.

E Asian country with over 20 million scouts/guides.

Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

The month that comes last in the alphabet.

A wobbly sea dweller with a nasty sting.

Puzzle 14

People will usually __ when you scare them.

Ging Gang __, nonsense song of the scouts movement.

Person in charge of a tennis or cricket match.

Remains of an outdoor fire, ideal for cooking over.

Author of Sense and Sensibility: Jane __.

Work for which you don't receive a salary is __.

An outlaw who attacks or steals at sea.

Permanent covering of frozen snow at the S Pole.

Wicker basket that picnics are carried in.

Large wading birds, build nests on telegraph poles.

__ paper shows if a substance is an acid or alkali.

Simon __, creator of The X Factor.

Not having the ability to do something.

Tried some new food.

Rambling, taking a long walk with a rucksack.

Ghost, ethereal being.

King of the lemurs in the Madagascar films.

Voting paper.

Youth __ for backpackers; place for the homeless.

Puzzle 15

__ robbery, blatant and unfair overcharging.

Charlie Bucket's grandpa George's wife.

Persistent, never giving up.

To do with or related to a mother.

Actor Mark __ from "Ted" and "Transformers".


Land for cartoon bears, e.g. Cheer Bear, Funshine.

__ skills, essential to keep you alive in the wild.

The bottom of a large stream.

A seat that has been leaned backwards on a plane.

Fairground ride or swivel kitchen corner cabinet.

Writes music.

French area where William the Conqueror came from.

What overnighting scouts carry with them, a __ bag.

Seashell attached to a rock.

Chances, destinies.

Puzzle 16

The time between afternoon and night.

Payment for mail.

London venue, site of the first scouting jamboree.

Chore of wiping powdered dirt from surfaces.

Hurt, wounded.

Places where movies are made.

Country where the Oktoberfest originated.

Map-__, essential skill for scouts and girl guides.

What the label said on Alice's potion bottle.

Fun game where players knock down ten pins.

Gathered to sleep at night (of birds).

Bouncy, like Tigger or a slinky.

Two-piece swimsuits.

Puzzle 17

African excursion to observe the wildlife.

Three-finger __, sign of respect between scouts.

Cooking something in oil in a flat pan.

Coordinated clothes worn by a person.

Extreme shortage of food crops leads to this.

Shut; not open.

Someone who writes books.

Novel by Charles Dickens: "A Tale of Two __".

Third best medal.

Scouting merit __ are sewn onto sashes.

Puzzle 18

Coffee-flavored Italian dessert.

Tying ropes together, such as performed by scouts.

A you're __, B you're so beautiful....

Adding water to make a solution less concentrated.

Princess locked in a tower, very long blonde hair.

Old collectables.

Training birds of prey to hunt.

Modified slightly.

Brushing and cleaning a horse.

American skateboarder with a video game series.

Be __, the motto of the scouting movement.

People from Moscow.

Puzzle 19

Speaking quietly and unclearly.

People who plant flowers and tend lawns.

General name for items of food sold in a store.

Damage to the skin caused by freezing temperatures.

Fanatical admirers of a celebrity.

Science subject that studies chemical elements.

Clothing that you wear next to your skin.

Scouting activity badge gained for deeds of rescue.

Carving with a small knife, practiced by scouts.

Person born or native to Karachi, Islamabad etc.

People who saw an incident and tell the police.

Insect with big transparent wings found near water.

Puzzle 20

Opens a tent using the fastener.

Wriggly insect larva.

His Orlando's Great Escape ride was closed in 2018.

Cleaned up mess.

__ League features powerful cars playing football.


The opposite of succeeded.

Collections of boats, flotillas.

Fidel __, former Cuban president.

"One two __ my shoe".

Oscar the __, green, furry, lives in a dustbin.

A chocolate bar filled with shredded coconut.

Wildlife, including trees, birds and animals.

__ the Jetplane, Tarrytown Airport cartoon on PBS.

Harry Potter is one.

Recorded on camera.

Jewish religious leaders.

Japanese silk wrap-around garment.

Sea platform used for drilling for fuel.

__ Baden-Powell, founder of the scouting movement.

They head up scouting packs and have two stripes.

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