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Here are the answers to CodyCross Shakespeare Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Reusable spacecraft developed by SpaceX.

Tenacious in pursuit.

Caveat __ or Let the buyer beware.

Tinto de __, "Summer red wine" from Spain.

"Brush up your Shakespeare" wrote Cole __.

In the __ of the Stars, San Francisco Opera.

Diplomatic representative of the Pope in a country.

Zinedine __, Frenchman with famous headbutt.

__ bird, it figures in Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky.

Longest Ganges tributary, does not flow to sea.

Uncultivated farmland.

Unit used to express the fineness of silk or nylon.

Large black birds, cousins of the crow.

Used in electronics, known as tantalite.

Puzzle 2

Types of crustaceans with hard exoskeletons.

Divorce __ Style, 1961 comedy, Oscar Best Writing.

Duct leading from the bladder to outside.

Crocus-derived food flavoring.

Grumpy partner to Waldorf on The Muppet Show.

Personally offensive act, deliberate insult.

__ Abiola, Nigerian philanthropist.

Maid of __, poetic name for Joan of Arc.

One of the fundamental compounds of nucleic acids.

Siddhartha __, the Buddha.

__ Roop Singh Stadium, Indian cricket grounds.

One of these can't change its spots.

Where the Merry Wives were from.

Name of Shakespeare's elder daughter.

V-shaped heraldic emblem.

Describes carnations or tulips with darker edges.

Charles M. Schulz creation.

Puzzle 3

Practical or medical solutions.

Army colonel in Dr Strangelove.

Liturgical language.

A "lost play" by Shakespeare.

Small tube pasta.

Given information without any of your own effort.

Largest East African country on Lake Victoria.

Scandi mythological hall for those dying in battle.

Gentle affection.

National anthem of Japan.

Maintaining balance through feet in boxing and MMA.

__ Park, scary dinosaur film.

Surname of Shakespeare's wife.

Puzzle 4

Ancient fishing village on the Sea of Galilee.

A breaded and fried thin veal cutlet: Wiener __.

Composer of the music for Goethe's play "Egmont".

Hot and dry, study of deserts.

French chemist who identified oxygen: Antoine __.

Second-highest peak on Tenerife, after Teide.

Trophy for winning the Open golf championship.

Shakespearean dramas on kings and the past.

Large bony panel seen on a triceratops' skull.

First English king to father two English queens.

Derogatory 1980s term for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Lookout's lofty platform.

The French word for bookshop (but not library).

The __, cholera epidemic in Ranchipur.

Comedic glutton and drunk from Twelfth Night.

Puzzle 5

Leave Her to __, jealous wife, Hamlet title.

Alexis who played Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls.

Cool season mentioned in a Shakespeare title.

Australian rapper's flowery stage name: Iggy ___.

Isthmus connecting North America to South America.

On fire, consumed by flames.

Early migratory route, __ Strait.

Cone-shaped candy found in Ukraine.

Busta __, NY rapper named after NFL wide receiver.

Shakespeare's only son, who died in childhood.

__ condor, New World vulture.

Instrument and methodology for cutting the skull.

Three strikes, in bowling.

Michael __, The Yiddish Policemen's Union author.

Puzzle 6

Wild mountain mammal, related to the llama.

Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Top and Bottom are __.

Site of major earthquake in NZ in 1931.

Accustoms; anagram of ursine.

Mother of Jacob's sons, Asher and Gad.

French card game played in some casinos: __ de fer.

Low heel with a baby feline name.

Pakistani first day of spring kite fight festival.

Austrian composer of The Magic Flute.

Marilu __ played Elaine in Taxi.

European city with a casino called Crockfords.

Witches' rides.

Job of Robin Starveling, a Shakespeare's Mechanical.

__ Face, documentary about acid attacks victims.

Old land measure, 15 acres, tilled by a bovine.

Incheon __, South Korean World Cup stadium.

Rim or collar for strength or attachment.

One who likes to secretly watch other people.

__ Wallbanger, screwdriver with Galliano.

King and patron to Shakespeare.

Puzzle 7

GM, __, and Ford make up the "Big Three".

One who sells woven or knitted material.

1st century CE Greek philosopher and biographer.

Dead on the side of the highway.

City of the National Museum of Bargello.

A church aisle at right angles to the main aisle.

Magician, father of Miranda in The Tempest.

Vicente __, home to Madrid's "athletic" squad.

Country whose first president was Canaan Banana.

Cheeky audacity.

Inclination to give money to the poor.

