CodyCross Solving a Mystery Pack answers

Solving a Mystery PackSolving a Mystery

Here are the answers to CodyCross Solving a Mystery Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Sum of money given to another for services.

Transparently, how you see after the rain is gone.

Goods carried by ships from here to there.

Nickname of Jimmy Carter after a legume snack.

Opinions that a religious person holds as tenets.

Scent for dabbing on wrists.

Frank Sinatra can make it there (or anywhere).

The dark half later on today.

Someone who saw a crime taking place.

Japanese folded paper art.

Boasted, talked big talk.

Made a noise on a hot grill.

Baddie, crook.

To have put a sentence a certain way.

A travel adventure, such as in Homer's epic poem.

Puzzle 2

Do this to a file you want to send with an email.

Morsels of leftover food.

What the V stands for between fighter's names.

A river that has been blocked up or closed off.

Self-__; confidence in one's own worth.

Caught doing something illegal.

Britain's leaving of the European Union.

Star of the Australian film Candy: Heath __.

__ foam, substance that molds itself to a shape.

World-famous mystery novelist, __ Christie.

Sell to an overseas country.

Puzzle 3

Biblical trio who followed a star, bringing myrrh.

Not fake, the real deal.

Building housing a diplomatic mission abroad.

Partial or total loss of memory.

Large ice mass that often moves slowly.

Dish __; where newly washed plates are left to dry.

Against the law, criminal.

Wet weather but not fully raining.

Dives into deep water.

African-American, Jewish rocker, Lenny __.

Large flying insects that inflict painful stings.

Solve or get to the bottom of a mystery.

Room or space devoted to exhibiting art.

Members of a criminal Sicilian group.

Puzzle 4

Country where Einstein was born.

Device used for respiratory conditions like asthma.

Slang for revenge, a money analogy.

Difficult, tricky, not simple at all.

Repeated word in rhyme about star like a diamond.

American vultures, the Andean and the Californian.

Photo of a wanted criminal.

Flag __, a national airline.

__ glue; strong adhesive named like a primate.

Linked one side of a river to the other.

"The proof of the __ is in the eating".

The baddies in Western movies.

Part of the leg also known as the patella.

Beauty queen title for a woman from the States.

Puzzle 5

Gut feeling, hunch.

Besieges, blocks all exits.

Dog with a water-resistant coat, good at fetching.

Iconic symbol on the Canadian flag.

Of course, clearly.

Measures distance above sea level in airplanes.

Collecting or assembling, e.g. evidence.

A classic addition to bacon, toast, and coffee.

The __, Costner/Houston film and soundtrack.

__ fence; boundary around an airport, for example.

__ for grammar, those concerned with crossing Ts.

Puzzle 6

Baywatch __; 'nocturnal' detective spin-off series.

Aspirins are taken for pain __.

A less fancy sounding name for a violin.

Reason for committing a crime.

Endangered horned pachyderms.

Architect and designer Frank Lloyd __.

World's second smallest continent.

__ before swine, saying about unrecognized worth.

Not physical, e.g. a game that demands brainpower.

A thing made for a specific purpose.

Makes wood into art using blades.

Puzzle 7

Forceful requests.

Film with Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman as brothers.

__ accomplished; job complete.

A small country in Europe: anagram of "big mule".

Small pickled cucumber.

Products displaying designer logos; marked cows.

Carriers of golfers' clubs.

Relaxing time not spent at work.

Car protectors, front and rear.

Enclosed meeting place for happy canines.

Trained a sports team.

Hint or slight feeling of suspicion.

Second movies, continuing the plot of the 1st.

__ de Vil tries to catch dalmations.

Time slot for activity, like therapy or training.

Puzzle 8

Dark gray insect-like crawler with many legs.

"As the __", means taking a direct route.

Celebrated the year after your 29th birthday.

Producer of merlots, cabernets, etc..

Comic book movie with Warren Beatty and Madonna.

Having sworn to be truthful in a law court.

US president's country 'camping' retreat.

In __; a state of excessive activity.

Electric or gas, it cuts your grass.

Legal proceedings in front of a judge.

Puzzle 9

Often done to eggs or brains.

A dream __; when something you long for happens.

Type of cars w/o gas; Bolt, LEAF, Tesla.

Squeezed muscles together.

Collaborating with others to achieve a goal.

Shrieked in horror.

Agitating a liquid with a spoon.

A Day at __, Marx Bros film and Queen LP.

Left feedback after a purchase.

Circular metal piece for making holes in walls.

Person who arbitrates 'in the middle'.

The most recently picked fruit or vegetables.

Musically challenged, in a hearing manner.

Figure out a code or encrypted message.

Wooly mammoth's closest extant relative: Asian __.

Puzzle 10

Pressed __; blooms that have been flattened.

Relating to Freemasonry.

Journeying to perform at lots of concert venues.

Most gentle, meek and placid.

Introduction for a business letter to a male.

Brandy sour cocktail, 'found next to a motorbike'.

Guilty party, offender.

Country where Waitangi Day is celebrated: New __.

Uma __; Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction actress.

Pluto Platter, original name of this flying toy.

Riddles, mysteries.

An exhausted boxer can be saved by this.

Puzzle 11

A crunchy bread cube for a salad.

