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Here are the answers to CodyCross Social Media Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

A year is divided into 12 of these.

Follow __ or #ff.

Another name for the Nike logo.

Like a fish on a line or in a net.

Messages on Twitter.

Former name of Indian city Mumbai.

__ dog story is long, absurd and drawn out.

E in the formula E = mc2.

Wooden writing tool you sharpen.

Makes butter from milk.

Place where a large ship is navigated from.

Puzzle 2

__ Coming; 2017 hit for The Weeknd and Daft Punk.

Photos, status updates, videos are all this.

Card game where you collect pairs.

Ability to speak perfectly.

South American country, de facto capital La Paz.

Warm woolen top also known as a jumper.

The Little __, Andersen's fishy heroine.

Grapple in a ring.

Ghoulish, ghastly and chilling.

Page on a social network with a personal biography.

To kill someone by nailing them to a cross.

U.S. president whose lifedates are 1917 to 1963.

Loyalist, nationalist, proud citizen.

Puzzle 3

Apple app for making video calls.

Take-home treat at the end of a party.

Fried circles of batter, good with maple syrup.


A tiny hole in the skin, made for jewelry.

Disease preventions from syringes.

Short essays posted online.

The constituent parts of a TV series.

Spotty big cats.

Paddington's relative from darkest Peru.

Round flat discs thrown in athletics event.

Puzzle 4

In Narnia, it was always winter and never __.

To have an illness identified, to be __.

Instant __, the M in IM.

A mark made after walking through dirt.

Harmonic video social network.

Towards the opposite direction to north.

A sudden downfall of snow on a mountain.

1/2 and 3/4 are __, not decimals.

Dish where apples, pears, oranges are kept.

A crash.

Creating a new product or device.

Term for people who visit the cinema.

Puzzle 5

Sea creature with a shell, like a tortoise.

Deadly, fatal, capable of causing death.

Spikes on the stem of a plant.

Fires a gun.

Biological process of development, getting bigger.

Sailor from One Thousand and One Nights.

A Cinderella Story star __ Duff.

The number of times someone goes to an online link.

Someone who hangs around online but never comments.

Paper request to attend an event.

January, February and March are __.

A show with clowns/acrobats, often in a big top.

They support you when sitting.

The most pleasant.

Country that is directly north of the U.S..

Unit of money for the USA, Canada and Australia.

Ben and __ is a famous ice cream brand.

Puzzle 6


Confidentiality settings to keep you safe online.

Pitch __, film about an a cappella singing group.

"finders __, losers weepers".

Beauty treatments done on the face.

No longer working.

Skill of putting an edge on a print or painting.

Set free.

Small rodent, often rust-color and kept as a pet.

Trivial __, board game with quiz questions.

With a __ card you can get an instant win.

Putting someone's name in your status update.

Advantage, gain in doing something.

Small portions of food, eaten with the fingers.

Puzzle 7

Large buildings where workers go.

Dr __; zombie boss in the Plants vs Zombies game.

Mixed, for example fruit in a smoothie.

Flying without engine power.

If you stand on it, no one can enter a house.

One who laps a pool.

Greg __; main character of the Wimpy Kid books.

Bizarre art, the opposite of realist.

Trivia question apps, surveys to take.

Young child just learning to walk.

Kneeling down and talking to God.

Phoning someone with Microsoft's app.

Puzzle 8

Thin blood vessel.

Opposite of horizontals.

Something in which you can grow a plant.

The process of being born, growing up and dying.

Peter Parker is this superhero's real name.

People who watch your posts online.

Grumpy Dr Seuss character that stole Christmas.

Can be halted.

__ Dior, makers of the J'adore eau de parfum.

Time in the middle of the day when a meal is eaten.

Scrapbooking social network.

A trip or an outing.

Person hired to do admin tasks and take notes.

Very strong, sticky adhesive.

Puzzle 9

Type of animal that has a trunk.

Long, thin pasta strands, like spaghetti but wider.

Marvel superheroes team, with Iron Man and Thor.

Someone who creates scents.

Enter this with a username to access an account.

Boy who flies and never grew up.

The Mohs scale measures this quality of rocks.

When something is popular on Twitter, it's __.

Peaceful and still, calm, serene.

A number game played with a set of dotted tiles.

Shines like a star.

Forlorn, friendless, solitary.

Home in the woods made with rounded timbers.

Puzzle 10

Electronic messages sent online.

Cheerleading accessory.

Adhesives, like glue or tape, are __.

The farmer's faithful dog in Shaun the Sheep.

2009 James Cameron film about fictional Pandora.

Southern African country, capital Lilongwe.

Ovens, cookers.

Rubbish left on the street.

__ Osborn, Spider-Man villain, head of Oscorp.

Connected to the internet, networked.

Walked lopsided.

A dog breed with a fluffy coat that can be shaped.

Calm, soft; not rough.

Pink and white salad vegetable.

Lucky keepsakes.

