CodyCross Songs About Places Pack answers

Songs About Places PackSongs About Places

Here are the answers to CodyCross Songs About Places Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1


The world's largest lizard: Komodo __.

__ wonderland, chilly tune sung by Bing Crosby.

Spiny-leaved plants used in making tequila.

Appreciation, gratitude; give __ to someone.

Cooking ranges.

__ justice, people who receive their just desserts.

Life __? asked David Bowie in the song.

Home for a while for Adam and Eve: __ of Eden.

Images taken on a camera.

Securely closed with a key.

Walking in nature.

Puzzle 2

Persuade someone of a point of view.

Paint __ is a liquid to remove paint from walls.

Book or diary that tracks a journey.

Maple leaf nationality.

__ Gnomes; famous detective in animated form.

Broadcast or transmitted live online.

Putting wrinkles in something.

In basketball, losing possession after a steal.

The Phantom of __, iconic musical melody.

Toy pistol for spraying H2O.

Kraftwerk song about German type of fast road.

Continues despite hardship, keeps on.

Puzzle 3

Describes conservative politics.

Soft seats for one person and their upper limbs.

Time-measuring device; a shapely figure.

Producing fruit preserves and storing them in jars.

Baby waterbirds, smaller than geese or swans.

Men at Work song about Oz, not up above.

People who haven't previously met.

Making a 3D piece of art from clay, glass or metal.

Bandages to put on wounds.

To be obvious is to stick out like a __.

O Little Town of __, Christmas carol.

Not invited, a presence that is not wanted.

Viewing pole on a submarine that breaks the waves.

Book written about a person's life.

A dummy, especially in a shop window.

Traditional qualities associated with being male.

Puzzle 4

McDonalds' signature burger.

21-gun __, gun-firing tribute ceremony.

__ Hill, a "purple" Coldplay song.

Changing place or position.

Where dimples are on faces.

Cheerleaders shake this colorful object.

Large North American country.

Take Me to __, Hozier temple song.

"Out of the __ pan into the fire".

Tended to a sick patient.

Puzzle 5

The opposite of upward.

__ water; moving on the spot to keep afloat.

Scrawl, doodle, squiggle.

Perspiring; dripping after a workout.

Coca-Cola's version of sports drink.

Garden building for storing timber.

Metric measure of weight with symbol kg.

__ of privacy; intrusion of personal space.

Bowing down; a praying position.

Isolated, uninhabited; a __ island, for example.

__ in My Mind, James Taylor melody.

Appears in the night sky, between new and full.

Set of three babies.

Harmed by drinking or eating a toxic substance.

Different stations on the television.

Santa's flying four-legged helper.

In an unstructured, unordered way.

__ Apartment Complex, Lana Del Rey song.

Puzzle 6

Planning finances.

Another name for alcohol gel for hands.

Living space in a building that is paid monthly.

Aircraft for carrying letters and parcels.

Strengthen something, rhymes with "endorse".

Up to his __; hasn't changed his murky ways.

Slippery table game with paddles and a puck.

Decorative place holders used by readers.

I Left My Heart in San __, Tony Bennett crooned.

Fruit that features on a Hawaiian pizza.

Song about religious city, the capital of Israel.

Shuttlecock sport.

Sleeping place for one.

Not up for discussion.

Large island continent down under.

Puzzle 7

Quick short runs.

Demands payment for services rendered.

Piece of cloth for doing the washing up.

__ change; changes in typical global temperatures.

"__ up the wrong tree" is to take a bad approach.

Looked up to.

__ Hills, Weezer song about California 90210 city.

Turned over.

Applied paint from an aerosol.

King of __, song for Dean Martin, The Proclaimers.

Substance used to repair a tooth cavity.

__ trout, colorful fish of the spectrum.

Member of the Mafia.

__ Gump, Tom Hanks's accidentally heroic character.

The cow jumped over __ in the nursery rhyme.

Stunt riding only on the back wheel of a bicycle.

