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Here are the answers to CodyCross Snakes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Initiate a short break, or a Dave Brubeck track.

Leonardo da Vinci's 1503 painting.

They gather from across the globe for the Olympics.

Removing impurities from the body.

System that evens out golfing abilities.

A cover for a dagger.

Serpent king with a deadly glance.

These are seen floating in the sky during Diwali.

Large, wide-bodied modern aircraft.

Rodent-eating asp with a superficial bite.

Kratos video-game series based on Greek mythology.

Portable, rotating, high-powered tree-felling tool.

Puzzle 2

Aim or goal of a project.

A story about magical creatures or fictional lands.

Shedding or casting off old skin cells.

Cuttings from newspapers.

Keyboard instrument that uses air to make notes.

__ logging; IT software that spies on typing.

Ancient times prior to the Middle Ages.

Love interest of Pocahontas.

Venomous green African tree snake.

Hazardous or perilous; an anagram of noseguard.

Puzzle 3

Noughts, numerical nothings.

Washington Irving tale of __ Winkle.

Deceased being that seems to still be alive.

Type of "Spice" Mel C was in the Spice Girls.

NASA space project that took humans to the moon.

24-hour motorsport race in northern France.

Neat and elegant male dresser.

Highly venomous snake native to Australasia.

Superhero played by Paul Bettany in Marvel films.

This at the hip; an inseparable friendship.

The most abundant element in the human body.

A drink made with orange juice and champagne.

Middle name of the sixth US president John Adams.

Where to find Oslo.

Jigsaw with pieces that fit together.

Snake with the same name as a stocking fastener.

Picasso art genre that sounds a bit square.

Puzzle 4

Broken chord, notes are played one after another.

16th-century explorers' name for the Americas.

It's on the inside of a Baked Alaska.

Haunting horseman with severed upper body part.

Feel __; experience financial hardship.

Hero who's faster than a speeding bullet.

Bright bulbs provide this.

Scales on a snake's head.

Boseman, actor who portrayed Black Panther.

Small cardboard container for fire-lighting sticks.

Government presentation of essential information.

__ In The Shadows: TV show about vampires.

Of or relating to snakes.

Puzzle 5

The fat of whales, seal and other marine animals.

Earthenware, porcelain, or brick.

Nationality of the painter Diego Velázquez.

Stepped or walked on.

Bible book with Garden of Eden serpent story.

Long thin strips of pasta or fine rice versions.

One who pilots a boat with a double-bladed paddle.

Elongated scales on the underside of a snake.

Protective disks that cover car wheels.

Sketch, doodle.

Smash Mouth's Shrek song.

Puzzle 6

The Wookiee from Star Wars.

Captivate, charm.

She sang about kissing a girl and dark horses.

Substance to treat a highly toxic snakebite.

A bluish green mineral that is also a gemstone.

Images on a strip of photographic film.

Describes a reptile that lays eggs.

Harry Potter did not want to be sorted into here.

Campervan with mobile living accommodation.

Athletics jumping event using a long stick.

Supporters of the monarchy.

Puzzle 7

Electrical power points on walls.

Action movie hero Jones, with a fear of snakes.

Teaching language through the sounds of letters.

Peppery lettuce, also called rocket.

Online test to prove that the user isn't a robot.

Type of model associated with Madame Tussaud.

__ Serpent, creation god in Aboriginal Australia.

The most raw version of something, not human-made.

30s-40s music group such as headed by Glenn Miller.

Novel about a guy walking around Dublin one day.

Puzzle 8

French word for face or expression or appearance.

Money earned; the cash coming into a business.

The author of The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret.

Greek god with a staff decorated with serpents.

To push or move something in a specified direction.

Toughest substance in the human body.

Fluid that contains a snake's venom.

Snow crystals.

Shouts hooray.

__ Next, 2019 Ariana Grande single and album.

The artist responsible for Campbell's Soup Cans.

City after which some drinkable mules are named.

Puzzle 9

Beguile, on the way into a building?.

Dian Fossey helped save these primates in the mist.

Naga __, Hindu festival of snake worship.

Pet acquisition without going to a breeder.

Baked egg-white dessert.

Competition to bust the best moves.

South African spitting snake similar to a cobra.

Rock band Queen's famous Rhapsody.

Tiny strips of wood that have been planed off.

Teaching and accommodation sites of universities.

Puzzle 10

Unsteady, rickety, unbalanced.

Alanis Morissette song about coincidences.

Marshy wetlands inhabited by anacondas.

Famous fortune teller of Delphi.

Bring a franchise back years later.

Jennifer from 13 Going on 30 and Alias.

Type of car engine named after its German inventor.

Boy hero who's friends with Captain Haddock.

__ Mile, nickname for 1500m track race.

Continent to which the black mamba is native.

Laidback, jazz devotee of the 50s.

Cream-based emulsion used in cooking.

Spoof story based on real events.

Sudden bursts of energy from the sun's surface.

