CodyCross Secondhand Treasures Pack answers

Secondhand Treasures PackSecondhand Treasures

Here are the answers to CodyCross Secondhand Treasures Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Sheets, pillows, duvets and blankets.

Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton: Five __ of Summer.

Cut __; do something to save time or effort.

Tangy Danish cow's milk cheese with tiny holes.

Large, printed images hung on walls.

Adds to the end of text.

Gathering cattle or sheep together.

Lowering temperature.

Gemstone used in Wiccan spellwork.

To restart your webpage; to reinvigorate.

Egyptian tomb or 3D shape.

Extra payments to reward a job well done.

Puzzle 2

Deep narrow valleys, such as at Verdon.

Currently in fashion.

The M in SMEs or small and __-sized businesses.

Two people in a partnership.

__ Monkeys, R U Mine band.

Wagon __, round chocolate/marshmallow snacks.

Australian actress Nicole, was born in Hawaii.

I'm a little __, short and stout.

Of small width.

The ability to see.

Wall-mounted timekeepers.

Police's incapacitators using electrical pulses.

Country where Golda Meir was born.

Puzzle 3

Frozen dairy product eaten on a cone.

Number of countries in South America.

Water-filled avian hangout.

Describes icy surfaces that cause people to fall.

Report of information, especially bad weather.

The Texas __ Massacre.

Ringer that lets an occupant know you have arrived.

__ clover; rare plant that brings good fortune.

Extreme adoration, veneration, worship.

Drink this to survive a poisoning.

Group that meet regularly to discuss novels.

Computer typing apparatus.

A person who makes things in many different forms.

Puzzle 4

Least tasty.

The framing system inside all mammals.

Negative part of something with positive elements.

Black pan material made of more than 2% carbon.

One who illegally transports drugs or people.

__ Android, Radiohead's hit single of 1997.

Having the quality of endurance and empathy.

Plucked to create the perfect arches.

Referees blow them.

Place of particular interest in a city or town.

Someone who's single, cute and funny is this.

Warm bed coverings.

"Throw down the __" is to issue a challenge.

Personification of the United States.

Puzzle 5

Dish best served cold.

Wriggles in pain.

Person who does a root canal or cleaning.

Toned together with another shade.

A person from Valencia or Malaga.

Travel bags.

__ seat, pilot's emergency escape chair.

Ice granules, made with fruit.

Venezuelan high fashion designer: Carolina __.

Move in a circle around something.

Vinyl music discs.

Talk over something.

Bow and arrow sport.

Puzzle 6

Self-worth, feelings of one's own value.

Light, airy cake made with eggs, sugar and flour.

TTFN means ta ta __.

Like Pablo Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci.

Long, green stems of flowers.

People keep Rick-Rolling with this guy's song.

Tucking the front of a shirt in: __ tuck.

Follows the first film.

More azure than any other.

Blankets made with padding between layers of cloth.

A "Big" one is found in Ursa Major.

A building for religious and spiritual worship.

Tense, nervous about what might happen.

Oil carrier ship.

Container that generally holds wine or water.

Puzzle 7

Cylinder of minced meat in a skin.

Knitting relative whose name means "small hook".

Minor fuss makes something out of this.

This pop superstar makes great lemonade.

Two-wheeled transport pushed by a foot.

Print and make public.

Distraught, frenetic.

Technological doodads.

She compiles lists of words at the end of a book.

Less long.

Two-mattress sleeping structure with ladder access.

Study of human body.

Strenuous exercise or gym session.

__ heat; skin rash linked to high temperatures.

Ms. Lohan.

Puzzle 8

Bacon and salmon might be this.

Noisemaker that signals time is up.

Belgian town, the port for nearby Bruges.

Very, very dirty and in need of cleaning.

An earlier version of a refrigerator.

Mauling, fondling, in the manner of a dog.

A tulip or daffodil.

Wrongdoings, transgressions, offenses.

Refused to acknowledge the truth.

Clown at the court of a king.

Rolled a golf ball into the hole.

__ clean; thoroughly refresh a home each year.

Ticket worth some savings.

Cranberries hit song about undead.

The Light Between __ with Weisz and Fassbender.

Having lots of pride; mirrored desk.

An angle larger than 90 degrees; to be oblivious.

Global Positioning __, or GPS, for easy navigating.

Puzzle 9

Dish for storing apples, oranges, etc.

Impulsive, acts first and thinks later.

British spy known for women, cars, martinis.

__ slot; late radio show time with few listeners.

A system that separates people by levels of power.

Very strong adhesive, bonds most surfaces.

Decorative sphere filled with false precipitation.

Scaly freshwater swamp creature with massive jaws.

The right or act of possessing something.

Fancy womenswear for an end-of-school event.

Diseases, health problems.

Puzzle 10

The height of a mountain.

The act of shopping at a flea market.

Writing your name on a check, a contract, a form.

1957 Disney film about a boy and a stray dog.

True to life.

