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Shakespeare's life PackShakespeare's life

Here are the answers to CodyCross Shakespeare's life Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Uneasy lies the head that wears it.

Tunisian town with extensive mosque.

The largest moon in the solar system.

The Uffizi is a famous attraction in this city.

French circular loaf with large hole in the center.

A rising tide lifts them, according to the proverb.

Ruler of the ancient kingdom of Cusco.

Hermia's lover in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Sanskrit title for a great ruler.

Architect of the labyrinth in Greek mythology.

Loftus __, soccer, rugby stadium in Pretoria.

The surname of the siblings who went to Narnia.

__ Albatross, human-powered Channel crosser in '79.

Calcium build-up in fetlocks of horses.

Puzzle 2

He accurately measured the length of the seasons.

Marvel supervillain who rules the Negative Zone.

Expression of youth coined in Antony and Cleopatra.

Fake story that gets told so often it's believed.

Large dark waterbird of Australia with red bill.

Scottish city in which Tony Blair was born.

Simulating combat on tabletop battlefields.

Boxer between 49 and 51 kilograms.

Greek island also called Zante.

The Phoenix and __, Shakespearean allegorical poem.

Puzzle 3

Quince's profession in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

2002 horror movie set aboard a haunted ocean liner.

Sandro Botticelli painting about spring.

Scottish engineer who devised the horsepower unit.

Hoofed mammals like horses and rhinos.

French city, capital of Charente dept.

Especially tall top hat, like Abraham Lincoln's.

Name of William Shakespeare's mother.

US WWII plan to supply the Allies with materials.

To eradicate or destroy completely.

Puzzle 4

20th letter of Greek alphabet, name is "simple u".

Of or relating to seals.

Surname of the sisters in Pride and Prejudice.

Collective nickname for Shakespeare's royal plays.

Revoked or satisfied by legal ademption.

Disciple of Jesus also known as Levi.

Neapolitan ice cream with embedded fruits.

Céline, Portrait of a Lady on Fire director.

Type of land ruled over by rulers such as Genghis.

Unstable body molecule also called a free radical.

Burn this tree's limbs to ward off evil spirits.

Science of the intellect.

A sailing ship used from the 15th to 17th century.

First name of Oprah's long-term partner, Graham.

Where Shakespeare's Merry Wives come from.

Puzzle 5

Legal term for someone paid an annuity.

The dead, central timber of a tree trunk.

Sonnet 94: "Lilies that fester smell far worse __".

Talkative, chatty.

Where the German fleet was scuttled on Orkney.

It steadies an artist's hand as they paint.

The collecting of banknotes as a hobby.

Uranus and Neptune.

1596 play, now partly attributed to Shakespeare.

Highest mountain in South America.

Boxer known as Dr. Steelhammer.

Number of passenger capsules on the London Eye.

Puzzle 6

Electric sports car model from Tesla.

Shakespeare's age when he married.

First African country to gain independence in 1960.

Casino card game with wooden pallet.

Agitated; beating quickly, like a heart.

He tells the pious Chaucer tale about Constance.

Degenerative shrinking of cell nucleus.

Using borrowed money towards a new investment.

Decorative panel either side of an arch.

Highest rank in professional sumo wrestling.

Dainty collar named after a J M Barrie character.

Hypothetical particles that go faster than light.

Mexican poblano pepper dish: chiles __.

Black volcanic glass from molten lava.

Large vein in the body, parallel to the aorta.

Tree-dwelling animal with big eyes; "honey bear".

"Yea, man and birds are fain of __ high.".

Puzzle 7

Extremely stubborn.

Drifting microcontinent in the Paleozoic era.

Lost Shakespeare play thought to be set in Spain.

Puff pastry custard dessert aka mille feuille.

Jordan Peele is behind the revival of The __ Zone.

First month of the Islamic calendar.

Ancient missile weapon also called bolt thrower.

First Shakespeare play ever filmed, in 1899.

Country that once spent the escudo coin.

Stadium formerly known as Green Point.

National instrument of Trinidad and Tobago.

Goddess of darkness, sister of Isis and Osiris.

Puzzle 8

Large openings in sponges where water is expelled.

An unusually thick scar that forms after surgery.

Antonín __, Czech composer of Slavonic Dances.

