CodyCross Sherlock Holmes Pack answers

Sherlock Holmes PackSherlock Holmes

Here are the answers to CodyCross Sherlock Holmes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Liquid you can consume, as "edible" is to food.

__ Chapel, Windsor Castle's place of worship.

Sherlock Holmes describes himself as a private __.

QH on medical notes; 24 times a day.

Hungarian inventor of colourful toy cube.

Denim workwear with a bib.

Red gem shaped like a knob.

Starting a hole.

Made a hard impact softer.

Touchy-feely 1980's stuffies.

What comes to those who wait.

The killing of one's child.

Part of a Swedish songwriting team with Ulvaeus.

US actor in White Christmas and The Court Jester.

Reichenbach is a __ in the Swiss Alps.

Recreated a historical event.

Puzzle 2

Ornamental branched candle holder with mirror.

Dust-tube tornado that funnels over ground.

The second railroad, Monopoly US version.

What one kicks upon dying.

To send airwave signals.

Sea lovers.

Work of art that is painted in shades of green.

Flirt; dally with the affections of.

Skirt steak, Argentinian style: __ con chimichurri.

Lacus __; Roman name for Lake Constance.

Indian state formerly part of Bihar.

Scottish city birthplace of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Anthony __, Oscar winner for The English Patient.

Tiny king of birds that inhabits pine treetops.

Police ranking of Lestrade in the Sherlock stories.

Puzzle 3

Made into wide, shallow steps.

World's largest adobe city, in Peru.

Cable & __, UK telecommunications company.

Welsh music festival held in the Brecon Beacons.

Artwork rescued by Sherlock in Final Problem on tv.

__ Holmes, Sherlock's Smarter Brother on film.

The first light blue avenue, Monopoly US version.

A 1970's educational show, The __ Company.

Church's drainage spout with grotesque likeness.


Nickname of violent chopper Eric I of Norway.

Italian form of the name Joseph.

Female offspring.

State bird of Idaho.

Hinders, obstructs.

Puzzle 4

Nubby; tweed-like.

Cricket pitchers.

__ Moran, an aide to Professor Moriarty.

Sleep on a plane; closing the visual organs.

Cause of astraphobia for Fido.

To have a grievance with someone, have an axe __.

Marks & __, high street retailer and food hall.

Great __ grebe; bird with elaborate mating display.

Irish saint whose day is celebrated on March 17.

__ a Clue sees Michael Caine as a Sherlock stooge.

Green Peak northernmost state of Brazil.

Fab Four's final album.

Age of __; historical strategy game franchise.

__ and jelly, Cockney rhyming slang for telly.

An order of angels, like children.

Big Mac ingredient, __ sauce.

Legal process of proving a will.


__ of Castile; married Louis VIII of France.

Puzzle 5

Machiavelli's chessboard.

Steven __, co-creator of BBC's Sherlock TV series.

Leading international airport in Singapore.

Sherlock __, cartoon persona of Johnny Depp.

Villainous character from Shakespeare's King Lear.

Telephone-line form of Internet access.

Short for National Railroad Passenger Corporation.

Identified by the initials SJ.

With a flushed complexion.

__ Gland, cocktail named after surgical technique.

Puzzle 6

__ Mons, highest-known volcano in the solar system.

No 221B was where Sherlock Holmes lived in London.

Kristina __, Octopussy's right-hand woman in 007.

Checked written text for errors.

A hawk's shrill call.

Met with, colluded.

Lifeless bodies.

Large river of Venezuela and Colombia.

Georgian-era artist who revealed the evils of gin.

Next, immediately preceding.

His __, final Sherlock tale before his retirement.

Two sixes.

Copenhagen's Little __ statue.

Being active during the day, not nocturnal.

Julie Andrews' favorite things, silver white __.

The child born on this day is bonny and blithe.

__ Pass, strategic WWII of Operation Skorpion.

Puzzle 7

The Duke boys.

Fake entrance featured in Ancient Egyptian tombs.

