CodyCross Self Care and Relaxation Pack answers

Self Care and Relaxation PackSelf Care and Relaxation

Here are the answers to CodyCross Self Care and Relaxation Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Ability to read and write.

I'm Still __, Elton John is upright.

Second-largest city in Japan by population.

Tumbling without a parachute.

Living without eating or wearing animal products.

Series of pictures that appear to be moving.

Managed to pay for, had sufficient funds.

Stimulant found in tea and coffee.

Game where a plastic mule is loaded, delicately.

Causing fissures.

Puzzle 2

Tending to plants.

Generic term for jams, chutneys, marmalades.

Criminal who makes money by deception.

ABBA musician, Benny __; was married to Anni-Frid.

Messing up, making insane.

Condition, state of happiness or contentment.

Tact and __; required in successful negotiations.

Attractive, elegant, chic.

Will Smith voiced a fish called Oscar in this.

Puzzle 3

Capricious, wayward, impulsive.

Make a mistake when distributing cards in a game.

Allocates jobs to various people.

Levi __ popularized denim jeans in the 19th C.

In maths, quantities with direction and magnitude.

Country where the game of rugby originated.

Place to go for sanctuary, relaxation.

Light, airy cakes.

Religious speeches, or lectures on behavior.

__ Cave, French Paleolithic cave found in 1994.

__ out, ceremony at end of military training.

Americas country with capitals at La Paz and Sucre.

Elastic body tissues that tense under stress.

Puzzle 4

Elizabeth II's horse and Downton Abbey film set.

The head of state in a republic.

Real, true to one's self.

Relating to the capital of Syria.

Chasing __, Adele track that featured on 19.

Irritations, annoyances.

Traditional, crisp food wrap from Mexico.

"__ is the key", said Abe Lincoln; pivotal battle.

Social media photo app with emphasis on lifestyle.

Raised, reared.

Washing yourself standing up.

Puzzle 5

Kitchen utensil, cooks vegetables using hot mist.

Skull, head bone.

Furry flowery clusters of willows and birches.

Escapees; anagram of adverse.

Allows, grants permission to.

To Eugene O'Neill, mourning became her.

80s film that tells the history of Mozart.

Trip in a taxi.

Elgin __, classic Greek statues from the Parthenon.

Making meals from scratch.

To make a picture in your mind.

Filthier, covered in more soil.

Puzzle 6

Thankful for good things in life.

Small sweet seeds used in pesto.

__ Hall, sang The Blues I Love To Sing.

Inhabitant, anagram of inserted.

Holding body in long, straight line like a board.

Lack of feeling in arms or legs.

Sprayed someone with a water pistol.

Culture comedy series with Laurence Fishburne.

Large wild canine.

First middle name of Albus Dumbledore.

__ Luke, convict film famous for boiled egg eating.

A __ president is one at the end of their term.

Puzzle 7

Japanese dish of boiled soybeans.

Small axe.


Rich cartoon McDuck.

Colonial ruler King Leopold II's country.

Common name for the Society of Friends.

Leading Czech tennis star, Tomáš __.

To make something appear grander than it is.

Habits done daily or regularly.

Musical comedy and film: "No, No __".

Hour to retire for sleep.

Puzzle 8

The printed daily news.

Country where bagels are thought to have originated.

Journey to places for pleasure.

Distress call.

They hide in Imagine Dragon's eyes.

Top-notch, posh, indulgent item.

Slogan repeated by meditators.

US State where the Exxon Valdez tanker spilled oil.

They cry loudly in public, and need pacifying.

__ hour; time of day loved by photographers.

Will __, Gob on Arrested Development, Lego Batman.

Puzzle 9

__ Laws; legal code of Iceland with bird name.

Say sorry, make amends.

Number of candles lit on a menorah in Hanukkah.

Person who helps people identify and attain goals.

Highly ridiculous, absurd.

British-Chinese conflict over the import of drugs.

In the __ of day; thinking objectively.

The hide from ewes and rams.

John __, creator and star of A Quiet Place.

Lengthenings of muscles.

Puzzle 10

Nickname for guitarist Eric Clapton.

Snake __; hypnotizing serpents.

Calamity Jane star.

Mental suffering, sorrow.

Traitor; anagram of need rage.

Male who does odd jobs or household repairs.

In an area of no sunlight.

In an unusual or special way.

The __ Consul, Graham Greene tale set in Argentina.

The D in the acronym DG, a head of an organization.

__ earth, military policy of burning resources.

__ blinds, for blocking out light from a bedroom.

A list of timed or planned events for the week.

Sauerkraut is made from them.

Lincolnshire birthplace of Margaret Thatcher.

How the animals entered the Ark.