Juliet's balcony is an attraction in this city.

St __; Italian monk and Archbishop of Canterbury.

__ Treaty, subject of two Irish referenda 2008, 09.

Resting spot for a hot pot.

Eastern European round bread, bagel-like.

It's what an argentiferous rock would contain.

Military flag for rallying the troops.

Stage prop that caused the 1613 fire at The Globe.

Month when the National Eisteddfod of Wales occurs.

National intelligence agency of Israel.

Puzzle 9

Famous Raphael fresco: "The School of __".

Life is but a walking one, according to Macbeth.

England's first official poet laureate: John __.

Lando Calrissian's planet in Star Wars.

Douglas L. Coleman discovered this energy hormone.

Document kept until a promise has been fulfilled.

Cairo square, site of 2013 revolutionary protests.

The patron saint of Madrid.

Viaduct bridge of France, the tallest in the world.

Small Chilean wildcat, also called guiña.

Shakespeare's Escalus warns that "some by __ fall".

Number of countries the equator passes through.

Spy who pretends to be interested in defecting.

Puzzle 10

Princess Imogen's step-brother in Cymbeline.

George Harrison wrote Something for this Boyd.

Domed French military helmet of WWI.

An endless variety or amount.

Resort in the Bahamas, the closest to mainland USA.

Nickname of Marvel hero Wendell Vaughn.

South American relative of llamas and alpacas.

Manhattan made with Scotch not Bourbon.

Bianca's elderly suitor in The Taming of the Shrew.

Indoor soccer played on flat surface, no turf.

Sans-serif typeface named after Mount Rainier.

Puzzle 11

Bright blue or green pigment used in printing.

Japanese low, wooden table frame covered by a futon.

The belief that all material things have a spirit.

Master Ford advises too soon is better than this.

Romanian dramatist of The Theater of the Absurd.

Finger condition caused by herpes simplex.

A school of design established by Walter Gropius.

Meteor shower from 3200 Phaethon asteroid.

Roman statesman, member of Second Triumverate.

Armenian fermented milk product.

Istanbul palace started under Mehmet the Conqueror.

Spanish golfer, no.1 for 60 weeks in 2015-2016.

He invented the microwave oven, Percy __.

Large cat breed that goes floppy when picked up.

European noblemen below prince and duke.

Monstrous creature in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Puzzle 12

God of healing and fertility in Aztec legend.

Country where the Shebelle River starts.

Possible co-writer of Shakespeare's Henry VIII.

Auguste Rodin sculpture The __ of Calais.

First country to elect a female head of state.

Method used to self-amputate to avoid prey.

Oscar-winning special effects artist Carlo.

Absolute dominance or supremacy.

Golfing trousers like plus fours but shorter.

German pre-Lenten carnival.

The Girl with the Enamel Eyes comic ballet.

Mountain cheese produced in Veneto.

Traditional Maori woven decorative panels.

She connects Grey's Anatomy and Killing Eve.

Friar who married Romeo and Juliet.

Puzzle 13

Mexican "little bell" pepper aka rattle chili.

She explains "Action is eloquence" in Coriolanus.

Italian-born American Formula 1 driver Mario.

Italian variety of augite with little iron.

Ludwik Lejzer __, inventor of esperanto.

Island country that is the smallest Asian nation.

French mechanical submarine launched in 1863.

Chickaree is a name for several species of this.

Guard who speaks the first line in Hamlet.

Dave Sims' character Cerberus is this odd animal.

Lustrous, resembling mother of pearl.

Puzzle 14

Nymph in Greek myth transformed into a laurel tree.

Venus and __, Shakespeare's 1593 narrative poem.

Dark rock of volcanic origin.

Greek amber spirit.

Separation of a church into two distinct churches.

German board game designer Hall of Famer, Klaus __.

__ mentis, Latin for "sane".

Inability to speak; difficulty in speaking.

Mass-marketed virtual reality headset brand.

A person who feigns sophistication and coolness.

Jim, chief of police in Netflix's Stranger Things.

He explains that "All the world's a stage".

Sunglasses brand founded in 1936.

Performance floor for Spanish flamenco shows.

The Birth of a __, US history with D W Griffith.

Motor-racing wheel coverings with smooth treads.