Carolus __, devised plant categorisation system.

Your Royal __, term of address for a prince.

Wagner's last opera.

Cardinal __ is reddish-brown with white stripes.

English saint shares Shakespeare's anniversaries.

The Barefoot __, sex symbol Maria Vargas.

Usually, this idea is never real.

Strongly-sweet-flowered plant used in gin.

Secret, covert way in, not up-front.

Japanese "King of the Monsters".

Inventor of the first pocket calculator: Clive __.

A rebellious pirate.

Puzzle 8

Active Jewish sect in Judea at time of Pharisees.

The last Mughal emperor.

Stick not found in automatic cars.

Capital of Iceland.

Lines of a play spoken to no one in particular.

He sang for prisoners of war in WWII: Maurice __.

Eastern European dish, milk boiled for hours.

Disorder of sight; brain ignores an eye, "lazy eye".

White Shadows in the __, based on travel book.

Flowers fed to chickens to lay brighter yolk eggs.

Black liquid pigment from Asia for drawing.

To __ rubber is to make it more durable.

Actor, member of the Lord Chamberlain's Men.

The play within the Hamlet play, The __.

Purifying or cleaning, removing unwanted items.

Puzzle 9

__ Planet, 50s sci-fi movie based on The Tempest.

Military instruction to face the other way.

Flat cakes from Wales aka pics.

Dramatic works of suffering, such as Hamlet.

Luftwaffe fighter plane design of WWII.

Followers of the Church of England.

The Night They Invented __, from the musical Gigi.

Long, thin cigar.

Ground conditions in a horse race.

Wooden strip runs around a room above head height.

Cordon __, barrier to control disease spread.

Garden wriggler that lives under the soil.

Not the dessert baklava; a warm knit head covering.

Garry __, comedian's Showtime series won 4 Emmys.

Holiday when stollen is traditionally eaten.

South-west Russian territory; Barnaul is capital.

Puzzle 10

Flowers symbolizing purity in Buddhism.

Surname of games pioneer Milton of MB Games.

Historically, loosely slung bed on a ship.

Mistress __, Shakespearean landlady marries Pistol.

They walked like an Egyptian in 1987, The __.

Alexander's __ Band, society boy picks pop music.

Beef and pork, cooked, usually lunchmeat.

Twisting massage.

Farm vehicle.

Of this world.

Water-insoluble liquid used in paint thinner.

Assurance of an outcome.

Qing child emperor overshadowed by Cixi.

Famous Texas law enforcers.

__ Shakespeare Co, speedy, abridged acting troupe.

Tool for boring holes in wood or leather.

Puzzle 11

Country that's home to Jasper National Park.

Theme of a narrative; French word.

__ jelly candy, Hong Kong citric candy.

Shakespeare's shortest play, The __ of Errors.

Traditional stringed Chinese instrument.

Purple color from molluscs used in Roman togas.

It's only the inner one that matters.

India ruler slain by her own bodyguards: Indira __.

__ Pichai, named Google's CEO in 2015.

Red __, UK aerial acrobatics team.

The name of Dan Aykroyd's Conehead character.

Shakespeare contemporary, founded Dulwich College.

Puzzle 12

People of a similar vintage.

Sainte-__, Gothic Parisian church.

Chilly extremities of doubt.

Coastal city destroyed by the Mamluks in 1270.

Writer of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

The Archimedes Principle or Law of __.

Bereft of all vigor, apparently dead.

Sneak peak into a designer's upcoming fashions.

Starving; very hungry.

Sudden heavy rainfall.

1999 documentary about cerebral palsey.

Religion associated with the Tripitaka.

Headless horseman in Celtic mythology.

Dwarf planet and largest object in the Kuiper Belt.

Jewish croissant popular in Israel.

In 2015 her Feline won BMI Silver.

Sir John __, Shakespeare chap with large appetite.

Puzzle 13

Machine that steam sterilizes medical equipment.

Writing implements used by Shakespeare, say.

Russian republic; Kazan is the capital.

Rise and fall.

British ocean liner sunk in World War I.

Carefree time of youth, as described by Cleopatra.

US singer of Uptown Funk and 24K Magic.

Andersen's tale of a firestarter and three dogs.

Malefiz, or __, is a descendant of Pachisi.

The Magician, Temperance, The Lovers, The Fool.

French actor of La Grande Illusion.

One hit wonder by the "Singing Nun".

Travel writer known for A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush.

Mexican gelatinous maize dessert.

A temporary pause in conflict and aggression.

