CodyCross Simple Pleasures Pack answers

Simple Pleasures PackSimple Pleasures

Here are the answers to CodyCross Simple Pleasures Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Agent 007.

Took a gulp.

Knocking in nails with the right tool.

Popular Swiss chocolate bar in a triangular shape.

Stony habitats on a beach, fun for dipping nets in.

The P in VP.

Saint whose feast day is February 14.

Tireless, raring to go.

Millions, billions... what comes next?.

Long-bodied insect with transparent wings.

Puzzle 2

Sent a rocket into space.

Describes climate around the equator.

Greek god of the sea.

Attacked suddenly from hiding.

Dress that covers only the front of the wearer.

Putting on the brakes.

Generosity or compassion shown towards others.

Frozen, dairy-based dessert we all scream for.

Used a machine to take dirt off the floor.

Support on the back of a seat of a motor vehicle.

False teeth.

Getting the latest version of something.

System for the worship of a higher power.

Breathe this in when you're in the countryside.

Two openings on your face that sniff and sneeze.

Puzzle 3

Short outing, home in time for bed.

Fumes that come out of car's pipe.

Preserved in brine or vinegar.

Popularity and numbers of views TV shows have.

Massive wave often overtaking large structures.

Performing a medical operation means having this.

Adobe program that opens PDFs; a circus performer.

Six-stringed instruments made by Les Paul.

Describes a fit person who isn't sick.

Sandy or pebbly seashores.

Michael, the King of Pop.

Puzzle 4

Periods of ten years.

Mighty Morphin Power these; colorful superheroes.

Bone protecting the joint in the middle of a leg.

Explosive theory of how the universe began.

When work or school closes due to winter weather.

Cozy nooks where walls come together.

Buddies, pals, amigos.

A large tray for serving food.

Powerful male witches, Merlin was one of them.

Another word for roads or streets.

Not the official US language, but many think it is.

Person who signs your paychecks; Bruce Springsteen.

Durable material made from cowhide.

An artistic space with paintings on display.

Tubful of warm water for relaxing in.

Puzzle 5

Leather container for carrying books, papers.

Six-sided delicate wintry precipitation.

Part of earnings that the government takes.

Lengths of hair rubber-banded on each side of head.

It's often a money-back promise.

Country most closely associated with kangaroos.

Childhood story, usually with a happy ending.

The "torso" of a tree.

Headset for listening to audio files and music.

Hump day, the middle of the work week.

Snapping device for catching rodents.

Polite enquiry about someone's life.

Puzzle 6

Clothing worn in the pool.

Wearing no shoes.

You should never judge a book by this.

A guitar that doesn't need electricity.

Where Christians go on Sunday mornings.

People who stop by or pop in to see you.

Single-wheeled bike.

Someone from the country of the Pyramids of Giza.

Soft part of bed you lie on to sleep.

Fit and sporty.

__ Bad, show about chemistry teacher Walter White.

Yearly exam by a doctor.

Yellow and blue fish from The Little Mermaid.

Smiling broadly.

Bourbon spirits, maybe from Scotland?.

Drove backwards.

Octopus' arm.

Puzzle 7

Sweet or salty snack eaten at the movies.

Cows eating grass in a field are doing this.

Going about daily duties at a job.

Stress-relieving massage of shoulders and spine.

Paint this part of your foot digits.

Opens a door with a key.

Scenic grasslands with wildflowers.

New __; site of the House of the Rising Sun.

Riding a bike.

Written documents with TV show or movie lines.

Where people watch movies from inside their cars.

It makes the heart grow fonder.

Illegal drive taken for fun in a stolen car.

Red insect with dots, some say they're good luck.

Puzzle 8

Petroleum-derived liquid used as fuel.

Outdoor blazes with piles of logs and twigs.

"A picture paints a __ words".

Where a place is.

Everyone who watches a particular show.

Fatal flaw in a character, like Achilles' heel.

The first showing of or debut of something.

Your Royal __.

To steer or follow directions.

Bought stock in a company.

Cremini, oyster, portabella.

What recess at school is for; fun break for kids.

The wheels __ go round and round.

Unplanned or unexpected treat or party.

Name that can be abbreviated Vicky.

1851 novel about the hunt for a white whale.

Puzzle 9

Reflected sounds.

They can be tiger, bull, thresher or hammerhead.

Melted cheese used for dipping.

Type of bean; important human organ.

Gems, precious stones.

Obstacle one needs to jump over in a foot race.

The __ States of America or the __ Kingdom.

Person who creates paintings, sculptures, or music.

A French word describing someone small in stature.

Cooling light wind.

Literary bear with yellow fur; Pooh.

Cylindrical tool for applying paint to walls.

Device for filming or taking a picture.

An apple a day is said to keep him away.

Big __ Lies, Nicole Kidman starred in this drama.

Songs called this when band plays another's music.

Marilyn __, blonde bombshell.

Beautiful sky at dusk.

Puzzle 10

Bathing under a water spray.

Lengthy strolls, often in the countryside.

Water tanks that hold pet fish.

A letter that's not a vowel.

Made bigger in size.

60 minutes of discounted drinks at a bar.

Large spider with thick hairy legs.

