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Here are the answers to CodyCross Shopping Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Famous US swimming star from 1950s, __ Williams.

Indiana Jones and the __ of Doom.

Device for taking photographs.

People write lots of these at school.

City with a tower and a big famous clock.

It won't rain on you at an __ shopping mall.

Bread shop.

Groups of animals.

Sore blisters on skin, occasionally in the stomach.

Devices that open and close to allow flow of air.

Neither purple nor lavender.

Fought against the Joker, the Penguin and Catwoman.

Rear-end, posterior.

Fabric worn over shoes, extending to ankle or knee.

__ stickers, Christmas scenes for passers-by.

The baby in The Simpsons.

Puzzle 2

Uncontaminated, sterile.

Get a discount with a __ offer.

Japanese artist and widow of a "beatle".

Sections of the Earth either side of the Equator.

You refill your car's tank at a petrol or gas __.

Empress, wife of the ruler of Russia.

Caption, title, rubric.

What bombs do.

Wedding ceremony.

Adorning with or as if with folds of cloth.

Cocktail that Bond likes shaken but not stirred.

The two days that everyone looks forward to.

Obliging and useful.

Puzzle 3

Party game with miming of plays, films, books, etc.

To change one's mind; to withdraw.

To order online with a single touch of the mouse.

Substance used to preserve food.

The company people work for is their __.

DIY shops sell this.

Someone who admires intensely and often blindly.


Sweet bakery products to eat with a coffee.

Mark __, actor of Ted and Transformers.

Upper joint of the human arm.

Tom Jones was written by Henry __.

A victim of an accident or war.

Puzzle 4

Care and treatment of women during pregnancy.

City where the Western Wall is located.

Dick __, he never played fairly in Wacky Races.

Revolving platter for playing discs on.

Pause shopping for a coffee at this mermaid café.

Track for two-wheeled riders.

Unwise and without foresight.

__ shopping, buying seasonal gifts for December 25.

Came into bloom, flowered.

How sworn statements in a court of law are taken.

Sandy timepiece.

Renovating and reusing furniture.

Those who enter without permission.

Another word for makeup.

Puzzle 5

Witches fly on the handles of these.

Past tense of teach.

Performing in a play or film.


Showed off your muscles, bent them.

Famous architectural style during Middle Ages.

Involuntary movement of muscles.

It means "four" in Spanish.

Hair, beauty or nails are done in these.

To take off the paper that covers a present.

Antonym of antiquated.

Smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight.

Puzzle 6

Emitted, discharged.

Group of people singing together.

Past tense of fight.

Kitchen utensils to eat cereal or soup.

Season to get ready for the summer.

Decorative fencing with white vertical posts.

To contaminate with a disease-producing agent.

Travel __ are experts in trip organization.

Modest, down-to-earth, unassuming.

Weighing devices.

Spider-Man actor, __ Dafoe.

Strike a ball before it bounces.

Puzzle 7

To tell your sins or secrets.

Teeth grinding in animals, such as dogs on bones.

Nickname for the devil.

Find them in fitting rooms.

Italian potato pasta.

Conference; anagram of remains.

This person receives your payment in a store.

Dice game with scoring combinations.

Not straight in any way, shape or form.

To seize, garner; to catch.

Double-winged flying machine.

__ Temple, famous US child actress during 1930s.

They hold your clothes while in the closet.

To fasten or secure.

Puzzle 8

Glues or other sticky substances.

To commemorate an occasion.

Lacking a backbone.

Clothes dummy.

Shop with permission to sell a brand as an agent.

Two-word term for a sauna.

Describes the set of animals that eat everything.

Sketching ideas for clothes or buildings.

Removing stopper from wine bottle.

Wrestles, battles.

Sequences of symbols to secure access to an account.

Flight __, a member of cabin crew on a plane.

Fragrant smells, oils or herbs.

Hot spot for hanging stockings.

Rejected an objection; reverted a decision.

Country with a city called Brisbane.

Puzzle 9

French dish of black olives, capers and anchovies.

Flight Lieutenant Jerry __, lead Ghana after a coup.

Hebrew congratulatory phrase.

__ Wurst, bearded lady won Eurovision for Austria.

Padded and sprung base of a bed.

Toni __, first black authoress to win Nobel prize.

Name given to a female fraternity.

Moving up and down like a ball.

Most famous cartoon resident of Jellystone Park.

Mob justice, involves being hanged.

Asian megalopolis, world's most populous city.

No checks or credit cards accepted here.

Jean-Paul __, French actor of Breathless.

The identity or image on a product line.

Usually buried in a remote island.

Puzzle 10

Devices that emit focused beams of light.

Did not hit the target.

Trails or pathways.

Rolled tobacco leaves from Cuba.

The corridors in a shop where goods are on sale.

__ parking, leave your car here while shopping.

Wrote Les Misérables, __ Hugo.

"We can be __ just for one day", David Bowie.

Antonym of singular.

Cinema's father and daughter, Klaus and Nastassja __.

Puzzle 11

Out with the old, in with __.

Whirlpool device you can fill with warm water.

