CodyCross Sources of Light Pack answers

Sources of Light PackSources of Light

Here are the answers to CodyCross Sources of Light Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Workplace buildings.

Bank robber Eduardo Perez in Despicable Me 2.

Pink and white poodle toy, popular in the 1980s.

Powered by spells.

Fashionable, modern.

Airborne insect that glows.

Rivals or foes.

The yellow of a fowl's ovum.

Muppet who heckles with Statler from a balcony.

__ pin; brass tack for sticking things to walls.

Curving or twisting.

Wooden fire lighters that are struck.

Bright green precious gemstone.

European country, capital Berlin.

Carol __, joining in with classic Christmas tunes.

Those who use rods in the sea for food or sport.

Puzzle 2

A round decoration that hangs on a Christmas tree.

Singer __ Faith and the Spanish word for dove.

Paved areas of gardens, often with furniture.

Hero who says "Me __, you Jane".

When a cat mauls you with its feet you've been __.

Full of affection and admiration.

Herbs with onion-like flavor.

With four leaves, this three-leaved plant is lucky.

Gathering of stars in the sky.

Native language of Ireland, brought to Scotland.

Little Tommy Tucker ate this with brown bread.

Emergency rocket fireworks sent up from shipwreck.

Big Bang Theory's space-going engineer __ Wolowitz.

Nationality of someone native to Tripoli.

They are counted when you lay fingers on the wrist.

Puzzle 3

Task, pursuit, e.g. a sports club or music lesson.

Trilling, singing like a bird.

Andersen's tale of an early spring flower.

__ card, or ID, carried on your person.

A light going on and off, on and off.

Waste disposal container operated by feet.

Adding a device to a car wheel so it can't move.

Oily cream, e.g. antiseptic, for rubbing on skin.

Adhesive designs for kids, can be fluorescent.

Moving around an axis.

Nickname of Nick Jonas's Jumanji character.

Unexpected attacks by soldiers.

The measure of the energy within food.

Undergarments that keep you warm when skiing.

Puzzle 4

A music performance to an audience.

Helixes, coils.

Holiday in early January when fireworks go off.

Sea creature cooked thermidor.

__ shed, place where seedlings are handled.

Little House on the Prairie writer Laura __ Wilder.

The one that is biggest in height.

A small room ideal for getting changed at the pool.

Sandy sea shores.

Torrent of water, a waterfall.

So shocked that you can't move or speak.

Poked something with your finger.

Protection worn on the head by cyclists.

The family name of Galileo.

What embers are doing in a fire.

Dam-building rodents.

Finished working, forever.

Puzzle 5

Mike __, Tracy Beaker's father figure.

Desirable, especially if owned by another person.

Chuckling, giggling.

Fungus you can eat.

Very small, almost worthless amount of money.


__ guard; worker who patrols to protect valuables.

Ellie __, Love Me Like You Do singer.

Storage with door in the kitchen; cabinet.

Rays from our closest star, big ball in the sky.

Puzzle 6

Can be solar, wind, electrical; powers a lightbulb.

Global search engine with a daily doodle.

Cat's __, child's finger game played with string.

Small river where you can gently row your boat.

Sacred place dedicated to a deity, saint or hero.

Sports teams that compete against each other.

Monster Muppet who is blue, cute and furry.

West __, most of the islands in the Caribbean.

Nut that resembles a brain.

Pull or click device to turn on a light.

A pinball-style puzzle video game.

'__ yourself' means to do as you are told.

Child's toy Tweedledee and Tweedledum fight over.

Great unhappiness, wretchedness.

Puzzle 7

Butterflies in the __ describes nervousness.

Shiny circles sewn to clothes, reflect light.

Tiny metallic pieces glued to crafts.

Large, rose-like flowers, often pale pink.

Steered clear of something.

Fish __; sticks of white fish with crispy coating.

Pieces of land completely surrounded by water.

Skill or refinement.

Harder or stronger.

Substances that act as catalysts.

Relaxing treatment rubbing the muscles and joints.

North American mammal with bandit-style mask.

Natalie __, Padmé Amidala in Star Wars.

__ seat, a way to get out of a fighter jet quickly.

Animated film about a video game villain __ Ralph.

Treasure Island character marooned on the island.

Puzzle 8

2006 drug crime drama starring Justin Timberlake.

Aunt, uncle, cousin.

The very center of a target.

Japanese broth.

Make lighter, more cheerful.

Timetable, date and time agenda.

Sasha's nickname in Bratz series.

Forest, area with trees.

Arbitrates a dispute.

Novel features Toby, saved from African slave ship.

Tall streetlight.

Puzzle 9

Come up with a plan.

Smart __ have glowing screens; call, text and more.

A person offering things to buyers.

Videogames arena with lots of flashing lights.

Teeth straighteners.

Henry __, Nickelodeon superhero show.

Good __, important day in the Christian calendar.

Laugh like a witch.

Cloths used for drying yourself after a shower.

Dangerous fish, for example great white.

Jason __; he sang Want to Want Me.

A herring that has been split and smoked.

People from Scotland, Ireland and northern France.

Rebellion against authority like on The Bounty.

Another word for tights, or pantyhose.

Tool for decanting liquid.

