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Here are the answers to CodyCross Simple Toys Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Dangling toy suspended above a baby's cot.

Apple's music playing program.

A coiled, gradually widening circle; a helix.

Manual worker who fuses metal together.

Out of view, purposefully unable to be seen.

Type of Farm that George Orwell wrote about.

Dish of bread dipped in melted cheese.

Traditional folk tale or myth.

London's famous clock tower that's not very small.

Gnome-like dolls with bright up-combed hair.

Joints between shoulders and wrists.

Locations, settings.

It's played on ice for the Stanley Cup.

Carry On Wayward Son band; Dorothy's home state.

Puzzle 2

Items brought into a country.

First name of actors McConaughey and Broderick.

Lawn game of knocking balls through hoops.

Soaks up liquid.

Spread one on the lawn and have a picnic.

Birds of a __, they flock together.

Large flightless bird with a long neck.

Regular stopping place, as on a bus or train route.

Month named after the Roman god of doorways.

Vineyard beverage from dark grapes.

Singers must do this with their voice to be heard.

There are 64 of them on a chessboard.

Blood-sucking swimmers once used in medicine.

Computer that sits on a table, rather than a lap.

Italian fashion house founded by Gianni in 1978.

Puzzle 3

Actor Samuel L., star of Snakes on a Plane.

The type of shoe Cinderella lost at midnight.

Wooden dolls that contain more dolls inside them.

Divine mother; pop singer.

Root vegetable similar to a carrot, but white.

How origami models and paper planes are made.

The brick stack above a household fireplace.

A device for dispensing hot adhesive.

Roses are red, and these are blue.

Portable CD player with loudspeakers.

Treatment given by a psychologist.

Puzzle 4

Responds to an email.

Bottlenose is a type of this marine mammal.

Speech problem, can be reduced by singing.

Inland, not out at sea.

Device used to administer breathable medication.

Exercise that develops core strength and balance.

Metal attractors, like those that link toy trains.

The commercial advertisement for a movie.

Berliner pastries come from this country's capital.

What is happening in the world now, current __.

A number equal to one thousand million.

A flat plastic disc for throwing.

Puzzle 5

Government tally of a population.

Simple bead-filled counting frame.

Attractiveness, in the eye of the beholder.

Surname of Reds and The Sixth Sense star Bruce.

A building dedicated to religious practice.

Sufferer of a crime.

Animals that are turned into calamari.

Nationality of the artist Claude Monet.

Toy shooter, makes a bursting sound when fired.

Latin American rattle instrument, comes in a pair.

Jump over an obstacle while running.

Ocean that lies between Africa and Australia.

Early developmental stage of a baby in the womb.

Puzzle 6

You can inflate these or fill them with water.

An important event or holiday.

Competitors in Olympic track and field events.

Sounding like little bells.

Objects studied as proof in a criminal case.

Brown spice obtained from inner bark of some trees.

Underwater creature shaped like a cosmic symbol.

Ancient Egyptian tombs.

When you cook or make something yourself it's this.

Game of jumping over a crouching person's back.

Handle __, label on a parcel with fragile contents.

Puzzle 7

Female lions.

Device that sends electrical impulses to the heart.

TV show set on Wisteria Lane, __ Housewives.

Game played by jumping into numbered squares.

Not permanently or for a long period of time.

Easy to set on fire.

Total number of dots on a 6-sided die.

To remove software from a computer.

Florida's Cape, home to the Kennedy Space Center.

Need a lot of this for downloading TV, films.

Nestlé capsule coffee machine brand.

Puzzle 8

Taking a quick midday snooze.

Dominoes with the same number on either end.

Long-haired peaceniks of the 1970s.

Toaster-made pastry snack.

White object on a pool table.

They're sometimes used for teddy bears' eyes.

Online home for content and information.

A plot of land where apple trees grow.

Canada's most populous city, on Lake Ontario.

__ The Bell Tolls; Hemingway novel or Bee Gees hit.

Puzzle 9

Fashionable, in style.

Stages of a boxing match.

The movie genre with fight scenes and car chases.

An artist's quick or preliminary drawing.

Person attempting to buy an auction lot.

Chess piece that moves in L-shaped patterns.

Inuit ice houses.

This type of battle is increasingly tough.

Horse feet.

It makes a Jack-in-the-box jump out of the box.

Tate Modern and Musee d'Orsay are examples of this.

Traditional Spanish dish of seafood and rice.

Puzzle 10

One who buys stock in a company, plays the market.

Adhesive pictures collected in an album.

Surname of tennis stars Venus and Serena.

Tool for close-cropped hairstyles.

Sound of huge drops of water hitting the ground.

