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Here are the answers to CodyCross Snacks Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

To help someone do something.

Animated clownfish, father of Nemo.

Corn __, flat, thin yellow cereal pieces.

A style of slanted handwriting.

Pale green, raw veggie, good with cream cheese.

Sportswear brand with three stripe logo.

In mathematics, this means to remove the brackets.

Bella __, CeCe Jones in Shake It Up.

A portable, thin, lightweight computer.

Site of Mt. Etna volcano eruptions: island of __.

The metal spikes that are found on bicycle wheels.

Poultry that is traditionally eaten at Christmas.

Humans have four of these and a thumb on each hand.

Puzzle 2

Name central to Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Gluteus __ is also known as the buttock muscle.

Third part of an insect with head and thorax.

Professional road racer or track star on wheels.

Books that are not based on facts.

Something that is delicate and breaks easily.

Olympic event they call "bowls on ice".

These fruits can be black__, rasp__, straw__.

To bring something, past tense.

Subscription service streams film and TV online.

Raw fish without the sushi rice.

Puzzle 3

Kitchen utensil with lots of holes for draining.

Study and investigation to learn about the past.

Global multi-sports event, held every four years.

__ vs. Aliens, 2009 animated film.

Roald Dahl's giant was big and __.

These keep your ears warm in winter.

Brazilian martial art that includes dance.

Outdoor fire and grill for burgers.

A drink of blended fruit with milk.

Dried __, chewy orange fruits.

Where Adam and Eve met; a peaceful happy place.

Puzzle 4

Person who saves swimmers.

School subject that teaches you where countries are.

Sweet tropical fruit, with yellow flesh.

Deep-fried, battered veggie circle.

Electronic identification under your pet's skin.

An underwater earthquake causes a __.

__ Dumas, author of The Three Musketeers.

Small, colorful sweet, many different flavors.

An emergency medical vehicle.

To build.

The fifth Ice Age film, __ Course.

Puzzle 5

Tour of Serengeti National Park, for example.

Comic book creator of the Hulk, Iron Man, etc.

Tropical bird with large, brightly colored beak.

Green monster who once stole Christmas.

Part of a flower's stamen that contains the pollen.

__ Pieces, peanut-butter filled, sugary shells.

Body parts, such as the heart, lungs or stomach.

Capital and largest city of Germany.

Nuts that look like walnuts and make good pie.

Underwater blade that steers a boat.

Puzzle 6

Not on the Internet or connected.

Skilled worker produces books and newspapers.

Bars that athletes jump over in running races.

Yellow Pokémon character with black ears.

Desk device uses metal to fix pages together.

Whitish, crescent-shaped nuts.

Large orange Halloween fruit for carving.

Music and video streaming service from Sweden.

The money made by a business is its __.

Sauce that's often red and made with tomatoes.

The lack of belief in a higher power or god.

Fish with fancy patterns found in outdoor ponds.

One of the tiny curved hairs on your eyelid.

Hot, arid areas found in Africa.

Puzzle 7

__ Park, dinosaurs come alive in this smash hit.

Metal panel attached to a wall to give warmth.

Rabbit breed with ears that hang down.

To take away, another word for minus.

Chocolate bar that's also a galaxy.

The collection of letters in a language's writing.

Black consumer battery with gold top.

Famous prison in the San Francisco Bay.

When food can be ordered separately on a menu.

Grotesque statue, hangs off the side of a building.

They left England and found a colony in Plymouth.

Global soccer tournament held every 4 years.

Orcs are a race in World of __ MMORPG.

Machine that is able to fly.

Person who mends machinery, typically a car.

Italian pasta tubes baked with cheese sauce.

Religion that originated in ancient India.

Puzzle 8

Eggs cooked while stirring.

Wears a uniform and is paid to drive a car.

Housing for college students.

Musical instrument of bellows and keyboard.

__-cob, maize by another name.

Thin strip of material holds hair back.

__ converter, car part that lessens exhaust gasses.

Chewy, fruity, box-shaped sweets.

Believed to be the birthplace of Jesus.

Medical device where premature babies are placed.

The Magic __, animated TV series.

Famous Hollywood film director Steven __.

It blows things up.

Fictional world balanced on elephants and a turtle.

Crafty art using printed paper to create pictures.

Beasts that roamed the earth before people.

Modern Korean martial art similar to karate.

The distance around the outside of a shape.

Circus performer who swallows flames.

Period of peace during a war.

Puzzle 9

A black and white seabird with a colorful beak.

Car safety device that inflates on impact.

A lightweight raincoat.

Muppet bear, teller of bad jokes.

Writing in verse, sometimes rhyming.

Grilled sandwich, often made with ciabatta.

A deep valley with steep sides, e.g. the Grand __.

A __ control tells the TV what to do.

Cheese__, meat patty topped with dairy product.

Animal waste put to good use.

Disease of sailors lacking vitamin C.

Crayons for drawing that are similar to chalk.

Puzzle 10

Medical condition seen by the excess of body fat.

City-state in Rome that is the Pope's HQ.

Sharp tooth at the front of the mouth.

Racing sport with small four-wheeled cars.

Transparent box for observing tiny black insects.

Sunny weather umbrella.

Vinegary snack, often small cucumbers.

Man in charge of other workers on a building site.

Knot-shaped bread.

