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Smelly Things PackSmelly Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Smelly Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Ate grass like farm animals.

a Manhattan cocktail with Scotch whisky.

Another word for a distinctive and offensive odour.

Saintly capital of Minnesota.

__ smell; distinctive odour of pristine vehicles.

Slept noisily.

Percy __ sang When a Man Loves a Woman.

Philadelphia NFL team.

In a big way.

Greek word for hello.

Puzzle 2

Joseph's vivid coat is in this Book of the Bible.

Bit down hard and loudly.

The Wind in the __, stop-motion Cosgrove Hall film.

Inhaling and exhaling tobacco.

Dog __; police officer who works with canines.

__ finger first in Who Wants to be a Millionaire?.

__ Ranieri, football manager of Chelsea, Fulham.

Fool's cap, like a cockerel's maybe.

Nitrogen and hydrogen compound with pungent smell.

SIlly, childish, pathetic.

__ wheel gets the grease.

Puzzle 3

Distances from side to side.

colorful "Dolly" sweets.

Another name for eucalyptus trees because of resin.

__ toilet; portable WC.

Adds H2O.

Little Pig __, porcine tale by Beatrix Potter.

Generous helping, an overflowing platter.

Smoking piles of garden waste.

Animal from the Black Lagoon.

Boxer or fighter.

Adjective describes coarse-grained igneous rock.

Puzzle 4

Nationality of Omar Khayyam and Zoroaster.

Skin darkening agent that can smell like yeast.

Gave out prizes.

Escaped household fuel with a strong smell.

Newspaper drama with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep.

Not anywhere.

__ton, jazz dance named after US city.

Married to Blondie.

__ Republic in Russia, Grozny is the capital.

Puzzle 5

Recovered in gold.

__ site; rubbish dump.

Movie and song about Elsa the lioness.

Become more sunny.

Insult directed at spectacle-wearers.

Prejudiced, based on someone's social standing.

Tinned paint that can have an unpleasant odour.

Three goals scored by a player in a football match.

US state known as the Bluegrass State.

German brand, its founder had links to the Nazis.

Puzzle 6

State of being waterlogged.

Becoming less strong.

Broken down, changed sugars into alcohol.

Math focused on derivatives and integrals.

George Orwell's birth first name and surname.

Process by which Confederate States left the Union.

Novel by Anne Fine made into a movie: Madame __.

Plant with strong smell of Indian cuisine.

Not physically fit or well.

Two pets, often fighting, according to the idiom.

Of or relating to beavers.

Large brass instrument, like a small tuba.

Puzzle 7

__ of water, in unfamiliar surroundings.

Time slot for a model to be before a photographer.

Small religious buildings.

Official language of Belize: not Spanish but __.

Strong-smelling condiment added to chips.

Helen __, headlined The Beatles first UK tour.

Genuine and serious.

Nutrition for felines, in cans or pouches.

Officially and ceremonially became monarch.

The __; 2006 end-of relationship comedy film.

Putting pen to paper, journaling.

French salt tax, provocation for the Revolution.

Will __ co-founded Funny or Die.

Puzzle 8

__ Sam or gun-toting Samuel Michelangelo Rosenbaum.

Wimbledon call for equipment change.

Expecting a baby.

Robert Graves' novel about a Roman emperor: I __.

Notice of violation.

Mary's __; sung by Harry Belafonte and Boney M.

Islands off the northern coast of Sicily.

Four of these make a US dollar.

Strong-smelling hard Italian cheese.

Type of animal that has a trunk.

__ Curtis; horror actress in Halloween and The Fog.

Little bowls for cigarette ends.

Fishing device abandoned or lost in the ocean.

Puzzle 9

Trace body part, such as tails in humans.

The __ Itch; 1955 film starring Marilyn Monroe.

The amount by which something increases.

Italian who wrote The Decameron.

Military headwear made of felt or cloth.

Medical institutions with distinctive smell.

Shots not hit with racket facing forwards.

Cuba, O. J. Simpson in American Crime Story.

Small, rocky space objects that orbit the sun.

Largest National Park in Wales.

Thailand's Full Moon Party island.

Old, uneaten food remains.

Defunct British band: Frankie Goes to __.

One who examines to ensure standards; police rank.

Confirms that something is true and valid.

Puzzle 10

Child who finds new parents.

Gas produced by cows and landfill sites.

O'Malley's pal, sings Everybody Wants to be a Cat.

Serviettes for the table.

Sportsperson on rings, beam, floor and vault.

Sir Ben __, America's Cup sailor, Olympic champion.

Sea, part of the Indian Ocean, near Myanmar.

When a ship hits the bottom or shore it runs __.

Fragrance for men; sometimes overly strong.

In an irritable mood.

Vince Clarke's band formed with Andy Bell.

Tale between a short story and novel in length.

Referring to ancient Greek architecture.

Savings, money set aside but not for avians.

Puzzle 11

"I taw, I taw, a __" said Tweety Pie of Sylvester.


Making something look small by comparison.