Stage between egg and frog.

Series of actions or steps.

Wagered or bet money in a game.

Puzzle 8

Battling, warring.

Breathes the same air as, is alive together.

People who search for things to buy.

Madness song about their home.

Tight, stretchy trousers worn for leisure.

Fruity, rainbow sweets.

Animals that have been run over by traffic.

What the E in the initials EU stands for.

River Deep – __ High, Ike and Tina Turner classic.

Change of position, from here to there.

Little "rabbit" jump done on a bicycle.

Criminal employees, hired goons, bad guys.

Not outside or exterior; domestic.

This section of the airport is divided into gates.

Eaten by Goldilocks, stolen from the Three Bears.

Puzzle 9

What an aspirin does in a glass of water.

Sticking a rod through food for BBQ cooking.

Beach or pool attendant sitting on a high stool.

B-52s song about tin roof rusted romantic shed.

Kept safe.

Technical term for the fear of animals.

Usually yellow transportation for young students.

Appliance that smooths creases using water mist.

Winchester __, by The New Vaudeville Band.

Hold a belief (2 words).

To emphasize a word using a pen and a ruler.

Areas with many trees.

Apply blush to make this stand out.

"The whole __", meaning the full amount or extent.

Month of the harvest moon.

SCUBA: self-contained underwater breathing __.

Puzzle 10

Attacking goal scorers on soccer teams.

Calculates the length of something.

An adult male horse.

Spinning, orbiting.

__ train, Tom Waits tune covered by Rod Stewart.

The time at which something needs to be completed.

Thorny weeds, with tufty purple tops.

The first, the pioneer of something.


A military person who abandons their post.

Small cabana rented on the seashore.

Book and Netflix series: __ Reasons Why.

It describes grapes with no crunchy parts.

Cozy warm sheets to sit on or under.

Talks, babbles.

Finger joints, used to make a fist.

Leaving __, Sheryl Crow song about Sin City.

State whose capital city bears the same name.

Puzzle 11

Fix, mend, get it working again.

New religion: Church of the __ Spaghetti Monster.

__ health; your emotional well-being.

Hard-shelled nuts from an oak.

Mighty, not weak.

Folsom __ Blues, Johnny Cash jailbird song.

The __ wolf tries to trick Little Red Riding Hood.

Sharp-tasting, sour.

Dirty water flows down pipes into __.

Officially cancel or withdraw a decision.

Conspiracy __, thoughts of a malign intervention.

__ Calling, The Clash anthem about UK capital.

Device that connects a home to the internet.

Sharp metal tool used for sewing.

Puzzle 12

Peter Piper picked a peck of __ peppers.

The original "Fab Four" from Liverpool.

Moving on foot, but slower than running.

LV logo on some high fashion handbags: Louis __.

Small fluffy cakes, choc chip or banana perhaps.

Midnight train to __, Gladys Night and The Pips.

A European country; Berlin is the capital.

Large feast with many courses of food and drink.

Farms that milk cows.

Device for grilling slices of bread.

Jump from a plane, with a parachute.

Looking at someone for too long, gawking.

Captain __; prehistoric 1970s cartoon character.

Heads __, two coin-toss possibilities.

Moonlight in __, Ella Fitzgerald and others sang.

Small vehicle for transporting several passengers.

Hard, expensive stone popular for kitchen surfaces.

Puzzle 13

__ Alley, fuel-filled album, song by Rod Stewart.

Not in the house, not inside.

Received consequences for bad actions.

Wetness, dampness; important for healthy skin.

Someone who deliberately sets fires.

The skins of potatoes once they've been taken off.

Michael __, Booker winner with The English Patient.

Someone who tells jokes to an audience.

Tube-like structure used for snowboarding.

South __ Way, Carmen Miranda sang this.

Strip of fabric keeps the locks out of the eyes.

Puzzle 14

Five-armed creature in the sea.

People from Laos are __.

Hung around.

Aircraft that can land on water (e.g. the ocean).