Puzzle 11

Rock band that had a hit with American Idiot.

Indian religion with around 1.2 billion followers.

Hated, loathed, reviled.

Hard Italian biscuit, often studded with almonds.

Elbowing oneself into position.

Large South American water snake.

Areas of study, e.g. history, science, geography.

Sensation of ringing or buzzing in the ears.

Book, film about a boy and a tiger in a lifeboat.

Horizontal post over a goal.

Estuarine environment, under water at high water.

Upgrade or rebuild a property in need of attention.

Venomous snake with heat-sensing facial organs.

First name of engineering genius Brunel.

Territory where the EU's currency is used.

Founder of a German fashion house in 1924.

Puzzle 12

Not at any location, having no site.

Wild marjoram.

Style of book that asks whodunnit.

Saint who banished snakes from Ireland.

The night Sheryl Crow had her 1993 Music Club.

Artist responsible for Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Flaming pile of lawn or garden waste.

We're two decades into this.

Protein substance found in snake scales.

Logarithmic unit of volume measurement.

Moving from island to island, like in Greece.

Little Rascals' character known for his cowlick.

Profession of Simone Biles.

Puzzle 13

When products are examined for quality, safety.

Long, venomous, regally named snake.

This philosopher is the "Father of Western Logic".

Overtones of a note that add dimension to music.

It is bestowed on blessed people like Mary, Peter.

Short, sudden discount event.

Oscar-winning actor from Ray, Collateral.

Skin-care brand well known as an acne treatment.

Front runner who sets the speed of a race.

Non-venomous asp once thought to drink from cows.

Puzzle 14

Subjected to harmful or improper treatment.

Venomous brown snake native to Australia.

Bowler's goal, all pins down on first roll.

Car movements for turning around.

Term for a place of worship.

Nationality of composer Darius Milhaud.

Printing process with rubber blanket, ink, paper.

Opening on the underside base of a snake’s tail.

The offspring of two different animals.

A critical appraisal of a book or movie.

Fruit liquefying device.

Movement associated with Jasper Johns.

This Canadian sang Sorry, Yummy, and Baby.

AOL and Time Warner suffered from a bad one.

Puzzle 15

Sport where a frisbee is thrown from a tee.

Assumption of control in business circles.

Euphemism for dating.

This long pasta is Italian for little tongues.

Marine limbless reptile.

Exactly 12pm, e.g. in a Western.

Hulu show based on a John Cusack movie: High __.

Animal that hunts and kills others for food.

Thick cotton fabric covered in ridges.

Museum with exhibits about seafaring.

Dentist's instructions before an oral examination.

Kiss Kiss or Chitty Chitty.

Puzzle 16

Extinguisher for a candle's flame.

Underground snake dwellings.

The most-visited urban park in the United States.

Reese Witherspoon's book title, __ in a Teacup.

To go somewhere to refocus and think.

Like a late library book.

Winged insects used as live food for pet snakes.

This kind of publishing is known as DTP.

Her greatest hits were the Immaculate Collection.

Science of organisms and their environments.

Powerful remedy sought by alchemists.

Sidney, who played Sir in To Sir, with Love.

Puzzle 17

Base layer of paint when decorating.

The nighttime display seen on New Year's Eve.

Keyboard key to delete previously typed character.

Bribed, paid off.

Slang term for a dice roll showing two "ones".

Team athletics event involving a baton change.

Traditional approach, not modern or current. founder.

Digit on top of the denominator in a fraction.

Deadly African snake that inflates its body.

Puzzle 18

Soft rasping sound made by a snake.

Curvy nuts that grow with a sweet fruit.

Activity that means "empty orchestra" in Japanese.

River channel for boats; golfing area.

Family of venomous snakes, with cobras and mambas.

Funny creator and star of 30 Rock.

First name of British WW2 general Montgomery.

Rigid leg supports.

First name of the US artist O'Keeffe.

Cell division where split cells have half the DNA.

Puzzle 19

Bar room contest of trivia knowledge.

Danced Austrian style.

Hypnotic snake performer who uses a pungi.

Location and cost are just two when buying a home.

Become successful; become airborne.

Large python associated with South East Asian land.

Handheld rattling percussion instruments.

US state whose name implies green mountain.

Traditional basis for split pea soup.

Series of rulers from the same family.

Puzzle 20

To get back to one's normal health.

Snakes and __, popular children's board game.

Stone the Irish kiss for eloquence.

The maximum capacity that an aircraft can carry.

Really, really difficult triathlon event.

American city in which the UN is based.

Personal record for a bank or social media app.

Kitchen tool, e.g. serving spoon or fish slice.

Glossy spray or paint layer for fixing paintings.

Words for the departed.

Name given to a mixed-breed dog.

__ Jones, superhero private-eye series.

Food produced to reduce environmental harm.

Word that describes the movement of a snake.

A bit moist, describes laundry neither wet nor dry.

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