Room under a house that can smell musty.

Judas __, disciple who betrayed Jesus.

Peter __; Prince Harry's cousin wed at Windsor.

Repetitive chilli pepper used in Nando's hot sauce.

Konrad __; German chancellor, 1949-63.

Burping, emit wind through the mouth.

Jamaican predecessor of rock steady, aka bluebeat.

Thin and curved like an eagle's beak.

Texas nickname.

__ furnace, place to stir iron ore to create iron.

Trailer vehicle used to transport equines.

Marches and festivals when rainbow flags come out.

Puzzle 12

Describes when a vehicle's tyres explode.

Smoked herrings eaten for breakfast.

Raising corners of mouth in an amused manner.

Where the Battle of Quebec occurred: Plains of __.

Ice, stones, broom sport.

"Blow one's own __", musical instrument.

One who has acquired representation.

Soggy canines.

The main image of a person on an account, __ photo.

With fortune.

__ War; 19th-century conflict in East Africa.

Lens used in lighthouses.

Welsh __, a kitchen cupboard of drawers.

Make good again, e.g. rickety furniture.

The dominant group within the Inca Empire.

Puzzle 13

Ed __, sci-fi writer who scripted The Birds movie.

Cut of venison meat.

Goddess; Greece's capital is named after her.

Airless, fusty; straight-laced and old-fashioned.

Flew without power.

Vegetable with edible green stalk and strong smell.

__ bin Said al Said, became sultan of Oman in 1970.

Pink marine crustaceans.

Nanga __, Pakistan peak, 9th highest in the world.

Lead track on Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor.

Puzzle 14

Frowning in an angry manner.

The Cure hit, starts 'We move like cagey tigers'.

Experienced a tingling sensation.

False, bogus, phoney.

Book of Psalms, given out with hymn books.

Getting stuck on the sand, like a whale.

What light does off a shiny surface.

Having multiple spouses at once.

Tree-shaped vegetable with strong smell.

Maxim __, Rebecca's husband in Du Maurier tale.

Won Best Supporting Oscar as the emcee in Cabaret.

Tinned oily fish with strong odour.

Puzzle 15

__ McDuck, filthy rich, Scottish, uncle of Donald.

Some of these primates are macaques.

__ breath; stinky mouth when you first wake up.

Chicken Little's preferred Bond film.

Reporting, e.g. __ the time.

King of England from 1272 to 1307.

Temporary stoppage of NBA season, e.g. 1995.

Largest city in Washington state.

Lacus __; Roman name for Lake of Albano.

Street surface in Victorian London.

Marine algae found washed up on beaches.


Enjoyed good fortune.

Puzzle 16

Not quite the color of snow, slightly grayish.

Ocean's __, sequel to Ocean's Twelve.

Fast-spreading conflagration in a forest area.

Carly Simon's dad's publishing firm: Simon and __.

City in eastern Germany, was Karl-Marx-Stadt.

Pledging allegiance, promising.

Guts, innards.

Liquor taken to stimulate; bracer.

Haggard, exhausted, displaying grief in the face.


Puzzle 17

Another name for Vitamin C: __ acid.

Jumping ahead by a few words or pages.

Mistreating a junior, both physically and verbally.

Large layer of compacted winter precipitation.

This candy brand asks you to "taste the rainbow".

Petrol; fuel used in vehicle engines.

Occurred, took place, ensued.

Play by Michael Morpurgo about an equine in battle.

Small towelling wash cloths for faces.

Main instrument played by Benny in ABBA.

Puzzle 18

Honeycomb __ have honeycomb patterns.

Film that becomes popular after initial hesitation.

Ribbon or braid above brim on headgear.

Putting an item down in a specific location.

French expression meaning in relation to.

State before cooking.

A striking match, with the same name as Satan.

On fire, combusting.

Serious medical or security emergency.

Underground tank for sewage disposal.

Puzzle 19

Hominy wrapped and steamed in a corn husk.

Number of yellow stars on the Flag of Europe.

Vehicle made by its owner from prefabricated parts.

Arthur __, laser scientist Nobel laureate 2018.

Large body of water in New Zealand's South Island.

Describes foods that have gone bad.

Strong-smelling household cleaning chemical.

Three __ Dam; gigantic hydropower plant in China.

Nigel __, former UKIP leader and Brexiteer.

Emma __, Hermione Granger in Harry Potter films.

Puzzle 20

Fine, soft and fluffy hairs on the face.

Final studio album released by Elvis, in 1977.

Adding emphasis to syllables.

Allan __, Scottish-American detective/agency.

Gases discharged by vehicles.

Wooden panel used in US house-building.

Shutting down and restarting.

Darker skinned than.

Industrial units used for manufacturing.

Furry human growth on the torso, often waxed.

Purple __ broccoli.

Comedian star of Ride Along.

Argumentative, starting fights.

__ Park, Austen novel that featured Fanny Price.

Caught a whale.

Carriers made from wood pulp.

Board game of triangular dominoes.

Relaunch, shake up, invigorate.

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