CodyCross Shiny Things Pack answers

Shiny Things PackShiny Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Shiny Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Turn down or refuse, rhymes with "detect".

A dog's house.

The feeling of wanting to eat.

__ split; sliced curved fruit with ice cream.

Earn these and then sew onto your sports kit.

The art of being funny; a funny film.

Glassy coating fused on to metal or glass.

Occupation of Snow White's seven dwarves.

Country home to Asterix the Gaul.

Plug this in to warm up the room.

Another name for a pay packet, your monthly pay.

Jewish religious leaders.

Eat dessert with them, admire your reflection too.

French word used in English for the face.

Puzzle 2

Person with ginger hair.

__ square, a phrase meaning done in an honest way.

Manolo __, iconic Spanish shoe designer.

A cousin once __ is the cousin of your mom or dad.

Door __, hinged device on the front door.

Hamlet's country.

2017 men's tennis Swiss come-back king, Roger __.


Turns around a fixed point.

Type a number on your TV remote to change this.

Learns, reads and researches.

__ Moon; Japanese farming simulation video game.

Chewy/liquid sweet made from butter, milk, sugar.

People who assist.

The legal end of a marriage.

Roads for planes.

Solid metallic bracelets.

Kept someone or something safe.

Sir Richard, who owns the Virgin brand.

Puzzle 3

They are used to pluck hairs and remove splinters.

Device for creating luminous display signs.

Eerie Netflix show about '80s USA: __ Things.

Contrary, like yin and yang.

Lack of strength.

Flying just above the ground, staying in place.

Pound __, full name of UK currency.

Professional teller of jokes.

Gigantic glistening lumps of ice in the Arctic.

Sweet batter fried and flipped.

Designs that are repeated.

Puzzle 4

Large white mammal that lives in the Arctic Circle.

The adversary of Superman from DC Comics.

Another word for a trip or a day out.

Orange jam, loved by Paddington Bear.

Grooms someone's nails.

Sets of straps to fix horses to carts.

Uniformed driver of a car.

Bruce Wayne's special car.

Beetles with bioluminescence at night.

Chinese language spoken in Hong Kong.

A type of storm, also known as a tropical cyclone.

Reluctant, not keen.

Puzzle 5


Sad, miserable.

Toy glass balls including shooters and keepsies.

Stealing criminals.

Old __, term for great painters before the 18th C.

Ms Everdeen from The Hunger Games.

The data on a mobile phone is stored on a __.

Often the center of an engagement ring.

A horde of __; six-legged creepy-crawlies.

Danced slow in a ballroom to three beats.

Reached the place you were going to.

Nail __, sparkly coating for talons.

Slotted kitchen gadget for grilling sliced bread.

Another word for "freedom".

Throwing a ball at ten pins.

Puzzle 6

People who travel to religious sites.

Reactions of the nervous system to stimuli.

Annie's signature song.

Super clean, with not a trace of dirt.

Relating to someone's private life.

Converted into reusable material.

Soft, often furry, footwear worn indoors.

Throwing a baseball.

Extinct elephant-like creature, not a mammoth.

Doctor __; book character who can talk to animals.

Mythical one-horned creatures.

Playing on playground, rocking to and fro.

Showman-pianist, favored glittery suits and furs.

Mechanical lift used to move from floor to floor.

Buying goods at the mall.

With no hair a sweaty pate can shine brightly.

Hated, loathed.

Puzzle 7

Nationality of Boris Yeltsin.

Very stylish and graceful.

Fluids; not solids or gases.

Glassy spheres hung on a Christmas tree.

Glowing, like a light or a star.

Competition to establish the best; a challenge.

Wearing away, grinding down, like a cliff's edge.

Red spice made from ground peppers.

Biological period between childhood and adulthood.

Golden solar effects at the end of the day.

Games __, video game device.

When a plane leaves a runway and goes into the sky.

Infectious disease with red spots.

Puzzle 8

Folklore says they are attracted to shiny things.

Singer Beyoncé's maiden name.

Soft to the touch, like a lustrous material.

Take your clothes off.

Down-under wilderness.

Spicy Indian dishes.

African wildlife trips to see lions/giraffes.


The city the Pied Piper cleared of rats.

Insect resin made into glosses and old records.

Promotional gift, one not paid for.

Sweet __, a special 'coming of age' party.

Absorbent papers used to catch a sneeze.

Puzzle 9

Incident, crash on the road, mishap.

It helps you find the last page you read.

Another word for the most cheerful.

Glossy cosmetics applied to the mouth.

New boy at US college.

__ Lights, another name for the aurora borealis.

A pizza with pineapple.

__ Peach is a leading female Mario character.

One who jumps from a plane with others as a sport.

Rubbed hard to clean something.

Mildly shock someone with an unexpected gift.

Blown up, filled with air.

Ate and processed food.

Place where caravans and tents are pitched.

Puzzle 10

A soft or delicate shade; an oily or chalky crayon.

__ of pearl, lustrous inside coating of shells.

The Secret __ tells the tale of orphan Mary Lennox.

Makes colder.

Teasing chatter, kidding around in conversation.

Above; opposite of lower.

The name of Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Feeling of mohair wool and the fur of kittens.