Don't needle this rodent.

Woollen garment covering the whole head.


Division of grey matter, the rearmost part.

One is outgoing.

Photographic film.

Upright honesty.

Can be committed to memory.

Mixed up eggs.

December stone.

Heavy rockers responsible for Ace of Spades.

Six __, Sherlock adventure with plaster busts.

Victorian mode of transport for Holmes and Watson.

David Bowie played the Goblin King in this fantasy.

Costa __, Spain's Orange Blossom Coast.

Puzzle 8

It descends from the clouds.

The bugle sounds and this dog is in the hunt.

Scotland Yard inspector works with Sherlock Holmes.

A tired boy is all __ out.


Proclaiming someone's guilt.

Natives of Minas Gerais, in Brazil.

To the max.

Eastern Africa sweet, celebration bread.

Heat-makers, for heating houses.

To go shopping in Paris: "faire les __".

__ Notice; romantic comedy with Hugh Grant.

Sailboat with two or more masts.

Susan __; became YouTube's CEO in 2014.

Holmes refers to Moriarty as "the __ of Crime".

Puzzle 9

Dog babies.

Asylum __ provides shelter from storms.

The Great Rock and Roll __, a Sex Pistols film.

The vroom of a car when __ the engine.

A Study in __, the first Sherlock Holmes account.

The barefoot Smurf.

What it's getting down to in the last minute.

Celtic goddess of woodlands; married Adamair.

Crime, law breach.

Speak of, briefly.

Johnny plays Leonard in The Big Bang Theory.

Mount Rushmore face.

Coal __, where Sherlock Holmes kept his cigars.

It can be seen.

Weighs more than something else.

Dutch gin (one spelling of).

Puzzle 10

Kidnap someone.

Brand name for a non-stick surface for pans.

__ Brett, Granada TV's Sherlock Holmes of the 80s.

A porter at an air terminal or airport.

Watched the flock.

__ Bird, Caribbean drink of white rum, Galliano.

Choosing, given a number of alternatives.

Musical instrument played by Sherlock Holmes.

To spur; to goad.

Johnny __; 1958 hit for Chuck Berry.

Puzzle 11

Using Twitter.

2019 Scorsese biographical crime thriller, The __.

Mycroft Holmes' club.

A flan ... or a coin blank.

Useless person that weighs down a project.

__ Band, Sherlock mystery about an Indian snake.

Echo & the __, Scouse hitmakers of the 1980s.

Cattle thieves.

The name doctors call the hollow back.

Chemical element, symbol Se, glassmaking uses.

Bag carried on the back of a traveller.

Siberian river with city of same name as port.

Word from a French idiom meaning "death pledge".

Sundae component.

Famous Apache chief.

To coerce.

Puzzle 12

Fiddle-faddle; balderdash.

__ De Spell, female Disney duck sorceress, villain.

Brightened by day.

Head protector.

Refusal to believe.

Cherry __, fruit cocktail liqueur.

King of the Otherworld; rival of Arawn.

Sticky, gooey messy description of thick liquid.

New York NFL team.

Concerning the spleen; splenetic.

Turkeys, when still young.

Abraham __ and John, musical lament to lost icons.

Sherlock Holmes' sidekick, Dr John H. __.

__ Magazine published the Sherlock Holmes stories.

French Riviera town famous for perfume.

Puzzle 13

In the __; soon to come; likely to happen.

The parts of the body arthralgia affects.

Mrs __, Sherlock Holmes' landlady at Baker Street.

Dockhand; longshoreman.

Fragile, delicate.

It holds your cold brew.

Mineral water brand from eastern France.

Lego Batman 3: __ Gotham, released in November 2014.

Town in Queensland, close to the Barrier Reef.

__ drive, social occasions devoted to a dice game.

Monet painted many: Houses of Parliament at __.

Jail or fine someone for wrongdoing.

Also called heavy spar.

Animal hybrids: male leos with female striped cats.

Ethel __, powerful Broadway singer and performer.

