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Here are the answers to CodyCross Soft Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Tiny islands.

Soviet leader who ordered the killing of Trotsky.

Metal fastening on some shoes.

They stand the test __ and have been married years.

The truth is out there.

A couch or sofa.

To alter something slightly in order to improve it.

Round flat dishes.

Day of the week when US Presidents' Day is observed.

Someone who rides a boat.

__ foam, mattress material that remembers.

__ black sheep, have you any wool?.

Bell tower that you get bats in.

Having more speed.

Puzzle 2

Two-wheeled vehicle with pedals and a chain.

Double, Double, Toil and __.

Toxin that triggers an immune response in the body.

Where felines are left when owners are on holiday.

Someone who writes and posts an online diary.

Linus and Lucy's surname in the Peanuts cartoons.

Brass __; making an impression of a plaque.

Western Indian region famous for trade.

Put your head on these down-filled cushions in bed.

In dentistry, the amalgam or gold put in teeth.

Talk in a quiet voice.

Puzzle 3

Another word for a plane.

Marriage celebrations.

Use this machine to shave hair from grade 0 to 8.

Cyrano de __, Depardieu as the big-nosed one.

Someone unfamiliar.

Sonic the __ is a prickly video game character.

__ Run, game show set in Hawaii.

Cross worn by Madonna on necklaces.

Something powered by plugging it in the wall.

Alvin and Theo are types of this animal.

Two slices of bread with filling.

Volcanic island eruption in 1883 in Indonesia.

Puzzle 4

Larry __, starred in oil soap Dallas.

Someone who is not very brave.

A shiver of __; menacing sea creatures.

Where someone who is jailed has to live.

Scorching; with a really high temperature.

Barking character created by Dav Pilkey.

Red salad vegetable that's technically a fruit.

The person who throws the ball in cricket.

"See __ [Italian city] and die".

Songs sung at Christmas.

American Indian dome-shaped tent draped over poles.

Chilled dessert made with whipped eggs or gelatine.

Puzzle 5

Aka jumper, can be woolly.

Removing hair with a razor.

Teasing, messing/joking around.

Sea creatures that sound like they absorb water.

Most widely spoken Romance language.

Country whose flag has a cedar tree on it.

Makes changes so something fits better.

A collection of large stones arranged in a garden.

A person in charge of museum or gallery exhibits.

__ Blake, illustrator of many children's books.

__ eggs are cracked then cooked in heated water.

The __, furry creatures on Wimbledon Common.

Puzzle 6

Thought, did or believed something in error.

Stack of bricks on a rooftop.

__ "Billy" Cranston, the Blue Power Ranger.

Uncomfortable, embarrassing.

They hang down at the back of the throat.

Dairy dessert served in a pot (with a H).

Region including East and Southeast Asia.

__ Way You Lie; 2010 hit for Eminem and Rihanna.

Wind, sun, rain or snow.

Capable to be stretched and return to shape.

Puzzle 7

Icebergs of less than one metre above water.

Opposite of the departures lounge at an airport.

Soft, warm sheets for snuggling under.

Physical signals, shrugs, motions, waves.

Publication with ciphers in it.

For example, the most dangerous animal.

Non-contact frisbee sport.

Also known as pillows, scatter these on a sofa.

The ten years following 1989.

Itchy & __, cat and mouse role-reversal cartoon.

To add more/make bigger in size.

The Swiss Family __; 1812 story about a shipwreck.

An all-in-one for bathing in.

Puzzle 8

A loud person, not shy, opposite of "introvert".

Pavements in the UK, __ in the US.

Loop of China to hold a drinking vessel by.

Noblemen who spent time at a monarch's palace.

Congeal, like with blood.

Half-demon character from Adventure Time.

Used to time sports races or performance.

Soft sea creature that wobbles.

Happened without anyone seeing.

The opposite of southeast on a compass.

Place to buy theatre or cinema tickets.

Vehicle that takes you places, e.g. cars, trains.

Toys to squeeze, made from memory foam.

Who Greg Lake believed in, Father __.

Beetle larvae eaten by garden birds.

Puzzle 9

Applies paint to a picture.

Uncle Tom's Cabin was a novel about this practice.

Pieces of cloth worn around the neck.

Device used to quieten a car exhaust.

Italian savoury rice dish cooked in stock.

Aquatic mammal with flippers and a blowhole.

Phillip __, Barnum's The Greatest Showman partner.

The least lazy or inactive.

Hilarious cartoon hotdog Pinky __.

Zagreb is capital of this former part of Yugoslavia.

What Bob Dylan might sing in an opera.

Puzzle 10

Laughed like a witch.

Del Boy's favourite insult for Rodney.

__ Mama or __ Fever; games based in kitchens.

Prison where criminal wizards go in Harry Potter.

Volcanic, Nordic island country.

Propelled a boat by hand.

A pile of freshly washed clothes.

Examining a dead body to establish cause of death.