Dr. Nefario's first name/Mary's Biblical husband.

Intelligent, bright.

Semi-crowns worn by queens, duchesses, princesses.

Like the cold season of the year.

Container for liquids.

Eighth month of the year.

Puzzle 11

Last __, da Vinci painting of Jesus and apostles.

The bottom of a page where you put the page number.

US, Britain, Soviet Union were called this in WWII.

4 __ Drive, Harry Potter's aunt and uncle's home.

__ Street, puppet show with Big Bird and Muppets.


Covered in perspiration.

Move like a duck.

Waits for a little while.

Punching exercise, wearing gloves.

Hammer-like tool used in croquet.

Eating utensils with shiny blades.

Shop that sells bread products.

__ glaze, reflective icing on the top of cakes.

Puzzle 12

Cleaning particles using a dry cloth.

Doctor's customer.


The first letter of your name.

Shiny wrapper for turkeys' in-oven protection.

The author of The Lord of the Rings, J R R __.

Said one letter at a time, __ out.

Snow dogs.

Not eastern.

To speak in a hushed voice.

Hand-held light with wick in oil, or candles.

A school subject including chemistry and biology.

Food product associated with the term "balsamic".

Someone from the European country known for pizza.

Puzzle 13

Wizard, magician.

Mirror for looking back in a vehicle.

The whale in a novel by Herman Melville.

Strong, sensitive hairs on a cat's cheek.

US state home to famous fried chicken.

Jewels and gold, found buried or in a large chest.

Thousands of millions.

Tightrope walkers or trapeze artists.

Large flattened fish that doesn't sting.

Shiny metallic suits worn by Elvis and Martin Fry.

Absolutely perfect.

Puzzle 14

Your breastbone.

Social network with a bird logo.

You rest your head on them at night.

Countries' national songs.

The captain of a ship or boat.

A lamp is rubbed by this character to call a genie.

Sign of illness.


More common name for dried grapes.

Slow running.

Person who teaches and studies; a student.

Brass __ add grandeur to military uniforms.

Medieval court entertainers.

Puzzle 15

Devices emitting focused beams of light.

Not innocent; responsible for a crime.

Not liquids or gases.

Small open racing car for youngsters.

People wandering from place to place in the desert.

Creator of famous cartoons, Walt __.

City where Abbey Road is a famous street.

Least or lowest in number.

America's largest wild cat; type of luxury car.

The T in a BLT sandwich.

Elliott's younger sister in ET.

Vital, yet vulnerable body parts e.g. brain, heart.

Puzzle 16

Old mythical stories; describes modern celebrities.

To think that something is true or real.

Pleas to a deity.

The sound made by a bee.

Law officer with star-shaped badge.

The reindeer who had a very shiny nose.

Taking small mouthfuls of a drink.

Wheeled transport you push with one foot.

Breathing quickly and heavily.

Black __, superhero from Wakanda.

Fiery masses of rock traveling through space.

An entrance to a house or building.

To reuse cardboard, paper or aluminium.

Puzzle 17

Tongue __ such as "she sells sea shells".

Time Cinderella left the ball, on the stroke of __.

Adjective describing steel, copper, brass and gold.

Garments; items that you wear.

Contaminated, anagram of Poseidon.

Orange bowl-swimmer won at a funfair.

Material used in the writing part of a pencil.

Madonna did this process to get son David Banda.


Descended down a cliff on a rope.

Not showing any signs of being alive.

Puzzle 18

Sparkles stuck to greeting cards.

Two-wheeled transport.

Eating less to get slimmer.

Relied upon to be truthful.

What you do with belongings before going on a trip.

The North Star, the brightest star in Ursa Minor.

Snipping with scissors.

Type of antelope known to run very fast.

Arch of colors in the sky on a sunny, rainy day.

A baby who is just learning to walk.

Actress who plays Barnum's pink-haired acrobat.

Use this machine to make a smoothie.

Freezing; temperatures turn to negative figures.

Another word for archenemy; Superman's was Lex.

Puzzle 19

Minuscule pieces of fire when rubbing flints.

Stoop or squat down low.

Clock located at the Palace of Westminster.

Took part in a sport or a game.

Magnified an image, __ in.

Recently bought, pristine passenger vehicle.

A popular holiday destination, often with a beach.

Death __, followers of Lord Voldemort.

__ Monster, blue-furred hungry puppet.

Canvas shop-front overhang, useful in the summer.

To have plenty.

Fruit that is the most ready to eat.

Puzzle 20

A kind of grasshopper that migrates in swarms.

Reflected a sound.

Game of throwing rings over posts.

National winter sport of Canada: ice __.

Describes the sky on a grey day; overcast.

__ Klein, sunglasses and fashion brand.

What knees get covered with after a sliding fall.

Churn milk to make this.

Something that is a bit weird or scary.

A device to remove leaves from the garden.

__ Leone, West African country.

Be-ribboned discs or crosses worn for gallantry.

Nickname of Gravity Falls' male twin Mason.

One who gives gratuities.

Crown __, Queen's regalia in the Tower of London.

__ Fisher, played Princess Leia in Star Wars.

Mario baddie who is also called King Koopa.

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