Another Day in __, Phil Collins heavenly ballad.

T&C, __ Conditions, integral part of a contract.

Social media site based on personal profiles.

The quick __ jumps over the lazy dog; pangram.

Parts of days between afternoons and bedtimes.

__ toast crunch, a sweet breakfast cereal.

Gary Jules song "All around me are familiar faces".

Part of the moon that faces away from sunlight.

Puzzle 15

Soothing, placating, relaxing.

Sandy coastal strips where land reaches the sea.

"Red sky at night, sailor's __": weather lore.

__ Pain, Faster Pussycat rock song.

Deskinning a fruit.

Hard-wearing, lasts a long time.

Unit of measurement for sound levels.

Designs made with needles and ink on the skin.

Farming with no chemicals.

This is __, Childish Gambino track.

Waiting point for road-based public transport.

Travel south for winter, like birds for example.

Puzzle 16

Emotional anguish, coronary pain.

Song about Netherlands capital, by Crowded House.

Combatants on the opposite side.

Pale rock formed from shells and sea-bed matter.

Any stroke can be used in this swimming race.

Lasting forever, eternal, cannot be erased.

Pop a body part out of joint.

Someone who drops trash in public.

Describes an unappreciated task.

Seven-a-side ball game played in swimming pools.

Someone making a special appearance on a show.

Neckwear that has to be worn while being educated.

Warner Brothers' black bird with orange bill.

Ground squirrels that burrow.

Fruit juice brand has an orange speared by a straw.

Don't Cry For Me __, song about Eva Perón.

Illegally used money, but not washed!.

Puzzle 17

Ridged, plush fabric used in jackets and trousers.

Appealing, satisfying; not "thankyouing".

Benjamin __, US inventor flew a kite in a storm.

Complexion with brown or orange dots.

Repeatedly rubbed wooden furniture to make shiny.

Making artwork with brushes.

__ Town, UB40 ditty about Jamaican capital.

Sprinkles and sauces added to ice creams.

Early settler of the original 13.

Stolen, taken and hidden in a person's clothes.

A 26.2-mile road race, for e.g., London, New York.

It secures you safely within a car.

George Ezra song about the capital of Hungary.

Non-human animal ranked the world's most dangerous.

Great for toasting marshmallows over.

False teeth.

Internet media brand focused on lists and quizzes.

Slander someone behind their back.

Puzzle 18

__ ball, heavy and found in an "alley".

__ of Love, Aretha Franklin road song.

Struggling for air audibly.

US town nicknamed Motor City.

Liberty; opposite of captivity.

Comfy, slouchy sack filled with polystyrene balls.

Headgear worn on building sites.

Item that makes a hot and sour soup sour: rice __.

Making bee noises.

Heaven Is a Place __, Belinda Carlisle melody.

Grumbly noises, maybe thunder or a stomach.

Takes into custody, takes to jail.

Puzzle 19

Chattanooga __, Glen Miller "train" refrain.

Rooms in a house for food preparation.

Clapping of an audience being entertained.

Series of __ stones, spaced to form a path.

Was put in a private place, to keep secret.

These give new episodes' plots away.

Forest where Robin Hood and his Merry Men live.

One certain thing, not random.

Tony Christie asked Is This the Way to __.

Explosion of a volcano.

When a plane falls towards the ground "head" first.

Decoration worn around the wrist.

Puzzle 20

Freddie Mercury opera song with Montserrat Caballé.

National saint and patron of Ireland.

Empty homes of ocean life found on the shore.

Dead __, exhausted AA and AAA cylinders.

Dive gone wrong, landing flat on the water.

Boxy, block-building computer game.

First __ will treat you medically.

Circular, sliced, battered, fried vegetable.

Like a rain shower but with frozen pellets.

__ Syndrome, One Direction kidnap song.

Made pointier, better for cutting.

Ceiling windows that illuminate.

British wartime leader, Winston __.

US car company, famous for Camaro.

US chef known for grilling; Beat __.

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