Puzzle 14

Domestic servant doing unpleasant jobs.

__ Kate, Cole Porter musical based on Shakespeare.

Trickster spider from African folklore.

The plastic tips on the end of shoelaces.

Back and forth ball game.

Fat Thursday treat aka Silesian doughnut.

Happy Days spin-off Joanie Loves __.

Lawful capture.

High biodiversity, important SE Asian river.

Belly laugh.

Love story Pyramus and __ enacted by "Mechanicals".

Swelling of the neck and thyroid gland.

Eddie Murphy plays big-boned woman in this film.

Teeny-weeny, diminutive.

Castes of India.

Taxonomic rank between life and kingdom.

Italian word for "small house," now a misnomer.

Puzzle 15

Moor of Venice, loses his heart to Desdemona.

__ McBadbat is Timmy Turner's best friend.


Top models' workplace.

Military armor for the shins.

Carole __, was married to Clark Gable.

Renaissance fresco master.

" __ is the soul of wit": Polonius in Hamlet.


Bush ballad "Waltzing __".

Puzzle 16

__ glycol, compound used in antifreeze formulations.

Mystery writer who disappeared for 11 days in 1926.

Like tree branches.

Rise to the top.

Dresden-based camera and lens manufacturer.

Comedy of Errors setting; The Boys from __ musical.

Andrew __, lesser-known member of Wham!.

Aussie golfer, 2015 USPGA champ.

Day of the __, menacing plants take over the world.

Alert period on a ship (with a canine maybe).

__ paso, horse breed for a smooth ride.

Livingstone the first European to spot __ Falls.

"A fellow of __ jest", says Hamlet of Yorick.

Puzzle 17

Good Morning __, song from the 60s musical Hair.

Mark of a monarch made on legislation.

Gossamer insect resembling a small dragonfly.

Sir Andrew __, sidekick of Sir Toby Belch.

Souvenirs or treasures not to be discarded.

The study of glands.

Ancient Greek credited with the potter's wheel.

Basket atop the main mast of a sailing ship.

Increase in prices; reduction in purchasing power.

Racquet game played with shuttlecocks.

Sweet peak in Hunter Region of New South Wales.

__pancake, breakfast popover.

His stilettos have shiny red soles: Christian __.

Unrealistic vision, notion or desire.

This film was Bill Murray's first starring role.

A history Shakespeare play written in verse.

Puzzle 18

Filipino who loved shoes to a fault: __ Marcos.

Help yourself to this meal.

Northern sea of the Southern Ocean.

Type of stage found at the Globe and Swan theaters.

"White" flighty sister from Taming of the Shrew.

To sell goods in small amounts.

Shared the Nobel in Medicine with Fleming and Chain.

Person with detailed knowledge of a specific field.

In architecture, a supporting stone bracket.

__ of the North, infamous 1920s Arctic documentary.

Lanky dog also called a Persian greyhound.

Whirling mass of air, with a vacuum at the center.

__ Epoch: When the first marine mammals appeared.

A fleet of trucks in line.

A space in the body, filled with fluid and organs.

Nine-tailed fox of the Korean folklore.

__ Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama.

Annoying, irritating.

The __, sang highway radio hit Wild Thing.

Puzzle 19

Attached, impressed on, fastened.

Directing executive.

Monsieur __, charity worker during Black Death.

Son of Priam, desirous of Cressida.

Robert __, he killed the pirate Blackbeard.

Name of the two detectives in Tintin's comic strip.

Earth's north/south median.

A small ax.

Hamlet's bethrothed, subject of artwork by Millais.

Japanese fox spirit.

Cause of British singer Amy Winehouse's demise.


Eileen __, Doreen in Private Benjamin.

4-inch round bread from Apennines, Italy.

Floppy alternative to a vinyl record.

What you can expect if you marry on a Friday.

Puzzle 20

Property Shakespeare bought in Stratford.

Unconventional protagonist.

The word nice comes from a Latin word meaning this.

Playwright who worked with Shakespeare.


Exorbitant or excessive rate or amount of interest.

Woman cleaner.

Traitor, betrayer.

Activity-tracking band manufactured by Nike.

Arena __, Cuiaba World Cup stadium near wetlands.

Light cotton fabric with fine white stripe.

Not being serious.

Military armor to protect the armpits.

In legend, rolled a boulder up a hill for eternity.

Banded sole, or __, have eyes on one side.

Folk instrument.

December 5th in Holland: St. __ Eve.

Wooden platter for food, and a hearty eater.

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