Teen winner of 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

If a foot were a hand, this would be the thumb.

The outer part of a bird's wing.

Jennie __, mother of Winston Churchill.

Hook-shaped accent marker used in Polish.

Puzzle 15

Able to be broken or shattered.

Sir John A, first prime minister of Canada.

Shakespeare's longest one is 71 lines.

French nickname for Beethoven's 26th piano sonata.

Japanese general with hidden stash of gold.

US Modernist poet of The Cantos.

More than one eight-legged sea creature.

English chef Graham Kerr, aka the __ Gourmet.

Structure built to take advantage of a nice view.

It derives from the Persian for "the king is dead".

Subtitle to Shakespeare's Henry VIII.

A celebration that is French for Fat Tuesday.

Large triangular muscle of the shoulder and back.

Neolithic monument in Ireland's County Meath.

Sportswear brand with a panther logo.

Puzzle 16

Our doubts are these, according to Shakespeare.

The body part also known as the mesencephalon.

Northernmost main island of Japan.

Chinese city where you can visit Disneytown.

First 5x Tour de France winner: Jacques __.

Nationality of Drake, Mike Myers and Jim Carrey.

Sensational advertising; hoopla.

Unleavened, rye flatbread from Iceland.

Allocated limited amount, as in wartime.

The 24-hour period named after the Norse god Thor.

Coarse-woolled sheep of the Lake District, UK.

Astronomer who noticed gaps in the Asteroid Belt.

Artwork depicting Jesus; "behold the man" (Lat.).

A power metal band from Sweden.

Female subject of Shakespeare's Sonnets 127-152.

Formal hatmaker since the 1770s with red/gold logo.

Puzzle 17

With 685 lines, Shakespeare's longest female role.

Home state of Budweiser beer.

Name given to PM James Callaghan for his optimism.

Kazakh launch site of the Russian space program.

Extremely clear or transparent.

Coriolanus' wife in Shakespeare's play.

Ari Up and Palmolive's female British punk band.

Former French colony in India's Puducherry region.

Romanian Olympic gymnast, first to get perfect 10.

Bookplate printed with owner's name or initials.

Online video game with Omega and Renegade Raider.

Puzzle 18

Old term for a reform house for petty criminals.

Unnamed subject of many of Shakespeare's sonnets.

Volatile, fluctuating; having changing moods.

__ cruise, nautical test sailing of a ship.

Movement of a body part toward or over the midline.

Czech animator of stop-motion puppets.

Russian communist, split from Bolsheviks in 1903.

Smallest of all British birds.

South France region; they don't speak langue d'oil.

Enobarbus says she has "infinite variety".

The explosion at the end of a star's life cycle.

Reptilian species in Alien franchise.

Puzzle 19

English royal house from 1399-1461.

Knickknack, doodad.

Compensation earned by someone in public office.

The day-to-day costs of running a business.

Desdemona's father in Shakespeare's Othello.

El __, Spanish name of Goya's The Witches' Sabbath.

Anagram of grungiest.

Large stiff feathers of a bird's tail.

The imaginary island where Peter Pan lives.

Horse-drawn carriage with a folding hood.

World Cup-winning French footballer Didier.

Instrument for measuring the pressure of a fluid.

Astrid __, Beatles friend, dreamed up their look.

In acting, also known as sound effects.

Dutch "giant ball" pastry.

North American tree and fruits resembling cherries.

Gadget that helps musicians keep time.

The King of Bohemia in The Winter's Tale.

Bodily system that controls taste.

Puzzle 20

"We were not born to sue, but to __", Richard II.

Its chemical formula is NH3.

Proverbially, it's the soul of wit.

A 16/17th century Italian astronomer.

West African river named after country.

The luxury brand with Medusa's head as its logo.

Margarita-like drink includes pineapple juice.

Ancient Greek formation of heavily armed infantry.

Family of giant wide-mouthed marine fish.

London royal porcelain factory of sanitaryware.

The country where Saint Patrick's Day began.

King and grandfather of Romulus in Roman mythology.

Shylock's daughter in The Merchant of Venice.

Apple's slideshow creation software.

Isaac __, Spanish folk pianist, wrote Iberia.

Solinus is its duke in the Comedy of Errors.

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