CodyCross Snow Things Pack answers

Snow Things PackSnow Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Snow Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Scott __, the lead character in Teen Wolf.

A non-dairy frozen dessert, often fruit flavored.

Take the cargo off a ship.

The highest point at the top of a mountain.

Old Testament figure, thrown in a lion's den.

The land in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Yellow singing bird.

Yogi Bear's companion.

To walk behind someone.

They rank between Jacks and Kings in card games.

Shirt for women.

Winter sport where you glide down snowy slopes.

Elephant in __ Hears a Who book by Dr. Seuss.

Arm joints.

Brushes for cleaning or sweeping.

Maid __; Robin Hood fell in love with her.

Fire __, an emergency vehicle.

Puzzle 2

Appropriate; or a small part of some equipment.

The study of how organisms relate to each other.

Raising the temperature.

Striking with feet.

Weapon used by whalers at sea.

Ladies' gowns.

Gliding across ice in special footwear with blades.

Wooly or fluffy balls used in crafting.

Singing along but deliberately no noise comes out.

Within the law.

An electric __ keeps you warm in bed at night.

Armed robbers or outlaws.

Fishing boat that uses nets.

Homo __; the human race.

Ash __, boy who wants to be a Pokémon master.

The shy one of the Seven Dwarfs.

Flying insect that glows.

__ parcel, game involves unwrapping a gift.

Puzzle 3

Strong dark coffee, literally "pressed out".

A baseball cap with an adjustable strap.

Funny man (earns a living telling jokes).

Shone like a star.

Having bad manners or being rude.

More than a hill.

Online gaming system on Microsoft consoles.

Athletic event with a bar to clear.

Warm cozy footwear worn inside the home.

Warms up and becomes less frozen.

Puzzle 4

Grabbing something without any warning.

Confidence-building treetop adventure course.

Essential elements of a healthy diet.

Wall instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure.

Knitted tube covers the lower limb of a dancer.

Reptile similar to a crocodile, with wider snout.

Destructive, rotating whirlwinds.

The Jungle Book film's jazzy ape leader.

A hard round lump of ice that falls from the sky.

Giving money back for a returned item.

He was old and he had a farm, e-i-e-i-o.

Prehistoric females.

Vessels used to rescue people in danger at sea.

When snow suddenly starts falling down a mountain.

Endless running game set in ancient ruins.

Blue ice cream flavor, or Hubba Bubba sweets.

The __ system is how the human body processes food.

Puzzle 5

Classical piece of music for a soloist.

The Curse of the Were-__, Wallace & Gromit mystery.

__ fuels; non-renewable energy e.g. gas and oil.

Numbers puzzle with grids of 3 x 3 squares.

Zigzag ski race between poles.

A husband or wife is this.

The region around the North Pole is called the __.

Humped quadrupeds from the desert.

Painful feeling from cold beverage, Brain __.

__ and pastes, moves text on a screen.

Pinocchio's pet cat with an operatic name.

Wrapped truffle balls with smooth filling.

Puzzle 6

Bipedal dinosaurs walked __, on two legs.

The line where the sky meets the earth.

Old King Cole was a merry __.

Walked in the wild, anagram of marbled.

A lorry that puts salt on the roads in winter.

Cheap __, 2016 hit for Sia.

Arena for skating and playing ice hockey.

To have a meaning, or be a symbol of something.

Capital of Kenya.

Absorbent pads for doing dishes/washing your body.

Something that is not natural is called __.

Buildings where historic objects are on display.

Puzzle 7

To watch or pay attention to something.

Make something stronger, e.g. a castle.

A computer's "ready to go" mode.

Something that is cooked in boiling water mist.

Wipe your feet on it.

Electrical current is measured in units of __.

Chilly figure built in gardens during the winter.

Ticket draws for prizes.

It keeps your house warm in winter.

Senior religious figures, and chess pieces.

Areas filled with trees.

Marks on the skin from bumping into things.

The Wicked Witch of __, Oz villain.

A narrow pathway that links two places.

Puzzle 8

Country with more kangaroos than people.

The leader of an orchestra who waves a baton.

Special footwear with good grips for icy weather.

TV show with Ryder and various rescue dogs.

Chocolate with "hidden" bear on mountain logo.

Egg and __, a children's balancing party game.

Illumination at the front of a car.

Bedroom for lots of people to sleep in.

Female gods.

Books that come in threes, e.g. Lord of the Rings.

People from Quebec are __ by nationality.

Old word for photo images on film.

Puzzle 9

Game with cartoon people on cards – which is it?.

__ salt is considered bad luck.

Folk Spanish dance with clapping and stamping.

Animal doctor, Doctor __, in books by Hugh Lofting.

Black panther in The Jungle Book.

Giant frozen blocks in the ocean.

Optical __; a picture that tricks the eyes.

Icy lump of packed snow, thrown for fun in winter.

Santa climbs down these on Christmas Eve.

A polite way to say "please let me pass".

Tube taking air to the lungs, also called trachea.

Albert __, he developed the theory of relativity.

Whale with a lump on its back.

You pack your clothes in it to go on holiday.

Puzzle 10

Glow and heat, not chill.

Not on the coast, but in the middle of a country.