Windows Office had an annoying one pop up.

Brighten a fence with lime and water mixture.

DNA has a double helix one.

The finding of something for the first time.

Type of fat found in butter and other animal fats.

Product trademark used for distinguishing goods.

Bodily system that processes food.

Puzzle 11

Led Zeppelin song: __ to Heaven.

Underground prisons, in castles.

TV's __ Roadshow.

Turning a pepper mill.

Hand down or leave possessions in a will.

Curvy scrawl.

It is often buried in a chest.

The C in PC.

Type of lonely confinement.

Starving, hungry.

Shots that make one immune to disease.

Not inside, the outside area.

Dried berry seasoning; like cinnamon and cloves.

Puzzle 12

Sports equipment used by Shaun White.

Sweet food made from roasted and ground cacao.

Author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

High-speed rotation program of a washing machine.

Emergency crafts found on ships.

Scheduled hours when movies are playing.

At __ speed is to do something very fast indeed.

Pyrotechnics with willow, palm, and dahlia types.

Bag carried by office workers.

Condition with a sideways curvature of the spine.

Puzzle 13

Jon Arbuckle's orange, lasagna-loving pet cat.

Incredibly happy about a decision.

Someone who heals people possessed by demons.

Stuffed toys.

__ right whale, breed with calcified head patches.

British-Dutch company making toiletries and foods.

A self-serve veggie station in a restaurant.

Awful, terrible.

Voting process for public office.

"You've been struck by a smooth __".

Female counterpart to testosterone.

Playing pranks or behaving in a comedic manner.

Event where one's belongings are dealt on the lawn.

Puzzle 14

3D models of the Earth.

Smooth stone.

__ Carey, singer who can hit high notes.

Verse of a poem or song.

What one does to a dead phone battery.

A mortar and __ is used in kitchens.

Small flying crafts often with cameras aboard.

Plates, bowls, and platters.

Digits raised to indicate approval.

Expression of surprise heard in Scooby-Doo series.

The 6th planet from the Sun.

"__ the ivories", an expression for piano playing.

Nickname for a BMW car.

Body tissue that allows for movement.

Thin French pancakes with a variety of fillings.

Puzzle 15

Corridor between rooms.

Cattle drivers.

A painting or a sculpture.

Very quickly, speedily.

Piece of an orange.

EULA acronym means End-User __ Agreement.

Men __, Will Smith is an alien supervisor.

Command to pull, as in a tug-of-war.

The Dead __, dairy named punk band.

Temperature; physical attractiveness.

Basic, letter-shaped chest garments.

Puzzle 16

Students wear it to hold their books and supplies.

The Periodic Table is full of them.

What's New __? Woody Allen's first movie.

Slangily known as corporate nooses.

Spicy pepper that originated in Mexico.

One who's just getting started, as in driving.

Without making a sound.

Light for a work table.

__ procedure, operation that involves an incision.

Painting of the ocean.

Entrepreneur who founded SpaceX.

Puzzle 17

What certain Instagram celebrities do.

Works by Picasso or Pollock.

Insect thought to have about 100 legs.

Sticking rods through pieces of meat for cooking.

Not easily upset by criticism; to have a __.

It is often accompanied by thunder.

Trinidad, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico are here.

Also known as a record player.

Fire__, specially treated fabric to avoid burns.

Extra item of clothing like a bag or hat.

Harry Potter's greatest enemy.

Skin injury caused by cold.

Puzzle 18

"Can't teach a dog new" these, puppies however….

A, E, I, O and U.

To be strong and steady; dense and unwavering.

Units to measure fineness and purity of gold.

Protective headgear for extreme sports.

Sedative also known as diazepam.

Tropic of __, line running at 23 degrees N.

A quick look or a look to the side.

Profession that Che Guevara trained for.

AM and FM audio players.

Helical spring toy that goes down stairs.

Mid-arm joints.

Type of headgear worn by Abraham Lincoln.

Fermented milk drinks from Russia.

Animation pioneer Walt.

Puzzle 19

This is written on a mailed envelope.

Clean with a powerful stream of water.

Sage advice: __ speak louder than words.

Whitney Houston was looking for “somebody who __”.

Chest of drawers generally filled with clothes.

Huge, like an enormous hairy elephant.

Arena where sports are played.

Babies' cheeks and golf balls have them.

Pioneering flyer.

Capital of China.

Third most widely spoken language in the world.

Headrests in bed.

The noise or sound of the 1920s.

Creamy, sweet egg and dairy sauce.

Louis __, vaccination biologist from France.

Puzzle 20

Boxers or briefs.

A pen where ink is rolled through a metal sphere.

To party in observation of a person or event.

Insult for an unintelligent, unthinking person.

Metal footwear for an equine.

Fierce and angry like a vicious dog.

__ of Rye, line from Sing a Song of Sixpence.

You don't want to be caught with your hand in one.

Slick and flat, used to ride waves for sport.

Objects of cultural or historical interest.

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