What you see when you look at something from above.

Jaw__, another word for a gobstopper.

The __ Machine, Scooby Doo's vehicle.

Puzzle 11

Small piece of wood embedded in a finger, say.

Maker of plates, cups and bowls from china.

Ice cream __, chocolate for bread.

Peanut-packed chocolate bar.

__ soup, made from a fungus.

The film franchise of Darth Vader and Han Solo.

If something is from the Bible, it's __.

x + 2 = 4 is an __.

The feelers on top of a butterfly's head.

Fry and Leela star in this cartoon.

The German __ is the most well known working dog.

Straight lines that are an equal distance apart.

Puzzle 12

Telephone messages recorded in a cell phone.

Shredded potatoes fried together into a fritter.

Electric-powered sea vessel.

Brown syrup, spread it on your ice cream.

It is said to be hidden at the end of the rainbow.

Scientist who deals with living things.

To be drained of strength or energy.

Large island country with kangaroos and koalas.

Small, round fruit named after a primary color.

Ex 1D member whose name starts with Z.

Meat eater.

Jamaican team's winter sport in Cool Runnings.

What a high-ranking judo fighter wears.

Dairy drink with added flavors.

Small wooden sticks for cleaning your teeth.

A book with lists of synonyms.

Facial bone under your eye.

Alkaline earth metal with symbol Mg.

Puzzle 13

Getting a way in, or a way through.

What are Boxer and Clover from Animal Farm?.

Citrus fruit named after a color.

Gunman whose job is to go unseen.

Slang for head, or a stir-fry pasta.

Ice cream dessert, like a day of the week.

It is used with a mortar to grind down spices.

Hindu god of creation.

Boiled bread buns, doughnut shaped.

South American animal prized for its fleece.

Capital of England.

Obi-Wan __, Jedi master in Star Wars films.

Puzzle 14

__ Lion, biggest of the species.

Baked-oat breakfast cereal or a bar.

Opposite of the floor.

A word formed from jumbled up letters.

When the Moon covers the Sun.

__ Bucket inherited Willy Wonka's factory.

Grid-shaped dough that's good with ice cream.

Small soft orange fruit with a large stone.

The name given to a series of three films.

Item used to store frozen foods in.

__ sea, largest enclosed body of water in world.

Puzzle 15

Relearning your subjects for exams.

Angola and Mozambique were colonized by __.

Indoor cycling classes.

Aquatic animal won at the funfair.

Dried fruit and nut combo.

This type of sailing ship has at least two masts.

Two slices of bread and a filling.

Buying and selling of goods.

Wide-brimmed straw hat worn by Mexicans.

Male __ swing on Olympic rings.

Money you earn by saving money in a bank.

The __ and the Frog, 2009 Disney film.

A 3D shape that has circular ends.


Puzzle 16

The northernmost point of the globe.

Small beans that are the main ingredient in hummus.

Chocolate and marshmallow dessert.

Happening too soon or earlier than usual.

It records your time in a running race.

Person who writes regularly for a newspaper.

An animal that has four feet is a __.

Old farmer in a classic kid's song.

This blood vessel connects arteries.

High school film about a group of unkind females.

Writing about someone's life story; nonfiction.

Puzzle 17

Common pet lizard with a long tail.

Bread and __, dairy spread.

A unit of electrical current.

A long river in South America.

Metal percussion instrument found in a drum kit.

A hand-held personal computer.

A dairy product you find on pizza.

Over a season, sport clubs play each other in a __.

A type of grain; anagram of "bleary".

A building of worship for Muslims.

Puzzle 18

Small rodent with cheek pouches.

__ Grace, Christian hymn.

Anesthesia is given before __ by a doctor.

__Scare School, animation with friendly ghost.


__ seeds, green from an orange Halloween veggie.

The baddie in Bram Stoker's novel.

The pivot around which a lever turns.

Happening or coming very late or too late.

These often come in chocolate chip flavor.

Game played with a heavy ball and pins.

Dark yellow sauce used in hot dogs.

Puzzle 19

Indicated by short dots above or below a note.

Length of time.

Gooey chocolate cake squares.

Rainbow-colored, fruity sweets.

The Roman name for Spain and Portugal.

An edible snail.

Lord of __, by William Golding.

An animal like Sonic.

Olympic event they call "dancing with horses".

What you get when you times a number by an integer.

Quickly opening and closing both eyes.

Animated supervillain, his arch-enemy is Metro Man.

List of tasks to be performed during a period.

In Peru and Bolivia, the highest lake in the world.

Puzzle 20

Long thin strings of pasta.

This boat lifts its hull off the water at speed.

2015 Pixar and Disney movie with Joy and Sadness.

Piece of art made of metal, stone, clay, etc..

Triangular chocolate with nougat.

First book by Veronica Roth.

Seller of expensive paintings and sculpture.

Animal charity named after a color and a symbol.

Compass point, it's not one of the main four.

Meeting, reunion.

Symbol that protects ownership of a product.

The study of sound.

Stuffed doll found in a field to frighten birds.

Process of destruction by chemicals, such as rust.

It is black and white and made for reading.

Term used to define complete vision loss.

Catholic church.

This game you are playing now.

Optical __ trick your eyes and mind.

Strawberry __, red fruits on a sweet biscuit.

Ten-event competition in athletics.

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