An optional extra for a computer or a mobile app.

Protective gear worn by skiers and snowboarders.

People from China, India, Japan, Pakistan....

Lucy Pevensie's faun friend from Narnia.

Winter accessories for keeping your hands warm.

More than singular.

Some call it supper.

Munched by an insect.

Bright gas flares that come from a burning fire.

Tomb __; adventure game series with Lara Croft.

Papier-mâché container; spills treats when bashed.

Water __, plastic toy gun.

Puzzle 11

Joke-teller's professional field.

Pacific Ocean island state of America.

Warning bells.

Hours worked on a job; or another word for "moves".

What goes around a dog's neck.

Large numbers of fish that swim together.

__ Dumpty sat on a wall and had a great fall.

Santa's repeated greeting.

Thick padded coats with fur around the hood.

Snowball __; fun 'battles' with rolled icy balls.

Puzzle 12

To gulp and make food go to your stomach.

It points to the minutes on a clock face.

Hide __, game to find the best hiding places.

High-ranking naval officer or a butterfly.

Turning a key to secure a door.

Reflecting sound so you hear it again.

How slalom competitors reach the top of a slope.

A baddie, evil person.

If you're making a video, you're __.

Fluffed-up dish made with egg whites.

Munich is the capital city of this German state.

Pointy frozen spikes formed by dripping water.

Venus __, a meat-eating plant.

Vinyl discs.

Second Diary of a Wimpy Kid book: __ Rules.

Puzzle 13

The current period of 7 days.

Beat or unit that words can be broken down into.

Small orange fruits with furry skin and a stone.

Insect that visits flowers for pollen.

Taking without permission.

"Beggars should not be __".

Black and white water birds of Antarctica.

Cold enough for water to turn into ice.

Norwegian South Pole explorer (1872-1928).

Building for making flour powered by the breeze.

__ My Face, 2015 song by The Weeknd.

Puzzle 14

The name of this symbol: \.

Happily __, a fairy-tale ending.

Horse-drawn vehicles.

Sasha is a shortened form of this Russian name.

Sending a rocket into space.

Opening a large map.

Ice __, frosty carving for decoration.

Hot __, sweet cocoa drink to warm you up.

Inflatable seaside toy.


Puzzle 15

__ Surfers; endless runner game along train tracks.

Hole in a tooth.

Another word for Grandma.

__ Krum, Bulgarian quidditch seeker.

You use them to dry yourself after a shower.

Large tusked mammal that lives in Arctic waters.

Cows and other hooved animals.

Mexican food, with salsa and grilled meat.

An artwork is __ before hanging on a wall.

To make something longer or bigger.

Puzzle 16

Grid-shaped pastry from batter, eat with ice cream.

The Arctic __; round region around the North Pole.

Formal capes.

Star __, looking through a telescope at stars.

Loses blood.

Children's novel by R J Palacio and 2017 film.

Most widely used Internet browser: Google __.

Romantic symbols usually pictured in red.

Jo can be short for __, Joanne or Josephine.

To be on a ship or train.

Sound made by bells, in particular doorbells.

They are the red plastic pieces in Monopoly.

En __, when ballet dancers go on tiptoes.

The joker or fool at a Medieval royal castle.

When snow on the ground starts melting, it is __.

Puzzle 17

Magnets __ metal objects.

Protective eyewear worn by skiers.

Concrete things.

What typically goes on in a kitchen.

Large green lizards with spiny backs.

To the left, in French.

Spending nights under a tent in the wild.

To get __ by someone, get irritated.

Felt-tipped pens, e.g. Sharpies.

Wuthering __, a book by Emily Brontë.

A marriage ceremony is also called a __.

A kitchen appliance for storing frozen food.

Puzzle 18

Spaces at the entrances of houses.

The action when two surfaces rub together.

The ordered steps of a computer program's code.

Joyful chuckles.

Slipping and sliding, like on an icy path.

Drinking enough water keeps your body __.

People who are first to discover a new territory.

Airport area where people enter the country.

A female who serves in a restaurant.

Warm, insulating layers worn under your clothes.

Simple woodwind instrument first learned in school.

Deep red color named after French region.

Pop a card in this and send it.

__ irons, heated metal stamps for use on animals.

Puzzle 19

People who love reading.

Custom or belief handed down through generations.

__ and Ham; food created by Sam in a book.

Painful frozen fingers and toes.

When a gas cools, it __ and becomes a liquid.

Giving recompense in thanks.

Bouncy gazelle, and rugby player in S African team.

Walking along this was a pirate punishment.

Chocolate money in foil wrappers.

Pardoning, excusing.

Elsa and Anna's Frozen kingdom.

Spots on someone's face.

Puzzle 20

Collected water on the ground.

Cuts of meat, notably beef, cooked on a barbecue.

The song Summer Nights comes from this musical.

Wishing and desiring something to happen.

Draco's surname in Harry Potter.

Wii Sports __ is a multi-sport compilation game.

Horizontal surfaces to walk on.

A dip women do when they meet the queen.

A small wire paper fastening.

An orange food used for a snowman's nose.

Repairing an object, making it work again.

Like Earth or Mars or Venus.

Unit for measuring force, written as the letter N.

Failed to hit the target.

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