Puzzle 10

The natural home of an animal, plant or insect.

Where most lights are found hanging in rooms.

Getting taller and older.

Picture made from cut-outs.

Polo game periods.

Large upright ape with big brain; a human.

Aircrafts without engines.

Substance underneath tooth enamel.

Verified or examined to be sure it's ok.

Taking it easy, recovering.

Documents for travelling or entering an event.

Glow in __, property that some toys have.

Bye baby __, nursery rhyme mentions a rabbit skin.

Percy __, fictional dyslexic son of Poseidon.

Thin metal sticks for cooking food over a fire.

Puzzle 11

Small middle-earth race, aka "Halflings".

The damsel in distress in Donkey Kong.

Fixing something, e.g. by sewing.

Another word for "breathe", especially in biology.

__ The Love? 2003 mega hit for The Black Eyed Peas.

If a boat is no longer floating, it is __.

Snatched, took.

An idea or a concept that pops into your head.

Organization that raises money for those in need.

Shine like a star.

Ingredient combined with olive oil on salads.

A glittering flash of light, or to ignite.

Puzzle 12

On the water, not sinking.

Belgian cartoonist Hergé's bequiffed hero.

Awards or rewards given to the winners.

Edible seed in a nut or fruit stone.

Foul-mouthed, potty-mouthed.

__ Eggman; Sonic the Hedgehog's deadly enemy.

Illegal acts.

Ankle swinging toy for hopping over.

Go up.

Up to date, not ancient.

Hang these slats on a window.

Beams of light used in surgery.

Someone who has deep knowledge on a subject.

Giant turquoise furry creature from Monsters Inc.

Stopped feeding mother's milk, moved to solid food.

Unidentified __ object.

Puzzle 13

Street performers who play for small change.

Person learning at college or school.

Cinema snack, sweet or salty.

Describes Caribbean islands such as Antigua.

Rearing animals or growing crops.

Type of dangling light or dangler from a necklace.

World __, event to promote literature and reading.

Queen Anne's __, the pirate ship of Blackbeard.

__ light, red, green lights for vehicle flow.

A set of detailed government papers.

Puzzle 14

Source of heat for tent occupants.

Small members of the mongoose family.

Collector's items bought and sold by dealers.

The Giraffe and __ and Me, by Roald Dahl.

FIFA __, aka FIFA Soccer, manage your own team.

Most far away, the greatest distance away.

Greek dish of lamb, aubergines, tomatoes, cheese.

The illuminations in a room.

A sports pitch that has night time illuminations.

Perfect diamond with no imperfections.


Any number over 29 and under 40 is in the __.

The least tidy or neat.

Puzzle 15

Apple __; try and catch fruit with your mouth.

Water sprays for washing (not baths).

Not losers but __.

Throw back light, e.g. using a mirror.

It's not all smooth __ on this boat.

__ Gru, Felonius Gru's mother.

Running away from.

Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

Reached your destination.

Your voice as the instrument, in music classes.

Scale for measuring earthquakes.

French word for a castle.

Puzzle 16

Serves a purpose; effective.

Flashing light at a club or a party.

A bicycle ridden by two people.

Needed immediately or desperately.

Shiny, sunny, light.

Tall towers carry electricity across the country.

Small restaurant or bar, French style.

Creating, producing.

Suit maker.

Something that happens every seven days.

Capital of Oman.

Puzzle 17

Squealed like a puppy.

Brightest glowing parts of a fire.

Mike __, in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Admonishes, tells off a child.

A collection of wood for kindling.

Male leads at a wedding.

The first name of Disney's talking cricket.

Burns from hot water.

__ Jones, movie about Aussie Charlie Bucktin.

Folding computer with glowing screen.

Color made by mixing red and yellow; also a fruit.

Someone who cuts men's hair.

Open-wheeled cars for racing.

Puzzle 18

A tool for printing the date in a library book.

Gave a prize to someone.

Slang for little fingers, due to their color.

Crossly, furiously.

People who glide on ice on bladed shoes.

Drinking vessels for beer, wine, etc..

Producing little bubbles of gas.

Stuffed __ such as teddies are soft to cuddle.

Did not answer; pretended not to listen.

Drinking quickly.

Give off light, rhymes with glimmer.

Device for setting a fire going.

Repeating sound like when shouting in a cave.

Early inhabitant, established in a new area.

Social network with music, blogs, photos, groups.

Puzzle 19

__ Crow, heroine of the Nevermoor books.

A reverse handspring.

Shining with light, fluorescent.

Rough cloth kept in the kitchen for drying up.

Belief of heathens, or shamans or druids.

Information sheets to raise awareness.

Ben is a shortened version of this boys' name.

TV singing competition know for big red chairs.

Seafood patty with potato, fried in breadcrumbs.

Five-armed creature in the sea.

Puzzle 20

Wax stick that can be lit.

Ancient raider or trader from Scandinavia.

Apparitions, spirits or phantoms.

Flex this to show your strength.

Water birds with long legs and necks, like storks.

Cubes of meat grilled on skewers.

A lightning strike is this shape.

Temporarily blind someone with light.

Lowly Worm's best friend in Richard Scarry's books.

Jesus __, God's son for followers of this religion.

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