1980 hit for ELO and Olivia Newton-John.

Escaped murderer in The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Puzzle 14

Tingling, itching.

Opposite of southerly.

Mum's the word.

A plentiful supply.

Patriotic pirate.

A race against a clock, especially in cycling.

Large promenade alongside a beach.

Fancy word for a wine connoisseur.

Sherlock Holmes adopts these to go incognito.

__ Box, Sherlock story about ears packed in salt.

Puzzle 15

Lesotho-based charity founded by Prince Harry.

Conflict in which Dr John Watson fought.

Appalachian roots music.

Dug out a large hole.

Vessel the Bruce-Partington plans refer to.

Rooster's call, cock a __.

Holder for dryers in the bathroom.

__ milk; preserved dairy item invented by Borden.

Hot dog vendors feature in A Confederacy of Dunces.

Aztec god of the spring and vegetation.

Operation __; code for second battle of El Alamein.

Played the Jackal in The Day of the Jackal.

Pedal to the metal.

Billiards game that ends by sinking this.

Silk maker.

Puzzle 16

Chief city and economic capital of the Ivory Coast.

Mythical realm of paradise in Irish mythology.

The bad part of town.

Where the Sherlock Holmes reboot Elementary is set.

__ mire, boggy moors visited by Holmes and Watson.

Rushed, hurried busily.

Two half-note beats per measure.

Sound of a content cat.

Dip your lollipop in this fizzy sweet powder.

Common area of interest or responsibility.

To pull out.

Puzzle 17

Having no Homo sapiens qualities.

Think up, dream up.

Tony __ sang I Left My Heart in San Francisco.

Hard cheese.

The bone around the bottom of a skull.

Dog warning.

Hoover promised one in every pot.


Old-time villain, __ Whiplash.

Vancouver's NHL team.

Sylvia Plath's fruit-bearing plant in The Bell Jar.

Arctic Ocean body of water north of Siberia.

A __ in Bohemia, tale about an incriminating photo.

Latin American treats of steamed dough.

Director of italian film La Strada: Federico __.

Kingdom of __; former Austrian crown land.

Mary __, Dr Watson's wife in the Sherlock tales.

Painful condition on runners' shins.

Religious haircut, bald on top with fringe of hair.

Puzzle 18

Ancient Persian provinces.

Hindu teacher of spiritual knowledge.

Top Swedish golfer, born 1982.

Star __, Cranium character who acts and sings.

What one is finding when getting comfortable.

Food, fare, provisions.

A group comprising aubergines, kiwis and grapes.

Can't smoke with this instrument.

Functioning as a word that modifies a verb.

Adding it up.

Mediterranean Sea Basin.

Provocative 90s movie starring Elizabeth Berkley.

__ League, Sherlock tale of auburn-haired types.

Rock festival held in Incheon, South Korea.

Viviparity, i.e. not egg-laying.

Chilopoda arthropod.

__ set, scientific apparatus used by Sherlock.

Puzzle 19

Arabic for a loose, hooded, long-sleeved cloak.

Country band with Richie McDonald.

Poor and needy, penniless.

QR cipher to scan by ghostly social media users.

Naturally grown tennis court surface at Wimbledon.

Type of pipe smoked by Sherlock Holmes on screen.

Animal husbandry.

Gone in 60 seconds.

To say negative things about someone.

Nationality of a native of Windhoek.

William __, actor, Sherlock Holmes of the 1910s.

Repeat inmate.

Van Gogh's ear for music.

Islamic religious school.

Puzzle 20

This monkey is like an infant in the shrub.

Candy Land location, __ Forest.

Eating soup.

North or south of the equator.

I have been to seek a wife.

Where most of Earth's freshwater is.

Ben __ is a sleuthing Dr Watson in Without a Clue.

Give healing drugs.

US name for a haricot.

__ guitar, steel lap instrument from 50th state.

Where one can rent a room, __ house.

Role of Mrs Hudson in Sherlock Holmes stories.

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