CodyCross Smartphone Capabilities Pack answers

Smartphone Capabilities PackSmartphone Capabilities

Here are the answers to CodyCross Smartphone Capabilities Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Tennessee's Music City.

Revealing an artwork.

Fast calling of a number via one key.

TV slot when the biggest audience is watching.

Bright red double-decker transport in UK capital.

A striped peppermint sweet eaten around Christmas.

A popular kids song: doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo.

One who does this is lost, according to a saying.

Virtual __, robotic helper on a phone.

Speedy ballroom dance, by name and nature.

Puzzle 2

Customers of a business, such as a restaurant.

Brandon Lee's final movie, named after a bird.

__ House, coffee brand "good to the last drop".

A little house, especially in the country.

iPhone cartoon avatar that moves as you speak.

Protests another lawyer in court.

Finding accommodation for someone.

Located next to an ocean or the beach.

She had hits with Umbrella and Diamonds.

Shortcut controls for functions on a smartphone.

George, boxer and grill-maker.

The M in MIA.

Puzzle 3

Legally not married anymore.

Hill House suffers from this in horror series.

Screening service on a phone, shows the number.

Common mammal famous for its bushy tail.

The act of putting bulbs into the earth.

Simple five-line poem, often with a funny theme.

Cumberbatch who plays Doctor Strange.

It heats a room as it fills with hot water.

Video chat function built into an iPhone.

Flat mexican bread made from ground maize.

The US state with Chicago and Springfield.

Weight measure equivalent to 2.20 pounds.

Puzzle 4

Cast members of a TV show.

Films; can be watched on a TV or phone screen.

First name of Tim Burton's Scissorhands.

Opposite of attracts; drives away.

Late-growing teeth that often have to be removed.

A vinegar-preserved cucumber.

Husky voice that makes you sound like a pony?.

Short song accompanying an advertisement.

Animal particles from hair or skin, can be itchy.

Twisted fasteners to tie back climbing plants.

Italian city famed for canals and romance.

Can be one to four bars in strength, on a phone.

Puzzle 5

Arachnids with venomous stinger on their tails.

Lavish top floor of a building or apartment block.

When explorers find a lost city, also a TV channel.

Viking leader; wireless phone-to-phone connection.

Great creators of music like Beethoven and Mozart.

The country known for its outback.

Macaulay Culkin was this in a 1990 Christmas movie.

007 spy from movies and books.

Club member in charge of club finances.

Phone function to dictate a reminder.

Puzzle 6

Harmful immune response, such as to pollen or fur.

Using phone data package while abroad.

Old jeans made into shorts for the summer.

Commoner who answers to the queen.

The separate screen of a desktop computer.

First book of the Bible.

Rain, wind or sun; check it via an app.

Study of organisms and environments.

Forward contracts in financial trading.

Idina Menzel's best-selling hit from Frozen.

Soft, fluffy French bread made with lots of eggs.

Famous actress Audrey or Katharine.

Paste commonly used to make casts in art.

Direct flight with a stopover.

Puzzle 7

Fools are said to rush in where they fear to tread.

Pressed, hot sandwich originating in Italy.

Someone to Watch __, Ella Fitzgerald song.

Recruiting for a job.

African nation west of Kenya starting with "U".

Movement of smell in the air.

__ View, Google Maps shows photos of real places.

Hindu festival of Lights celebrated each November.

Bewitching sorcery, associated with the Caribbean.

It's the E in "e equals mc2".

Download the latest software to a smartphone.

Country in which you could visit the Acropolis.

Relating to cattle.

It has a flush, a cistern and a U-bend.

Actor Chan of Rush Hour fame.

Goal __; player who's the last line of defense.

Puzzle 8

Who fixes a broken car.

The day after Halloween is the first of this month.

Tough, fibrous tissue that connects the bones.

Animal between one and two years old.

App with a gear icon, for changing parameters.

A classroom where students assemble daily.

Style of square scarf tied round the head or neck.

Thanos's Infinity __.

There are four of them; air, water, fire and earth.

The sky is this; nothing is impossible.

Total lunar sphere seen in the night sky.

Baked canine treats, or an actual body part.

Section of an orchestra the oboe belongs to.

Data processor; a smartphone is a mini one.

Another word for train tracks.

Queen who married Prince Albert in 1840.

Puzzle 9

Person who established a business.

Process of fermenting yeast to make beer.

She's the brightest witch of her age, Hermione.

South and North continents bear this name.

Game in which you might hear "right foot on green".

Data chip inserted into a smartphone.

Beyoncé's surname.

Small freshwater fish used for bait.

Muslim holy period that involves fasting.

Flute-like instrument whose name means "small".

Compete in a Greco-Roman Olympic event.

Giant planet with the Great Red Spot.

Buzz, like a phone when it's ringing.

Puzzle 10

Bright purple bean named after a body part.

Loose-fitting top, named like its headcover.

One more musical performance.

Most famous art museum in Paris.

Pandas almost exclusively feed on this plant.

Wound a fishing line back in.