Spoke out against or disagreed with something.

Nelson __ Day marks the African leader's birthday.

Slang name for "stomachs".

The name for a young hare.

The sweet course in a meal.

Puzzle 11

Cooked in lots of oil.

Supported with a pad or pillow.

Classic book of rabbits, __ Down.

Biggest prize given to winners at the Olympic Games.

Paper pockets to send letters in.

A speech; a summary of your bank account.

An arm or a leg that has been cut off.

Flavoured cow juice.

Worn to protect the clothing when painting.

Small toothed whales, similar to dolphins.

Puzzle 12

Where explorers set up at the foot of a mountain.

A sweet, round cake that has been fried in oil.

Capital city of Australia.

Happiness, joyfulness.

People who work in a pharmacy or lab.

Technical term for the sport of boxing.

Baby drake, a young water bird.

Broadcast, live on television or radio.

__ Beals, plays Sam and Izzy's mum (Before I Fall).

A snowstorm.

Can be put into action again and again.

Checks the length of something.

__ gown, or a robe, to wear over bedclothes.

List of people's numbers in your phone.

Puzzle 13

1969 Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret __.

Softly, not loudly.

Singer of New Rules, became famous on YouTube.

People who are in control of moving vehicles.

Pluck your eyebrow hair out.

Yellow, milk and egg-based trifle topping.

A great example, e.g. of literature or art.

Bird of prey that mostly feeds on carcasses.

__ Night, or Guy Fawkes Night.

Used by a sports teacher to get pupils' attention.

Vegetation that grows on steppes and plains.

Puzzle 14

When ice has melted, it has __ out.

Home divided into two parts or on two floors.

The movement of little waves on water.

Cartoon boy with tiger friend Hobbes.

Verses in literature, sometimes rhyming.

Hustle and __, frenetic and excited activity.

Moulded or formed.

A dandelion clock and a baby chick are this.

__ frise, a poodle-like dog.

Red fruit with a stone.

Puzzle 15

Totally amazing.

Forgives a sin.

Said, made a sound with her voice.

Furry orange- or white-fleshed fruits with a stone.

__ ball, used by fortune tellers.

You can borrow books here.

Along the edge of the sea.

Alka __: Plop, plop; fizz, fizz!.

Boiled semolina dish often with grated cheese.

Saying cock-a-doodle-doo.

Heavy shoes decorated with a pattern of holes.

Type of exercise used in marathons and races.

Engine parts that move up and down.

Puzzle 16

__ of water; in an uncomfortable situation.

A rookery of __; nesting huddle of Antarctic birds.

Italian island south of Corsica in the Med.

Nearly fell over while walking.

__ to Be My Playground, Madonna baseball song.

When you use something too much, it __.

Small rounded, leavened loaf.

Lying on your tummy down a slide, you are __.

Rodent with big fluffy tail, loves nuts.

Hugeness, especially of landscapes.

Movie in which Keanu drove a Mustang Boss '69.

Soft house shoes, to wear with pyjamas.

Having a little sleep or nap.

Peppa Pig's barking school friend.

A person's trade, or company.

Puzzle 17

Pretending you're going to do something.

Describes the quality of the outer of a tangerine.

Giving, keen to share selflessly.

Sitting with bent legs, as if praying.

People whose job is to educate pupils.

It appears as "MP" on a map.

__ Silver, villainous sailor from Treasure Island.

Wrap these around a mummy, or an injury.

Organisations that help to run towns and cities.

Farm birds that lay eggs and live in coops.

"Michael __", a song sung in the round.

Blended fruit drink.

Rubber waterproof overshoes.

Puzzle 18

Disposable, designed to be used once.

Padded mitten used in cooking.

No use flogging one.

Hills on the beach.

Canadian city, famous as a home to polar bears.

Authorised, allowed.

For e.g., a (male) plumber, builder or electrician.

Hobbies, passions.

Furry upper lip, can be of handlebar design.

Egg/sugar baked cakes that are soft in the middle.

A triangular measuring ruler used in maths.

Puzzle 19

Collection of instruments played with sticks.

Breathing out with a long breath.

Tiny shreds of shiny confetti used in craft.

Communal seating awaiting transport to town.

They come in a bouquet.

Polar bear, grizzly bear, brown bear....

Take part in a contest.

Fruit from a palm with a milk centre.

Game featuring simulated people and their lives.

A cologne, an eau de toilette or other fragrance.

Ricky __, whose alter ego is David Brent.

__ cream is thick because it's been whisked.

Noble Wonderland character, mother of a pig.

Puzzle 20

The sound that leaves make in the wind.

Test, boy with a superdog and genius twin sisters.

Heaps; for example, piles of hay.

People who lead underwater expeditions.

Spanish rice and seafood dish.

Homes of beavers.

Arthurian wizard.

Type of shoes that have to be tied.

You can stick this out of your mouth.

Fairytale character enticed by gingerbread house.

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