Obtaining goods with money.

Puzzle 11

Yellow emoticon or badge with a cheerful grin.

Assistant, one who aids.

The Romans had one that covered most of Europe.

Finding Dory's Bailey the __ whale.

Land surrounded by water.

Your thoughts or location, updated on social media.

A wax __ is a source of light for campers.

For example, a rat or mouse.

Small cube of fried chicken.

Run fast.

A picture you take of your own face.

Shipwrecked book character Robinson __.

Puzzle 12

Zero; none.

__ Cup is a giant trophy awarded in ice hockey.

__ Go, Pikachu features in this AR game.

A person who makes houses or structures with brick.

__ Style, by Psy, super popular YouTube video.

Mutant enemy of the X-Men, with magnetic skills.

Tony the Tiger is this cereal's mascot: __ Flakes.

When the heavens are clear, not cloudy.

Helter-__, tall sliding tower at a funfair.

Red leather ball in Quidditch.

Old piece of furniture.

Passenger vehicle attached next to a motorbike.

Red rash you're usually immunized against.

Puzzle 13

Someone who opposes war of any kind.

Holds something tightly.

Device to whip up an omelet's raw ingredients.

Pile of earth created by underground mammal.

Teardrop-shaped island country south-east of India.

Going to see someone, e.g. in hospital.

Be aware of __ danger, keep safe online.

Talking, e.g. on WhatsApp.

Thick cold drink made from blended fruits and milk.

Star-like symbol in text, directs to a footnote.

Puzzle 14

__ chest, surprise cards in Monopoly.

A leather bag with hard sides for carrying books.

Small online diary, e.g. on Tumblr.

Thicker than paper; useful for crafts and models.

Made from the entire grain, including the husk.

Sign up to something, e.g. a YouTube channel.

The Nigerian film industry.

Swearing, pledging to do something.

Someone who takes a pet canine out for exercise.

A handwritten name at the end of a letter.

__ buff, catch friends when wearing a blindfold.

Laid sand/cement mixture, for house foundations.

Scary nocturnal dream.

Puzzle 15

Glued wallpaper to a wall.

Small yellow caged bird sent down coal mines.

A puzzle, something that can't be explained.

Bite your __, keep quiet or stop talking.


Jupiter or Mars (but not Pluto).

Chemical element with the symbol O.

Check something is correct, e.g. a password.

Hat with pinched front and a ribbon band.

An online profile that anyone can see, not private.

Metal dentalwear worn to straighten the teeth.

A mate, or someone you follow on Facebook.

East African country, capital Kigali.

Cheddar or mozzarella.

Puzzle 16

Spoilt or destroyed beyond repair.

Vegetables that might make you cry when slicing.

Positively charged particle in an atom's nucleus.

Chill out, take it easy.

Jack __, plays Max Thunderman.

Written assessment of what you think of a product.

Ballet performer.

Clash __, chat, build communities, battle players.

Praying __, large insect with strong front legs.

Gru's little helper.

Another name for Nike's iconic tick design.

The Good Witch of the South in the Oz novels.

Toolbox tool with flat-beveled blade.

Puzzle 17

Another word for "distributing" content online.

Warming something up.

Nocturnal bird that lives in farm buildings.

Publicity banners for products or services.

Wave performed by a crowd at a sporting event.

Alice in Wonderland creature, like a griffin.

Fleeting sight of something, catch a __.

Keep someone __, spend time together.

Kitchen appliance for grilling bread.

French luxury car manufacturer.

Cold, Nordic island-country.

Puzzle 18

__ Lestrange, Death Eater relative of Bellatrix.

Distinctive parts of your face.

Belgian city, the "de facto" capital of EU.

Acting and singing brother of Nick and Kevin.

Earthed, or a plane told to stay on land.

Round, dark, tree fruits with stalks and stones.

Video game masterminds behind Switch.

Captives or prisoners, often held for a ransom.

Google __, an online meeting place.

Social network co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

Curved ramp for performing skateboard stunts.

Fictional island in the middle of the Atlantic.

Repeated rehearsal to perfect a skill.

Puzzle 19

Percy Jackson is the lead character of this series.

Facebook's chatting app.

Hilarious orange and white creature called Nemo.

Sweet food made from cacao seeds.

Gravely, in a solemn manner.

Had trouble getting words out, stuttered.

Leaders of towns/regions.

Transmit content online or on TV.

Island group off Africa also called Cabo Verde.

Most frequently covered Beatles song.

Puzzle 20

Smart neckwear worn with a tuxedo or dress suit.

Island to the east of the Chinese mainland.

Become no longer valid to eat.

Location coordinates attached to online content.

Chris __; lead singer of Coldplay.

Security; privacy settings online help with this.

Hogwarts' care of creatures tutor Rubeus __.

A questionnaire or opinion poll.

Least common.

Colorful talking bird.

Pops, like a balloon.

Movie house, British word.

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