Sticky tiny-winged pest catcher.

Any all-powerful female of myths and legends.

Blackjack, roulette, and poker all played at these.

Informants, people who pass on information.

Every household move caught on Big __ TV show.

Faithful copy of something expensive.

X marks __; location of treasure on a map.

An alien from the red planet.

Granular igneous rock used in kitchen surfaces.

Give food and sustenance to someone.

Puzzle 12

Country related to haggis, kilts, and bagpipes.

Number __; someone who works with figures.

Went south for the winter.

__ Outta Compton, the NWA movie.

The wire in a light bulb.

Noting on paper, doctors do it 'pre'.

Noise made by those finding something funny.

As tough as __, describes overcooked meat.

Mystery, suspense.

Rapper of U Can't Touch This.

Seals the deal or secures the win.

The C in ANC, or African National __.

Prepared foods that are carried away.

Proof of a suspect's involvement in a crime.

1950s line dance, or a car bouncing like a rabbit.

African writer Wole Soyinka's nationality.

Puzzle 13

The red element of a margherita pizza topping.

The peak of a mountain.

Lizard of desert regions with sandy coloring.

Shake, __ and Roll, a hit for Big Joe Turner.

Break during the school day for kids to play.

Not the past or present but this.

Not discussed, kept hidden from knowledge.

Speed 2: __ Control; 90's action movie at sea.

Wax light source, handy during blackouts.

"Good night" in Spanish: Buenas __.

Difference between actual cost and selling price.

Robberies or thefts of great value.

Baby deliveries, when they come into the world.

Puzzle 14

Husky transport pulled through the snow.

Part of Microsoft Office, an email program.

When a stylist shortens someone's locks.

Crunchy food that accompanies cheese.

Strategies, plans of attack.

__ Boys, hit pop duo of Tennant and Lowe.

Educational certificate handed over at graduation.

Small heated pools that fit multiple people.

Also known as the United Kingdom.

Kissing __, close relatives who embrace.

Bar __, Jewish rite of passage for boys.

Slyness, moving cautiously to go unnoticed.

Answer questions to win Trivial __.

Plastic __, specialist who re-forms an appearance.

The art of literary or musical composition.

Puzzle 15

Group or family of ferocious canines.

Divine wind Japanese pilots on suicide missions.

Someone's name and other personal details.

Time limit to finish a task or project.

Period with no rainfall, not as drastic as drought.

Italians call them "cecci": chickpeas or __ beans.

Trevi __ in Rome, throw coins in over the shoulder.

Answer to a puzzle or a problem.

Meghan Trainor is All About That Bass, __.

Money down __; a waste of cash.

Vehicles without a person on board are called __.

US nighttime TV program hosted by Stephen Colbert.

Puzzle 16

Individual, singular of people.

People who take you to your seats at an event.

Point the finger, blame someone for a crime.

Spanish capital city known for Prado Museum.

The next best things after strikes in bowling.

Come to a conclusion, work out.

Family Feud TV show catch phrase: "__ says".

Another name for a tight necklace.

Large concrete or cement masonry units for building.

Lost feeling, like from a dentist's injection.

"Don't put all your eggs in one __".

Puzzle 17

More than triple, four times.

Cute flying animal term for a romantic couple.

Mark on the ground left behind by shoes.

Symphony composer famous for going deaf.

Darth Vader chops off Luke's __ in Star Wars.

__ reality, tech used in electronic shooter games.

A witness's official account of a crime.

Color of a citrus fruit that helped prevent scurvy.

Annual celebrations of becoming a year older.

Title of man who keeps order in House of Commons.

Puzzle 18

Looking around a new location.

Irish staple has a liquid raising agent, not yeast.

Buying stock in a business.

These are tied up when someone solves a crime.

Days or weeks into the future, e.g. __ forecast.

R. Altman country-music film; Tennessee capital.

What schools provide.

Rough soil path for cyclists or horses.

Tiny bits of dust or other matter.

Pool game of hide & seek; a famous explorer.

Most clever, intelligent, or cerebral.

Listen in to someone else's conversation.

Puzzle 19

A Whole New World is a song from this film.

Permit for searching a suspect's property.

'Equator' nation located in South America.

Glass-__ creates objects using hot air!.

A small square for office work.

Scientific term for the study of animals.

Party __, professional who puts together events.

California valley where Internet companies flock.

Face masks used to stop dogs from biting.

Do not __: Notice hung on a hotel door.

Orange __ honey, a light, citrussy spread.

Cross-__; ask someone questions in court.

Patches where the sun has been blocked out.

Pop superstar __ Spears sings Womanizer and Toxic.

Mass __, another term for public transportation.

Puzzle 20

Island nationality of Usain Bolt.

Famous mystery-solving detective Holmes.

One who passes on intelligence to the police.

Container for cooking liquid dishes on the stove.

Branch of mathematics studying continuous change.

Motorcyclists' clothes.

Without making a sound.

Protective mother, not always with fur.

Funny man Robin __ started as a street mime.

Mystery where an unknown murderer is identified.

Aquatic swimmer also known as a puffer.

Player of a twangy round stringed instrument.

Restaurant serving Margheritas, meat lovers, etc..

Term for an unmarried man.

Failing or halting engine in a plane or car.

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