It means "friends" in Spanish.

Isaac __, physicist who discovered gravity.

Pictures, graphics.

These fruits can be green, red or yellow.

To do again and again.

River said the cradle for Chinese civilization.

Three times as much.

Made the sound of a donkey.

The first day of the week.

Sore blisters of skin, occasionally in the stomach.

Fashion __, current styles or preferences.

Your handheld cart, real or virtual.

Puzzle 12

Vague or misleading.

Customer __, where clients go for answers.

Fear of something that might happen.

A device for connecting two parts of an apparatus.

Pinball machines.

Resentful of other people's success.

To run a ship into land.

Fruit stewed or boiled, dessert.


Michael __, US singer, king of moonwalk.

To make artwork available for people to see.

Put on paper.

NY baseball team George works for on Seinfeld.

__ Pie, Sylvester the Cat, 1947 Oscar winner.

To be fair, it should be blind.

Puzzle 13

__ room, the place to try on clothes.

Not given enough food.

Where Harry Potter learns wizardry.

Divided debt.

__ Express, Christmas train with Hanks.

Traditional stories preserved among a culture.

When everyone has the same rights.

Not warring; calm.

The equivalent of a manicure but for the feet.

Yoga pose, standing tall like a large hill.

Tiny candle inside a metal casing.

Cut-price or reduced goods.

To perform a controlled explosion.

Family member you're descended from.

Puzzle 14

Garden game with bat, pole and sphere.

Kiss under sprigs of this evergreen bush.

Endured, experienced.

A plus rather than a minus.

Expression of grief, pain or dissatisfaction.

Sword __, illusionist who makes blades disappear.

Take a vehicle for a trial spin.

Type of food that isn't good for your body.

To transmit a show on TV, radio or online.

Antonym of cheap.

Short shoulder covering, with no fabric under arm.

Useful reading material for tourists.

Amiable and warm.

Unable to see, without any vision.

Puzzle 15

Academia, university, faculty.


Breathing disease eased by an inhaler.

Synonym of rocks.

The route of a river.

To begin a journey or quest.

To get your money back.

White weasel.

Banned, not allowed in.

Invited visitors.

__ out, splurge money on something.

Avoids, fails to be captured.

Coordinated clothing ensemble.

A substance that is deadly and toxic.

Neither purple nor lavender.

In maths, it describes an outward curve.

Caught red-handed.

City that hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Hebrew word meaning "place of peace".

Jack the __; London killer who was never caught.

Puzzle 16

Male hairdresser.

To replenish an empty vessel.

In the play, Cyrano de Bergerac's girlfriend.

Enclosed or surrounded by a wooden boundary.

Bring down forcefully.

Everybody was __ fighting; Chinese martial art.

Orange __, super cold Kahlua-based drink.

Prince of __: The Sands of Time, 2010 Disney film.

Rubber patterns on the outside of a car's tire.

Cyber __, comes after Black Friday.

Dogs or cats that don't have owners.

Puzzle 17

Gift __, parceled up to give to someone.

Inventor of hook-and-loop Velcro, George de __.

They pick on you and call you names.

__ Marx, leader of The Marx Brothers.

Band of I'm a Believer from Shrek movies, The __.

Book binding type using glue rather than staples.

Underground prison.

Malicious old hag.

Talking treatment with a counsellor.

Starts after December 31.

Moviegoer's staple.

Sea mammal, extremely smart, bottlenose.

Clean your vehicle here.

First book of the Old Testament.

Man working as hotel porter, no chiming though.

Bender's middle name on Futurama.

Puzzle 18

Outflowing of gas.

Most famous resident of Jellystone Park.

Prince drove a little red one.

Next to, beside.

Spirits mixed with other ingredients, drink party.

Shop online to have goods delivered to your __.

Henri __, French painter of exotic animals.

Got its independence from Spain in 1811.

Very old collectable items.

__ Adventure, cruise-ship capsizes.

Puzzle 19

Food with supposed impressive health benefits.

Fast-food restaurant under golden arches.

Main antagonist of Harry Potter, Lord __.

Exclamation of surprise; from "God blind me".

Marks the division between the two parts of Cyprus.

Religious official, male vicar.

Machine for cleaning fibres created by Eli Whitney.

Barry __, whose alter ego is Dame Edna Everage.

Terrible, dreadful.

Semicircular dance area for the Greek Chorus.

Mischievous red-hatted Danish gnome.

Puzzle 20

Made an avian home.

Style of furniture named after US religious sect.

Shouted loudly.

Describes health condition of watery eyes and nose.

Marquis __, French author of erotic novels.

Country with the greatest number of natural lakes.

Money you get back when you hand over too much.

__-me-ree, a nonsense puzzle.

To bring in someone to an event to honor.

Swiss __ Robinson is a Disney movie from 1960.

__ shop, cafe where you can get the black stuff.

Adjective pertaining to Jupiter.

Princess from the ballet Sleeping Beauty.

Child without parents.

Playing on a video console.

To change allegiance in battle.

Sunk a golf putt two under par.

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