__ Packers, defunct 1940s Indiana NBA team.

Puzzle 11

He sported a belted cardigan in the 70s cop show.

Lunar landforms.

Tammy __, her autobiography was Stand By Your Man.

Engaging in a fun activity such as a game.

Emotional exhaustion from stress.

Female big cat, queen of the jungle.

Sentimental love.

Killers, butchers, assassins.

Book writers.

Get, win.

Minor competition counterpart of NBA.

__ Cotta; Julius Caesar's mother.

Tricked, defrauded.

Christian rite involving water on the forehead.

Swiping device for gaining entry to a hotel room.

Puzzle 12

The speed of sound.

Made a soft sound; signaled someone to be quiet.

Deciding a verdict in a legal case.

__ guest, invited to attend nuptials.

__ the dog, taking a pooch for a stroll.

1960s women's hairdo with a conical shape.

Earthenware, porcelain.

Always spoiling for a fight.

Sugar pill, no drugs but it has an effect.

Fit and eating well.

Puzzle 13

Robs, takes without permission.

Time __; someone who doesn't use their time wisely.

Plant disease, typically caused by fungi.

Stinky animals that prey on honeybees.

Plan to do something, mean to.

Trousers that are not full-length.

Sorry Not Sorry and Heart Attack singer Demi.

Panda Po does this martial art.

Moist, weepy.

__ Nunez, author of The Friend and Salvation City.

Touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight.


Small motorcycles.

Puzzle 14

__ wall, indoor practice for mountaineers.

Seasonal allergies that give you a runny nose.

Eating or drinking quickly and greedily.

When a chicken takes longer than usual to lay.

They can't jump, in a Woody Harrelson film.

US writer of Exodus, Mila 18 and Trinity.

You, the individual.

Positiveness, looking on the bright side.

Putting together letters that form a word.

Decorate, renew, upgrade.

Played rhythm guitar.

Time by which work needs to be completed.

Puzzle 15

Holders for breakfast items.

Made twice as much.

The one that has the most jobs to do.

Destiny's Child member with Knowles and Williams.

Dirty __, classic "kid" drink with rum.

Collection of personal experiences.

A break, away from the daily grind.

Correctional facilities.

Crooning to music.

Capital of Algeria.

Puzzle 16

__ Beach, California resort has famous golf course.

Rub or wear away with friction.

Pointy implement for sewing.

Burned, was ablaze.

Mad milliner.

Breathe in.

Spirit and verve.

Intelligent poofy-groomed dog.

Ritchie __, sang La Bamba, killed with Buddy Holly.

FBI: Federal __ of Investigation.

French pancakes.

Son of Zeus and Leto, born on the isle of Delos.

Protein often added to laundry detergent.

Puzzle 17

Wrap up a baby tightly.

Orange root vegetables.

Dire __, rock band led by guitarist Mark Knopfler.

Vile person, word used in Fairytale of New York.

__ Fogg, Jules Verne's voyaging character.

Jewelry store founder's son: glass artist Louis __.

Sprung onto, like a tiger.

Asia's longest river, flowing through China.

Awareness of the moment, being attentive.

Supervision of pre-school children.

Gathering of the crops for consumption.

Tech term for What You See Is What You Get.

Scented __, perfumed wax sticks.

Chilean president ousted in a 1973 coup d'etat.

The female form of the name Anthony.

Island where Napoleon was born.

Puzzle 18

__ Keyes, Michael on Supernatural.

Downward dog or camel are examples of these.

Become thinner and thinner.

The US's Thule air base is located in this country.

Profitable, gainful.

Turning down, declining.

Able to weather storms and recover.

Copy of something; a machine named for the process.

Hired transport, e.g. __ a plane.

Kitchen appliance used to reheat food.

Country where Five Seconds of Summer originated.

Cross shaped.

The __, bloody Sam Peckinpah Western movie.

Ms Bowes-Lyon who married Prince Albert in 1923.

Puzzle 19

Number associated with San Francisco NFL team.

Florida place that literally means mouse's mouth.

Scavenging, beetle-like insect.

She has a school for peculiar children.

Person who counsels others psychologically.

Employment location.

Wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers etc.

One on the outside looking in, observer.

Fought, battled against all odds.

Nourishing elements of food.

Jewish soup dumpling.

Edna __, teacher on The Simpsons.

Puzzle 20

Biblical king especially known for his wisdom.

__ Brand; outspoken comedian with long hair.

Plaited hair.

Showing to be true.

Attendance requests to parties.

Relaxing tub soak that's the opposite of cold.

Weighs less than something else.

Piloting a car.

Heal or mend, put back to a better state.

Became plump and juicy.

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