Time when a woman carries a baby for 9 months.

Song about the day before, by The Beatles.

People who saw a crime occur.

Puzzle 11

You hit this with a putter.

Corn flatbread with origins in Aztec cuisine.

Online connection needed to browse and download.

Percentage of water in the air outside.

Seats directly next to the boxing action.

Asked for someone's hand in marriage.

Playful sea mammals, a delight to see in the wild.

Took place, occurred; what __?.

Vision, it fails the older you get.

Joyful movement of young lambs in a field.

Something unique or the first version.

Don't put all __ __ in one basket.

Puzzle 12

Hot __; warming cocoa drink.

To suggest someone for an employment opportunity.

Prized signature of a celebrity.

False __, stick-on hairs for eyes.

Used to comb your head.

Close chum you go way back with.

The Yellow Pages was one.

Clothing worn when leaving Earth's atmosphere.

Raining, but not heavily.

Insect with broad colorful wings.

Puzzle 13

Tongue __, phrases that are tricky but fun to say.

Mood-lifting chortling or chuckling sound.

Faded by sunlight.

"Taste the rainbow" candy.

Unit of digital memory abbreviated to KB.

Former wife of Brad Pitt; Ms. Jolie.

Clock for cooking white spheres in boiling water.

Month that gains a day in a leap year.

Write lists for daily food preparation.

In a location opposite the south.

Having visions as you sleep.

Umpires with whistles.

Happy, positive update that travels fast.

Anything that you own is your __.

Take money out of a bank account.

Puzzle 14

To party in observation of a person or event.

Object rotating the Earth in orbit.

Films from the past.

Sharpened rock used as a weapon throughout history.

The head of state in a republic.

Brand new creation of a device.

Absorbent and yellow and porous is he.

Food this little piggy ate, in the nursery rhyme.

Shackles for a prisoner.

These bumps are found on your tongue.

Illuminated idea indicator.

Peter Pan's fictional island home.

Gem-matching video game.

Unspoiled covering of wintry flakes on the ground.

Puzzle 15

Jagged pattern, like the edge of a saw.

Machine for blasting fallen leaves into piles.

Fluffy white shapes seen in the sky.

Line extending from a circle's edge to its center.

What pizzas and cakes are cut into.

Song: __ Knows the Trouble I've Seen.

The imagineer that created Mickey Mouse.

In Christianity, angels come from there.

A, E, I, O and U, and sometimes Y.

Cloth; the material clothes are made from.

Famous brand of this is Kleenex.

To break out of prison.

Name for revolver starting with P.

Season when lambs are born and new shoots grow.

This control lets you change the channel.

Shelter or cage for animals.

Puzzle 16

To disagree with a comment, especially in court.

Language spoken in Paris.

The body color of Minions.

Pre-booked short-term break from work.

Rollerblade rider.

TV show about unsolved paranormal FBI cases.

Lightweight coat only as long as the hips.

Volumes of a magazine print publication.

Gentle-paced walk outside.

Legal cases with juries.

Wax in a pot, can be scented.

Fluffy Australian mammal resembling a small bear.

Use these strips of plastic to measure things.

__ arches, the symbol that represents McDonalds.

Puzzle 17

Produces foam when soaping.

Film that is made for television only.

Beaming or grinning, expression of happiness.

Cake icing that's used for shaping.

The United States' is Washington D.C..

Knitted cover, perfect for snuggling under.

Simple lifestyle not connected to public utilities.

Throws the baseball towards the catcher.

Bony structure that protects our heart and lungs.

Game played with rectangular tiles.

Entered uninvited, with an army.

Loss of memory caused by head injury.

Puzzle 18

Cleaning a floor with a bucket of water.

Exercisers who go slower than jogging.

Visual aid of lenses on frames worn on the face.

Credit and debit are methods of this.

Holding someone in a tight embrace.

Glass parts of computers, TVs, and smartphones.

Pear-shaped fruit with pale green flesh.

When approaching danger, proceed with this.

It comes before Nemo and Dory.

Agreeing silently, head moving up and down.

Sweet course of a meal.

Aircraft land on them.

Occurring in times described as B.C.E..

Sky arc with Roy G Biv.

__ Dragons, band that is creative?.

Surgery that lets a person change appearance.

Puzzle 19

Warming comfort food made with orchard fruit.

Writing observations and posting to a website.

Over time, skin and clothing become this.

Scaly and slimy creatures like turtles and snakes.

The __, a funny family from Springfield.

Declared to be criminal in the Wild West.

Warehouse equipment that allows for heavy hoisting.

Aconcagua, Everest, Denali, Kilimanjaro.

Poker Face and Bad Romance singer.

__ Saving Time, or DST.

Building material for pavement or asphalt.

Jobs that need tackling, great to be checked off.

Puzzle 20

Writing symphonies.

Car emissions and litter contribute to this.

What you buy to protect against accidents.

Wet weather splashes that form puddles.

For she's a __ fellow, song for a birthday girl.

Pieces of jewelry that might match earrings.

Curled ribbon of yellow citrus used as a garnish.

Cute baby birds that swim on lakes.

Not the ending.

Soccer vandals.

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