Shrek's animal companion, voiced by Eddie Murphy.

Hook a phone or laptop up to another phone's Wi-Fi.

The torched dessert named after a US state, baked.

Motions in physics; can be Armed.

Browser on an iPhone; wildlife expedition.

Legendary singer husband of June Carter Cash.

This color Is the New Black, Netflix original show.

Customer, user.

US avant-garde artist and photographer.

Puzzle 11

Answer machine facility for a smartphone.

What's past is past, it's all water under this.

Professional emergency first aid responder.

Share photos on this immediate social media app.

Insect members of the genus Apis.

Advocates of women's rights.

Saw a crime occur.

Sweet square-faced lump, fed to horses.

Geiger counters detect this.

Maiden name of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

Write down observations from class in these.

Puzzle 12

Automatic reaction, like a twitch of the leg?.

Outdoor labyrinth at a farm.

Chosen sound that a phone makes when someone calls.

Examples include Hanukkah and Thanksgiving.

A marine crustacean found stuck on rocks or ships.

Bare skin between the hairline and eyebrows.

Oscar-winning film on greed, class, in South Korea.

Sit quietly and be mindful, slowing the breath.

Hot sauce with a rooster logo.

Toxic downpour due to pollution.

Turning a shape around a central point.

App for making business connections.

British royalty drama with Olivia Colman.

Puzzle 13

Happy emojis.

Giant windmill that generates clean energy.

Someone who breaks out of prison and gets away.

Framework of bones that protect the chest.

The type of lettuce that sank the Titanic.

Disney's famous British nanny, Mary.

Juliet stood on this as Romeo charmed her.

It is often put over quantity.

Wild animals from dog family, small wolves.

Looking at things like documents on a phone.

Rock band fronted by Kurt Cobain.

Puzzle 14

Making cartoons.

Phone app you're playing now.

Don't throw the baby out with it!.

Botch, mess up, handle badly.

The chemical element represented by K.

Dragging content on a screen up or down.

Colorful decoration on cheeks and foreheads.

Quentin, directed Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown.

Places where photographs are developed.

Elvis Presley is the king of this music genre.

Puzzle 15

Facebook-owned phone message and VoIP service.

Chris Martin is the lead singer of this band.

Response to some treatment or situation.

Powerful painkiller named after the god of sleep.

First thing viewed when a website opens.

Removing the shell or covering of corn or oysters.

Way of purchasing goods via an iPhone.

Michelle Obama's memoir; turning into something.

Assault on __ 13; 2005 action thriller.

TV series with a host who leads discussions.

Puzzle 16

The green plant that's symbolic of Ireland.

Frozen dessert that sounds like you shrieked!.

Settle up invoices using a banking app.

Jennifer, was Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.

A small shop that sells clothing and accessories.

It can be soccer, American, or Australian Rules.

Relating to arteries, veins and capillaries.

App with list of who you know and their details.

Tsp in the kitchen.

English title of the Christian prayer Ave Maria.

Puzzle 17

Lowest denomination coins in the US and the UK.

Seconds, brief periods of time.

Masticating a piece of food.

Dawn-blooming white flowers with yellow middle.

Grasshopper species, one of the biblical plagues.

Phone operating system; human-like robot.

Phoenix, starred in Her, Joker and Walk the Line.

People with in-depth, specialist knowledge.

A nurse does this with medicine in a syringe.

Effects that can be overlaid onto photos.

Puzzle 18

Belt or knife share this adjective.

Words having the same sound.

Freddie, frontman of rock group Queen.

Bonuses, financial returns.

Mark or stamp made by pressure from something.

Someone illegally kept prisoner by someone else.

Farrelly brothers comedy with Chris Rock: __ Jones.

Capacity on a phone for holding data.

Massive ships.

Printmaking technique of acid burning metal.

Shakespeare's Scottish Play.

The science of all animal life.

Ate a midday meal.

Sometimes called the heart of a home.

Sensation of dizziness, associated with heights.

Early video game with bright green amphibian.

Decorative forms called Ionic, Corinthian, Doric.

These Stars Hollow girls are mother and daughter.

Scarabs and weevils.

Apple feature for sharing files via Bluetooth.

Puzzle 19

It's taken out of decaf coffee.

Company 2010's The Social Network was based on.

Commonest gas in the air we breathe.

Land near the ocean, the coastline.

Keeping an eye on health, other stats via a phone.

Sets of false teeth.

The Y in DIY.

Her tale is written by Margaret Atwood.

Prompt to aid memory via a phone app entry.

The Blues siblings, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.

Lawyers may object: asked and __.

Puzzle 20

Superhero known as The Dark Knight.

Bonham Carter, played Bellatrix Lestrange.

Sales category of most souvenir shops.

Capital city of Poland.

Fluid, not gas or solid.

Results of sports games, can be accessed on phones.

Making sure a guitar sounds right.

Doctor Seuss' Christmas-hating creature.

Big feline also known as a puma.

Number of minutes a rugby match lasts.

Call the same number again.

Protest movement: __ Wall Street.

Less spicy than another food.

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