Film of a city-crushing monster, released in 1954.

Insects, televisions and radios have them.

Writing observations and posting to a website.

British 19th-century queen with a secret?.

Plastic circle spun around your waist.

A legume that is the key ingredient in hummus.

Bends in rivers; winding routes.

Puzzle 11

Resisting the system; like a bronco.

Point that is used to show fractions of numbers.

Taught sport.

You can have a Barrel of these plastic apes.

Swarms of these insects are known as plagues.

Small orange fruit like a peach.

Couple, duo or a pair.

See them in a doll's hair or trailing from a kite.

Device that produces on paper what's on a screen.

The film or television genre involving cowboys.

Director or major title in business or military.

Puzzle 12

Alternative name for a computer's delete key.

Sport that made Dwayne Johnson famous.

Green buildings often use this kind of energy.

Measurement of distance in space; toy astronaut.

Kick __; idiom meaning to die or pass away.

Bouncing pole with a spring on one end.

Plant you might kiss under at Christmas.

Pieces of jewelry that might match earrings.

Handheld rubber-band catapult.

Person receiving overnight treatment at a hospital.

Hens that are not kept in cages.

Puzzle 13

Followed orders.

There are two in the second Lord of the Rings film.

Toy company that makes Barbie; anagram of elm tat.

Hair in a humid environment.

Mentors offer words of this.

Human __, basic entitlements in life.

Seeds produced by cereal crops.

Logs for furniture.

Hot __, popular brand of toy car.

Where roulette tables and slot machines are found.

Puzzle 14

Canines that protect properties.

Rules of polite society.

A tropical cyclone often given a human name.

Short style of dress invented by Mary Quant.

Prank toy that releases an awful smell.

To split open a food, like a chicken breast.

Rhyming-named actor who starred in School of Rock.

Soft toy resembling a large brown mammal.

Relating to solar system bodies, e.g. Venus, Mars.

Song by Fleetwood Mac; a muddy avalanche.

Cleanliness is said to be next to it.

Puzzle 15

Topics or disciplines taught in school lessons.

Game of matching together different dotted tiles.

According to a saying, it's the best medicine.

Consuming large amounts of food and drinks.

Longest running race of the Olympics.

Paper toy that swirls in the wind.

Painful, involuntary contracting of a muscle.

Trespasser who enters someone else's property.

Pinching tools used to pluck hairs.

__ Matilda, traditional Australian folk song.

Describes all avians living in an area.

Pandora did this to a box.

Puzzle 16

Fan or enthusiast of a sports team.

Classic board game that flips a man into a bath.

Second in command on a pirate ship.

2019 biographical film about Elton John's life.

A person who abducts other people.

Stretch __, long-limbed rubber action figure.

Fractured lower limb.

Corporations, business enterprises.

Wontons or dough balls, can be found in soup.

Flammable liquid used as vehicle fuel.

Puzzle 17

Six-pointed geometric figure.

Green vegetables, edamame in Japanese cuisine.

The central area of a dartboard or archery target.

Pedestrian walkway.

A person who pretends to be someone else.

To practice before a performance.

Brushing and cleaning a horse.

Classic property-trading board game.

Kind of map on which X might mark the spot.

Small pillows scattered on beds or sofas.

Puzzle 18

Felt frog Muppet who has difficulty being green.

The broad, round bodies of trees.

Mechanical figures, like Rock 'Em and Sock 'Em.

Car that is both electric and requires fuel.

Cosmetic shadow can be applied to this on the face.

First name of singer Streisand.

Do this to mechanical toys to make them work.

Small snow hills.

Mexican resort town near Chichén Itzá.

Not stirred; how James Bond likes his cocktails.

Asked God for help.

Puzzle 19

Type of driver used for a bank robbery.

To be full of anxiety and worry in anticipation.

Deliberately shabby-looking soft toy figure.

Smoothie maker, for quick juicing of fruits.

Live life to the __.

Runs as fast as one can.

What birds do to avoid the cold winter.

Monster who drinks blood.

First name of the poets Blake and Wordsworth.

Durable material from which Lego bricks are made.

A company operating planes and flights.

Puzzle 20

To be well-known for a bad quality or deed.

An artwork on canvas.

Nursery rhyme Mary Mary was quite this.

Game of two teams pulling opposite ends of a rope.

Animal "in the room" if you're avoiding an issue.

Penguins' walking activity in famous docu-film.

Outward signs of a health condition.

Ocean that separates Africa and the Americas.

Happy __, card game of matching relatives.

Sea creature found clinging onto ships' hulls.

Crafters who make clothes with wool and needles.

Where John Green says the fault is in.

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